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  2. Video I edited together from the past two days. Laptop was really fighting me so it's rough with no transitions or anything. And I have no idea what happened with that footage at about the 2:00 mark
  3. The hot springs were amazing. No pics because you can't see much at all there. It was a weird experience talking to people in the springs but having no clue what they look like. The walk in the cold from the hot springs to the changing room sucked big time.
  4. Anxiously waiting for hot springs updates....
  5. @shadows you should get up there soon. Snows real nice and also helps with recent burns.
  6. wow...someone call the police...shots have been fired @Shadows
  7. You had an actual excuse, though.
  8. The year I messed my knee up they had a under ten visits refund for season passes. 10% back per visit not used. I had gone like 14 times so I wasn’t eligible. A quick search on their website and I didn’t see anything but all sales final [emoji1304]
  9. that's awesome. Beaver Creek does cookies on a platter at 3pm everyday and it really is lovely. But, must admit @enjoralas's meats in the parking lot sound better. More important question, who is going to photoshop @enjoralas face and the meats on this photo first?
  10. Do you think they will make April? Easter is mid month this year I think...
  11. I wish my spring wasn't so busy, but if people are going anywhere, post up here before!
  12. looks fun! I'm definitely down for some touring adventures in the spring. I've been reading this book and have been getting stoked to explore more. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1934028142/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. whatever it takes to get them insta likes
  14. You know what's not quiet? Diesel. You know who is stupid? These people: https://6abc.com/family-photo-shoot-almost-turns-deadly-/5970024/?fbclid=IwAR0ZLSfI8yKi86D9wCLOEwioqlRwABamvHMn-Aj4iMo-nm-P5v1SO2I1QSI
  15. its amazing how quiet amtrak trains that run on overhead canternary wires are. you really cant hear the train coming until it is right in front of you.
  16. Totally stupid though it’s my happy place.
  17. Good stuff Salty! You better iron your speedo for the hot springs!
  18. Nice Salty...the bros probably thought you were a local, that’s why they were so nice to you.
  19. Well you u still have another month or so.
  20. I dont even think my pass has paid for itself yet. Oh well.
  21. Really though some of this sounds way dumb solo right?
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