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Closing Time. Goodbye Blue 21/22.


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  • toast21602 changed the title to Closing Time. Goodbye Blue 21/22.

Closing day is always a pour one out for your homie kinda deal but good lord it was one of the best seasons. 

It was an honor and an pleasure skiing and chilling with all of you. Best lot anywhere. Blue I thought did a super good job....winter should be six months long.  

Huge props to Benm on 2x4 skis and Indiggio for braving the cold at line up, vintage is coooooold

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Great day, sucks that its closing day but it was an awesome season.   Sidewinder was awesome today and the parking lot was great as usual.  Picked up mary Ann's donuts and @mbike-ski had pork sandwiches and sausage that was delicious.   Snowing pretty hard this afternoon which probably made for a cold pond skim







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4 minutes ago, mbike-ski said:

I ended the season poaching lower raceway but it was nowhere near as climactic as last years sidewinder....

There was a lot of mayhem going on at the top of Coming Soon at closing yesterday.
@tarponhead was pitching a fit and a bunch of people blew by SP at the top, much like you did last year on Sidewinder.
Why SP decided to sweep the slope before the quad stopped running was beyond everyone's comprehension.

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On 3/28/2022 at 4:12 PM, indiggio said:

PASR judges!


Judging with mixle was so fun. I kept one set of signs but passed another set to some randos.

@indiggio- where’s this pic from? 

I snapped this photo of MTB grilling in the lot. Looked gorgeous.


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