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    So Carinthia has me craving parks now so I figured I’d hit bear since I’ve seen on their IG this boxzilla. Had no idea what to expect. Conditions were typical spring. Not all too bad. Entire mountain still has covering. Only one real park set up through cascade. They have a decent jump set up at the start. Then you run into the boxzilla. My first chair ride up I saw skiers ride this thing leaning all the way back. Let’s just say it’s pretty hard. Got to like the second rail and bailed off. Overall not a bad end of season run to bear considering how close it is
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    Figured I'd head up to renew the pass, and since tomorrow is a rainout, very a few runs in. I hate it when it's this crowded tho.
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    When one finds mashed potatoes all over the mountain, one does what any self-respecting PASR would do. No, Doug, not stick my peen in them; I said *self-respecting*. I headed over to the vaunted Widowmaker in search of the blower pow that surely awaits there. Only about shin deep, not up to usual WM standards, but it's tough to be too upset by that considering it's mid-March and was 55 degrees today. Widow actually did have the smoothest batch of taters on the hill so cruised down that with some speed and noticed it was really starting to crust/firm up. Man, that happens quick. Dropped right into Midway down to Lower Main expecting to suddenly be in a minefield of push piles at any moment, but it never really came. In fact, the were both almost as smooth as Widow. If I had the time and the legs, Main St would have been the run to repeat. I don't though, so off to the lodge, secured the new pass. The cashier reminded me to redeem my buddy pass by closing day on 3/31. You're my boy, Blue. See yinz this weekend for Sweet Treat Saturday
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    Took Sidewinder down and decided to ski the bottom of lazy mile off of that, 1st time I've ever made that move. Sidewinder was nice, in about the same condition as all of the other trails.Maybe a little more cut up than most. Had a few mandatory pops of air wasn't expecting but handled it just fine. Decided to jump on the Burma chair, and wouldn't you know it I'm sharing my 1st lift ride of the night, as some Jerry jumped in with me. Just kidding I'm by myself of course.
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    Sun is starting to go down, so figured before it firms up it's time for a shave. Headed over to Razors. Doesn't look too badd from the top lip. A little bumpy down that 1st head wall but not too bad all the way to the bottom after that. Back on the 6 pack once again have the whole couch to myself
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    Hope your Mom is doing ok Barb.
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    Another solo ride on a 6-pack, and time for Switchback. A couple guys dropped in as I stopped to take a picture. The snow was nice, and I took my 2nd favorite line down switch. That is, hugging skiers right all the way to the bottom. Stopped one more time for a picture. It's always nice when it's just you and the geese. Welcome back guys.
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    First run was NightWeaver, straight mashed potatoes, significantly cut up, minor piles, very skiable. Oof, underestimated the toll 7 tiny runs managing my 5 year old left on my legs from Monday. Not gonna be too many trips down tonight. Next was Lazy to Falls. More potatoes, fun run. Dead here. Riding the 6 solo.
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    Wow thanks for inviting me and offering to pay for my flight and meal with all those Benjamins. This is sick! Maybe Toast or Atomic will want middle seat.
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    We here at Blue Mountain appreciate your feedback, and want you to know that we understand your need to plan in advance and have taken your concern to heart:
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    I had aisle seat for the first time in years on the way back from Jackson hole..it sucks..you get bumped into by everybody with a big butt. Window is the best because you can lean against the window and I very rarely have to pee on a plane.
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    Ended up doing another snowshoe hike last night with my builder, his wife and their dog. Area we went to called Cement Creek. There are 16 cabins back there accessible only in summer unless you snowshoe in. The plan for today was to hike the morning, then ski the afternoon. I checked out a place called Hartman Rocks in Gunnison I have been wanting to go to for a while. Did not see one other person. It is a very popular mountain biking and climbing area in summer. Got a call from home that my mother had a fall. Just waiting for my sheets to dry then heading home, bummed. Supposed to snow here tomorrow. Hopefully get back here in June. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I'm a fan of the isle seat lately. Easier to get up to go potty. It would behoove you to probably take the silent route on this.
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    They don’t let you tailgate in the lot, but they do let you cook food on gas grills (provided by them) with propane (provided by them) at picnic tables under covered pavilions. No alcohol in the park tho, I think also prohibited at the pavilions. Allowed at your campiste in the attached campground though. Knoebels has enough food options that I wouldn’t waste time tailgating there, although we used to grill a big party on Friday night when a large group of us from rec.roller-coaster used to camp there the Friday before Phall Phunfest:
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    Unlikely. I bet the flight attendant would ask him to vacate his seat like the lift ride the other day that I heard about 😂
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    Knoebels is the shit. They probably won't let you tailgate in the lot because their lot is essentially a big grassy field surrounded by trees. Place is fantastic.
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    Cool I just got a big cash order today we can fly first class on Southwest Airlines and eat at the place with make your own steaks.
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    Yes it does count for something. its a primer for next year.
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    Dozens. If you invite me to the skifari I'll sit by you on the plane and tell you stories for the entire duration of the flight, including taxiing from and to the gates and during boarding/deplaning.
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    I skied in Vt this season...without the drive.....so that's gotta count for something....lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If i owned Blue, it would be because i have too much money, and just like to ski. There would be no daily ticket sales. Season passes for PASR's in good standing would be $600, others would pay $2000. The 6 fuckers on the lift with me Saturday would pay more, and would most likely have to ski with GSS's maids outfit for at least a few days.
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