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  2. "New at Camelback! Season Parking Passes Starting at $199"
  3. This would definitely discourage me from being a passholder there. If passholders don't get free parking the daily fee would wind up costing more than the pass itself if you were a diehard.
  4. that's crazy. i wonder what percentage of defectors go to blue vs jack frost, shawnee, maybe montage. any idea if season passholders get hit or if it's just single day visitors?
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  6. Because Americans are stupid and think they’re getting a good deal
  7. Got that from a pretty reliable source who works up there.
  8. saw that for the waterpark but it was something that had just been noticed by patrons. i'm also wondering if they'll pass it onto ski season too. thanks for hte reminder.
  9. So interest rates are low and prices are high? What difference does it make then lol
  10. Word on the street is Camelback will be charging everyone for parking this coming season. Not sure if this legit or not but what the fuck. $10 a car from what I understand. Supposedly contracted out a company to come in and park cars. They'll need to pass that expense along. See you boys at Blue this coming season.
  11. Thank you! I had to build the rack/arms/storage/bar/plates piecemeal by setting up notifications in the Rogue app. I started buying items in early May and had everything by the end of May. I actually use an adjustable bench I got at Play It Again Sports a few years ago, but was thinking about getting a fancy Rogue bench soon along with some metal plates. I like the bumper plates for deadlifting, but the metal ones take up so much less space.
  12. That would be great! It's a casual ride and not competitive, but sometimes @AtomicSkier likes to ride ahead and show off.
  13. I'm going to invite myself to Delps with you one of these days. One of my friends spends lots of time in Bethlehem and bikes, skis, and does triathlons. She might give you guys a run for your money. Woot! Impressive! Have you had it for a while? The plates are sold out so I'm waiting for them to get back in stock. Which bench do you use? Is it the Rogue bench? Is it worth it?
  14. Great migration right now out of NYC and NJ into PA...plus interest rates below 3% for those with good credit.
  15. My brother's in Doylestown...sold his in 2 days. Crazy.
  16. Sweet...homes are selling in record time in the Lehigh valley and at record prices.
  17. yup, we closed like 3 weeks ago i think?
  18. no indoor dining for us yet, and i don't have any plans to do so any time soon. now that i think of it, the extent of any outdoor dining that i've done was post-ride beers at a brewery with GSSucks and AtomicSkier, and we were basically hanging out in the parking lot far away from all the other patrons on their patio. steve & cookie's in margate looks like their outdoor setup is pretty well spaced out, but most everywhere else down around here looks like a shit show with even more outdoor tables than they'd normally have, but still crammed into the same amount of space. The one "classy" pizza place took over the street next to them and put up a big tent, an outdoor bar, a bunch of high tops, and maybe some picnic tables. Place looks like there's some sort of festival going on every weekend with how packed it is. Even if their pizza is pretty good, no thanks, i'll stick to takeout.
  19. Come up to Delps Park for a ride with us one evening
  20. I'd be up for a ride sometime soon. I haven't been on the road in months though, only a bit of MTB this summer. I'm sure I'm slow as hell.
  21. @NMSKI when we getting you out on that bike that's in the background?
  22. We’ve eaten in restaurants twice. It was fine but not any better than eating outside if it’s nice. Camped a couple times this summer and no mask wearing at all really since we keep to ourselves.
  23. Nice! I think we have the same rack. I definitely recommend the spotter arms so you can feel confident when lifting heavier and pushing yourself when you don’t have a spotter. They are easily adjustable for squat and bench heights too.
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