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  2. Ski2Live has band rehearsals we were talking about going to one of his gigs this summer. I know the Beagles have played free concerts at the Princeton library a few times. Can pregame at the Triumph brewery first.
  3. Or a $199 Killington Ikon Spring Pass addon and can ride outdoors until June. Nah nah poo poo đź’© đź’©
  4. Today
  5. Gets below freezing in about 12 hours to stop the melting…
  6. Day 40. Fresh snow, but cold. -16° F wind chill.
  7. Looks like 20”+ new snow today at whistler. Should be a fun one.
  8. You had me at 69…my friends motto is wine me fine me 69 me.
  9. I went ahead and renewed since the only difference between now and then is when you spend the $69 deposit.
  10. I am…ok I gotta fax something lol and then my grandson Braydon is gonna show me how to use my new iPhone SE
  11. WJW you're such a boomer. You're leaving money on the table
  12. Retro Day 3/5/24 Hopefully they make it till Tuesday. Thinking of going, my wife reminded me of my old stretch pants. I pulled them out of the closet and they fit… Barely. Nice memento attached. A ticket from Doe Mountains last day lol.
  13. I was talking to one of the boomers about it and I think so. I’m like one of the boomers as I’d have probably used gift card if it was an actual gift card not in the cloud.
  14. Can you apply your gift card to next year's season pass? I did for my Camelback add on.
  15. Same, except I'll use my gift card
  16. I’ll buy it on 4/1…payment plan and again prob not use my gift card or buddy pass.
  17. When does the season pass sale end?
  18. i have probably just disabled my pass for this weekend.
  19. Cloudy and mild no rain in the forecast until Sunday afternoon.
  20. This is grate. People are confused if they are at Camelback or Blue Mountain. It is easy to do since they are basically the same mountain now. Maybe KSL should build a high speed gondola between the two so people can transfer rapidly !! https://www.facebook.com/share/r/rHkaNmJvBkpBWCaW/?mibextid=oFDknk
  21. Anyone have a handle on the weather? Some calling rain Sat., some rain Sunday....trying to make a plan to finally see the new 6 pack!
  22. Nah...it didn't last very long after I got home. Next time
  23. I wish they would rotate that and the hip at the bottom of central park about 15d CCW so us old skate /surf heads could hit side and lip slide it like a 1/4 pipe wave !
  24. @RidgeRacer no pizza pics?
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