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    I picked up the boys from summer camp in NW Wyoming and went on a little adventure that ended with camping up on Beartooth Pass ans skiing one of the only ski areas in the country still operating. We had a blast!
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    I hung out at the shore every summer before i bought the house in the Poconos, but still, never went to the beach. i do get the relaxing listening to the waves. If you dont get any kind of motion sickness, sleeping on a boat, listening to the water slap the side of the boat, might be the best night sleep you will ever have. But, that can easily go the other way when there are 3 footers rolling through the bay, and the gentle slap of the water is now pitching you up and down and tugging on all the dock lines. This was the last boat i owned, which i stayed on for 4 years. I miss boating, but i dont miss funding boats.
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    Juiced for this season. Gonna be snowy. Just giving you a heads up this season is gonna be awesome.
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    Good night for a solstice sunset just beyond my backyard. Good ole Blue the True. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sucks that car drove through your shot.
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    Had to stop on my way home for another sunset shot. Nice summer so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    wow. nobody here would have ever guessed that. My co worker is going to Jackson soon with her husband. i am amazed at how much its going to cost them. even the flights are more expensive. I liked the 49'r and everything, but holy crap $265 to like over $300 a night. The coffee was good, but not that good.
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    Disclaimer: this is not an attack on anyone on this site. Just my opinion on New Jersey (opinions are like assholes, everyone has one). Also, i have lived in NJ so there is a little experience there as well. Reasons why Kansas is better than NJ: 1. NJ has statistically one of the most corrupt state police forces in America. despite their claim of being a progressive haven, NJ has the second most marijuana arrests in all of America 2. There is not a single state in America with worse urban areas than NJ. 3. The Jersey shore is the second worst beaches in America after Delaware. Hell, even the NYC beaches are significantly cleaner, have classier people, dont cost money, have alot more diversity, have access to public transportation, and have significantly less syringes than New Jersey beaches. Im the second trashiest person on this site, yet even I get disgusted at the thought of the Jersey shore. You feel like you are in Walmart or Dollar General. Also, Jersey shore government officials on the taxpayers dime think its okay to gang up and beat the shit out of innocent women on the beach. 4. Chris Christie (yes, i know he's no longer governor and yes I know the Kansas governor sucks big time) 5. Kansas didn't set this country back decades on public transportation infrastructure, but Jersey did. 6. Toll roads everywhere 7. Incredibly high taxes 8. Zero identity what so ever. North and central Jersey are NYC suburbs, south Jersey is a Philly suburb. An entire state that literally leaches of off 2 major cities. 9. Kansas is a cultural icon. Everyone knows the Wizard of Oz.
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    This weather sucks. No reason for it to be over 80°. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yep, t'was me. It was a little embarrassing, but live and learn, right? Sweet terrain by the way. Jordan
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    On a ski trip w/out the wife? Sure.
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    Ha! I enjoy the beach in moderation. I can't sit out there all day unless I'm in the shade. I don't like getting disgustingly sweaty and covered in sand and having everything I won covered in sand. I'm starting to get my wife to enjoy lakes and rivers as much as beaches, which is a huge win. Sometimes it is relaxing to hang on the beach in the evening just listening to the waves and enjoying a cold beverage.
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    Prime Hook, Cape Henlopen, Rehoboth/Dewey, Delaware Shore State Park, Gordon Pond. Oh, and Kitts is pretty cool too because Dover AFB is right there.
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    Was hot as hell earlier today, but surprisingly comfortable out now. Nice sunset again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think he's insinuating that an indoor ski hill in NJ just outside of NYC would be a suicidal nightmare. Especially on a weekend. I mean it sounds like a cool idea, but you'd have to be into skiing park features for it to be worth it.
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    You gonna grow meat?
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    So are the Allentown public pools.
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    We be legal at midnite. There's fireworks going off tonight.
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    Screw that sun. Cost me a lot of warpless speedruns.
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    Because if enough people complain on Facebook, those complaints will be received by the weather gods who will alter the weather to their liking... I knew there was a reason for me to get back on Facebook. I’m mainly on Facebook to read about the baby mama drama of people I went to high school with and see pictures of what they ate for lunch and memes. Facebook is the biggest waste of time on the internet.
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