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  2. I didn’t recognize my uncle in the liquor store parking lot...he was like grilledsteezesandwich it’s your uncle bill..wahahahah cause he was masked..
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  4. I had a professor like that last semester. Fully masked up throughout every single class. He came for beers with us after the last class of the semester and it was so strange to see the bottom 2/3 of his face. Speaking of out for beers, anyone want to go to La Cabra or Levante?
  5. Easy to say when you're pretty all over 😍
  6. I went to Lowes and didn't wear a mask. I guess I have to announce it now? Is that the new thing to do?
  7. It's weird to see people without a mask on that you met and got to know with a mask on. Some people have pretty eyes but not so pretty bottom of faces.
  8. My delivery guy had to switch gyms because he doesn’t want a vaccine...
  9. Sweetness and you live in a pretty liberal area!!!!!
  10. First time at the gym mask-less. Felt weird but also amazing. Few people still had one on but majority did not
  11. Here's the video of Tuxedo Ridge. Ton of stuff left behind. The owners look like they just walked away six years ago. There's some great retro ski lifts if you're into that sort of thing. Two old Borvig double chairs and a very cool early 60s Poma double chair.
  12. Today was the first day that there were more unmasked people than masked people eat Wegmans. It stinks that employees there still need to wear masks while at Target and Weis most employees are maskless.
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  15. Technically yes. Since he is the GOAT. A turncoat GOAT but the GOAT none the less.
  16. They should call it the Tom Brady wahahahah
  17. Finally got on candymonium a few times this weekend. Really good, but skyrush is still better in my opinion. Storm runner reopened too, which is one of my favorites. Also here's a pic for today
  18. Yes, ungroomed is less treacherous!
  19. Is there really a difference between their groomed and ungroomed anyway?
  20. That only works at ski areas that actually get snow. Although they could pull a whitetail and leave everything ungroomed on Mondays
  21. But hopefully no grooming! One can dream...
  22. I give Blue a lot of credit for having some self depreciation and a sense of humor and actually naming the trail Coming Soon. Props.
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