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    It will be interesting to see what happens with my offices reopening the office plans. As of now, we are still planning to open July 13th with some strict guidelines in place but with numbers on the rise again I don't see many people coming back to work. In fact, I do worry a bit since I have been on contact with my family. My parents are in their 60's and my mom has health issues and depends heavily on my Dad so I don't want either of them to get sick. I will probably limit my time at the office. Also, for those who I am not facebook friends with - I got engaged last week! my boyfriend (fiance..? weird) had big plans for the proposal and he kept waiting for things to get somewhat normal again but they really haven't. And with the numbers on the rise, instead of waiting any longer he decided to pop the question at home. Pandemic proposal.
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    Gangster shit like always lol I've mostly been at the beach, i escaped down there mostly since April. I've ridden my bike through almost all of Delaware i think by now and a decent portion of MD. I was in Wilmington for the protests and looting, I had to see it first hand to see whats up, wig store and the sneaker store got wrecked besides that it was mostly media hype. I was in PA some and did some hiking. I've drank a shit ton of stupid good beer (dewey is killing it lately) and party rocked as best I can with my beach people. Shit is real good all things considered, though I'm dying to ski, I've been so close to fucking off to SA about a 100 times. Rona has been most interesting in what it shows about people. Both the group as a whole and the mostly arbitrary way in which we interact with fear and individuals in how so much of their lives or what the preach has almost entirely to do with what they are seeking to emotionally fulfill within themselves. I still think for the most part Joe avg human did pretty fucking well. If you go way back 1 to 2mil dead Americans should be around and they aren't because humans came together to do something incredible. The doomers will say any is too much and in some sense they are right but also entirely divorced from the reality of existence. It doesn't change the fact that what's come of the lockdown and what's coming is really fucking bad, it was poorly managed but we've never done it before so that's about what should be expected. High fives all around, way to survive our first pandemic !!!!! I hope to see you guys soon. I'll be up in PA more so anybody that has my number or something and wants to ride bikes or drink some beers hit me up but I also might rando go somewhere else too lol........... since December I've done 34k driving and another 3 or 4 on my bike, gotta keep moving.
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    Florida is the worst state in all of America, even before COVID-19 even existed
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    in the past, trash (we've since built a big bear box) or birdfeeders (we don't put them up as much now). that was 2 years ago, even then, we may have only had evidence twice, three times. and i agree about the two together. i've never seen more than one. we decided to put up some more suet cakes this year. for the past month and a half there hasn't been a problem. they seemed to just be searching for anything after reviewing the cams. they passed two cakes before they came across another that was much further away. ...it got even more interesting when the dog got out...
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    Speaking of NASCAR here's footage of me tearing up Pocono raceway.
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    “Taught” the dog to swim today. I had her in the pool before, but she never voluntarily went in by herself. Coaxed her in today with a toy and it took about 3 times before she realized she could get in and out via the stairs as she pleased.
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    seen more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 3 years.
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    The garden is coming in nicely this year with everything started from seed. Lots of lettuce, arugula, romaine, and spinach. Cantaloupe are starting to get a bit bigger. Red potatoes and red/yellow beets are doing great. Tomatoes and green peppers are doing well, and the three blueberry bushes are starting to turn nicely. We have so much lettuce that we have been having salads every day and it still hasn't put a dent in the amount of greens that we still have.
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    I'm sorry, but I'm gonna 100% disagree with you on this one. Management at my job has, in my opinion, done an amazing job of setting the example that you can be (and are still expected to be) productive while working from home. If your job can reasonably easily be done remotely right now, why risk yourself, your family, and your coworkers' health by going into the office just to "set an example". Seems irresponsible to me and I'm glad I work somewhere that management recognizes this and doesn't expect us to go into an office before we feel comfortable with it under the tired guise of people being more productive under the watchful eye of management.
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    WEST COLORADO Steamboat Aspen Beaver Creek Copper Snowmass Vail Telluride Winter Park/Mary Jane Breckenridge Arapaho Basin UTAH Deer Valley Canyons Park City Alta Snowbird CANADA Lake Louise Sunshine Whistler/Blackcomb MONTANA Whitefish Red Lodge Big Sky Montana Snow Bowl Bridger Blacktail EAST VERMONT Stowe Mt. Snow Pico Killington Jay Peak Mad River Glen Okemo Stratton NEW HAMPSHIRE Cannon Wildcat Waterville Valley Loon Dartmouth Skiway CONNECTICUT Mohawk NEW YORK Greek Peak Gore MASSACHUSETTS Butternut Basin Brodie Jiminy Peak Bousquet PENNSYLVANIA Shawnee Camelback Elk Seven Springs Tanglwood Blue Mountain Doe Big Boulder Jack Frost Oregon Hill Denton Blue Knob Black Moshannon Spring Mountain Sawmill NEW JERSEY Mountain Creek/Great Gorge Peapack EUROPE Fieberbrunn
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    A lot to love in one photo...
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    510 new cases in PA today. 46 traced to a car dealership in New Tripoli.
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    Downtown Jim Thorpe. Mostly a parking lot now but still three tracks and the station still there.
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    I am retired... Three + years and you have a hard time wiping the smile off my face 🙂
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    Thank you for saying this. I think it’s crazy these big companies force high school and minimum wage workers to do their dirty work. These grocery stores made bank during the pandemic, they can afford to hire a security guard for mask enforcement
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    That's the second time you've used that joke. It's also the second time it wasn't funny.
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    I feel as though I am helping keep our employees who run the plant safer by not bringing 100+ employees back and increasing the chances of something spreading. Making our employees WFH (those who can) is showing respect to those who have had to go into work the past 3 months. If I showed up to work sick and infected our production team, who would run the plant and make our products? We respect our production team so much we said here is everything that can help keep you safe, we are leaving the site to your teams only and limiting the exposure. Also, I don't trust the cleanliness of my coworkers. They keep the office kitchen area so dirty...they are like children haha I enjoy working from home because it has kept employee relations down. I get tired of hearing "Bob breathes to loud , can HR talk to him about it? or "someone moved my lunchbox in the fridge, I'm really upset". It's a nice change to be able to focus on real work
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    If yellowstone blows, september on is irrelevant. Nice knowing you all!
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    Not bad for a saturday. Love doing stuff like this.
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    And are the same people that said that the people protesting lockdown shouldn't protest. I think both groups should have the right to protest. But I'm pretty sure its bad for the spread of an infectious disease!
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    I’m still tripping over the fact that the same politicians who forced us inside and business closed for 3 months are ok with thousands of people gathering together to protest
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    couple pics from the last week or so...occasionally my wife joins me and is my personal photographer.
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    From my deck late afternoon....
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    Any HOA can have a gate. I think at first it appeals to people, but that seems to wear off fast. Ask ridgeracer, his last house was in a gated development. Super big pain in the ass for friends (me) to get in. I dont have trash pickup at my place either. We have compactors in the development that you have to take your trash to. Believe it or not, this is a good thing to do in a community with alot of weekenders. It keeps the bears from going through everybodys trash. Another development nearby has trash pick up, and a huge bear problem. The place is a mess by the time the trash trucks get there monday morning. Everyone is supposed to have “bear proof” trash can enclosures which normally become kindling. So, im actually pretty cool with not having trash pickup, i know how much it costs me at home, and its about as much as my yearly HOA fee for the year. development stays clean, and bears dont really have a reason to keep coming around since nobody is feeding them. I usually just take my trash home with me, sometimes in the winter it gets deposited somewhere else on sunday mornings.
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    True. totally agree with you @theprogram4 My parents use to own a vacation house in the poconos within a private community called Arrowhead Lakes. Had so much fun there as a kid despite security always busting our parties as teenagers and young 20's. Ok, and in our 30's too. The gated entry was more to keep people away from the amenities like the lake, pool, etc. But, it also gives a peace of mind when you own the house and you have security checking on it. When I moved back to PA, I fixed up the house and rented it on airbnb. Its crazy that so many people have turned their cabins in rentals. But, especially over the years it has created a divide between the owners and renters. Legit the facebook posts and people snapping photos of people doing "illegal" things (such has having a dog in the lake) or pictures of stop sign violations is out of control. The board are usually retired people who live there full time so the people who make the rules are not reflected of those who enjoy it. There's so many people up there who literally have nothing else to do but be snitches, complain, and post inappropriate things. It does suck. But, I love it because it's where my friends I've had since the 1990s all congregate.. we drive golf carts, play shoes, hang out on tubes or kayaks, and grill. It's simple. So although it sucks, I'll be up there pretty much all of the next week. It's definitely a love-hate. Thanks for coming to my ted talk about private pocono communities (I tried to post a picture of Birmy swimming in the lake because I figured that would get at least 2 likes but you can't post video :-I ) so this one will have to do.
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    We get them all. Other morning I looked out the bedroom/office window to see some type of remains in the yard (wife disallowed next to take a pic of the remains) which through the fog of flies chowing down, looked to be that of a fox, probably dropped by a coyote. I had planned on getting a shovel out later and tossing it into the woods later on, but the cleanup crew got to it first.
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    Cool penis bush.
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    Right when this whole shit show started, buckmans sent out an email campaign advertising that they had facemasks/gaiters/necktubes/etc in stock. What was the main image in the email, you ask? One of those neoprene masks with nose and mouth holes, of course.
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    What a super nice weekend.....
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    I know most of you aren’t big nascar fans, but this is cool to see. NASCAR also banned the flying of confederate flags on all properties hosting nascar races, which is HUGE. The sport with arguably the least diverse fan base making big changes. edit: paint scheme is being run on the car tonight at Martinsville
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    Guess I'll just sit on my porch and drink...
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    I guess angry is better than dead. I’m angry too - at the people who still don’t take this seriously and who think green means everything is fine. lots of things I’ve missed out in this year but glad I’m still healthy through all this.
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    Fantastic. Looking forward to the end of summer PASR party.
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    It’s amazing the hate teachers get on this site. Tougher job than pretty much anyone on here works,
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    A few observations....given that I have no distractions at home, it's great to get work done. My counterpart has a 4 year old at home and his wife works for an accounting firm and has to bill a certain numbers of hours per week, so she actually has to work. He's stuck trying to work while he has a 4 year old climbing on the back of his chair pulling his hair out. We certainly have different opinions of WFH. It's also interesting to see how many IT people have (or, had) shitty setups at home. I already had dual monitors on my desktop at home, great wireless, nice desk, nice chair, etc. I had coworkers who were obviously working from their kitchen table and sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs. Some have since established better working environments. What I have noticed is not that I'm any less productive at home, but rather, how much time I wasted at work. I'm getting the same amount of work done, but have time to go for a run in the middle of the day between meetings or cut the grass when I feel like it.
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    My house is 100% safer than Wawa, or my office. The only person other than my mom who has been in my house since Mar 1 has been @toast21602. I'm glad you're so hard. I have a job that I can WFH. Why would I rush back to the office?
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    Sucks that you can't work from home. It's been nice....and safe.
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    These lines are gettin kinda boring,,,When does the crop circle type stuff start?
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    Thanks for the update JLAW...I was skiing a few hours ago in my dream. Only two runs at killington on superstar..moguls were the size of VW Beatles and nice cougars in the parking lot. Then my car died on me on Root 4..
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    LMFAO 🤣 I have been to Mexico as well. They are really going for the Mexican look. I hear Italy looks Italian as well. Who knew?!
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    Nothing like getting a lime slushie from a dairy farm ice cream stand.
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    North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah that’s actually a huge problem right now. My dad wears hearing aids that work via the microphone in his iPhone (crazy right?) but there’s times when he doesn’t have them in and is out around people in masks and he’s told me how much harder it is to understand people because he can’t read their lips, just faintly hear what they say. In his words “I’ve never said excuse me, can you repeat that louder?” As much in my life, and he’s only deaf in one ear. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone whose worse off hearing wise.
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    I'm in North Carolina and it's amazing. There were Colorox Wipes on the shelves this morning. I could start an illegal Colorox Wipes trade across state lines. jk. But. I will be bringing a few home. Businesses aren't boarded up. Got a pedicure for the first time in 3 months. It's a magical place. Life is good.
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    Might as well just go green now. I dont really know if it matters anymore. We'll fuck this up. (i dont mean "we" as in we here, but just people in general)
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