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  1. Sally, that you very much of taking your time to share such a valuable information for me. Those one I know... the instructor at Blue told me that these are called "meat rockets" About the tracks, if good info... hopefully next season, I can make Paradise and Lazy Mile... This one I would not dare to try before this info, but, maybe after building some confidence . Regarding Vermont... as I was not able to ski this season, I used the time to get to know the ski resorts around. Beginning of last November, I took one week to travel around Vermont. Stayed a couple of days in Rutland, and others in Burlington, and in the meantime visited Mount Snow, Stratton, Okemo, Killington, Pico, Stowe and Bolton Valley. Loved Vermont, and of course, loved the resorts around... Especially Stratton because of the base village, and Killington as it was the only one open beginning November! So, I will go back to Vermont some day to ski for sure. Would be my pleasure to ski with you, and have some beers together... I will let you know next time I will be around. I'm hoping that with some frequent training next season I will be able to progress, as you did. Anyways, I love to be on the snow, so, it is never frustrating... but I'm sure that with some practice it will be much more fun, and less demanding. As a german descent, I love some beer, so, I'm pretty sure learning sessions will be always fun, as you describe Thanks again!
  2. Thank you SallyCat, Yes, I will really get a season pass next season, as soon as I know I'm OK. And thanks for the tips on Blue. I only skied Valley School, Vista and Burma Road for now, and Burma was on the last day of last season, and it was very bad! I Still don't understand the several snow definitions you use here I really pretend to go out a lot next season.
  3. Thank you. It has been a really warm welcome. Thank you all.
  4. I wore a brace for the first two or two and a half months. But my doctor said that he will give me a sports (lighter) brace to use on my first days of skin, mainly to help on the confidence. But he said I would not need to use it for long.
  5. Way better than my ski game!
  6. Thank you. Unfortunately will not be able to stop by on Saturday. Was planning for Sunday 😪
  7. After you bought 170 a lot of people started saying you should have bought 177
  8. Oh Noooo! I was hoping no one asked me this so soon... I read all the 14 pages of the thread when saltyant bought his RTM81's, and I saw how he suffered after buying them because of the length! So, my first runs last season where with rentals, but, after a very stinky boot experience (the boot I used to go home still stinks!), I decided I need to buy my own equipment (as I was getting serious about it), and did a lot of research (before knowing this forum). Resuming, I ended up buying an Atomic Vantage X 75 C, 163cm long. I am around 5'10". I know (now) that some will say I'm a moron, but now I will need to learn with them, at least for next season. I skied only 2 days on them, and felt they were much better than the rentals!!
  9. Yes, I can turn... wedge turns 100%... parallel turns is where it gets bit more difficult, but I was getting there! So, seems I'm already not the last on the rank 🤣
  10. Thanks for all the motivation guys. Really thank you... I'm really really looking forward for next season! I did not knew that Blue hat that adult clinic, and it is very good to know. I was planning to have at least like 3 consecutive days lessons, but this 6 days programs looks very interesting. Will look into it, and plan.
  11. Thank you Schif, but I don't see me overpassing anyone here soon! And thanks for the advice. I will really get a season pass. Just not buying right now because I don't know yet how I will be at the beginning next season, but, if everything goes well, I will buy one, even knowing that it will he more expensive, because in any case it will be cheaper than pay for every day... and I'm counting to be many days!
  12. And sorry for my bad English sometimes... as you can imagine from my introduction, is not my mother language I noticed some errors on my last post!
  13. This gives me really a lot of hope! Next season, hopefully I will be fully healed and plan to get out as much as I can... I think the beginning will be hard again, because I may be unconsciously afraid to fall, but I will get past that. Looking forward to know you and your father
  14. Thank you for your words. I'm absolutely sure that I am at the right place to learn a lot... already have... and that's why I thought I should present myself, because I was feeling bad about reading, enjoying and learning anonymously!
  15. Thank you! Yes, for what I have read and seen in some pictures, the parking lot looks to be a lot of fun!
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