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    Got up here for opening and easily got a close in parking space. Took Super Gauge and headed right over to Pano lift. Top was windy and cold. I wore my uninsulated ski pants I just bought for backcountry days. I could feel the cold, note to self, do not wear these in middle of winter. Took lift line run most of the way down. Icy and full of bumps. Decided to exit and get back on a groomer the last 1/3 way down. Took 5 or 6 laps off of sunny side lift. We wanted the snow to soften up higher. Snow was just right off that lift, or as GSS would say mad Goldilocks. Ate lunch and went back up to Parsenn bowl. Snow was perfect! 4 runs off that and my legs are tired. My friend taking a last run and I am basking in the sunshine on the deck at bottom of Mary Jane. I have yet to find a kombucha that doesn’t taste like salad dressing. This one is no exception. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today was a day that could make you question ever wanting to go to a resort again. The weather, scenery and snow conditions were fantastic! We left Boulder at 7 and had lots of rain and fog until we were about 30 miles from our exit. Then the sky cleared up nicely. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were! Forecast was calling for snow above 10,000’ and our TH started at 11,000 so we fully expected clouds. I had Mayflower Gulch in my radar for a while, just for a hike or snowshoe. There is a super mellow downhill area up there that I wanted to let Shannon try so she could practice. Once the trail opens up you come across some old miners cabins. One of the peaks is Fletcher, which I hiked last summer from the other side. We spent a lot of time chilling at the cabin site. There was no wind and the weather was warm. The picture everyone takes from this hike. There were also several birds hanging around that have obviously been well fed. We did not feed them, but Shannon put her hand out and they kept swooping in. We headed to the right up the little “bump” that is Gold Hill. Couldn’t go all the way to the top because there was the mother of all cornices up there. Looked far more impressive in person. Had a nice easy ski down back to the car. 50 degrees when we reached the car. Then a bacon cheese burger down in Idaho Springs. A top 10 Colorado day for me! Raining and fog again the further east we went. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thread drift: Siblet hits the back country down in the Bitterroot:
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    Some other good pics. January 30: February 5:
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    I was there, place was empty. Great day! The main lift opened late, but that was fine. Flat out gorgeous day!
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    Stuff like this makes me really really hate the summer
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    This year? 63. We're closed now. February 10
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    Yep I used to burn the midnight oil chasing fish when my girls were little but now they’re both playing travel softball and I help coach both teams. Bye bye free time March through November. All good pretty soon I won’t have this time with them and I still sneak out once in a while. Even got to ski on this trip in December
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    I'm not jealous at all of your skiing, but a little jelly that you are getting some strange ass.
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    Not trying to hijack, buuuut... Going to MayDay on Saturday? Why not head out to Park 1260 on Friday evening (5-8) to get all the kinks worked out, so you can kill it on Saturday. Then keep things going all summer at the weekly session.
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    One last round of pictures...the last couple from the last night when I stayed by the Denver airport. I ate good on this trip and actually lost 3 pounds..I didn’t drink a lot..I had three drinks three of the nights plus a Bloody Mary and a beer the one day at Coors lights....I drank a ton of water..and after hearing about indiggios issues even had a little Gatorade. This late season trip for me is a fun part of my yearly schedule and some serious relaxation. I only drove a total of 334 miles in Colorado between Denver to Silverthorne and two and from skiing each day and back to Denver. Spent under $40 on gas..on food and drink I was loosely keeping track and was at about $400 for the first 6 days so probably about $500 total not that far off from JH..lift tickets were $420 total lodging was about $600..airfare was about $300..rental car was about $350 and safety supplies were cheap....bye bye ski season
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    No, volunteering for a non profit that provides care for people with disabilities.
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    Skip to 6:55 That could be you @saltyant!
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    heading to Mary Jane tomorrow. If anyone here still interested in skiing maybe I will post some pics.
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    Not only do I remember this, I remember sitting at my parents computer reading it 13 years ago. Part of me thinks it cool I remember that so clearly, and the other part of me feels like a complete loser for remembering so clearly lol
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    CB is so on my radar.
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    I had 2 Mitsubishi electric Heater/AC/Dehumidifier units installed last week. Should be able to keep the house comfortable if we get another swampy scorcher like last summer. Having the option to run dehumidification only wil prolly do the trick most days.
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