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Ski Brakes for Experts


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I went to Mt Bachelor in Oregon and demoed some Volkl Kendo 88 skis. I wanted to buy them. The ski tech said to get Solomon Warden 11 bindings. I inquired about others which he said he was out of stock, and besides, you don't need a more expensive binding as the Warden 11 has your DIN setting of 8. What he FAILED to do was tell me the feature differences of the Warden 13 which he also had. This is the one he talked me out of due to price alone. The one thing he forgot was to inform me of ski brake types! The Warden 11 brakes fold straight up, leaving about half an inch out past the edge of the ski. This one is for intermeadiate skiers, not to be used much on steep hills as the brake can catch on your other ski or pants and cause an uncontrolled crash. It's because the downhill ski is quite a bit lower than the uphill ski when transitioning in a turn. The Warden 13 brakes fold in against the heal piece. This keeps the brake tucked in so it can't catch on the other ski or pant leg.

I am now forced to buy new ski's and bindings, the right kind that fold in, since neither Mt. B or Salomon will take responsibility for selling me the incorrect equipment or my injuries.

I found out the hard way with the improperly recommended Warden 11 since I am and disclosed expert skier and hurt my shoulder bad. Just had an MRI done.

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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

I always feed the troll. If not this forum would be dead amiright @saltyant

They actually engaged with followups on Alpinezone, but still all just repeated "don't buy these bindings, buy more expensive ones where the brakes retract" kind of comments. They were never gonna be a genuine contributor is all. Spotted this post last night and was going to reply "Wow, coming in hot, first post" with a popcorn eating gif, lol


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