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  2. Hey it’s the end of the month get those numbers up!!!!
  3. I sure have...I might hit up Popeyes chicken to show my respect to the African American community.
  4. You see the guy who tried defending his favorite bar with a sword and got stomped into oblivion? He actually is ok. Or the guy in Salt Lake City with the bow and arrow?
  5. Man my friends kid could use another pair of Jays...he’s a mini jumpman
  6. I spent hours upon hours watching live feeds the past few days and nights. It’s horrible but damn this is entertaining, they just looted a foot locker in port Richmond 10 minutes ago
  7. I’ve been watching the live feeds so much over the weekend I’m behind on Covid-19 news. I’m glad that the Allentown protesters didn’t resort to violence. Downtown Allentown is taking a beating during the pandemic and the last thing they needed was busted down storefronts and homeys running down the street with Mammaquins bottles of perfume. The people in the Target in Minneapolis hitting the cash registers at the self check outs are gonna be mad if the night manager already cleaned them out...
  8. I saw the North Face video lol. Shame cause I needed a Steep-tech and some Air Max 90s. They tried getting into the King Of Prussia mall last night and upper merion township went into a curfew
  9. Grate stuff...some Father’s Day shopping. Salty you’re already back from bike ride. Wow..where’s the report??
  10. My friend was at the Philly protest. Wish she would have picked me up something from the north face store.
  11. In downtown Philly. @GrilledSteezeSandwich look at the nice size 11s!
  12. Great stuff. I hope they still move us to yellow on Friday...
  13. Y’all missed out, last night was the perfect time to get new sneakers
  14. Went out on the ATVs yesterday at Anthracite, it was a bit muddy to say the least.
  15. Ordered new sole / heel replacements. Exciting I know.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I really hope the allentown protests are peaceful. It’s taking place down in the Hamilton district where a fair amount of affluent folks live and also some newish businesses that aren’t currently operating. Tacos y tequila has margaritas to go if you want something to sip on while chanting,”black lives matter”
  18. They don’t have enough knees for all those necks.
  19. I wonder if any of these people at the Philly protests have Covid-19?? I’m surprised the police don’t break this up I thought no large gatherings are allowed.
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