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  2. Mid-week Opening

    Yup, been screwed numerous times up 476 from Bensalem to Blue. I've also made it an just over an hour.
  3. 12/14/17

    3" fresh light fluffy stuff, 12* and sunny with no wind. Changed our routine and were on mtn at 8:45. Fresh powder on top of groomed cord. Just perfect (looked like the pics of Blue this morning), no crowds or lift lines as usual. We were the only patrons in lodge when booting up at 8:30. Skied the mtn, same 9 trails open today with snowmaking on Slalom and the West side of mtn. Groomers working on lower Tunk, the snow bowl, and around the quad lift. Back to cabin for breakfast, a shower, and change into drinking attire. 😀 Life is good..... Sorry to much fun for images.
  4. Mid-week Opening

    Believe me, I seriously contemplated the combined gift card and $5 online discount many times throughout the day yesterday. But I just didn't have the time to screw around with it, and rightfully assumed it wouldn't work anyway.
  5. 12/14/17

    It's gonna be hardpack and ice tonight don't worry. The new snow is almost melted.
  6. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    No more like a Salty Penguin..
  7. 12/14/17

    Which part is bringing you so much joy? Me having SL skis or me thinking that they're not suitable for fresh snow? They're the best on hardpack and ice. For fresh I should've taken wider and longer ones.
  8. Mid-week Opening

    Too much zinc in the brain?
  9. 12/14/17

    [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    But does he tell them like a Salty Pirate?
  11. 12/14/17

    I really believe it is real unfortunately
  12. Today
  13. 12/14/17

    Is this for real?
  14. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    Salty is telling tall tales.
  15. 12/14/17

    Looks fantastic
  16. 12/14/17

    don't need pow skis to ski fresh snow. had a lesson at snowmass, skiing in 12 inches of fresh, and the instructor was on cheater SL skis.....he kicked all our asses in the pow.
  17. 12/14/17

    Atomic Jeff was on his slalom skis last night and was loving lazy mile.
  18. 12/14/17

    Phew. Not all is lost
  19. Mid-week Opening

    Their website sucks..I bet if you explained the shitty online system to the people st the ticket office you'd be bet with blank and confused stares.
  20. Mid-week Opening

    Yeah using his $39 gift card from when he complained about long lines on Sunday.
  21. 12/14/17

    Fuck that looks so nice.......
  22. Mid-week Opening

    Nah, I don't think so. So he was using a gift card to buy a ticket, OK. Speaking of online system, BM's one is the worst. Really. The Worst. There is no way for me to associate a card that I got at a ticket window with the account and then do a refill. There is a webcode on the card, but there is nowhere to plug it to! So even if I buy a night ticket online, I still have to stop by the ticket window and either get another card or get the ticket associated with the previous one!
  23. 12/14/17

    And they did groom but it snowed a couple inches on top of it. That's perfect.
  24. 12/14/17

    Ungroomed the way it should be after snow. They groomed lazy to perfection this morning, so you have that. And Burma is open. Will likely be a bit choppy this evening though with the new snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. 12/14/17

    It will be fine eaf..skier packed powder. The new snow will pack to about 1/2 inch.
  26. Mid-week Opening

    I drive from Conshie to Blue kinda alot and that's just how it is. Some days it's an hour some days it's two, no use fighting it you can't do fuck all about it. I always look at it the other way I'm skiing for 2/3hours but I could be at home or work.
  27. Mid-week Opening

    Can you buy a ticket online with a gift card??
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