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    Pretty nice to go from worst day of year to one of the best mornings. The first few runs were great but starting to get sugary now. X-ing was a gem, as always, when it snows.
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    Conditions are like frosted flakes today.... They're grrrrrrrreat! Spring like but not too mashed potatoey. Awesome weather. Feelin' it today.
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    I took AIARE 1 (3 days) and companion rescue (1day) last season. I do keep it mellow and low angle. Our group had good communication and we did evaluations of the snow pack on the way up in addition to checking the avalanche report this morning. What we did today was steep for me but based on our evaluations it was relatively safe. I have no interest in being a hero on crazy stuff. It’s more about just being outside, getting a good workout in, and looking at gorgeous scenery with very few people around.
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    This morning was good. It was cold, but good. The snow was great on everything that was open. Challenge and Sidewinder closed to make snow and the lower parks were closed for grooming. Gun were off first thing but back on now. They put out a ton of snow since Sunday. I might head up tomorrow morning too. Looking forward to everything being open soon. @indiggio there were bumps on Main Street!
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    Good day. 40 degrees in Philly. Started snowing on the way up the turnpike as I got up into the Poconos. Snowed all morning then on and off snow and some breaks of sun starting around noon. Groomers were fun, soft snow but some ice scraped off here and there on the steeper bits. No woods in play. Blow over from the guns mostly melted out so runs like Happyland were bony. You could bag a couple turns here and there but not top to bottom. They only probably picked up about 4 inches. But it looked nice and improved conditions on the groomers. Trees were all rimed up too which looked cool. Very crowded with the A lift down.
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    Anything before March is bonus
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    TAlk to Ms Mute instead of posting to us assholes during dinner [emoji38].
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    Hey All, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at th lower lot before 720am and in the house were Johnny Law, JFBBDan, PA Ridge, Atomic Jeff, Toast, NMSki, Indiggio, SaltyAnt, Ryan, Mute, BenM, PSUGuy, Bethlehem ford guy, SliM, Gary, MBIke mike, Enjorales dad, GahSkier George, Nastar Glenn, matt Edge, the dude4Bidea and many more Temperatures were in the upper 50s under clearing sky’s with strong southwesterly winds. First run was challenge which was rough AF..just not smooth and very firm..next run on nightmare dreamweaver was a bit better and Main Street also super rough...paradise was alright and lazy mile wasn’t bad although lots of skeet spots. I skied till about 930 then went to the lot for a beer or two..then back for some more about 45 minutes later. Second seasion skied nightmare to dreamweaver first which was better but still very much in the shade. Over to Main Street and did maybe 15 bumps and they were tight big and firm sort of like the chicks I look at on chatterbait. Finished off with two challenge runs on the left side there was sunshine and it was smooth enough..back to the lot for more beer and cheeseballs...was a nicer weather day then most of out end of the season parties. Still would have been better at the jersey snow dome...no threat of vitamin D..JADIP
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    Today is good up here. Can’t really find a trail to complain about. All the guns have been turned off and production seems to have been pretty damn good.
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    Hey All, Im back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. Drive up in wet snow took normal time and arrived at the lower lot around 6;35. Temperature in the low 30s with snow falling. Wet at the bottom and dryer up top. In the hiuse were atomic jeff, gahskier george, Enjorales cousin and a few of his bros. Only a few buses in the house and no liftlines. I skied nightmare to dreamweaver exclusively. Nightmare had nice fresh and smooth as was dreamweaver. After the paradise merge there were some mini root rollers and right side of home stretch slow but semi smooth. Skied that 7 times in a bit over an hour then hungout in the lot..had a few beers and enjoyed the falling snow. Was a fun night session and pleasant skiing.
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    Hey All, I’m back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot fueled by McDonald’s sausage biscuit hash brown and apple juice and they almost forgot to give it to me..temperatures were mid to upper 20s and in the house were Atomic Jeff, TP4, Johnny law, JFBBDan, Toast, Indiggio, Nastar Glenn, Fritz, Tele Matt and many more. First civilan six pack per usual and most went for Razors I did challenge to start which wasn’t that good but apparently better than Razors. Home stretch and falls were nice. Main Street was the run of the day it was grate..they also seeded the bumps on Main Street. I skied main all but one run which was a very nice empty run on paradise. No liftlines while I skied and really only last two runs on main street had other people. Had a few beers in the 40 degree sunshine even when I left well past 11 no liftlines.. ill be back tomorrow same time same place anybody else??
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    I’m not the biggest fan of basketball, but free suite tickets and and an open bar? Count me in
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    Hey All, I’m back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. In the house were Johnny Law, JFDan, NMSki, Mute, Ryan, Enjorales cousin, Bethlehem Ford Guy, GahSkier George, Indiggio, Mixilplix, BenM MBike Mike, Slim, Justo, Rose and many others. The temperature was in the upper teens under overcast sky’s with light winds. Opening bell was a mellow affair with the usual suspects ready for fresh cord. My first two runs were on challenge and it was a freaking carpet. I even got some float after the second headwall. The falls and homestretch were immaculate. Main Street was super rough, lazy mile was crazy mile and also rough..I didn’t do nightmare dreamweaver despite people saying it was good. Midway through as actually pretty nice..high five for stoke. Snowmaking cannons were firing across the mountain from switchback to tubing and random places...liftlines were no big dealio with both the six pack and quad running... fun parking lot today with cheeseballs eating cheeseballs..snow falling fa lalalala I think this new snow combined with the old snow and snowmaking will groom out well and as long as it stays cold conditions should be alright. This mornings conditIons were rough with a little bit of nice on challenge but the forecast is grate.
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    What I like about your reports is how spot on they sometimes are, and how they just convey the general mood on the mountain. They don't just mention casually about that trail being ROTD, they get into things like guns roaring, kids piling up from buses, DW being scraped, Paradise spitting out an occasional flock of cautious beginners down the DW or that lift capacity exceeding the amount of open terrain. I kept of thinking the same thing: wow, no lines anywhere, and yet such a crowded feeling on the slopes. I can only add that if you looped the quad you'd see groomers in action and as somebody said on the lift that night: "damn, I wish I had one of those".
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    I thought we would at least get a hot chocolate/juice box/lunch report....
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    Damn, I wish I had one of these on the trip!
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    Sounding like Saturday may be something. Welcome the return of winter!
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    Wow! Once the temps came up and the sun hit the slopes, the snow turned hero and it was bumpapalooza across the entire mountain! Slowly the groomer-made disaster bumps turned skiable, but another set formed just outside them which were far more fun to ski. Not being satisfied with the groomer-made crap bumps, we set a single exhausting line from Chute down to almost The Lazy intersection on Main Street, skiers right. By 1:00 pm all of lower MS was bumped up and claiming many a victim. On one run down to the 6-pack, there was a HUGE commotion at the MS/LM intersection, with line 10 SP and a few other BM people all attending to someone lying on the snow. Must have been a pretty spectacular collision, I presume. Rode up the 6 to find both Challenge & Razors headwalls all bumped up. Took a rundown Challenge which was a hoot of spring skiing fun! Legs are totally shot. Definitely the most fun conditions of the season so far!
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    Nice night. Not to crowded, comfortable temps. Razors is a bit choppy with cookies but it's open so all good. Challenge is light years better... Slick in the middle but right hand side is nice. The sweet smell of the waffle haus is permeating the valley keeping the stoke high. Great night sesh thus far.
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    Main was the best it's been all season complete with man-made whiteroom conditions by Midway. Really fun but short session for me as my toes got pretty f'd up. Checked out the new ski shop and it looks pretty baller. Way to class it up Blue! Keep up the good work.
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    Snow bazookas are on at Blue.
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    now that im old and over the hill, crowds at the mountain make me angrier than they used to. i think its cause the past 2 thursday mornings have left me disappointed with so many people there. but as you said, blue needs all the money they can get so ill just suck it up
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    I was up this morning, they had guns on lower park, razors and the learning hill next to the quad. Minor production. Nightmare and razors were closed and had groomers on them. Most of the rest of the hill was sugar, lower main was firm, looked like they had blown on it last night
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    Watch out...you're next!
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    The snow canons are firing across the mountain!
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    Haven’t been to Abasin since Christmas Eve. Pass blacked out for holidays, plus I want to save my last 3 days there for late season. Things gettin freshened up now, new storm rolling through.
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    I'm sure that is Vail's #1 priority.
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    It is a lodge and a hut next door. We already googled renting space at the hut. $180 per night for 6 people max, short skin in. Here is a link to the lodge. we tried to check them out but the guy in charge was dealing with guests and said we couldn’t go in. https://www.skimag.com/uncategorized/st-paul-lodge-co
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    I'm looking for advice on ski and stay places for a short midweek trip to killington sometime in the next couple weeks.
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    I can! There have been other years with weather that was just as bad or worse and the grooming was nowhere near as bad as it's been this year.
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    This is kind of an example of the dumb stuff you should just keep to yourself.
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    Believe me, I’m not complaining!
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    Maybe, probably only for 90 minutes @eaf before it turns to mashed pertaters and gravy.
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    Hey All, Its almost another weekend. Is anybody gonna ski at blue mountain the true mountain?? I’m planning on skiing both days unless it’s really raining hard. Sunday looks like the better of the two days...with 60 degrees and hero snow. Amazing that this will be the 9th weekend of the ski season.
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    Skiing in 47 different snow conditions repeatedly and being competent in them is something that takes decades
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    Yeah we were off cycle with you two but got to ride the lift with mom
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    I don't think so, but if I do I'm gonna start my own crew called the Happy Boyz. Everyone in my crew will have to be smiley and jolly like me.
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    i was surprised to find out last year that roundtop is only an hour and a half from my parents house. never would have thought that central PA resorts were a closer drive than the poconos
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    Sounds like this song. Merry Xmas all
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