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    Got some skiing in last night with @GSSucks. Parking lot smelled like weed and beer when we pulled in, and piss when we left. It's no different than Blue's lot.
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    Many firsts for me last night. First time skiing in a mall, first time skiing in September and first lift beer of the 20-21 season. Hopefully this is a good start to what could be a very weird season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Waterfall but hard to see Some pics around CB, not much color change yet and Smokey air but pretty hikes as usual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    She had a little help from me casting, but my daughter reeled in a few fish yesterday.
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    Yes, these look like TechnoAlpin low energy tower guns. Basically a newer, efficient version of a York Snow Borax tower gun like you see on paradise, razors edge etc. I haven't been to blue in over 10 years, but back then they still had the old air/water style guns on Burma. Those were a combination of home made, omichron's on towers, and some really old spraying systems style guns when they dabbled in the snowmaking business back in the late 60's/early 70's. The advantage to these new guns are they are much more efficient in air consumption. Depending what they bought, you could probably run 7-10 new ones to one old gun. Most of the TechnoAplin towers usually have a built in compressor too so they don't have to pump air up the mountain. These guns are very easy to automate, basically right off the hydrants themselves. Snow quality will be much better as well.
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    This fucking guy has some balls.
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    Epoxied everything in....What a fuckin mess....We will see what tomorrow brings......
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    Someone in my neighborhood had a power wheels sitting out for free recently... Pulled out the old wiring mess... Added new wiring to the battery and a small cheap battery from Amazon (battery is now secured with a makeshift foam battery box) She approves of her new ride
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    Cobbled together some brackets to hold the board when I cut the slot for the edge and rubber...Also made the cut so the edge sits flush..Used a cabinet square and a utility knife blade...I'll take it out after the slot is cut....
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    Removed the clamps/wax paper and tape....did a little bit of sanding.....One side came out really nice...The other has a couple of small voids that I will have fill with some epoxy... But for not knowing what I'm doing I'm happy with the results....Cause I was really doubting myself when I was doing the glue up.... There are some other very minor issues but I figure they are going to get beat up anyway... Put the halves together and have a slight gap in the middle...maybe a 64th of an inch....Still have to do final sanding to close that up.... I guess I can order up some bindings now.... Sometimes you get great results when you have no clue what the fuck you are doing....
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    what about sitting in a camping chair on gravel next to a pee puddle? and yeah, for all inTents and purposes, that's like thiiiiis close to indoor dining in that photo.
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    Nice sunrise this morning.
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    am I the first person to see this and is it as funny as I think it is or am I just hammeredf
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    Got one side ready for assembly ...Used a stacked cutting wheel on a laminate trimmer...and hot glued on two little blocks for a fence/depth guide....Pretty cheesy but it worked great... First pass the base wouldn't flush up with the edge so had to make a second pass and take off a fuzz....The space above the base material got bigger than I wanted but I can put some fiberglass in to take up the space.... Was super nervous when I was doing this...but I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out...
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    My grandparents used to live out by tunkhannock and there was always a few inches of base throughout winter. There were even a few old ski areas that we would hike. Maybe a few hundred feet of vert, but it was still awesome. Miller Mountain now has a giant well mowed gas pipeline cut going up, across, and down it. I’ve been eying it up since they cut it a few years back. It’s 1500 vertical feet, not steep but it appears to have the same grade as some blue or green trails with some steeper headwalls. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The big mountain feel of the place really makes you feel like youre out west, simply incredible. Its like skiing in PA without the drive!
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    If you guys like stadiums built into mountains you should check out the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX. I had a scrimmage there once in high school and its really cool - you park at the top (like Jack Frost) and the stadium is below.
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    Not terrible for summertime in AZ. All trails were closed in Lost Duchman today with the exception of the MTB trail due to wildfire smoke...so we did that. Only downside was you couldn't get into the mountains (which I did before and is amazing). Nevertheless got plenty of good views. Hit up Goldfield ghost town afterward for a tour of the gold mine and a ride on the zip line. Fun day.
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    Trail on mountain next to sun devil stadium (A mountain).
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    While I'm waiting for epoxy I figured I would cut and fit everything.....I see a huge mess coming trying to get the edge/VDS/fiberglass and epoxy in that groove....then clamped together so everything sits nice....This maybe the toughest part of the build..... I'm just about at the point where if I fuck things up I'm gonna be pissed....
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    Add a second battery in series and it might do wheelies. Might wanna get her a helmet though. And then when she out grows it, do this.
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    Snow on the high peaks here. San Juan’s got about 6” on higher elevations. I am doing a high elevation hike tomorrow. Will report if I see any snow.
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    Did the Big Snow with the kids 530-720. They dug it a lot as a cool treat for summer. Could have kept going as long as we wanted as they only scanned our wristbands the first run but 20 runs was enough for us. Very good snow. Skied a little bigger than I expected with 160' vertical. Skied right onto the lift every run til about 645 when more people showed up. A better first day on skis than going to BB with only the lower mountain open in mid November as I have done a couple seasons as it has more pitch and better snow than Freedom. Was worth doing as both kids found issues with the fit of their season rental boots that we now will be able to address before taking a longer trip. No photos - figured that was covered above as it looked about the same today as yesterday. About 30 sec after getting off the snow I took a hard spill as the flooring indoors is super slick with wet ski boots. Dumb ass choice for flooring. Who could imagine folks would be walking on this stuff in wet ski boots?
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    Yea! No more Jersey cars!
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    I’m house sitting for my parents this week and picked through their garden for them yesterday.... not a bad haul on jalepenos. This was halfway through, in total I think I picked around 120 jalepenos.
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    You can get 8-10" toys for a lot cheaper. @AtomicSkier told me about them. Rocket ships or something...
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    i must be extra poor. my line skis were bought used with 2.5 mounts already in them and haven't been tuned in like 5+ years.
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    Great sunrise this morning 👌
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    ^^bitches about having to make a reservation to ski, but buys tickets from liftopia. got it.
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    I might be of the minority around here, but i would pay more for a pass at Blue if they did actually limit the amount of passes sold in a day.
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    Planning skiing for the family is definitely going to be a bit more tricky than usual this year. I already reserved our house in Taos for early March, and I'm assuming that once they announce their plans that it won't be a problem to get lift tickets, but I'm mentally preparing myself to be flexible. Maybe even have to skip the trip if travel restrictions come up again due to Covid. Assuming no government-imposed restrictions I am planning on skiing wherever I want, I don't care if it costs more money, and as far as I'm concerned there is no Covid during ski season.
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    Goal: $7.5k Raised: $90k Can't say Mad River Glen skiers aren't passionate
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    Not as exciting as Arizona but I saw this today. Didn't get to see it hit anything though
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    I know I’ve posted this one, or one similar before, but it is fitting for today 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    I really feel for college kids..especially first year students..
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    Maybe we are all the jealous haters because we cant afford to buy left over Kastle's
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    But this year its just gonna be snowmageddon. I read that on facebook.
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    Got mine cut a month or so ago... it was the longest its bee since college
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    Absolutely... Pulled into the lot around 7:15. It was about 73 degrees under cloudy skies. Conditions were great for a night sesh cut. Walked into the salon to 0 lines. Put on mask and got seated. Told my stylist that I wanted a #1 on the sides with a little length up top...he then asked me how I was doing to which I said good. He then went on to tell me how wearing a mask for 8 hours was rough...to which I empathised. 20 minutes or so later I was done. Paid and gave a $10 tip before leaving. Great night sesh. In fact was top 5 sesh for the season. Pic below...
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    A couple of guys who used to manage a ski shop (now closed) in the Deer Lake area of Schuylkill county, had pictures of them skiing the Culm Banks of Sch Co. In the Summer, without snow..... On old returned rental skis.....
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    Should just rename it to Squall Valley
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