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    Today marked the earliest day I’ve been on snow by 4 days. As usual, my wife and I got a later jump on the day than we had hoped, but we were still able to get on snow, and that’s all that really matters. We rolled into the Killington parking lot about 12:15 to t2b snow guns running on Superstar despite 36 degree temperatures. Seeing SallyCat’s post, I was afraid it would be busy, but the crowds had mostly dispersed. We snagged our lift tickets for $59 ($6 cheaper than last year), and hit the gondola. Please keep in mind that Killington has switched to RFID, so that price doesn’t include the $5 rechargeable lift card. The temperature at the top was 29 degrees, and the snow guns were still running full tilt. They have finally moved some guns to Great Northern off of the gondola to start connecting to the NRT so you don’t have to hike down. If they get another 24 hour window this week, that should be skiable, but they only had a dusting down while we were there. The hike down was shorter than I remembered. It’s a little more work, but truth be told, it’s worth it to be riding on October 22nd. As is expected this time of year, all open terrain had snowmaking in progress. Our first run was down Rime. This was the only open section where the guns were relatively dialed in. I stayed mostly to skiers right, but no snow stuck to my goggles and the snow on the ground was fairly dry. However, below Great Northern was a different story. The snow continually coated the goggles and the snow was very wet. A decent bump line formed outside the snow gun radius and provided for some fun turns however. Next we decided to hit Reason to East Fall. While Rime only had every other snow gun running, Reason and East Fall had them all going. The difference in snow quality was obvious immediately. Every gun on those trails was running wet and made it difficult to see and turn. Reason only had 2-3 features at the bottom near Great Northern. I would imagine that they will add a couple more for the weekend as they are able. We ended up doing 9 runs, most of them on Rime. Overall, it was great to be back on snow. They had decent base depths and should be able to weather any small warmup. I would expect traffic on the stairway to be one way by the weekend. It wasn’t the best early season day I have had at Killington, but when you put into perspective that it is October 22nd, you realize that it’s all pretty good. The hike back up the stairway was very manageable and definitely worth the product they were putting out. It was a good start to what hopefully ends up being a great season. FYI: Snowdon Six Pack and it’s associated trail work and tunnel work seems to be significantly behind schedule. Since that is the early season route to the bottom, it may need to be altered. They can’t make snow there right now, so I wonder how that will effect their next moves.
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    Killy yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Superstar getting hammered; view from below Rhyme/Teason ( with a sweet pair of rtms in the foreground), gondola at 9am, virw from the top.
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    Saturday opening at Loveland! Great to be back on skis!
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    I’m in the parking lot at K-Mart right now. About to head up. TR to follow.
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    Just got back from Larry’s bootfitter with these! Went for the full package with the heat molding! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rode the Windham lift with my daughters in the off season
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    The Rockies looked OK today.
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    @Ski2Live Live2Ski you catch a lot of slack on here but it’s awesome that you give your kids these experiences and memory’s. I could only dream of having parents that enjoyed skiing/riding, let alone taking ski vacations out west! Good for you, I’m sure your kids will remember these trips forever.
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    Booked Copper, staying at Mountain Plaza near lift with indoor and outdoor hot tubs and shuttle to and from DIA. With skiing and rentals, flights and airport parking whole trip will run about $2200 + 40k miles + food which I expect is more than I paid for all last season of skiing including Winter Park trip. Could have saved about $300 by doing Loveland, renting a car, and staying at the cheapest place in Georgetown, but figure the Copper route will be a much better experience for about an extra 12%, so gonna live a little.
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    I am proud to be a Sally and all my doors are Sallyports. I pass through them the same way I ski and bike: with enthusiasm, a limited skill set, and an elevated blood-alcohol level.
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    Post "Free GSS!!!" just for the fuck of it!
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    Sally, if you head back down into the fray, I’m wearing a blue jacket, dark blue pants, black helmet, and teal goggles. My wife is in a purple jacket and black pants. Say hello!!!
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    $100/day is too much for lawyers to afford.
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    Killington has officially announced they open Friday to Season Pass Holders and Card Holders. Let it begin...
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    I rode the lift at a bike park Sunday with a guy who works in snowmaking ops at Killington. I asked when they expected to open and he said they were shooting for this weekend.
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    Good to see the white stuff flying around on the East Coast.
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    I’m in the peak lodge bar. The guns firing top to bottom and surprising Monday crowds were a bit much. I’d go back down if they happen to turn the guns off, though. Temps look to stay below 32, though, so not likely
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    Heats definitely on. Ordered an oil tank delivery. Yay. Just paid a $1362. oil bill fill up at TLCITW. Firewood is stacked high and most long range forecasts are Cold and Snowy... Bring It!!
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    Oooo, my ski-industry pass includes unlimited visits to any resort in Vermont, two tickets per visit! Someone's about to make new friends!
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    What? What? What!! http://thesource.com/2018/10/12/new-jersey-sets-october-29th-as-date-for-recreational-marijuana-legalization/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We'll holy shit!. PASR doesn't like one of the bands that me and millions of other people do? How could I possibly go on?? Good call on my man cave posters BTW
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