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Jungfrau 2022


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2 hours ago, toast21602 said:

The amount of train pictures included in this report is phenomenal. 

I do find local trains fascinating.

We travelled from Zurich to Bern in under an hour on a non-stop train. It just glided over the tracks.

Second train from Bern to Interlaken followed a lake shore, and the scenery was amazing.

Third one was actually two trains in one. A few stations up from Interlaken the first half diverted to Lauterbrunnen and the second one continued to Grindelwald. At some point it switched to cog drive.

Finally, the local trains that go toward Kleine Scheidegg use only cog drive, and the incline is considerable.

IC trains between Zurich, Bern and Interlaken look alike. They have a special bike/kids car with tons of space for bikes and skis downstairs and a freaking kids playground upstairs.

On some trains when doors open there’s a little step that automatically  flips and covers the gap between the car and the platform so that you can easily roll a bike or a suitcase in and out.

IDK if anyone here ever took NJT or LIRR trains. Sadly, they’re a dinosaur clunky dirty junk in comparison. Actually there is no comparison.

So yeah, Swiss trains are a big attraction on this trip. Busses are only average.

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