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    Kinda depends if you have to replace the air handler as well. Lots of people will tell you that you have to replace both, but its not always the case. Unless you have someone you really trust, get a couple different quotes/opinions. Research what people want to sell you as well. There are "RTM" systems, and then there are really good systems. Inverters and multi stage equipment are where efficiency is as. Heat pumps arent a bad way to go either. with oil heat i would take a good look at them. With gas at its current price, it might not be as enticing. I'm a huge fan of heat pumps. They have come a long way.
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    Not hard to get off and on at all. They do sell roller things you can attach on your pool to make it easier to get off and on. My only worry, if small children around and they got in the pool could become trapped under the cover. Funny you open your pool in April. We did the same when our kids were young, and yes, they swam when it was like 65 degrees out.
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    The most interesting landscapes in America are in the west. I've been to Arizona, Idaho, California, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming, and enjoyed them all. I also really like the vast open farmlands of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. Most people find them boring. The mountains of New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia are pretty beautiful, just not as cool as out west.
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    Just found out today that I need to replace my central AC unit. Hooray. Anyone done this lately? What am I looking at, $5-10 grand? I'm about to fucking move into a hotel like GSS, I swear to god.
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