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  2. I’ll write a report later..in the woods taking a safety break..it’s a nice pleasant day and barely anybody is here.
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  4. This is grate, be sure to write a report!!
  5. Lifts start running in 15 minutes. The warmest 24 degrees at the base.
  6. I was able to keep my appointment, just needed to switch to moderna.
  7. Yeah I just changed my kids appointment from tomorrow (where I believe she was supposed to get the JJ) to next Tues where I know she'll be getting the Pfizer. Wife got an appointment for Pfizer as well.
  8. I got the grab and go breakfast from the front desk. I had apple juice box, coffee, bagel with peanut butter and hard boiled eggs. Abasin today is gonna be good the 2”+ fallen..I’ll try and take a few pictures.
  9. You've already received more Perder than I did my entire 6 days in Utah. WTGAI
  10. Fat two inches so far at Loveland...good thing the rental car place gave me a brush to wipe the snow off my car. Also pictures from last nights Pho.
  11. Haven’t heard of my appointment being cancelled yet but, https://6abc.com/health/us-recommends-pause-for-j-j-vaccine-over-clot-report/10511835/
  12. We landed in Denver in a blizzard one ski trip. Couldn't see the runway or anything for that matter until like 10' above the ground. Plane erupted in applause. Heard we were one of the last planes to land before they closed the airport. Guess the pilot(s) really wanted to ski that storm!
  13. My brother-in-law just moved back from CA and is hotel-housing. He says he's enjoying it!
  14. FYI, that run used to be a blue. And in fact the only reason it isn't still a blue is that last, dished, pitch needed a helicopter to just be stationed there because there's so many accidents. And it was my one fall of the season this year. Hardpack, dirt on the center, trees sticking through on the left. I tried to stay on the right third and then make a left turn on the lip. Apparently I don't belong in a half pipe. Slid 200 feet. No damage and fortunately no witnesses. There's plenty steeper around but for some reason that section is a mess. It's like a shallow half pipe with obstac
  15. I believe they still have the old TWA terminal at JFK airport preserved as some sort of a museum. Right now I’m at Pho Bay. It’s dead here. Sitting at the bar.
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  17. When I was flying back from Germany we had to stop in Belgium .....The pilot landed the 747 through some thick fog...Like as soon as you saw the runway we touched down.....Deserved a round of applause and a thank you handshake...TWA took me back home.... Plus flying in the 60's was probably way better than it is now...
  18. I could be the concierge. In Jackson hole I’m a tourist and I show tourists around. Had 7 rooms booked by PASRs at one time in the 49er..I should have got commish
  19. I saw a bunch of signs that said “stop the hotel houses” on Longboat Key last week. I think we need to build a PASR summer hotel house there and you can be the hotel manager.
  20. I have to checkout cnn and Fox News and see what’s happening. There are 330+ million people and if something nutty happens it’s all over the news and crazy stuff is always gonna happen. @PSUFlymy friend was fishing in the little Lehigh river and saw a safe...he called Allentown fire and police departments and they fished the safe out of the water. It was actually stolen from a local business. And I believe there was still some money in it. Off to the evidence room.
  21. I didn’t see laundry or vending machines but plenty of towels.
  22. Sounds like another ‘meant to use the taser, pulled out the service weapon instead ‘
  23. Had a couple of high turbulence landings and a snowstorm where people clapped.
  24. Yeah but I like trying out new spots between the hotel house living. In a survey they asked how many nights a year do you spend in a hotel and I said almost 400.
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