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    I’m working from home today and Birm’s farts are toxic after a Sunday in the parking lot. we got in a bit of trouble and don’t recommend it ... but we cruised down Burma Road at the end of the day
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    Also...today is my 1000th ski day since the start of PASR!
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    Snowy day here in Switzerland with @KevinThomas and @AtomicSkier Woke up to snow falling and it’s still coming down in the mountains. Because of the snow and cloud cover we stayed low and the entire morning was over in Bruson. Most of the day was off piste and in the forests, obviously. The snow was deep, the skiing was great. We got super wet from all the snow and were still a little beat up from the guided adventures yesterday so called it shortly after 1:00. Tomorrow should be good, too.
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    Some pics from this morning...
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    We out here on this bluebird day 🙌☀️
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    So far so good today. Snowed overnight and through the morning. Sun now.
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    Good Evening PASR! Just wanted to check in and say that I hope that everyone is staying safe and feeling well through all of this. Miss the PASR fam... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Travel day. uneventful flights. Gunnison airport is a lot like Jackson Hole, tiny little airport with like 2 gates. Barb met me at the airport for a quick ride to her place at Crested Butte. Went for a nice walk around town, which is a really cool place. looks like some periodic snow in the forecast, with some warmer temps mixed in. Might be some decent snowfall for Friday night. This is what you get when you stay with Barb. I forget what this is called, but it was awesome. Ba Dom arrives tomorrow, Barb and I will be at the mountain tomorrow for opening. Cant wait to check this place out.
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    Took my daughter fishing for a bit today. She had fun but didn't catch anything. It was kinda chilly so we didn't stay too long
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    hey all now that the season is definitely done for me with everyone closed, i just wanted to say thanks for the warm reception and some grate times. i bought a season pass for this year not even knowing if i would use it. turns out that i ended up having what were probably the best winter months ever. never thought that the parking lot of blue could provide so many memories (or outrageous food). have a great offseason, i'm already desperately looking forward to next winter.
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    Just wrapped up our day. It was good. More to come.
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    As for the backpack? Shovel, probe, puffy, water, etc. I have a 22L pack and is perfect for days like today. I also use my pack to carry my skis up boot pack. As for today. Wow. We encountered every conditions and we were everywhere. We met up with our guide at 8:45am. We skied 9am to 3:45pm. We got our guide drunk afterwards and were still in our boots at 6:30pm. We started across the valley in Brunson which has way trees (“forests”). Plenty of deep turns. At about 12:30 we headed up into the alpine in Verbier as the sun was starting to poke out. Our first run was totally socked in so we stopped for a coffee. 15 minutes later it was completely clear so we headed up for some steeps, some pow, and some stuff to jump off of. I don’t think I’ve ever covered as much ground or had as much fun on skis compared to today. Some pictures from today. As soon as Kevin gets off his ass and gets us the GoPro pictures, there will be some awesome shots of @toast21602 and I eating total shit.
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    I adopted a dog today. Catahoula Leopard/unknown mix. I’ve been searching for a catahoula for about 4 months now and have missed out on every adoptable one. Finally was able to get to her before anyone else.
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    First day of solo quarantine mtb is kinda like the the first day of ski season, except without the snow, friends and beer... not quite the parking lot but the patio is gettin shmokin’! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow. What a day. 25cm fell overnight. Some of it was pretty freakin heavy depending on the elevation, but the sun was shining, it was over 0C, and there wasn’t any wind. We skied everything from powder, to wind slap, to insanely sun baked snow. I typed up a long report, but I lost it. You can just enjoy the photos.
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    Finally got around to hanging up my kids’ Taos signs.
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    Well, I'm working on joining the touring crew. Deals have too good to pass up. Picked up some Lange XT Free 130 LVs which are considerably lighter than my RS130s, have a tour mode (more cuff movement), and have tech inserts. Also, picked up Atomic (Salomon) Shift bindings which are a tech pin binding on the way up, and a true alpine toe/heel on the way down. They're going to be mounted on some Kastle FX96HPs in 180cm. It's not the lightest setup in the world, but all 3 pieces are compromises towards increase downhill performance. It will certainly be the lightest ski/binding/boot combo by far in my quiver. I'll get some skins sometime between now and next year. Also need to get them mounted.
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    First real ride of 2020. ~100 miles. Lapped my favorite road (Rt 715 north of Brodheadsville) a couple of times. Nice to give the right wrist a little workout.
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    Yeah I agree...this is my first full season at Blue and I'm gonna miss hanging out with you assholes in the parking lot every weekend for sure. Before I got last year's Montage pass (and then Blue), I was only getting 5 days or so on the mountain, plus a Colorado trip most years. Now I feel like I'm more into snowboarding again, and even if the conditions sucked, the parking lot never disappointed
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    Well, the 6 days of skiing turned into 4 days of skiing. The first day offered plenty of sun, days two and three were filled with deep snow and good turns, and the final day was sun filled and full of miles upon miles of exploration. It was an incredible experience to ski in the Alps and travel through Switzerland by train. The ease of travel was mind-blowing compared the infrastructure here in the states. The mountains were incredible, the skiing was fantastic, the breads, cheeses, and meats were delicious, and I don't think I've ever drank so much wine during après festivities. Having a guide rip around and show us the mountains and stashes was worth it and definitely a confidence booster. Despite the abrupt end to the trip, it was still a fantastic experience. I'm glad that I got to share the experience with @KevinThomas and @AtomicSkier Some of these photos were posted before, but these are some of my favorite memories: Old-school tin can gondola: Roller road crossing: Lunch in Tortin: Powder turns: Sunny exploration of Lac des Voux, Combatseline, and Six Blanc: 500m surface lift to the top of Greppon Blanc Mountaintop lunch above Thyon: Top of Mont-Fort: Après and Cheese Cave: Hope you all enjoyed the reports and photos over the last week. What a great end to the season. Thanks for following along!
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    Day 30 for me. I demoed some skis today as I have definitely outgrown my current pair. They skied well and felt like I needed less effort to ski them fast. I wanted to try another pair after lunch but they were out. Gonna try to see if I can bolt them down in the next 2 days that we have left to ski here. Did a lot of groomers today and hit some of the blacks off Silver Queen but none of the intense stuff the guys did. Was another good ski day. Only took one picture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty socked in up top which made our run off north face pretty dicey to start. Got way better as we went down. Snow is still good on this side, but we were told banana, peel, and stuff off the high lift would be baked From yesterdays sun and refrozen.
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    A few inches fell last night making today an awesome semi pow day. First runs in Paradise bowl were fantastic! Awesome day today!!
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    At least the views on the train to the airport were nice 👍
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    Great day today! And Dan forgot to mention we got in line at 8:45 and got first chair. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fucking stellar day. My god. This place is fucking heaven. And massive.
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    4" overnite, bluebird, 36 degrees in the shade..........JADIP
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    Hey All, I’m back from a fun closing day at Blue mountain. Everybody was in the house except PARidge, JFDan, NMSki, Toast and Justo...at least 40 familiar faces about half of them PASRs. The temperature was in the upper 30s under overcast sky’s which turned to mid 50s under sunny sky’s. I was at Blue from 7am until after 4pm. Ski conditions were all over the place but generally hardpack turning to spring snow by late morning and full on spring in the afternoon. Enjorales cooked up tons of food..breakfast food, two kinds of ribs, pork loin, five kinds of sausage, brisket, Creme brûlée and even filet cooked on blocks of sea salt. In addition there was nice horn action in the lot, good music, paragliders, Eaf general fun fun fun. I took a lot of pictures here are a few and I’ll post more later.
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    The year we got no other snow except for one random dump in October. Great stuff! I've finally uploaded the full walk around:
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    This e learning stuff is going to fuck my shit up today. With my wife being at work at the hospital all day (gross and concerning), I’ll have my kids with me at work and am supposed to guide them through these school lessons, all while performing the main finance function of a company that is hugely impacted by the current volatility in the markets. Should be a great day! Time to hop aboard the no stress express! We were talking about a babysitter, but all my wife’s family that we would usually ask are like 70 so that’s not cool, and I don’t really trust that some college student isn’t going straight from my house to hang out in a large group of people. Strange experience we are all having for sure, but at the end of this at least I’m getting extra time with my kids, and society as a whole will hopefully take away some good lessons about consumption, relationships etc.
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    Got home a few hours ago. Major major thanks to Barb for being so awesome. Always a pleasure skiing with you and hanging out Barb...Thanks again for everything! Was a great time. Crested Butte is next level good. I don't know that I've ever seen a place with so much steep terrain and we didn't even see all of it. The North Face stuff is essentially a mountain side full of seemingly endless extreme terrain. You can go way out there too. The stuff under the peak was just as insane. Not to mention the powder runs in paradise bowl which were pretty unforgettable. Not sure what all the closures means for my ski season yet but if the turns I made this past week were it, I'm good.
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    Another very nice day in the books. Some light snow then sun early on. Barb demo'd skis and she ripped in them. After lunch it started snowing pretty hard and a few inches fell on the mountain, at least up top. After lunch at Butte 66 (impossible burger pic below) Barb headed back to the condo and Dan and I hit Forest back to silver queen to Paradise Bowl where Dan found a nice stash...it's like I was skiing with a local. After another run on Paradise we hit international to the base and called it a day. Another open to almost close sesh where we definitely experienced more of the legendary Crested Butte terrain under the Peak and over on the North face. It's definitely as advertised. Suns out now but supposed to snow later. More pics below...
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    JFSkiDan the man rippin up on banana.
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    I completely agree with the decision. Social distancing is so important for preventing the spread. I'm sure there are experts here who disagree, but whatever. Hopefully you are all smart enough to take the appropriate precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. I'm out for this weekend, somebody eat some meat and drink some beer for me. Glad my last ski day was this:
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    Some more photos that were missed in yesterday's excitement
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    Snowing in town already... Waiting for the bus
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    Day 2 for me in the books. Damn, what a nice day. Oddly enough, it sounded like today was going to be a wash based on what sounded like rain overnight. Woke up at the house to 2” of pretty dense snow at the house. Snow on the mountain was a lot less dense and made for some terrific runs in paradise bowl first thing, and skied around a bit there and kept getting some nice untracked runs. off to East River lift to play in some trees i found yesterday, which were pretty much untracked. this is when we split off from Barb, before meeting back up for lunch. Went up the North Face lift which is a t-bar. Here you will find some really interesting stuff, you can take many routes, trees, chutes, and some open faces. Snow in the North Face was nice and soft. Make no mistake though, you will find rocks available for a base grind almost anywhere. tomorrows activities will include some stuff off the high lift, i think, depending on what todays sun does to the snow in that area. Looks like the reset button gets pressed sometime tomorrow when the snow rolls in, and should continue into saturday i think. after lunch we ran some groomers over to the umbrella bar, and relaxed in the sun. A quick easy groomer back to the base and right on the bus back to town. no lunch pic Doug, but we are taking Barb out for dinner tonight, so maybe a few snaps latter on tonight.
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    Not too many pics from me so far. Have to try and keep up with these two so no breaks for me. Bumps for@Indiggio Dom Dan More to come taking a short break now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Short but fun travel day session for me. Being the jackass that I am I ended up, first run, on a double black "extreme" run called forest. Probably not the best choice for run number one but skied it semi ok...Pics below. Did a few more off the silver queen chair...more tame stuff, until close. I can't wait until tomorrow to ski the full day. This place is awesome.
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    Got three days on the skis, they are pretty damn fun! First day at Snow Basin they were a bit hooky in spring slush, took a gummy stone to the tips and they are much better now. A pow day at Snow Bird and at Alta and a few face shots with a ski I built was pretty magical. They are definitely stiff and like to be driven. Great benchmark for the next pair, I wanted them to be stiff but they are a bit to stiff. Now I know for the next pair. Middle bowl at Basin Rats nest at Bird Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This place is unlike anything else I’ve skied.
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    Sanded the railing the other day, stained it today. Luckily i used this color on my shed, so i had some leftover. Super bored at times, and this didnt keep me occupied as long as i had hoped. I stained the two most uncomfortable chairs last week as well. I am officially out of things to stain outside.
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    Getting some turns in on Saturday and social distancing. GREAT snow out there...
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    The backslash is what bothers me the most in 24\7
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    Done with day 1. Great skiing again with Barb. Visibilty was an issue for most of the day. 1st thing it was better up top, then the clouds moved up, went a little lower, was better still a little flat. Right as we went in for lunch it started snowing. After lunch it was sunny for a bit then got socked in again. So lots of different weather conditions today. Snow was really good all day, just got a touch sticky towards the end. Majority of the snow in the trees i went to play in was decent, but i did find some stuff that had been softened and refrozen. Doubtful we will see much sun this trip, some snow tonight and tomorrow am, and it looks like possibly some significant snow friday night into saturday. barb and i left about 3, Dom is getting a few runs in to close.
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