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1/30 what a difference a day makes


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F7B5F3B3-11B3-48FC-A8ED-3D669A4FCDFA.thumb.jpeg.d66ccaa7b80728a854cba2eb230038fb.jpegGot there at the usual start time, everything on the east side was completely groomed out and frozen cord. Started to soften up around 10, and by 1230 when I left the top was just starting to get sticky and the bottom a little slushy, but all the slopes were still pretty firm with a little bit of soft stuff on top. Alternated between freefall, razors, and Dreamweaver. Really couldn’t say which one was the run of the day because they were also nice. Never made it over to Main Street, sunny and warm, although it started to cloud over a little bit later in the morning. Very light crowds, never had to wait for a chair. 22  runs this morning. 

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43 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Hopefully the screens play something decent like Dr. Phil or Seinfeld. 

That would be rad, maybe they'll also play this music video from The Beagles during the Christmas season


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4 hours ago, toast21602 said:

Why are these screens even a thing? This is stupid. 

First thing I thought of when I saw it was that it brings attention to the ugly rusted  out pole that it's attached to. Then I noticed the ugly rusted out pole and forgot all about the screen because all I could look at was the ugly rusty pole.

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38 minutes ago, RidgeRacer said:

I wish. Was just ads for Blue mountain. Like what they have on the TV screens at the top lodge.

That’s dumb…I’d rather they replace the speaker by the new lift…if I’m gonna rock out to Wham or Rush or whatever oldies are playing when I’m waiting for the lift to open, I want the quality to be better than a Mexican oh oh radio lol

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