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  2. Video is private. Cannot see
  3. Why does the bear cross the road? To get in front of my camper. Fortunately, he turned around when he heard my brakes lock up. https://youtu.be/qBhCgYvBe3I
  4. Last week
  5. Ain’t pretty but she’s in - rototiller- 1 / fence and forearms -0 Rhodos and azaleas poppin’ have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, thanks to those who sacrificed
  6. The migration has started. Northbound turnpike a little south of the tunnel.
  7. Few more Hawaii pics. We went to this beach and took surfboards and paddled out to this little island called Chinamen’s cap. Full disclosure on what a complete dork I am; even though I grew up in Jersey I never really surfed, I was having a hard time paddling in the choppy water. My son graciously told me to just hold on to his ankle about half way there and he got me the rest of the way. We hiked/climbed to the top. There was a section with a rope someone put there, but since I couldn’t see the top anchor point I didn’t really trust it. So we went another way, no rope. Going up wasn’t bad, coming down there was a sketchy move that took me about 10 min to get the courage to do. This is the wall. All Lava rock which is not only sharp but gets hot in the sun. I beat the crap out of my feet. Me climbing up for scale. It’s pretty vertical. Maybe a 5.5? If I had shoes or was roped in it would have been super easy. Since it was consequential I took more time. views from the top were sweet. There was a military base nearby and we saw 3 big planes fly right over our heads.
  8. Hopefully...If not I can cancel up until the night before or whatever it is. Or I can just ski!
  9. Booked a room in lake placid for the eclipse! Actually found a good hotel that isn’t charging $400 per night.
  10. It was a regular size tie, just tucked it into my shirt
  11. i will stick with them putting more guns up around the place over a diesel generator. I dont think they had that many times they were asked not to run stuff. i can kinda figure out what one of those fan guns take for power, but pumping water is another thing. i can only imagine it takes a huge amount of power to move 5000 GPM uphill, and with some type of pressure.
  12. With all the electricity shutdowns they had this past year, maybe they should have invested in generators instead.
  13. The fan guns cover more ground though so maybe they are thinking bang for the buck and throw down more coverage on the flat spots. Throw more guns at the intersections and cross overs which generally are the toughest. Somebody else said it too but fans don't require compressed air so again more bang for your buck. The far side of razors is always thinner and I can see the groomer being like yo pushing this slop across is dumb but I'd throw all these guns up high on the flats and same down low. The new sixer was thin all year.
  14. That's cool AF, I'm normally a very cool customer but there are definitely a couple peeps it would melt my brain. The short tie too is a very tough look to pull off so job well done......unbutton the top button and hide it with the tie is my method.... it looks a little worse but who am I the king of England ?
  15. Very! I have never worn a tie. Don’t know how you guys do it.
  16. Barb…how uncomfortable did that tie feel? I haven’t worn a tie since 2009.
  17. Did the Distinguished gentleman’s charity ride this morning. Beautiful day to be out on the bike. Had about 60 riders
  18. Earlier
  19. Stayed at my friend’s off grid cabin last night. Elevation about 10,500’. This is the latest in the season she can remember it snowing.
  20. One of the cemeteries I’m in has a lot of camaras. I wonder if they’ve caught me picking my wedgie
  21. Also doing some work apparently on the actual lift house. Caught the crane replaceing a roof panel. Maybe they needed to take panels out to integrate the storage rail.
  22. So you did use heat? I walked out the door this morning in a tshirt and walked right back in and grabbed my hoodie.
  23. I meant overnight. It got down to the 30s
  24. @RidgeRacer did you turn your heat on? @saltyant brought in his tropical plants and pets just in case.
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