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    Greetings from Little Cottonwood Canyon! Day 1 - travel day. The nor'easter really complicated our flight out to Utah. We flew out of BWI, but the plane was 2 hrs late getting there bc of weather. Then, we sat on the plane for 3 hrs at the gate bc there was a leaky valve preventing the engines from starting. Grounds crew got that resolved and we were on our way. Arrived in SLC just before the storm really ramped up, but the canyon road conditions were deteriorating fast. We made it to Goldminers Daughter just before last call. Day 2 - Alta Storm riding, cold, windy, very low visibility. We woke up to sirens and mortar blasting at 6:30 local time....not a lot of sleep from the previous day's travel. It was snowing sideways and we had interlodge until 9-ish. That gave us plenty of time to have a kick-ass breakfast. We got our passes and hit up wildcat lift bc Collins was mobbed. Snow was epic, but you couldn't see much at all. Not many pics or video. We skied in the Collins, sugarloaf, wildcat, and high-t areas yesterday. Best snow was in wildcat, hands down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good to be back out...
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    Big Sky - Day 3 The morning started out pretty much the same as the others, get up, eat, write TR, etc., go ski. Today was the day after the storm bluebird day, unfortunately it was a bit windy, more on that later. Since it was bluebird, we could get up to Lone Peak with good visibility, unlike all the previous days, so that was the goal. Took the Otter up and then down to the base to see a pretty large crowd had already formed at the Swift. Looks like everyone has the same idea as to where to go. Headed up the Swift and down to the Powder-Seeker. Up the PS and down to the Tram to a small corral of people, not too bad. Took a bunch of pics and watched a skier come down the Big Couloir, followed shortly after by a boarder. Midway down the couloir the boarder fell and tumbled a couple of times. To the crowd's amazement, he miraculously popped back upright and continued the run down to the line. He was wearing brown pants for good reason, we thought! Up the Tram to the top where the winds were howling. From the top, the decision was made to head down the South Face, as they had been here before and found a nice powder field there after a storm. Well, that decision quickly came back to haunt us, as the storm's winds were out of the West and had blown Liberty bowl almost completely bare of powder. Oh to be a local! We picked our way down Liberty and down to Dakota and lapped the trees a couple of times. Riding up Dakota I was drawn to Kircher's Cliffs, looker's left. There were some avy explosion marks in the snow and a few tracks. I wanted to check it out but the others wanted to do another tree run. My curiosity got the better of me and I told them I was headed to the cliffs, but none followed. Headed down past the blue Badlands and the an avy gate and made my way out a traverse to the base of the cliffs and a wide-open Hanging Valley perder field all to myself. Skies down that and found the way back to Dakota and the others. Of course, they now wanted to check it out! Having done it once already, this time I pushed even further South, going around a cliff and further South some more to the avy pockmark to score some more Fresh tracks. We grew tired of South Face and made our way back around to have some lunch. Since the snow was better on the North side, we headed over to Andesite and lapped the bumps on Mad Wolf a few times. Departed Andesite by way of Spotted Elk which still had some freshies and made our way back over to Challenger as its close to the house. We lapped Challenger liftline bumps and the trees around there until we had had enough and made our way back to the house for some homemade guac and beers. One of the local bars supposedly had poker and a ping-ping table, so we made our way there after dinner only to be skunked on both fronts. Poker night was Thursday and the ping-pong table was no more. Yellowstone Club
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    Still here and imho it's wicked fun; genuine packed powder so it's turned into a great evening to be a Groomer Zoomer with a SWEET pair of RTMs.
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    Left at 6 for bell with #2. Have a bogo voucher. New they had no power as of 5:30 AM but hey, gotta try. Thruway was a packed conga line of every skier on the ice coast heading north at 80 mph. Got to bell before opening and was told nope. Maybe noon. So I pooped in the dark and proceeded to platty which have not been in at least 7 years. Let me tell you if you have never been. Platty is the mother fuckin tits McGee!!!!!!! Idk what they got 20, 25?or 30. Already tracked out when we got there ( lots full, had to walk maybe 1/3 mile from road parking spot). But endless endless pow bumps of medium density snow. All day long. Top half of the triple Lift line was bumps. I’m not talking under the lift. I’m talking waiting on line to load the lift. I’m in heaven and of course I gotta keep up with a 20 yo. Some folks going in woods. I made some side excursions running the outside bmp lines but nothing serious. All day long soundless powder bumps! Not the conditions our intrepid PASRs got yesterday but a best of the year date for me. Legs are cooked . Drinking a bomber sized bottle of polish beer waiting for #2 to get kicked off the mountain. Platty I love u A good sign on drive up
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    Big Sky - Day 2 Snow began falling around 7am and was coming down at a pretty good clip and avy guns again going off on the mountain. The plan for the day was to head over to the South Face right off to take advantage of the falling snow. We headed down to Mountain Village and checked the big board to make sure both Shenandoah and Dakota lifts were good and both were green, sweet! Rode up the Sweet quad to make our way to the backside. At the top of the lift we catch a sign that both the other lifts are closed. WTF? Is the big board right or these? We decided to take a chance that the lifters forgot to change them last night and went over to Paradise, not Blue's green version by any stretch! At the bottom of Paradise we found to our dismay that the big board was wrong and the lifties had it right. Let that be a lesson to all! Took Middle Road all the way back to the base and decided to hang out on Andesite for the morning. Took Ramcharger lift and proceeded down Crazy Raven which had some nice, partially filled bumps down to Everett's Anger. At that point, the group took a right, heading down to Big Horn, but me and another went left, deeper into the woods...mistake. The farther we went in, the steeper it got to get down to Big Horn. We did eventually find a route down which had pretty thin cover to which the nicks in the bases would attest. Up the Thunder-Wolf and down Mad Wolf which had some gnarly bumps all the way down the liftline. Next lap, some went back to the bumps, me and another decided to go tree searching, as we can ski bumps back st Blue but not many trees. We headed down to check out Shady Chute which was ok, but nothing spectacular. It was shot and we popped out too soon and went straight back down to Thunder-Wolf. Others wanted another bump repeat, so we tried Broken Arrow. It was a little like Shady, but more open with some huge bumps at the bottom. They had enough bumps so we all went down to the Bolivia woods area. Lots of fun and good snow were down there. Last run through we pushed right into Marlboro Country where they have a bunch of avalanche fencing and a tight, bumped corridor next to them, pretty cool! We broke for lunch and asked SP about South Face who confirmed it was open. It was still pumping snow and we had probably received a good 4-5" by now. We made our way down Spotted Elk under Ramcharger which was a lot of fun. We made it around to the South Face the same way as in the morning and took the long run past the Yellowstone Club which we heard some wild stories about from people in the lift. Must be nice to have gobs of money... Up the Shenandoah and down Sunlight and Mike Skinner to the Dakota. We marveled at Kircher's Cliffs off in the distance and wondered how one would extract themselves if the had got too close to find themselves cliffed-out. It's some pretty wicked terrain out here and you better know what you're doing! Evidence of a fresh slide was still up there. We ended up lapping the trees under the Dakota which were all freshly filled, so finding powder was as easy as going around the next tree. The weather was a bit fickle on this side, as at the bottom of the lift it was barely flirting, midway up it was dumping snow and at the top, it was sunny! It was after 2pm now, so we decided to depart and make our way back to the house. As we came around to the other side it was still snowing hard and there were still untracked runs to be found. At this point, my legs were noodles and I just wanted to get back. Some decided to make a few more runs, which for one member, wasn't the smartest of ideas. He went off a little roller, spun around and torqued his Achilles bad. No need to push it when you're tired! Beer, dinner (Shrimp Scampi), Johnny Walker and a movie, to which I didn't pay any attention because it was so boring. I didn't even get the title.
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    Best conditions that I have ever skied. Skied Mount Snow on Thursday. Snow was perfect all day. Powder and soft bumps. North face was closed because of wind. Skied Bromley on Friday to avoid the $17 lift ticket crowds. Traffic leaving the Snow lake lodge was crazy. It looked like traffic going to the shore. After we passed the Mount snow main entrance it was clear sailing to Bromley. Drove passed Stratton on the way. Arrived at bromley around 9:30. Parking lot was empty and so was the lodge. It was great skiing and the crowds reminded me of Jack Frost late season. We were wearing Eagles gear and had a bunch of people from Philly area approach us and talk. One was a retired ski patroller from Blue. My son going down Glade at Bromley. Trail was a Blue full of small bumps. We also took a few runs in the real glades at Mount Snow the next day. Saturday at Mount snow was crowed but still a great day. Spent more time in lines but still got a bunch of runs in each day. Snow Lake Lodge did the job. It is out of date and walls are paper thin but it does the job. For the low price and location it was perfect for our trip. We went in the hot tub after asking each day. Snow Lake Lodge is for all of the blue collar skiers. It is like the lower deck of the Titanic. All of the rich stuffy people stay at the Grand Summit Lodge. The Snow Lake Lodge is the fun party location. People were really nice and offering us beers in the hot tub.
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    Well, midwinter has arrived in Vermont and I enjoyed two days of great powder skiing with no crowds thanks to the mid-week arrival of the storm. Snow was well underway both days, so I parked at the Jackson Gore side to avoid the steep pitch of the main Okemo approach road. Front wheel drive isn't going to cut it up here, not even with my beloved Blizzaks. I feel there is a Subaru in my future. Tuesday saw the more significant snowfall, and the snow was beautiful and untracked, or very lightly tracked, for quite a few runs. After that, it begin to form into push-piles, which were fun but exhausting. I loved the chance to learn to ski "moguls" a bit on blue runs. Though weirdly the piles tended to form more like giant, vertical furrows rather than discrete bumps. That was a challenge; I decided the most fun option was to hop back and forth over the furrow, so it was like one really long mogul, The snow kept dumping until about 5pm, so each run was different every time you did it. I'm no good at skiing powder/3D snow, but I was very psyched for the opportunity to practice. It's hard to stay forward--that was my main challenge. And also being patient with my turns and not trying to shove carvery turns everywhere. Gentle pivots seemed to work best. I started out each day on the J-G side, doing Moondance, then worked my way over to the Solitude chair and worked all the blue trails over there. Didn't spend much time taking the 6-pack to the summit. Visibility was sketchy the times I was up there, and I was having the most fun over at Solitude. Plus Epic Restaurant there has the best $10 lunch you can get at a ski resort: life-altering chicken and waffles. There weren't any crowds at all, but things really thinned out after about noon. I think people were just tired. Wednesday was more of the same, though with conditions a bit more packed down on some trails, which was nice in a way in that it took a lot less energy to ski, but wasn't near as much fun as the day prior. I stayed in Ludlow Tuesday night, because I didn't want to have to drive the 40 minutes back and forth to Quechee in the storm.(The nearer resorts, Quechee and Suicide Six, are not open during the week these days, so a drive was required), Homestyle Hostel on Main street, Ludlow is a really great place: highly recommend if you need an inexpensive dorm bed. Met a guy who quit his job in November and was on Day 74 so far this year. While grabbing a quick bite of dinner at Kilarney's, their regular pub trivia quiz started up. The guy sitting next to me at the bar asked if I wanted to form a team, so we called ourselves "Strangers at a Bar" and recruited anyone who happened to be near us. We ended up with a solid roster and won most of the rounds. After the teams turned in our answer sheets, I looked over at the judge, who was scoring them, and said to my bar neighbor: "See that guy? He's grading. I never have to do that again. Ever!" That was a good feeling.
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    Really fun day. Sunnier than the forecast predicted, amazing snow. ROTD for me was Main st. Was a bit crowded late morning but has really thinned out. I quit my job and am moving to Vermont! So I celebrated today by enjoying a great Friday at Blue.
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    Day 3 - Alta Much improved visibility, leftovers, still crowded. Our morning started out watching avy blasting over coffee. Alta has a spotter in the saloon (GMD has early coffee in there every morning), so we were talking with him and he was pointing out the areas they were working on. The powder-starved locals called in sick yesterday bc the mtn was still crowded. It was really nice to be able to see where you were going today, and the temps were a little warmer than yesterday. Found lots of soft stuff off the high-t first thing in the morning. Then we headed over to wildcat and found thigh-deep untouched snow. The bro-skiers were out in force, hitting a kicker under the lift. The girls went exploring the sugarloaf and supreme lifts while my buddy rob and I did a lap down in the black jack area. After that we decided to take the high t to the end and we came down high rustler...easily run of the day. After a run thru the trees below Collins lift we met the girls for lunch at the saloon. Lunch was a really good supreme pizza and soda: really hit the spot. After lunch we lapped supreme lift, playing in the trees and steeps off skiers left looking down the mtn. Supreme bowl was closed. One last run of the day was under the collins lift. Another awesome day in ski paradise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Arrived in Yellowstone late yesterday afternoon. Staying at Mammoth Hotel near the north entrance. Later today getting a snow coach to Old Faithful hotel. Girls on this trip seem a little less adventurous then I am used to. The majority opted to go see the Mammoth Terraces, which have boardwalks around some thermal features. There is a short snowshoe from that location. One girl and myself chose a longer snowshoe. We were the only ones on the trail and it was a beautiful morning. Saw lots of elk and have seen lots of buffalo from a safe distance. People are saying there have been a lot of wolf sightings this week so that would be cool. Sitting in the lodge now since I had to check out of my room before the snowshoe. Wish I could take a nice hot shower because I sweated my ass off on the uphill snowshoe and now I am really cold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We already have our season (300") in. Base depth of 140, which is a new record I think. They had to extend the snow stake, anyway. Unfortunately, the body count is two so far, the second guy has not been found after a week of searching. I've been having a rough year, however, and not been out anywhere near as much as usual.
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    Couldnt get rid of the Domios pizza logo? Fixed it for you.
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    Day 6 - Alta Better snow, still sunny. Busy day exploring more of the supreme, sugarloaf, and backside areas. Day started out pretty cold, but warmed up quickly...snow was a bit stiff but softened nicely by mid-morning. We met up with another lady from the ski diva site and two random guys from GMD that we met in the hot tub days before. Good time skiing with them all. Tomorrow is either Alta or Snowbird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Day 5 - Snowbird Sun-baked snow. Snowbird was the word yesterday. We had a killer b-fast at GMD, then hopped on the shuttle to the bird. First up was Peruvian lift to the tunnel to mineral basin to warm up on the groomers back there. The ungroomed back there was horridly sun-baked and not kind on the legs. Executive decision was to move back to the Peruvian side in search of better snow. We were not disappointed. Good stuff off of lower primrose path and chip's. another run down Peruvian, under the tram and we then headed up to the summit for lunch at the tram lodge. After lunch we lapped little cloud bowl area for a couple of laps. We called it quits about 2pm to save our legs. Quite a bit terrain is open, but the snow conditions at snowbird wasn't nearly as good as it was at Alta. Oh well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Day 4 - Alta Less ppl, more sun. Had coffee first thing and watched all the motivated ppl skin up the other side of LCC. I was glad for the ski lifts bc that kind of skinning looks like too much work for my taste, lol. Yesterday we spent most of our day over in the supreme area. Mad technical skiing in the chutes in supreme bowl let to some spectacular views of LCC. Another lap or two down sugarloaf, then we headed over to the collins side and hit up ballroom (just opened that morning and was mess by the time we hit it). Rest of the day was spent lapping the high t. Ski patrol was blasting the crap out of devils castle, cecrete, and baldly backside. All those areas opened up by noon-ish. Tomorrow is snowbird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know I haven’t been particularly active lately. It’s mostly because I have been too busy at work to spend any serious time riding. There also haven’t been many worthwhile days to ride. I don’t mean to be a total doucher, because I’m super stoked some of you got up there, but I seem to be the only one who got really lucky on all accounts. I was headed to Vermont on Friday, and after looking at the forecast, and realizing I was going to be driving through the storm the whole time, I decided that I should head up Thursday night, get a room, and hit Plattekill in the morning. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of Hunter or Windham, and when there are goods to be had, I’m not hitting Bell, even if it is closer than Platty by a solid 45 minutes. So, after work on Thursday, about 4:15, I got in the car and headed north. It started raining almost immediately. I booked a room at the Hanah Mountain Resort, which is about 15 minutes from Platty, and pulled in about 10:30. The room cost $82, was a little dated, but it was clean. It had just started some mixed precipitation when I went to bed, but I had high hopes for the morning. I woke up early to about 8” of snow on the ground. I packed up and headed to Cassie’s Cafe in Roxbury for breakfast. I sat down at a high top table with two old timers from the area and passed the time with conversation while waiting for my food. Following an excellent breakfast burrito, I headed to the mountain. I was probably the 15th car in the lot at about 9 AM. It was snowing hard. I went inside to get my lift ticket, and surprise, they were running a special where the first 50 people received a $25 lift ticket. I booted up and was on the lift at 9:15. There was never a lift line all day. Both the double and triple were running all day. We found on later in the morning, via a mountain employee, that ALL other mountains in the Catskills were closed, EXCEPT for Plattekill. There was a huge cheer from everyone in the lodge. That’s when I knew I should never doubt my instincts. The early snow was wet, but later on in the day the temp dropped from 28 to 24, and it became less dense. The base was rough due to the fact that it was 50 degrees the day before, but it was quickly changing. Despite everything being open, there wasn’t much of a base on the natural trails or woods, so we mostly kept to the snowmaking trails. If you had a pair of beater skis, everything would have been in play. About 11:15, after 7 leg burning runs, I decided to head in to dry off and get a drink. When I went back outside an hour later, everything had changed. The wind had kicked up, the temps had dropped, and the snow was lighter. I went down the lift line of the triple, and I experienced the deepest east coast snow I have ever had. The snow was knee to thigh deep. The wind was wind loading everything skiers left. The snow was dumping, and it was free refills all afternoon. I had to hit that trail three times straight before heading back to the double. After a random run down some winding trails, I decided to hit the trail skiers right of the lift line. It was exactly like the triple lift line. Deep, wind loaded, and fresh every run. I decided to spend my last 3 runs of the day there. It was too good not to. After 14 runs, and knowing I had a 6 hour drive (with snow) to the Bush, I headed out. My back leg was completely shot. The parking lot was a complete disaster with 5 foot drifts in places. People parked too tight for the plow to get through, so I had to borrow a shovel from Laszlo, who was out shoveling the entrance doors to his lodge, to dig myself out. I have a ton of respect for that guy. He is out there doing all the hard work everyone else does. After 30 minutes of digging, spinning my tires, and being immensely thankful for backing my car in, I was finally on the road. The GPS decided to take me on Rt. 30 to I-88 to I-90 to I-87. Rt. 30 was one of the toughest drives I have ever done in the snow. The falling snow, combined with the winds, left for a surface that didn’t look like it had been plowed for hours. I was one of the very few idiots on the road, and there weren’t even tire tracks from other people to follow. Half the time I had to look at the line of telephone poles and estimate the road being 20 feet to the left of them. However, as I approached I-88 the snow began to lighten. After a couple miles on I-88 the road was clear and I was able to get to normal speeds for the rest of the trip. All in all, it’s probably a top 3 east coast ski day after Valentines Day 2014 and Le Massif 2017. If I had left before lunch, it would have been nothing to write home about. However, the wind loaded sides of the trail after lunch were some of the best powder I have ever had. All in all, it was a great day. I’m glad I did it. I was able to take some pictures, but it was all before lunch. It was too cold with the wind and snowing too hard for me to take my hand out to get my phone afterward.
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    I’ve been to platty 2x and both awesome days! Wish it was closer as it a looooooong day trip but well worth it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Big Sky - Day 5 The morning started out cloudy with some heavy flurry action going on. The peak was socked in again, so we probably wouldn't be heading up the Tram. Since we hadn't got any snow overnight, it was gonna be a search for good snow. With the winds out of the South, we thought our best bet would be on the North side of the mountain, so that's where we started. From the Village we took Swift up and went down to the Powder Seeker, since that's what we were gonna be doing today. From the top of the lift however, we found it wasn't going to be a fun day. The light was flat and made the run blind. It was difficult just trying to see the traverse. After fighting our way down that and having enough of the flat light, we headed for the trees. We made our way down to the Challenger lift and down Midnight. Ran the Iron Horse liftline and made our way down Elkhorn to the Six-Shooter. Thinking that nobody goes out to the woods above Six-Shooter because it's a pain due to taking 2 lifts to get there, the snow would still be good. Luckily this paid off. We found some good snow and fun tree runs in and around the Jacks. We lapped them a few times since they were so good. After lunch we made our way over to Andesite to hit some woods that we didn't run the past few days. War Dance and Mine Shaft were my favorites, being freaking steep with lots of soft snow and big bumps. We also ran some perfectly sized bumps on lower Mad Wolf. For shits and giggles we made a run down Freemont's Forest which turned out to be a fun roller coaster ride. Seems as though they have their crazies out here too. On a ride up with a SP who had his radio up, a call went out for a lost person somewhere in some woods. The caller said he should be easy to spot as he's dressed in an Iron Man costume. We all got a good chuckle out of that. We made a final run down Spotted Elk which still had some fresh piles on the sides and headed into the bar for some apres beers. Had an interesting waitress from Cleveland so we had to mess with her a bit for some fun. Slopes were crowded today! Chicken Tikki Masala
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    Cross country skied today. Forecast didn’t call for snow but it’s coming down hard here! Wanted some solitude so I chose to go out solo on a trail instead of with the other ladies. All along the trail were geysers. Really something to see with the snow and steam. They all looked stunning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Holy shit; I had to reschedule a meeting in Truckee from Friday to Monday because of snow. I thought it was a little weird for them to cancel on account of snow. Just looked at the forecast, and there is up to FIVE FEET of snow predicted to fall in 48 hours in the High Sierra. I'm bringing my boots and calling Sunday a good day to be Sally.
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    Sorry dude my work life has been a shit show of recent so this is the first i read your posts. First and foremost heal up. Take care of yourself and be patient. Take all the horseshit your feeling now and funnel that into rocking the shit out of next year. All they can do with a minscus is remove parts of it which doesn't always help so give the injury time and see what's up but regardless gotta focus that energy into a positive and come back next year strong. I'm not a early riser lets go work out type but PT I think it's generally the difference between something being fixed and actually fixed. I think once I get the boot worked out I'll ski better then before because I'm actually kinda trying lol but I got full ROM and strength because I went to PT three fucking times a week and still do the ROM exercises. Even if you can only go one time, go and figure out what exercises they are doing and then do them at home. Second, I blew my shit up last year on fucking burma road at blue mtn. Now in my defense it was off the side of the trail but of all the places I've gone, of all the dumb shit I've done, my first real injury and it was on burma fucking road lol. Why because I was being stupid and didn't look before I leaped. Nobody is perfect in this life, every skier/boarder takes chances and if you do it long enough your probably going to get hurt. That shit is real shit but it's the price we pay to live a little, to get rowdy, to do the impossible of riding down a huge mtn at 50mph on tiny little metal edges. This one though, for most, is too much risk. I'm not telling you what to do that is up to each individual I'm just saying that's alot of risk. I've gone out gates, I've ducked ropes most people if they are honest and get after it have done the exact same thing but we all gotta try to moderate the risk. Every single person on this site has taken too much risk in the mtns and gotten away with it but for next time, for all the people on this site, myself included, it's good to be reminded about leaving the resort. All that shit though don't mean fuck all, who, where, when, why is all fucking irrelevant all that matters now is you do everything you reasonably can and come back next year even better, even more focused.
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    Yo get back on track, woke up at usual o-dark-30 and got shit ready. Googled around for breakfast places and found the Western Cafe opened at 6, so made our way there for some pre-ski grub, which was delicious! Made our way up Bridger Road to some spectacular scenery which wasn't evident arriving last night. Skies were clear in Bozeman, but the Bridger cloud was causing a little snow as we arrived, which didn't amount to much. Temps were 0 or a bit less and wind was blowing at 8am. I booted up in lot to the sounds of a helicopter coming in to land, with an ambulance waiting. Not sure what that was all about?? Got second chair on Sunnyside behind some season passholders because we had to wait for ticket booths to open. Ride up with an older couple who had moved to Bozeman from of all places, Bethlehem! Got some lowdown on food & beer places in Bozeman and split from them. With the direction of the wind and some suggestions from some locals, we headed over to Pierre's Knob right off and lapped that area for the morning. We passed the area to Schlasman's, which was closed. Snow was chalky smooth on groomers and wind-blown crud beyond them. Trees were meh, as they've been skied out and not much fresh to find. Regardless, the area is fun, steep at the start with long run outs to the lifts. Groomers are wide and empty so one can really crank them up. For lunch, we hit the Jim Bridger lodge bar for some IPAs and white chili. Wow am I farty now! After lunch it was back up Sunnyside and over to the Bridger lift. They had a competition level mogul run next to Bronco, so we had to check that out multiple times. Between those, we lapped the North Bowl which was mostly moguls. I like Bridger as it reminds me of Alta and Mad River, but with a slightly different vibe. People are so friendly out here! The problem is that if your a visitor without any avy experience, you're relegated to the lower mountain. I kept eyeing up all the fun stuff at the summit and that served by Schlasman's. Ended the day back at the bar where we talked to some guys wearing avy transceivers. The guys didn't say much other than, "It was a good day." The digs... Ballin' in our free upgrade from a Subaru... Road to Bridger... Heli inbound... Lunch! Legit soft snow mogul run. Bronco head.
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    Just got in from riding Elk Mountain, PA all day. They must have received some more snowfall overnight. Looked to be 4-6 inches around the mountain when I pulled up this morning. Probably 6 or more up top. This is on top of what has been accumulating over the last 10 days. Unfortunately all but the two bump runs were groomed out. Conditions were still excellent: real packed powder and cord all day. There was hardly anyone there. Never had to wait for a chair. Bummed on Elk's no open mountain policy. There are some fun possibilities up there to bag turns through the trees. They certainly have the snow for it. Also love those rocks off the runout to Mohawk. Lots of fun just wish the landing wasn't so flat. Staying over locally and then driving up to Plattekill tomorrow morning.
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    Pay to ski Elk so your fucking kids get to experience it you cheap fuck. If you charge your kids to ski Elk, you’re banned from Sausage Sundays forever.
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    Current situation. Doing a little driving.
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    The Stephen Hawking passing does suck, though. What a fucking genius. Born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death, and died on the anniversary of Einstein's birth.
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    It's not always foggy. Yesterday and today.
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    Reserved parking for enjorales.
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    Today was the day to be at Le Massif. Since I had been lucky enough to hit Le Massif last year on a pow day, my expectations were skewed, and yet, today delivered on those expectations. We were expecting a storm total of about 10”-12”, but we woke up disappointed to just more than an inch in the hotel parking lot. Despite the lack of snow, we still got on the road by 8:10 in case we hit some inclement weather. The further northeast we got, the heavier the snow became, and the colder it got. The wind was really whipping, but the road conditions weren’t poor enough to slow us down. The parking lot was a little more full than yesterday, but we were still able to get on the lift by 9:15. We followed the same game plan as yesterday in terms of lift service, but I finally decided to dig into the trees in earnest. About 4” of snow had fallen, and it continued to dump. The wind was really whipping at the top, which also helped to refresh the trails. I did back to back glades, and the only bare spots were at the very top where it was steep. Lower down, the snow was soft, deep, and the coverage was full. My next run was down an open trail, but it was already starting to bump up with soft snow. Following the third run, we decided to head down and do some t2b runs off one of the HSQs. We went to far skiers right where I hit some more trees. Being slightly steeper, they had some more bare spots than the previous runs, but once the pitch flattened out, those glades were also quite enjoyable. We also went over to the ungroomed expert only section and were met with mostly untracked powder and some huge drifts. The snow was starting to bump up on the well traveled runs, but it continued to dump. After a handful of runs off that lift, we grabbed our lunch and headed to the bottom to eat. After a good lunch break, we went back to the first lift and repeated several runs we had started with. Since it was later in the day, the trail traffic was significantly less than before and the snow was piling up. The woods were absolutely phenomenal and starting to get deep. After two or three runs, patrol started shutting down some trails to funnel skiers back to the base area at the top of the mountain. I was able to sneak into the glades via an unmarked woods trail off an open trail, and was richly rewarded. We tried to sneak in an extra run, but unfortunately, we were a little too late. Overall, we ended today with 13 runs, which was one less than yesterday. However, the powder was much tougher on the legs, and 2,500’ vertical t2b routes really rack up the vert. I would say that 8” had fallen by the time we left today. Our two days at Le Massif have been phenomenal. We are packing up tonight to head back to Vermont, but we are going to try to hit Le Massif du Sud on the way back.
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    Also, just went shopping.
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    Pretty much. It (being predictable) drives my wife nuts. She can tell when I'm reading PASR because of how I laugh when I'm reading it. I don't even that I'm doing it. Then she'll say some shit to make fun of me like "yo RidgeRacer, when you're done writing your little trip report change the cat litter."
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    we're headed out to alta/snowbird this weekend.....just in time for a potentially yuge storm. oh yeah!
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    Fun night at Blue. Arrived to a sparsely-occupied parking lot, warm breezes, and a blue sky. Here are some new developments: There are no longer any bumps on Barney's/Main st. Widowmaker is closed, and there's a backhoe over there that suggests that they're fixing to cannibalize the snow for use on other trails. The little terrain park off Burma is closed (Yeti?) From 3 until about 6, the snow was very soft, but not grabby. Favorite run: Switchback. I decided to take the Main Street double at one point and right at the front of the line was Some Dude on rental equipment adjusting his boots and holding up everyone on the Burma side. Dude was engrossed in adjustment as chair after empty chair went by. So I zipped past him and lined up. I turned around to look at the arriving chair and there is Dude flailing his arms and legs and cursing as he sprawled across the entire chair. Either he tried to line up and then realized his mistake or he just blundered forward and the chair hit him when it came around. Whatever the reason, the liftie didn't slow or stop the chair right away. I couldn't sit on the chair because terrified, shouting, cursing Dude was taking up both seats and waving his skis around crazily. I tried to step to the side and let the chair pass, but i didn't make it and the chair hit me in the back, knocked me down, and dragged me and Dude forward, off the wooden platform and into the grass. FINALLY the lift stopped moving and the liftie helped me up and back on the loading deck. Dude was screaming and cursing and throwing his skis around, telling his friends he was "done" for the day. I was just glad I didn't hurt myself other than a strained lower back muscle and a bit of a tweaked knee.
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    The ski gods continue to deliver for me. Today was a bluebird sunny day, with amazing groomers. I did one more hike up to Juarez and one up to west blitz and both were soft skied out powder. Not bad at all. What made today amazing were rope drops on the entire front side steeps. I skied a top to bottom al’s run in untouched powder. Today was the first day it opened this season. Mind blowing for me. I did that twice which was totally exhausting. Skied a little with my kids in the afternoon after everything was skied out and my legs were cooked. Great ski trip. Scenic pics Looking up the ridge toward Juarez About to drop in My tracks on al’s West basin looking great Getting Refreshments on the St. Bernard deck Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Another good Pow-Day Wednesday! We were talking on the lift today about how many pow days there have been this year. I looked back at my stats and have 7 days of 3" or more at Blue, not including the 8" storm that they groomed to perfection the next day. 2 days of about 2". so 9 days at Blue, and a 20" day at Belleayre. It's been a good season.
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    Yes. I’m sure missing the braggadocios posts about how little he pays for a day on the slopes, the reports describing the intricacies of splitting a single entree five ways, and the promised future music videos ham-fistedly cobbled together in MS Paint will leave me a hollow shell of my former self, but somehow I’ll have to scratch out a meager, meaningless existence anyway. I’d take solace in my children, but I guess I’m ruining them.
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    Had a wonderful day there today. Snow was perfect- like velvet. They have 3 bump runs, we did them multiple times, no ice on them at all until very late in the day. I even did Upper Tunkhannock. So proud of myself
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    I made it up. Just posted it for the likes.
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    After a great day at Mont Sainte Anne yesterday, we headed northeast to Le Massif today, which is quickly cementing itself as my favorite East Coast Mountain. Le Massif is 35 minutes northeast of the hotel and the drive was uneventful. We pulled in just before 9 AM and were on the slopes by 9:15. We snagged a spot in the first parking lot, and repeating my trip from last season, we headed skiers left to the only lift that isn’t a t2b lift. I decided to start off my day with a woods run that I did last year, and found the trees just as enjoyable if not a little tighter than I remembered. It was the first real trees I had hit this year, and it was good to be back. After a couple runs off that lift, we decided to head to the bottom. I had forgotten how long the 2,500’ vertical drop took to cover, and how little run out there is at the bottom. The mountain is steep and mostly consists of blue and black terrain. We encountered our only lift lines of the day at the gondola, and they only lasted about 5 minutes. The gondola is a refreshing 12 minute ride to the top. After 5 or 6 t2b runs, we grabbed our sandwiches out of the car and headed to the bottom to eat. The lodge was full, but we were still able to find a seat. After lunch we headed to the skiers right of the mountain off of the t2b HSQ’s and took some laps there. Things got slightly skied off by the end of the day, but conditions were mostly packed powder and were much softer than MSA the day before. We ended the day with another run or two off the first HSQ and then a couple t2b runs. I had forgotten how tiring putting in that much vert can be. Overall, another great day. It flurried all day, but it is supposed to snow 10”-12” overnight, so tomorrow should be epic. I think we are headed back there. If we have the same crowds as today, I think we are in for a treat.
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    Bumps = great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey All, I'm back from a fun morning at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 725am with a slight detour due to hearing that 145 was closed in Laurys station so I took cherryville road instead. In the house were JFDan, Johnny Law, Atomic Jeff, tele matt, Nastar Glenn, Antwan, SaltyAnt, West Chester guys and many others. First civilian chair to a rowdy challenge which was a little bit of everything and homestretch was pretty grabby snow unless you had the blue wax on like Nastar Glenn. Next run on sidewinder was ice, soft, rocks, twigs, everything. Switchback and Nigjtmare to Dreamweaver were the best runs of the day. I didn't ski lazy or paradise probably were too slow with the winds. The quad was not running which made for some liftline on the six pack six pack but nothing major. Temperatures were in the 30s and there was a contest in Central Park along with racing on Raisins ledge..all in all fun skiing. I'm now posted up at grumpys.
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    i bet you think that post was about you.
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    Right before sunrise on a clear morning in Taos, NM Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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