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    I was finishing some errands and helping my mom at her house yesterday. As I’m about to leave I say “mom I think gonna chase some snow tomorrow.” She turns around, rolls her eyes and asked a where, I say Vermont. “Anthony, Are you an idiot?” 330 wake up call, pulled outta my complex by 415 and was pulled over at 5 under a lame circumstance. That being said the officer was great. He changed my violation so I didn’t have to appear in court and the fine was only $50 so a big thank you to him. I pulled into the lot at 826. Not bad considering being pulled over and stopping for a coffee/bathroom. On the first lift up right now. apologies for the large font
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    Thanks I’m heading to get fruit and vegetables to keep at work soon. Im used to eating a bunch of pretzels and cheese it’s at work so won’t be easy. Thanks Toast for being positive. GSSucks no gym at my hotel..it’s limited services...just laundry, free coffee and vending machines(that I have to stay away from)..and I’ve barely even started my diet. I was still in Colorado under 3 weeks ago pigging out..and since then have done a little better than normal but not great. Now it’s a new month time to kick it into high gear.
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    salty your feet are on backwards!
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    Pretty good day today! Visited the Czub store but couldn’t take any pics inside. Got a hat and shirt for $12 though. Kadet2 kits are roughly $300 here. Half the cost vs. back home.
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    They're known for their wooden coasters. They have 3 of the top 50 according to this list (#2, #35, and #44) http://goldenticketawards.com/top-50-wooden-coasters/ The beauty of Knoebels is that I can park my car for free. Walk into the park... also for free, eat decent food and not overpriced crap. And it's in the woods.
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    You need a Subaru Brat. Great ground clearance, can fit the bike in back plus 2 passengers with death wishes!
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    I guess ill pick up where I left off, on my first lift ride. I took 3 warm up runs, just trying to get a feel of what they had open and what they didn't have open. They pretty much had the whole main face open which was nice. There were a decent amount of snow/ice chunk the size of softballs to start the morning which was a little surprising considering how I was blown away by their grooming my last trip. After a couple runs on the main face I then went over to Carinthia, which is the small face that they have dedicated to only terrain parks served by a HS quad. I did WAY more runs then I was planning to over there. I didn't want to take too many chances in the park since I had a 4ish hour ride home, but that thought process quickly went out the window. I wish i would've taken some pics or videos but I unfortunately did not. The park was great, a solid mix of medium to large rails with small to medium sized jumps all mixed into (1) long trail. Fantastic! I noticed this one guy who was really, REALLY good and waited a minute at the top to follow him and his crew down. By far the best terrain park snowboarding ive seen in person. Im sure you skiers can relate whether its GS, moguls(Jonnylaw seeing Moseley) or terrain parks, but you realize theres levels to this. And ill NEVER be on that level. Amazing to see and motivating to be honest. After about 10 runs over in the terrain parks I decided that was enough risk taking for the day/season and headed over to the North Face for some diamond runs before lunch. I did about 3-4 runs over there, unfortunately the fixed grip triple is less than ideal. THE LATTE PLACE WAS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!! Ya boy was an angry elf!! ( not really, but i settled for a coffee lol). Took a 30 minute coffee/lunch/420 break and was back on the snow for my final runs of the season. I kept it low key by just doing a bunch of green and blue runs for the rest of the afternoon. not much to speak of to be honest. All in all i did 28 runs in about 6 hours. (2) things. A) The Detachable 6pack burble chairlift is soooo smooth. I love that lift. But at about 2pm the chairs were seemingly having trouble detaching and reattaching?? Is this a potential problem with detachables? Maybe that wasn't the issue but it sure seemed like it. Ill just say ive never seen a chairlift "push started" before. No really there was a guy pushing the chairs thru the terminal for a time while it was closed and a whole lot of banging around by a mechanic in the overhead area of the lift. I left the snow around 240 and pulled outta the parking lot by 3. It was a fantastic day and I would definitely take another day trip up here in the future. Granted under special circumstances such as the very beginning or end of a season. Thanks for reading my trip reports this season!
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    Correct. Its a 1971 or 72 SS Chevelle. Basically the same car i would lay on the shelf under the rear window on the way to DQ. Safety first!
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    Did somebody say Camelback?
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    Whats the big fucking deal about where we go? there will be a lot of talk about it, and then, all of a sudden its opening day at Blue. We might as well plan the party to be held on the moon, since the likely hood of either gathering has an equal chance of happening. For the record, i'm not against getting together with any of you weirdos. I think it would be a good time. maybe there is like an adult Chucky Cheeses somewhere we could agree upon.
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    That's hardly an indication of anything. I see plenty of soccer moms in their minivans. Doesn't make those vans a good buy. I have no knowledge of RAVs, but was toying with the idea of getting an Outback or a Crosstrek. Of course, their main selling point are numerous videos about how Outback can climb those rollers while Toyotas and Hondas are limiting torque going nowhere or sliding side-to-side. People rave about symmetrical AWD, engines with the second harmonics balanced out due to the opposed cylinder layout, love the clearance and how they can get in the middle of a swamp and then get out. But then if you browse through Forester of Outback forums you'll find plenty of concerns about reliability of CVT, about TSBs, dealer reprogramming, consequences of transmission overheating, extended warranties and what not. I was kinda surprised to find many people calling mileage like 100-150K high and bragging about their cars going that long with minimal repairs. Interestingly, if you look at other manufacturers, like Honda, you'll find that their Acura variants whether TLX or RDX all have 6, 8 or 9-speed automatics whereas the more consumer-oriented Accords and CRVs are stuck with CVTs. The Outback owners that I talked to in person generally like the eyesight assist, dislike increased noise level (partly transmission, partly rack on the roof), some are picking on the quality of assembly, and all comment about lousy performance of the 4-cylinder. So at least get yourself a 3.5L.
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    Avacado and fruit salad for lunch today. I also skipped karaoke last night. The pounds are literally melting off me. I haven’t had pretzels since monday and usually eat them everyday
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    Just get a Subaru Outback. Subaru has the best all wheel drive system and I don't anyone who's had maintenance problems with Subaru's. I've had 3 and put over 200k miles on each with mainly basic maintenance.
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    I'm not. I'm in full summer mode.
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    LOL. The second or third time I met you guys in the lower lot I'm parked by myself early waiting for people to arrive. Doug walks up to my car, Jeff pulls in, gets out and asks Doug to go to the restroom with him... and he went! It was odd.
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    He has nothing to change, he already stated he has lost 4 pounds in ~4 weeks, at that rate he will be at a somewhat healthy weight in about 20 years. Keep up the good work pal! On a serious note, dont jump on some fad diet and think that alone will work. A guy I work with has been jumping from fad diet to fad diet for the last 5 years and has not lost a pound, its kind of funny. Go to the hotel gym and walk on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes a day or walk outside if its nice out, every damn day! Go for a hike on weekends, dont just start a thread about hiking, go fucking hike! Clean up your diet and cut out some drinking and you will be off to a good start. Im sure most things you eat are super high in sodium, cut out some of the shit and the sodium and you will most likely loose 5-10 lbs in water weight. Or dont do anything and just keep SUJOPA'ing daily and be happy .
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    You're going to have to harden the fuck up and have a life style change if you're serious about losing weigh. You're going to undo any weight loss you experience during those 5 days with 2 days of bad habits. A buddy of mine has lost a ton of weight eating as few carbs as possible. And, I don't mean he just cut out bread. It's pretty amazing what's high in carbs that I would've thought is low carb. He seems to be happier because he can still eat a decent amount, rather than "starving" on a calorie counting diet. To each his own.
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    LMAO At your advice, I might lower my car, throw on a fartcan and head up.
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    If I recall it was a flat $150. And he got the charge reduced to something with no points (was speeding of 42 in a 25, trap zone where the limit drops from 40 to 25) and was about $100 cheaper. So net cost was $50 and a vacation day saved, as well as no insurance increase.
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    Not me but I’m a pretty aggressive tree skier...it forces you to really use your brain..ski good or eat wood.
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    Loving the pictures - looks good!
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    A bit firm at first, but softened up nicely. 15 runs then world class tailgate party. Met some super friendly and kind folk in Maine on 4/20 and even more today
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