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3/8..better than expected..lots of PASRs

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Hey All,


I’m back from a fun morning session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 830am and it was in the mid 30s under mostly cloudy sky’s with a strong breeze.  In the house were Atomic Jeff, Johnny Law, Toast, Charles, Airhead, Bethlehem Ford Guy, Harold, MomSkeez, Rodney, Gary, Sebastian and a few others.  


First civilian quad with Airhead and down challenge which was pretty nice if you stayed in your lane with decent grooming.  Main Street had the nicest snow on the hill a bit softer cord.  Coming Soon was alright if you stayed on the far right side, the rest was a frozen tundra moonscape.  Lazy mile was pretty smooth and Razors was surprisingly decent.  Skied 8-9 runs and hungout in the lot for a few and peaced out around 1040am. 


Looks like a potential powder day tomorrow..JADIP.  



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15 minutes ago, toast21602 said:

Better than expected today after 70° and rain. Blue is holding strong 💪 



Yes could have been worse. Lots of other places cams are showing translucent grass underneath. Haven’t made too many morning sessions this year but still fun. 
Left around 10 just as things were softening up. 

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Blue showing that Palmerton moxie and powered through the rain strong. Main was legit pretty good which is very impressive given it was mesh tank tops and daiquiris 10hrs ago. Pretty much everything else looks like crap but skis OK.  Side does have a stretch of chicken heads but it's the lower shade side and peeps should know. 

I would advise they throw a couple lollipops up above TCS, shit is unreal and as much as I would love to see someone try to ski that, the tiny circle spun backwards that says icy probably is a bit of an understatement. 

Toast said it best first really really shit weather and it was a solid six kind of day. Gotta give them their dues they have been turning water to wine a bit this season. 


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