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    Today I did a thing and flew in a real B-17. Bottom picture is the D&L trail south of White Haven, looking south. The plane flew over Albrightsville so I waved to JFDan. Also saw Blue Mountain the True Mountain in the distance. Pretty sick bird, 10/10.
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    I received an improvement letter from Blue today. Pic below.
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    I'll be in the Whites the week of the 22nd to hike Franconia Ridge and Mount Washington.....So I'll be peepin the leaves....
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    I went to the Reading WWII air show for many years with my grandfather where he spoke on his role on the flight crew for both atomic missions.
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    I went there in 2010 and got my picture with Lieutenant John F. Kennedy.
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    Definitely the coolest thing anybody on PASR has done in the last 24 hours.
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    My bad. I was lost......the only reason i knew it had to be your house was from the lines in the lawn. I didnt see you mowing the lawn, so i had to assume you were not home.
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    Unfortunately if / when I move out of PA, I'll likely still be posting here as well. PASR is like a group of locals hanging out at their favorite bar that will keep doing so until they can't anymore. I've officially resigned myself to being an internet version of Cliff Clavin. Not to mention there are some pretty cool people here. Looking forward to your Cannon TRs Sally. Best of luck to you in NH.
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    Been in my weekly rotation for 6 years. I even wear it twice a week sometimes if the pits don’t smell. Throwback thursday.
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    My dad is way into timeshares, has months worth but I think he actually uses it all. He'll do a few weeks in Hawaii and a few weeks in NYC, Palm Springs and Vegas. He's retired so he's able to travel a lot and actually use it. I sat through a timeshare sales pitch to get free tickets to a luau on my honeymoon and it was the worst thing ever! The sleazy sales guy was claiming it was "romance insurance", then when I said no thanks, he told me to "be a man" and was trying to emasculate me in front of my wife. I wanted to kick his ass so bad. Remember folks, whatever they are offering you to sit through the sales pitch is not worth it!
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    I guess nobody is getting an invite to @mbike-ski's timeshare at Greek Peak 😂
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    I’m sure they’re installing lights and snowmaking on new trail.
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    I’m already having anxiety wondering if my pass will work and then waiting in customer service line to get it sorted out while the PASRs get a lap or two extra on cookies. That means ski season is coming soon. Anybody know if the lights are on. Now we have to pray for rain so the snowmaking ponds are full...
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    Take pics so we can peep your photos too.
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    Put @saltyant's picture away.
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    Yes. Nothing exciting though. The coffee sitting on top of that is what im really interested in.
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    Nice morning for a cut. Summer weeds are starting to die and the nice fall green grass is starting to turn.
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    Long range from another weather source.
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    Can’t say too much about the vegetable garden, but the flowers are happy
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    You grow some pristine produce. I'm thinking you buy it at some organic farmers market and use it all as props to impress us. My 2 pot plants survived transplanting at the end of April despite near freezing temps into May. One is approaching 8' and the other one is about 6'. Since I wasn't around to maintain, it'll be below average yield. Parsely and rosemary survived. Basil died.
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    Test run to Blue this morning. Looking pretty green.
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    I guess they couldn't wait for Black Friday? For anyone not getting a Blue pass it seems like a good deal. $99 for off-peak or $129 unlimited. It does seem pretty early in the season, but I don't think they're discounted more than usual.
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    OK, but I won't allow you to ski them...
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    Nice! It's gorgeous here right now. The humidity broke about a week ago and it's been clear days and crisp nights ever since. There were some yellow leaves on my front step this morning. Next time I go to Brownsville for the weekend I'm going to bring my skis back with me. Cool thing about living on campus is that if there's a snow dump, I can get up early and get in a skin-and-ski on the small mountain right across the street.
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    After some hemming and hawing about where to get a pass this year, I think I finally decided: Cannon. It's 45 minutes from campus and is the closest White Mountain skiing to East Haverhill, NH, where I work at a boarding school and live in an on-campus apartment. I've been driving the hour back to W. Windsor on weekends lately, which is easy-peasy in good weather and allows me to see friends and stay connected to a community that I really like. I was going to try to find something that would allow me to split my time between VT, and NH, but I hate winter driving and I'm f-ing tired at the end of a teaching week. Plus the cat hates being dragged back and forth between houses. Also, I'll save money not having to heat the W. Windsor place. So my decision now is down to weather I want to get just the Cannon pass or go a couple hundred bucks more for the White Mountain Superpass, which includes Bretton Woods and Waterville Valley. Bretton appeals to me because they evidently have a significant number of intermediate gladed areas. What say you PASRs?
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    Snagged the Epic Local Pass yesterday. Looks like the wife and I will be doing a Colorado skifari this year... Hopefully they close on the Peak Resorts deal so I can benefit from those being on it too. Regardless, a couple days at Stowe should be more than enough to fill in the blanks.
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    I think you'll like Bretton Woods. They have a T-bar that takes you up to a whole section of glades. Most of the other trails are blue cruisers. Cannon being in Franconia Notch can be very windy and icy while BW has little or no wind. Never been to Waterville Valley but have friends with passes there and from what they say I think you'll like the vibe.
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    Never go without a pass..you won’t ski as much. But you have a long ski season even two days a week you’ll rack up the days...and you probably get a pretty nice winter and spring break.
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    Yeah, I was going to try to go without a pass this year, but f-that. Things may be tight but I didn't take a job in the Whites to NOT ski. Blue's pass was the best bang for the skiing buck I've ever seen. Not much night skiing up here, so the potential for hours-on-snow is so much less.
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    Made a solid breakfast, purchased new running shoes, got some work done for school, went for a run with friends, drinking some good beers now during fantasy football draft, took the dog for a walk. Thanks for asking.
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    Happy Labor Day....all "downhill" from here.
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    Not to hijack and make things all about me, but I caved and bought my pass on Saturday. Looking forward to catching up with all you fools and for the love of god, someone update me on this lot meat situation
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    Good one Saltman!
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    Fresh cut and sunset last night:
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    Have fun and post pics! Try to hit up Wildcat when you’re there. That’s a fun mountain.
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    Ahhh you’ll be fine...you only live once at least have medium price beer and fancy sausage and chips. I’m surprised the blue season pass isn’t $1,000 by now. It was like $350 for a student pass for me 23 years ago and now it’s like $500 or so.
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    Thanks, I was actually going to tag @GrilledSteezeSandwich since he tracks the depth of the water in the snow making retention ponds.
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    Say it with me..."iT's GoOd fOr FilLiNg tHe SnoWmAkInG pOnDs".
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    Blue Mt 3-packs are available Off-Peak Triple Pack: $99 Peak Triple Pack: $129
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    Always interesting Sally. Have a good season
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    Could see my breath this morning while taking out the garbage bins!
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    Wow, just wow... you can almost see @saltyant smiling in that picture.
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    I bring the chorizo
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    Went as low as 48 at night last week. Luv it.
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