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Blue bumpers invade Canukistan - 2/24/2023


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20 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Great report.  I stayed at the Chateau Frontanac in Quebec City about 2 decades ago and was built by the Canada pacific railway company and it’s also showcased in the Canada pavilion at Epcot.  The chateau Frontanac is somehow related to the the Chateau at Lake Louise and the one at Banff.  



The one in Lake Louise was also built by the Canadian railway to bring the rich up to the mountains.

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7 minutes ago, saltyant said:

Dang, I would say that is a picture of Heaven except for the fact it's in Canada.

I would have had a better memory of the place except I had two gay guys ask me to share a room. I declined sternly. 

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17 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

How many people ended up coming?   The NJ bumper in your crew who drives a VW wasn’t there and Tarpenhead doesn’t go on these trips anymore.   

We had 8: Drew, Gary, Slim, Rick, Dan (old Blue groomer driver), Gah Skier George, Gah Skier George, Jr., myself.

Yeah, Mike needed a new car and couldn't swing the trip this time around.

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Trip summary:

Definitely the best ski trip I've ever been on.  The variety and abundance of terrain is incredible, steeps that'll make you quiver, bump runs that go on forever, trees galore, above treeline fields, fast, long, wide groomers.

Having gone to the Big 3, I wouldn't bother going back to them, nor Nakiska.   Not that they were bad, but they can't hold a torch to Kicking Horse or Revelstoke.   They also don't get the snow that the other two do. 

The problems with most of the mountains are the lift configuration.  Both KH & Revi are set up similarly in that the only way out of the base is via a single gondi.  Best to get their early or you're going to be standing in a long line.

Luckily Revelstoke has a master plan to help alleviate base congestion.
Rumors are that the upper Montana bowl lift would be installed in the next 2 years, so there's talk of heading back up there after that's in place.

Good:  Wide variety of mountains/terrain, size of resorts held lots of fresh perder for days, exchange rate (stuff seems expensive but actually pretty good), fairly easy drives (weather dependent), Canadians are crazy friendly/helpful and like to chat on lifts, direct flight to/from Calgary, weekday crowds, 1st VRBO had foosball table, 2nd VRBO had pool table, heated garage with 10 glove/boot dryer, ample cannabis dispensaries.

Bad: Lift layout, some mountains (Banff Sunshine) required a lot of poling to get around, weekend crowds, 2nd VRBO house (no free shampoo/soap, stupid house layout, no basement bedroom bath), no hot tubs at either house.

Ugly: Air Canada delayed departure while they rebooted plane and gave out nothing for the inconvenience.

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11 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Wow was the weed consumption with GahSkier junior around or did he partake?

We only did gummies and beer for the pain, he didn't partake. 
He'd rather work out (I forgot to mention the second VRBO had a full-on gym upstairs).

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Great trip report!  Thanks for sharing!  I've had my eye on Revelstoke for a while, and I'm planning to make it happen in the next few years if I can get any other PASRs on board.  

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3 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

That’s impressive considering all the variable conditions…

I didn't think to check during the week, would have tried harder for 200k.
Most of the days the summits were socked in, forcing us to stay low and in the trees.
One day at Revelstoke we were deep in the trees and within seconds we were in a snowing cloud and could barely see the trees 10' in front.  In a few more minutes, it was clear enough to ski again.

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