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Bumpers invade Big Sky 2022


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6 hours ago, indiggio said:

Day 2 - Warmer

Outta the house to wait for parking lot tram to overcast skies and upper 20’s.  Didn’t get much out of system overnight, maybe an inch.  On the tram a few raindrops were felt.

Since some snow fell, decided to head for the bowl fist thing.  Up the lifts the drizzle turned to snow, great!  It would continue to snow off and on all day. Up to the bowl, visibility began to drop.  Into the bowl turned white out, not good, but enough to make you unable to see bump abs so we bailed.  

Looking at the wind direction, maybe the Southern side would be clearer.  Headed around the mountain to the Shedhorn lift past all the mega-million dollar houses of the Yellowstone club.  The plan was to head for the Dakota lift area but it was closed.  We later found out from a worked that they rarely run it, mainly because of maintenance issues.  The employee didn’t know if it would be running this week or not. Bah!

Visibility was better over here but the snow coverage was dust on crust pizza b pretty much all the trails.  Had a long lift stop and during so the snow stopped for the time being.  At this point it was nearing lunch, so we headed back around the peak. 

Decided to head all the way down to the Madison base to eat.  With the rising temps, the snow was getting really slow and sticky.  After lunch we tried to stay in the upper parts to avoid the sloppy snow. 

The snow has mostly stopped so went up to give the bowl another go, but even without the snow, the flat light made skiing it not fun, so we went looking elsewhere.  Headed down and up the Challenger and found Little Tree.  This thing starts out mellow and gets progressively steeper, then tightened into a chute, unfortunately with little snow and lots of rocks.  Fun!

Lapped Challenger trees, but the snow had gotten too sticky, so headed home. 

Hit tub, beers then down to Big Sky for dinner, edibles and some groceries.  Had a $17 bison burger at Choppers, pretty good and prices were not outrageous.

Random shots…

Madison base…


Another safety shack tagged…


Bison burger…


Safety shack stoke is high !!!

Psa I was starving Monday night and got the blue cafeteria burger and with a drink it was $23 so the bison burger is a steal.


Little snow and lots of rocks is how every great ski story starts

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