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  1. Finally some action shots! Our guide actually took a few today but I didn’t get them from her yet. But an amateur photographer was watching us and took a bunch of our climb and rappel. I was wearing dark colors today so I sort of blend in with the rock. We climbed slab today which is slightly tilted sandstone with basically nothing to hold on to. Once in a while you get some ok holds but it’s mostly trusting that your feet will stick while inching your way up. I cursed and grunted a lot! We did not climb this part but a cool pic he took peaceful sunrise
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  2. a tag would've helped ... but it's been fixed. 'twas a cookie issue after an update of the software.
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  3. Yes and Atomic got it back up - thanks!
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  4. You two are hardcore. I’d be looking for a hotel..and in a zero degree sleeping bag I’d be roasting but I’m fat and hairy which Shannon isn’t except maybe under her arms and on her legs if she’s that kind of gal lol
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