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    Met up with my friend at 6 and made it there by 7. Parking filling up fast but we got a good spot. Booted up and waited in line for almost an hour to get my Abasin 4th of July t shirt. Got in the lift line about 8:05 and lift started spinning at 8:30. The pope was even there! Lots of good costumes and a gapetastic atmosphere. Took the main lift up then went over to Lenawee (I think), only other lift open. That took us higher on the mountain. Conditions were already pretty mushy and mashed potato like. Considering the date coverage was still pretty good edge to edge and not a WROD. Did one more run from Lenawee and called it. Complete shit show crowds. We left about 10 and as we were leaving the amount of cars trying to get in was insane! People walking all over the pass. Also lots of people heavily tailgating in the parking lot that I suspect will not set foot on snow today. Glad I went, did it, and don’t have to repeat it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Waiting at the park and ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Out on the West Rim Trail ....
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    Abasin says they are expecting 5000 + people tomorrow. Omg it’s gonna be such a shit show but I am really excited about going. Got my American flag outfit ready! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Corbet's without snow. From https://unofficialnetworks.com/2019/07/15/corbets-jackson-summer/?fbclid=IwAR2P6AzIaQxMPclQ_bCFykYcE8TRubphYQom2FaG9eEawH9Zv-eKIcLR3GQ
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    Friday night hike in hickory run
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    Camden yards. 14th mlb ballpark for me. Next on my list are an indoor game, and then wrigley
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    Abasin Just announced skiing July 4th! I am trying to rally some friends to go, don’t really want to go alone. I am sure it will be an absolute shit show but better than a Big Boulder shit show on Tannenbaum opening day
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    We've been going out West for the past 32 years. We used to be the (almost) first on the mountain, and last off. Now we mosey onto the mountain after a leisurely breakfast, ski a few runs, stop for lunch (accompanied by a bloody), take a few more runs and find a nice spot to watch the scenery walk past, have a beer or two, then go back to the accomodations. Take a shower, have dinner and usually fall asleep in front of the TV... I've learned; "Life is not a Race, It's an Adventure"....
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    Bad ass whiteface shot from Instagram today
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    Had a box turtle in our yard today.
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    The PASR Elk day was the highlight of last season for me. Sure I got freaking wrecked at the end but it was such a great day and such a good time. So far my spring / summer has been good. Had fun in Mexico and Assateague.....busy at work and a lot of changes going on with more coming. Nothing to complain about....my post was reality talk, not depression based. I'm in a pretty good place there. Hoping to get the kayak out soon, Florida road trip with my two younger kids end of July. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just go...Wyoming/Montana/Utah/Colorado...Where ever.....You will never regret going.....but you will regret not going
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    Sure you have. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The grass wasn’t as high as expected when I got home. Cleaned up nicely. No worries @JFskiDan
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    Found a friend who will actually be in town for the 4th to ski! Now to work on my best American flag attire. Epic passes accepted that day, additional score!
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    Im with you. Personally i think both toast and nmski must have some type of disorder to be this obsessed with lawn cutting. Or its just that i have so little patience for lawn care. I do have more landscaping at this house in the way of flower beds and whatnot that need weeding more often then not. Unfortunately i found out the hard way i have poison ivy out front. Fuck that weeding bullshit at this point to. Im gonna pave over everything and put up the prettiest fake bushes/shrubs/flower thingys i can find.
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    Sunset last night, rainbow today. 🌈
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    Big Solo Stove out on patio
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    One trail from the top has a consistent pitch equivalent to PA black/double black for about 3000 vertical feet. It is groomed so it was rated a Blue. A big mountain with lots of variety. The history of the resort is cool... the place to Be for the rich and famous movie stars of 40'sand 50's. Warren Miller spent his winters in the parking lots. But....we did get burned by sketchy conditions both times we were there
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    Oh there will be pics don’t worry!
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    Well, Illinois got er done... https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-governor-to-sign-recreational-marijuana-law-20190624-ee2bswlsq5eqvkcbuq6oz6id5i-story.html
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    Going to roast some of these carrots tonight. Cut a bunch more lettuce and still have a ton.
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    If that was Delco, there would still be people eating on the trashcans. Oh, news flash, its gonna rain some more soon. It like 99% humidity right now too. My hair is a disaster.
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    That’s why I’m trying to lose weight...I turn 40 next month and I’m nervous about future obesity related health problems...I’ve been lucky as fuck thus far but if you play with fire long enough you’re gonna get burned...just got into the 230s for the first time in like a year and a half..haven’t been in the 220s in like 5 years..could be there by July 1. Doesn’t seem like much but pants I wore with no belt a month ago are sagging halfway down my ass.
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    I like this. Glad to see you coming around!
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    @saltyant just go all out and go to jackson hole. there is plenty of runs for intermediates
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    I like the idea of a late Feb or early March trip to CB. Phillycore is going too. He just might not know that yet. Really wanna see you again Barb. We also need a new picture. Barb dont do anything half assed.
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    Doug your charm knows no bounds!
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    Edit- wrong thread and IDGAF @RidgeRacer 😂😂😂
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    Now it’s clover that are getting bad. Just gave it a fresh cut so you can’t really tell.
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    It withheld my scientific ‘push test’. Thanks for the concern.
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    Nice night for a walk..lightning bugs are out.
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    I went to a rain collection workshop put on by one of the local watershed coalitions and PSU to learn about building a system for the garden. Grabbed the supplies and ended up building one of the back of the shed. Used up some scrap wood from my old projects for the base. I’d like to build a similar unit down at the big garden, but I’m still working on ideas of how to build a big enough collection funnel to be worth it.
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    Ski club is taking a trip to Utah in February, looks like a good deal. A couple people I ski with at Blue are interested, as well. Ski areas are Canyons/Park City, Deer Valley and Sundance.
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    That would have never happened to me because I’ve been skiing so long that when I’m getting mad steezy air off a big dawg booster, I follow Smartstyle and look before I leap...I also yell my drop in multiple languages...and easystyleit as well...remember respect gets respect from the terrain park to the parking lot and remember kids, never trust a big butt and a smile.
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    Just squeezed in a quick run between storms. Sun is gone already. Disgustingly humid. Roads were steaming. Felt like I was running out of the tunnel for the super bowl the whole time.
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    When the rivers are flooded and look like chocolate milk/mud, the fishing tends to suck. I really only fly fish, and it's hard for the fish to see the fly unless you get it right in front of them. I actually prefer low water, it exposes rocks/structure and fish tend to concentrate in pools/flows instead of spreading out.
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    No ball bust here, but your hotel/diner/vending machine lifestyle is working against you. I do get that you love living in a hotel, but you are making this harder on yourself than it needs to be, which, like last year, will probably end in you saying "fuck it, where are the pretzels and ding dongs."
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    My 2019 / 2020 "skison" will no doubt include turns with you my friend. Either at Blue if you'd like or at Elk.
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    Strawberry park hot springs is a great place. I enjoy steamboat a lot. Than again..... I also enjoy cranking down a wide open paradise more so than just pointing down razors so take it for what it's worth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I wouldn't go back to Steamboat either, but it was fun going there, as there are a lot of other non-skiing things to see and do. Nice place to go one time, but really not worth returning, IMHO. Wife and I enjoyed going up to the Strawberry park hot springs at night. The amount of stars you can see from there is unbelievable.
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    I don't think there's really a need for you to ask. It's more of a "I'm coming with you" type of thing.
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    Solid moon action tonight
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