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    I have been looking into backcountry clinics for a while now. When I asked some friends if anyone wanted to do one with me one offered to show me the ropes. It turned into 6 of us going. 2 of the girls in our group have lots of backcountry knowledge and have taken avy courses. The girl in charge chose Jones Pass. The part of it we did has zero avy danger and there is a snowmobile company that guides tours there (more on that later). We arrived to cold temps and light snow. Gearing up in the lot We did a 2.5 mile skin up. Heard some avalanche bombs along the way. They were not coming from Berthoud Pass, which is close by. Would have to study a map to be sure. Don’t know if we would have heard them that clearly from Loveland or Abasin. Not sure if the elevation gain. We think somewhere around 1200 feet. Internet says 1600 but didn’t feel that steep. Don’t get me wrong, it kicked my ass. At about the 2 mile mark I was getting very worn out. My friend suggested I glide more instead of lifting my feet. That made all the difference and all of a sudden what I was doing felt much easier. The wind and snow were both picking up. When we got to our turn around point it was super windy. I tried to keep sweating to a minimum wearing only a very thin shirt under a wool base layer. But I was soaked. I decided I had to take off the shirt, holy shit that was a cold endeavor. Then put on a light puffy and a hard shell for the descent. Snow was kind of cruddy and wasn’t use to the boots. They were really digging into my shins. I couldn’t wait to get down and take them off so I said I would meet them at the bottom. The track we were on was not too wide. About the width of 2 snowmobiles. I came upon a large group of people and EMS workers. There was a body covered up and I knew by the somber scene he was dead. Not wanting to intrude I had to wait till they finished to go by which took about 20 minutes. There were 3 ems guys still there waiting for a transport I imagine. But they did not move him and he was lying long ways across the path. I had about 18” to ski around him. My friend asked someone at the bottom and they said he died of natural causes. He was with the snowmobile group. I am glad I went but it’s not quite what I expected. I would go again but am glad I didn’t spend $200 on a clinic. I made the mistake of not having enough calories or drinking enough and was cramping up by the time I got down. Brought some soup in a thermos and with that and another thermos full of tea started to feel better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What a wild ride the past 15 years have been. So much change. What I'm most proud of is the past few years. The Blue Crew has become a family. There aren't many days in Blue's season that at least one PASR member isn't there. Some days, regardless of what time you arrive, you can always find someone to ski with. PASR has no ads and generates no revenue and I think most can agree a price can't be put on fun we've had. Having said that, while today marks 15 years to the date, a celebration is in order. A coworker/good friend of mine who a lot of you have met is quite the homebrewer. What goes better in a cask than hazy juicy dank AF beer? So, he brewed a mango milkshake IPA to be served straight from a cask. At Blue. Where the hell do we go from here? See you for another Sausage Sunday.
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    Left NJ at 0-dark thirty with son #2 and made it up to sugarbush in 5.25 hr (Lincoln). 15F at base, couple degrees colder up top. Started on some groomers because son’s #2 first day back on skis since breaking leg on gully #1 at big sky last year. After lapping a few and since castle rock is still closed headed to area under direct sun (north lynx triple). Limited terrain but sunrise or sun dimple or whatever the fuk you call the bump run off of the lynx chair was $. Firm but still not crazy technical. Lapped that and whatever bump run it’s called under lynx triple down to bottom on perder whales with many snow guns going (15F) under lift that gets you to lynx chair (I should be a SB mountain guide). (Self) limited terrain but crazy fun day. Been skiing blue since November so nice change of pace. I knocked it off at 3 but #2 skied until last chair while I drank Lawson’s sunshine at bar. Then Mad Taco dinner; a perfect ending. Was planning on MRG tomorrow but reports been sketch so may lay out $ and ski Mt Ellen tomorrow. (Today was warren miller free vouchers.) TBD.
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    @JFskiDan, @AtomicSkier, and I are all enroot to SLC right now. Should be a great trip away from the beast coast and skiing on some real snow. Likely will be returning with goggle tans and hangovers. Sitting in Denver airport now, at a bar that couldn’t be more fitting for a PASR trip : Root Down. Stay tuned for updates.
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    It’s official! Thanks @RootDKJ for clicking the 10,000th like for me! You all know I only post for the likes, so this is just a strong confirmation that years of trolling practice has been successful. Thanks for all of the support over the years and making the extra effort to click that bottom right corner in a positive way. You’re all a wonderful group of jerks, even Salty (but except eaf). Glad to know you all, but disappointed in myself for wasting countless hours on this stupid site. Here’s to 10,000 more!!! 🍻 Celebratory beers tomorrow in the lot at Blue!
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    On our way to the land of enchanted groomers.
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    The stretch of cold we had the last 36 hours has significantly helped. Everything seems to be resurfaced back to what it should be. It’s nice skiing on white snow again without lollipops marking dirt everywhere. Clouds moving out now, so visibility isn’t ideal, but the snow is like butter (Doug’s favorite color, food, girlfriend, etc) and the grooming is good again.
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    Just gonna drop a few memories in here for everyone's enjoyment and to keep the stoke rising. You're welcome/I'm sorry: 09/10 Closing Day beer-induced trainwreck: The second deepest week of my life with some fine gentlemen: Toast skis a little bit better now than he used to:
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    I found this place when a certain member started a ruckus on tgr, I was at first amazed by his stupidity lol but also by his relentless character. I must have drank the koolaid because all these years later I'm a Doug lyfe fan. This place is foul, irreverent, sometimes cruel, often drunk or high, almost entirely nonsense and I wouldn't change a thing. In a world of sell outs and fake bullshit this place is entirely real. We are nice but pretty much exactly the same in person. Real is what everybody else is pretending to be. I've met the best skiers on the mtn. I'm definitely a better skier, particularly with a buzz on. The best in this life is to do dope stuff with dope people and we do that every weekend. The size of our mtns may be small but we have way more fun than places 4x our size and that is something truly precious. Here's to 15 more.
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    Day 2: Mt Ellen Currently sitting at bar because #2 is still out. My legs are cooked. Woke up to 2” a clipper dropped. Checked MRG snow conditions and decided nope. Not enough open. We opted for SB instead. As luck would have it it’s $30 Thursday’s at Mt Ellen. Score! Maybe legit 3-4” at summit, 2-3” lower down. Found freshness all morning on the edges. Obviously on hard pack put snow piles/crud stayed floaty McBoaty. Lapped trails revealed my doppelgänger was nesting my turns and I, his. Never see that blue. I thought exterminator was ROTD as we kept lapping that but the award goes to hammerhead. HH is narrower then most so held the snow better. Our first run down HH was on our way in for a quick lunch but after the initial run we repeated another 5x. Bump bump city. By 2:30 I told #2 he won and I’m going in. Great great day. Tomorrow is BOGO day at Smuggs and relocating base amp to Lyndon
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    It’s the last day of 2018. What is your favorite picture of the year and why? This was taken in Hawaii when we went to get my son settled in his apartment. At the time my youngest had trouble being in crowded places without having a panic attack. We went to the North Shore and found a completely empty beach and spent the day there. It was so nice to see him able to relax and enjoy his surroundings. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thank you all for the kind words! Got to celebrate in style this morning!
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    My knee is a mess, but i made it through skiing this morning. Called it quits a little early so i can ski again tomorrow. Really good morning, it would be way better without knee issues, but im here, and i plan on making the most of it. Deer Valley is the freindliest place i have ever been to. So many people told me to have a great day.
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    You should join a gym. Name 2 things that wont happen.
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    Happy Anniversary PASR! Definitely some great friends and memories. Some of us clean up well, too.
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    Good timing. We got 7" overnight and it lightly snowed most of the day. Just stepped outside and it's still snowing a little bit. Skinned up Madonna for some boot deep goodness.
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    When you’re walking through the Weis and you spot some surplus Italian sausage they’re moving for .99/lb, you buy them all. Now to parcel out for the next few Sausage Sundays . . .
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    I'm thankful for all of the great people I've met and have become friends with online, offline, on the slopes, and in the stands. PASR is so much more than just a message board for Snowsport Enthusiasts. So many good times, great people, through the highs and lows.... PASR has been there. RIP Bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don’t ski with anyone here, but sometimes I ski behind them 😂🤣😂
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    Another awesome day did the back bowls myself for 90 min in the AM. Then grabbed the girls and they skied like champs all day including 5 glade runs and about 1000' vertical of solid moguls. The only thing that will challenge them at Blue at this point are PA ski conditions. Wonderful vaca. Eating pizza before a third hot tip session and mountain shuttle back to DIA, then hope I can catch some Zs on Ze plane.
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    Fun morning. Sorry for the late pics BMX115 run! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Salty do you sit to pee ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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