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    3”. So good. Groomed before most snow fell. I think I saw TP4. If this whole place was open it would be untracked all morning. Can’t complain about some semi-powder turns this early in the season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dude quit fucking complaining about every damn thing.
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    I can’t even think of a time that I recreated in a group, whether it be skiing, hiking, biking, rafting or whatever, that there weren’t beers after. It does go hand in hand! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    It was so good tonight that I forgot it was Dec 13th. Great snow everywhere with the exception of upper main which was marbley. Lazy was so on point. No crowds at all. GSS, AtomicSkier, George (is he on PASR?) and the man, the myth, the legend himself... Saltyant were all in the house. Best part of the evening... Saltyant: "wow... you guys are awesome skiers!" AtomicSkier: "I know I am". Haha. Great night session fellas.
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    They should build bumps on the Chute again. They did a few years ago.
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    other sites for deals are level9 and powder7. Ive also bought some stuff from asogear, a canadien ebay seller.
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    So you currently have a $5 gift card??? Wanna go halfs on some chicken fingers sometime??
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    3" fresh light fluffy stuff, 12* and sunny with no wind. Changed our routine and were on mtn at 8:45. Fresh powder on top of groomed cord. Just perfect (looked like the pics of Blue this morning), no crowds or lift lines as usual. We were the only patrons in lodge when booting up at 8:30. Skied the mtn, same 9 trails open today with snowmaking on Slalom and the West side of mtn. Groomers working on lower Tunk, the snow bowl, and around the quad lift. Back to cabin for breakfast, a shower, and change into drinking attire. 😀 Life is good..... Sorry to much fun for images.
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    Too much zinc in the brain?
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    Is this for real?
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    Ungroomed the way it should be after snow. They groomed lazy to perfection this morning, so you have that. And Burma is open. Will likely be a bit choppy this evening though with the new snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It will be fine eaf..skier packed powder. The new snow will pack to about 1/2 inch.
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    They should bump up Floyds now that's a good run..best 12 seconds ever.
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    I just scored a pair of 16/17 Head Monster 88 in a 184 from Sierra Trading Post. Price $380+$26 for tax brought the total to $406 which isn't a bad deal. Free shipping. My company has a discount program with STP, where I can buy gift cards at 8% off. So (4) $100 gift cards cost me $368. Yesterday, Ebates.com was running a 12% cash back at STP lowering the cost by another $49. $380+$26-$32-$49=$325.
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    I believe Camelback also puts the kibosh on parking lot tailgating as well; bunch of heathens some of these mountains are.
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    FYI- he has not achieved man, myth, or legend status yet. Sounds like it was good, though. Excited to get up there for opening tomorrow.
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    It's gonna be hardpack and ice tonight don't worry. The new snow is almost melted.
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    Fuck that looks so nice.......
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    And they did groom but it snowed a couple inches on top of it. That's perfect.
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    I drive from Conshie to Blue kinda alot and that's just how it is. Some days it's an hour some days it's two, no use fighting it you can't do fuck all about it. I always look at it the other way I'm skiing for 2/3hours but I could be at home or work.
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    Hey, it just occurred to me that you could've saved another $5 if you'd ordered it online! Another gift card coming?
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    Theres a diagnoses in there somewhere salty.
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    They really should, mainly to keep people from screaming straight down it right into people coming down Main Street!
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    This guy's not new, he's been doing it for a few seasons now. He's the one that started seeding them on Razor's when the racers are done with it. If it weren't for management, he'd probably seed bumps on all the trails. We're just happy they do it. It's another reason to love BM. Other mountains (Cameltoe) don't or have some cordoned-off area, like bumps are a park or something. The only better thing Blue could do is let a trail (Switchback) go natural like Elk does with Tunk. That would be spectacular!
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    I never heard any complaints about the bumps in previous years.
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    No sarcasm in my last post. I really think it's good that they are blowing the crap out of homestretch.
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    way to get after it. super jelly.
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    You should poach x-ing
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    nothing major but it wasn't amazon prime either
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    Yeah I remember when Atomic Jeff offered one of the employees in the valley lot a bagel and his response was,"I'm not a Jew"
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    Nice poll plants Salty you ski pretty well for having only skied a season or so.
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    Do they email you when its time to renew so you dont lose the spot?
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    But yet you ski the same beat ass skis every day. Maybe spring for a new pair of daily drivers?
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    this is flask weather.
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    ^Just about to say....price is my deciding factor. 3-4 for skis. P12 bindings no other. Then whatever for boots at nestors.
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    I definitely want a setup in my arsenal eventually
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    SaltyAnt still has to through the hazing process. The
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