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    Forgot to post this last week. Long overdue purchase.
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    Tits weather today. Even seeing a little color change. Low of 36 degrees tomorrow night. Fuck off, summer, with yer humidity.
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    View from our winter rental this season
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    I prefer the BBQ truck that is in the parking lot. Much higher quality.
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    Great service! "Hi Dom, I apologize for the error. We can send out the size 186 skis to you with a paid return label to send the 179 skis back to us. Will that work for you? The skis will ship today with the paid return label. Have a great weekend!"
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    Salty here's a picture of the skis that will work better with you're cellular data plan. As you can see they are 179cm in length. Not 170...As mentioned i will likely be returning them since I ordered 186.
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    I think salty has the ski stretcher. I think the results were less than stellar though. Send them back. Get what you ordered. Its not like you will use them tomorrow. My 2 most recent internet purchases both need to go back for one reason or another. Total pain in the ass. Has made me rethink internet purchases.
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    The term "PASR day" no longer is a thing for me. Way back when, when I was at Jackson Frost PASR days were a thing cause it was a big deal getting you, Jeff and any other Blue regular to come up. Fast forward a few years and everyone on this site have since become Blue regulars. I rarely not see another PASR to ski with. Trips out west are always PASR days too. With the exception of my kids, everyone I ski with posts on or is affiliated www.paskiandride.com
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    Feel free to PM them. I honestly don’t care. I like the current PASRs for all their quirks. Last season at blue was the best ski season in terms of the sheer number of PASR days. The season pass $399 deal really brought a lot of PASRs out the last third of the ski season.
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    Heavy rain bands passed through earlier. Went out to check on the garden. 2 mother plants are 10 feet in diameter at the widest and 5 foot tall. Cucumbers and basil are rocking as well.
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    Picked three more cantaloupe today and a bunch of butternut squash. Pumped for these.
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    14 inches of new snow on the middle Teton had Jackson Hole Sponsored skier Owen Leaper making some turns yesterday.
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    We could just get reckless drunk in the parking lot and re-paint the van. I do realize it's a terrible idea, especially for @Shadows, but the entertainment value of that day would be priceless.
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    You can throw it in my dumpster at work if you’re ever up in this area...
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    Also, it looks like things are shaking out that I'll be working at Suicide Six in Woodstock this winter, so if anyone has kids or beginners that would enjoy a small hill, contact me about passes.
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    ok, it can start not feeling like mid-summer now.....
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    Know him well. A fine gentleman if I do say so myself
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    Purchase complete. Skis are en route
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    Lol at the thought of Blue having a natural snow only trail
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    I'm in. Shadows will have the bestest most coolest van ever. Will need to rename the company A-Team Powerwash. Think about it. Alphabetically it would come up first.....not sure if thats really relevant these days with internet search. Seriously, anybody that sees the van, would remember the van, and remember the name on the van. Win-win. In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a powerwashing crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Palmerton underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as powerwashers of fortune. If you have some powerwashing, if no one else can get it clean, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.
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    Why do I envision it looking like this afterwards? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took me a while to remember Bald Bull. when he charges you need to got him in his stomach. Has to be timed just right. I'll never forget that time I beat Tyson on the demo Nintendo in Sears circa 1989. A crowd gathered to watch as I progressed through the game. By the time I reached Tyson people were cheering me on. Pandemonium ensued as I knocked him out...one of my proudest moments! Photo from a few minutes ago below... bring on Soda Popinski
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    I think that's the easiest fight in the game, even easier than Glass Joe. Second Don Flamenco is a little harder. I really hate Bald Bull, though. Could never beat him when I was younger because of the Bald Bull Charge (tm). Finally beat Mike Tyson himself a few years ago without any cheats or Game Genie.
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