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    We planned on a later start so the temps could warm up. Was 13 in Boulder this morning. Inversion because by the time we got to Estes around 10:30 it was 35 degrees. The wind was whipping around and we were dreading booting up. But the temp was warm so it wasn’t bad. We usually take the trail at the end, lookers right (marked in red), but it was very wind scoured so we veered left at the fork (marked in green). That had more coverage but it’s a very narrow trail. The sections of powder I found to try and play in were crusted over and not very fun. Not too many pictures, we only skinned up a mile and came back down. I was huffing and puffing and could tell the drop in my cardio, gotta work on that. The snow we did have was iced over and fast! I could have used an easier first day back on the snow but it was good to get out. Eldora opens tomorrow and will be a shit show. I am gonna keep an eye on the webcams and may head up for an hour or two late afternoon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Afternoon skin. Went to the top of Madonna II lift. Ugly enough that I skied about 300 yards hitting bottom about 25% of the time, next 100 or so was link 2 turns, side step for a bit, repeat. Last 100 or so I toted the skis down. If I was 130 lbs or if the trails were golf course fairways, it was skiable to the bottom of Madonna I lift. Legs felt great, lungs pretty good. I'm burning the Cochise's. Diagnosis: terminal slop.
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    As always, I started off the morning with grand expectations of getting to the mountain at opening, which is currently 9 AM. Unfortunately, I slept like garbage, so I slept in until about 8 AM. I wasn’t too concerned, because I knew that it would be busy due to the holiday, that lines would decrease throughout the day, and that the storm would begin around noon, so conditions would ultimately be refreshed. I may be in the minority with this statement, but I would rather have slightly worse conditions than wait in a lift line to get fresh cord first thing in the morning. After snagging a coffee at our local market, I drove down to Killington and arrived in the parking lot at 10:30. Flurries were in the air and the temperature hovered around 28 degrees. All early season base operations are still out of the K-1 base lodge, but due to the construction of the new base lodge in front of the old one, a good chunk of the parking lot there is inaccessible and you can’t drive up the main road. I parked just off the access road on Vale road where there were shuttles waiting to shuttle us up to the base. Since the ticket booth is in the front of the old lodge, which is currently blocked by new construction, Killington setup a temporary ticket booth and stairs just below the new gondola cabin storage garage with a very nicely paved walkway all the way around it to the now heated K-1 Gondola lift corral. They really went above and beyond to make the temporary experience enjoyable. Since I already had a One Pass (Killington’s RFID card), I reloaded it online the night before and went straight to the lift. The K-1 lift corral was about halfway full, but I hopped in the singles line, and there were only about 15 people in front of me. Unfortunately, this happened to coincide with the same time they decided to remove a cabin from the haul cable, so the gondola was stopped, and the entire corral filled up behind me. After a ten minute wait, the gondola started back up and I was finally able to get through the gate. I was a little wary since it was the first time I had ever reloaded a lift ticket online, but I went right through without any issues. After unloading the gondola, I checked the thermometer at the peak, and it also registered 28 degrees. There was snowmaking ongoing at elevation, but it must have been about as marginal as it gets. There were intermittent snow showers and some freezing fog, so humidity had to be close to 100%. Killington was advertising 10 open trails today, but it is really only 5 distinctive trails at the top along with the Great Northern/Bunny Buster runout to the bottom. Downdraft was open, but since I didn’t walk around the unload at the top of the gondola, I missed it. Double Dipper was also open, but coverage was very shoddy and I didn’t want to beat my gear up unnecessarily. I mostly stuck to a combination of Rime, Reason, Upper East Fall, and Great Northern. I was pleasantly surprised that coverage was decent enough that they didn’t need guns on open terrain, which really helped visibility, since I’m sure the guns were running quite wet. Rime and Upper East fall had very similar conditions. Slick down the middle, but tons of packed powder on the side with some small bumps. Reason is the new Woodward park and looked to have a great setup. There were tons of jibhonks. I usually don’t mind, but the bottom feature is basically at the intersection of Great Northern/Upper East Fall/Reason, so there were tons of jibhonks blocking the trail off the gondola so they could watch their buddies hit the last feature. Great Northern/Bunny Buster was probably the best run of the day. It’s the widest trail, is slightly flatter, and it has the freshest snow, so it had the best conditions by far. I was pleasantly surprised that Killington made the unprecedented decision (since the World Cup started) to suspend snowmaking on Superstar to get t2b. They knew they could finish the course with the cold weather coming this week, and they have an extra week for course prep, so they went for it. Kudos to them. Overall, I mostly stayed at the top of the mountain off the brand spanking new North Ridge Quad. The singles line was basically ski on all day. I think I had to wait twice. Once was a line of 7 and once was a line of 3. I made the mistake around 1 PM of switching it up and going t2b, and despite the NRQ being ski on, the gondola was mayhem. The entire corral was full and the singles line was about 15 minutes long. After 6 more runs at the top, I asked a skier how the line was down at the bottom. He told me that it was only 5 minutes long, so I decided to go down again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no lift line and I was able to walk right on. I took two more runs up top and finished my day with another run to the bottom. Overall, I finished my day with 14 runs. 10 off the NRQ and 4 t2b. It was a great first day and my entire body is exhausted. My legs were really starting to feel it at the end. I really wanted run #15, but my turns weren’t crisp and I knew I was on the verge of pushing it too far. It started snowing in earnest around 1, but it only amounted to about an inch by the time I left. I would grade today as an overall B+. I have yet to have a bad early season day at Killington, and I’m glad that continued. I still think the North Ridge pod of trails is one of the best early season offerings in New England, especially if it’s not t2b. There is solid tree skiing, some good bump runs, and a good cruiser. I’m looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow. As usual, pictures are below (I’m sure GSS skipped right to them):
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    some pow porn.
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    we dont want to know what goes on in that hotel room...
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    Authority is always the worst offender
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    Had a late morning PT appt so couldn’t get up to Eldora for opening as I usually do. The canyon has been under construction for a long while and is supposed to continue until next summer. Mon-Thurs full closure 10-2. Friday’s it’s open so I didn’t think anything about delays. 4 different flag men stops and it took me an extra 40 min to get there. Snow was in bad shape lots of wind and no additional snow had the trails that were opened all scoured and ice. Ended up only doing 4 runs since it was so crappy. I am almost sorry I got the Ikon Pass since I mostly got it for Eldora. But dealing with that canyon construction is a real pain in the ass. Once Mary Jane opens I may start going up there more since it would only take an extra 30 min from my new Eldora commute time. Looks dry here for a while. We need a freshening up of snow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I will easily kill a full pot of coffee at home. This is what my next job will be like. go for 8-10 hrs, work, go home and forget about the job. I think something like stocking shelves at the Giant. The after work phone calls, emails and texts are getting less and less glamorous every day. I work with too many people that think nothing about picking up the phone to call me on a Saturday that i have off. I try really hard not to do that to other people. every once and a while you just need to check out from work for a while.
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    Buy whole beans, good grinder, brew your own. Best flavor by far. Brown-tinged, flavorless water is all landfill-filling K-cups are good for.
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    Do you really think I forget passwords or anything.
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    Sidewinder will be opening!!!
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    Salty said bitchass
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    Heck yeah! Skiing and beach in 24 hours sounds like a great plan.
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    Honestly I'd love for Blue to open before BB. would be epic if that happens.
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    You must really love your brother. I’m guessing he’s moms favorite since you always try to impress him.
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    100% no been there done that on BB.
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    we need more GoPro videos this year from you!
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    The Elk Facebook post says snowmaking to begin tonight....
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    Never been used (last years version). Size XL. Dropped 25+ lbs over off season. Even a belt is not helping me. $200 and they are yours
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    Fair enough. I'm not sure which is worse. Being a troll or failing at being a troll.
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    You don’t put anyone on ignore because you have FOMO.
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    The forecast in the notch is trending nicely. No early start this year. Guns should be blazing any time after this weekend, below freezing most nights. A shot of snow all week starting the 7th.
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    Can’t wait for the price breakdown! Keep us posted on your frontier flights!
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    Dude, that's exciting. Congrats. This vape session is for you!
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    Facebook is my go to source for all my news. I find its the best way to get the most accurate news ahead of everybody else.
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    At least they're doing shit
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    Conditions vary from week to week day to day and hour to hour. Steamboat has a nice pod off to the left that has some mad river glen esque natural terrain. I only skied steamboat for two days in early April 2014...you can handle most of the single blacks there’s. It’s not a very tough mountain. Upper right is a whole pod of light blue trails and one block called Huervos Rancheros lol
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    Looks like every night except Monday can snow making [emoji1694] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @GrilledSteezeSandwich and I had an intelligent and interesting conversation with @RajeevGuptaSucheeta a few months ago until @toast21602 said it was too stupid and locked the thread. Then @RajeevGuptaSucheeta disappeared never to be heard from again. One day I plan to make a pilgrimage to the Tobyhanna Dunkin Donuts to learn how they cook the donuts.
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    Well everybody around her is so generous and my allentown friends are the same..I might have to buy you another pack of beer nuts for you to eat some Tuesday night.
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    I hear they are setting a date for a certain statue to be dedicated.
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    Shut up and why do you only post at 1am. You’re the worst PASR. You only post this time of year and then dissapear during ski season..on ignore.
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    I lost out on a love from SaltyBalls
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    Sunset yesterday, sunrise today. Glad I got a cut in before the first heavy frost of the season.
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    Wow you could have some Perder for your first day..enjoy!!!
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    Tanner Hall dropped a steezy new video. https://www.tetongravity.com/video/ski/video-tanner-hall-just-dropped-in-the-meantime
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    Correct. The park that nobody uses.
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    So a new cat, and there was a concrete truck doing something by the valley lodge today. I couldn't stop to snoop, anyone know if that's related to the other construction?
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    these condos better face danielsville. could see sweet grass lines from your balcony.
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    They have obviously been mowed over.
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    Thats all part of the cover up, man. Pay this week so people say exactly what you did, but they are paying for other weeks. They're naughty.
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    keep us updated. would be cool as shit to have you posting grooming TR's in real time. would certainly be a PASR first. having a job where you have to interact with little to no people sounds incredible
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    First snowfall December 5th lol https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/weather/2019/10/lehigh-valley-weather-when-will-we-see-the-first-snow-forecaster-pegs-an-exact-date.html?utm_campaign=lehighvalleylivecom_sf&utm_content=lvl_facebook_lehighvalleylivecom&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3X52OMiQAbOGy-Jxa9PMNnBeKh7x2NrquSvabzojXx1h6CSBLxVT-rt9Q
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    It would be cool if Blue made improvements.
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