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    3”. So good. Groomed before most snow fell. I think I saw TP4. If this whole place was open it would be untracked all morning. Can’t complain about some semi-powder turns this early in the season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The train set is up, the snow is coming tomorrow, and the conductor is enjoying a few too many IPA's this evening!
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    Some interior and exterior images. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I finally got my first day in the snow! At Abasin with both my boys (a real treat for me). Taking a lunch break now. Not crowded here. Boys both went to upper mountain, I am hanging down low, feeling rusty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Going to post some of my favorite JH photos to date. Some of the best ones are from Toast / GSS. Not many taken by me. The first picture is at the top of the Cirque . The Tram and Thunder lift can be seen on the ridge top in the distance. The second picture is from the top of the Hobacks. Really not that steep, just made for a good photo. Thanks Toast! Jackson Hole experiences a ton of inversions. Frequently -10F at the base and +20F at the top of the Gondola and creates a wicked fog at the base. Both of these photos were from inversion days.
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    In the mid nineties i forgot my jacket one morning and bought a hoodie that says est. 1977 so it must be so - i think i'm gonna break it out friday for the celebration!
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    1:30 AM and about an inch down here at the house. Still snowing.........GBD......Stoked for riding anti gravity machines at Stowe later today.
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    Dude quit fucking complaining about every damn thing.
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    The Little Cabin In The Woods Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Snowmakers need a little more love. Blue has more terrain open than anyone else in PA.
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    Fuck camelback. Keep it in the camelback chat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    hahaha........good good not too long I think now
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    Camelback Snowtubing Report - 11/24/2017 Still high from the adrenaline rush of skiing 800 feet at Blue on Black Friday, I decided to head north to Camelback to check out galactic snowtubing, and maybe at last get some use out of my Hero level Season Pass, which is losing its functionality due to lack of use. I've always wanted to experience galactic snowtubing at the largest snowtubing park in the USA, so my dream was finally going to be realized. I left Blue around 2 pm and headed up the Little Gap Road, eventually coming to Bartonsville, where I ate lunch and dinner at the same time at East Gourmet Buffet. On a pow day, it's crucial to time this meal right in order to minimize expenses and avoid the dreaded lunch leftovers. Always arrive at East Gourmet Buffet before 3:30 pm and you'll save $4.60 while still getting a decent buffet. Make sure you fill up like a boa constrictor on oysters and white rice, and eat as much as your stomach can hold, or else you'll be forced to pay $5.99 for one hot dog at The Thirsty Camel. After eating, I pulled off the Tannersville exit and could finally see the eastern side of the mountain come into view. The ski trails were pitifully bare with nary a snowflake to be seen on Cliffhanger or Nile Mile. But the snowtubing area was stockpiled with piles and piles of fresh snow that will last until April or maybe even May. I eagerly dressed into my snowtubing attire, complete with wireless bluetooth speaker to annoy all galactic tubers, and GoPro Hero+ (with retention strap) to record every precious moment, and hit the mountain. The magic carpet ride was exhilarating and much better than sitting on a dumb old ski lift. The snowtubing lanes were groomed to perfection with fresh corduroy. I got to experience decent First Trax, but the crowds ruined all the fresh powder by the third run. The line moved pretty quickly at first, but from the lofty height of the snowtubing hill, I could see the Jersey plated vehicles pouring into the parking lot. Many guidos were weary from early morning Black Friday shopping at the Outlets, but their kids were still full of energy and thoroughly excited for the galactic tubing adventures to come. By run 4, the mind numbing boredom was quickly setting in. My max speed had decreased from 15.7 mph to a paltry 15.6 mph. These speeds were downright pitiful after hitting an exhilarating 44.0 mph on Lower Main Street earlier. With each tubing run, however, the lanes became slower, and the Jersey accents were giving me a migraine. After one final, long, excruciatingly boring wait in line, I hit run 5 at 15.5 mph and decided to call it a day. Overall, galactic snowtubing was a let down after a great day of skiing at Blue Mountain. Even more disappointment set in as I realized that I'll have to wait until next Friday to try galactic snowtubing again, since season passholders are prohibited from galactic snowtubing on Saturdays or Sundays. Having spent my entire allowance on the Camelback Season Pass, and my remaining $29 on Blue, I am now out of money and will be stuck at home all weekend long while all other PASRs are enjoying skiing a genuine black diamond at Blue. While these great folks offered me their buddy passes, I will wait until more trails are open at Blue so I can experience the whole mountain in its entirety and make the tough decision in February of whether I want to finally ditch Camelback (the answer is yes).
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    Great opening day. Had the same ticketing issue that Doug did. Apparently there's a 40th anniversary commemorative pass that will be available shortly though which is classy. Conditions were nice Speaking of 40 years... The hoodie doesn't lie...
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    The cabin was built in 1979, we bought it in 1988. The mugs, with trail maps, are all the places we've skiied over the years.
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    this is flask weather.
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    hey its only been 2 years. doing alright. got two vans at least. Just cold right now
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    It's part of the hazing process. Phase 2 is cleaning GSS car with a toothbrush while dressed like Alice from the Brady Bunch. I won't even tell you what phase 3 is.
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    We've already planned the menu through next Monday and will be lighting the fire tomorrow night. Life is Good..... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Nice, I'm hoping for like a super rich lady with like a driver and shit type character. I think that could really round out our cast of characters and add a really interesting perspective. Like pinky up, drinking ipa's from a china cup and plate. See I love this kind of shit....one random Monday night at like 830pm, totally empty, Edge, The dude and I are hauling down main st and about 3/4 of the way down is a hippie looking semi-hot girl "skiing". In reality she's going about 20ft to complete explosion, at first I thought she was fucking with us, like who loses skis, hat, gloves going that slow but on like the 400th time we lifted her back up and got her going we realized she's like on the ninth moon of Jupiter. Xanax, paint thinner who the fuck knows but this bitch was high as fuck. Eventually we got her to the double double....two days later the dude says she came back the next night and the cops had to come she was so fucked up while trying to buy a ticket in the upper lodge. Blue is just like this site....what a perfect collection of fucking weirdos
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    This but really how hard is it to stay on the moving couch..... I like how every year it's the same shit but peeps still show up expecting something different, stop fighting it and embrace the shit show that is blue sometimes. Early season is always questionable snow, kooks fucking everywhere doing all kinds of irrelevant shit down lower main, long ass poorly organized lift lines and season passes that only kind of scan. It's the magic that makes Blue Blue, best terrain in eastern PA, excellent equipment with people that only kind of know what they are doing. Shit is good, embrace the bs.....I mean beers in the lot are actually what early dec skiing is all about how stoked can you get on repeat laps on midway to lower main minefield.
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    Valley opening Friday is what I heard.
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    I think they have been doing this for 40 years, but I have no proof.
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    It's pretty ridiculous to get angry about 15 minute lifelines on December 10th in the Poconos. Any mountain with any open terrain worth skiing would have the same lines. Camelback doesn't have any lines because they don't have anything open to draw in skiers. And anyone who thinks that skiing that shit Camelback had the nerve to open with is better than hitting the terrain Blue has open just because you can ski onto the lift vs waiting in a 15 minute line is operating with a diminished mental capacity and I seriously wonder how they could get through their everyday life.
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    lazy mile and upper main open tomorrow
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    Didn't get enough patrons last week to justify spending the money on grooming. Especially after the cookie and hot hit chocolate bill came in.
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    Blue Mountain Drive at 3pm tomorrow.......
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    Ok. When are we doing Christmas gift exchange? i got you that Taylor Swift trapper keeper you were hoping for.
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    I'm not sure if anyone is following the storm that is going on in AK right now, but it's incredible. Since Saturday a few sections have received 160" in the mountains with another 40+ on the way. Yes I realize it's AK where final snow totals for the year can reach 1200", but 200" in a week? Yikes! Fun to follow when you're stressing over the high pressure and no snow over 85% of the west coast for the next 12 days! Common Utah snow more! MORE!!!!
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Citing main st as 2 trails is like being excited the dealer threw in a fourth wheel on your new car. And to answer your question, if they did GSS would either be hired as social media dude for life or permanently banned, not sure which
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    Hey All, I'm back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the upper lot at 720am and it was 35 degrees under overcast sky's. An inversion as it was well below freezing in the valleys with a heavy frost. In the house were Atomic Jeff, Indiggio, Slim, GahSkier George, Toast, Ryan, Root, JFDan, TP4, Jersey shore, Asian Invasion, a couple of Gary's, rodney, Kevin, MBike Mike, Mrs. Snowbunski and Tele Matt. First run was great i was on second chair Ryan and Atomic Jeff claimed first chair not a humble brag lol. Conditions went to shit pretty fast cookie cookie cookies..come around was more sandy not trerrible midway was rough lower Main Street was stiff cookies. I skied like ten runs and had a few beers and was home before noon. Day five of five epic nap on tap was party rocking late last night need sleep. Ski everybody next weekend should have upper Main Street and lazy open next weekend maybe the six pack or at least six pack by following weekend learning hill near the base and lessons should also begin next weekend.
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    Ski divas / PASR gathering. Like the Justice League
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    Hey All, I'm back from day 4 of the Blue mountain the true mountain ski season. I arrived at the upper lot around 7:20AM and the temperature was around 30 degrees under partly sunny sky's with light winds. In the house today we're Atomic Jeff, Slim, JFBBDan, Tarponhead, Indiggio, Guitar73, TinyMoose, a few ski divas, West Chester guys, Nastar Glenn, Tele Matt, MBike Mike, GahSkier George and many others. First civilian chair and second one down..early on easy out and vista was nice smooth sugary cord, similar conditions on come around, midway was lipstick on a pig first run..cookie push piles rest of the time could have gotten better with warmer temps this afternoon and lower Main Street was not bad as it had been blown on. Guns were blazing in the valley and on lazy mile and one gun going at the end of upper Main Street. Crowds on the trails were pretty heavy but no real lifelines this is the weekend everybody is buying Xmas trees and there often isn't even skiing yet the first weekend in December so I'm calling this a bonus weekend. I quit a little after 10 after two solid hours then had some beers and chips in the parking lot and by the time I left a little after 12 the temperature was in the mid 40s. Props to blues snowmakers looks like they'll really be able to get busy beginning Wednesday night. JADIP
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    longest fucking report for one trail.
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    Currently your only going to get little spurts of cold air until what appears to be mid december, the turn could be as early as the 7th but looks more like the 15th. All the cold air is up swirling at the poles and you need the oscillations to sort of knock it out or more accurately you need them to send the cold air our way. So this is just a model but you get the idea of how the cold air works, think of cold air as this kinda super limited resource locked away at the poles and for us to get it, particularly in the early season we need a conveyor of air to coral it into the NE/MA. That conveyor doesn't look to show up until mid dec so until then were all just sort of jerking off, the question will be of course is how long does this cold air stick around. It appears as if it may stick around for a bit and give rise to some snow possibly, zonal wave flux looks promising, models show lots of easterly flow but that hasn't shown up in real life yet. NAO/PNA also looks good with NAO looking negative If you like wildcard kind of bets there is a volcano in Indonesia named Gunung Agung that is low key erupting and one of the super dopest winters was 54 years ago when it last erupted. Currently it ain't doing enough in terms of ash to do much this year but that can change real quick so outside bets on an Indonesian Volcano making skiing dope at Blue Mtn.......
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    Which happens to have a TR from Shawnee in it, so.......
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    Kids picked out a book called "Good night Pennsylvania" that has a pretty cool ending...
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    This is what happens when you go ass over tea kettle in 23” of snow halfway down the Hobacks
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    Mbike needs a new hoodie with the correct date on it.
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    I'm not sure that this will be sufficient either Mr. DKJ! Ski2argueArgue2live's instruction was clear... Present him with a reputable media outlet article clearly stating that Blue mountain opened in 1977. Without this he will continue to believe that Blue opened in the sixties and 1975. Because that's what the various news articles said. I found this highly official document on meatspin.com This pretty much ends the debate.
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    Great, now my whole morning is wasted while I watch snowgun-o-vision.
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    You would still be stuck in HBB if you skied it.
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    Did you know that "skcus kcablemac" backwards is Camelback sucks?
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    Pass. Cuts into my home waxing & drinking rituals.
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    Not sure if this actually makes you a 'winner'...
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    TL:DR: Dude showed up so early to ski one green run he had to wait 30 minutes for first chair. Dude skied said green run for 8 hours, making 51 runs including pizza turns and a yard sale. Dude and Juice Bags had lots of free hot chocolate, didn't even have to share it with his daughters. Couple of people managed to hurt themselves on one green run and had to get tobogganed off.
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