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  2. they still have ~5 months. I think it will be done, tested, and inspected before that.
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  4. This is perhaps premature but I'm beginning to wonder if this will be completed in time for opening day.
  5. ah shit i actually went over the mtn and never thought to check the top lots.
  6. Vey nice. Really shows the line top to bottom for the first time. Interesting that they are running it right up half of the learning hill with the crowds that sees. I think the towers are sitting on the “water park” parking lots maybe. At least it looked like it in that one video
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  8. stopped by today unplanned. had to go through the lodge to get out to be able to get the photos, the part of lot we would walk through when going to the lift is roped off as a 'construction area'. nothing in the lot in terms of towers etc. waiting to be placed. massive hole dug in where the warming hut / ski patrol shacks used to be, that's gotta be the terminal. looks like holes for the towers going up the one half of the learning hill, plenty of room for both lifts. that's all ive got.
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  10. See? That my little pony stuff is so hot right now. I would like to think i helped jump starting that trend. years ago i painted a friends truck by mixing every little bit of leftover paint we had lying around. It came out just a little darker than that purple. Totally custom.
  11. lolol I saw that. A lot of effort when into bedazzling that. Really wouldn't bother me as long as it still put out nice lines.
  12. We should let @JFskiDan do this to your lawnmower https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfHlSfTppYB/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Edit: if anyone knows how to embed it instead of just posting the link be my guest I have no idea how to
  13. By the end of the year rates will be 9-10%+
  14. Yeah it’s crazy, I got locked in at a touch over 4%. I couldn’t imagine trying to buy right now with having to pay well over asking+7% interest
  15. Kyle you got lucky buying a house when interest rates were low. Now people are paying 6-7%
  16. Yeah got lucky with the box being right there, tech said no charges, he’s going to list the damages as unavoidable. At the end of the day it was my mistake so if I would’ve had to pay, albeit not happy about it, I probably would’ve done so instead of going the bitch and complain route for something that was ultimately my fault.
  17. Nice that the box is right on your lot. Might have been left waiting if it was a few doors down and they had to cross sidewalks/driveways. Like I said, can't speak for VZ, but it would be crazy to charge for that. And there's always the option to get salty and call and bitch for a gift card/account credit
  18. They missed their window but they’re out now doing a temp drop, fortunately the box is on the back corner of my lot. Tech agreed with me that the line was not buried reasonably deep enough at all so we’ll see what happens with any charges
  19. Yeah, I'm sure that's part of the reason that we don't charge for drop repairs or replacements. Everyone knows there's a lot of really shallow drop cable out there. Plant hardline would be another story. It's *almost" always much deeper, and even still most of the times I saw they never charged a homeowner for an honest mistake. If another company doesn't call for locates and/or recklessly disregards good practices, sometimes they will try to go after them for damages. Especially if they're jerks, lol
  20. They made it seems like it’s $99 no matter what, I’m hoping I don’t get smacked with a bunch of extra charges, it’s my fault I broke the cable but there’s a certain amount of risk they have to inherit burying cables like that, 3 feet from the edge of the slab, 2” down. The average person (or idiot like myself) isn’t going to think to call 811 and have them come out and mark it before putting a spaded shovel in the ground to dig out 2” of topsoil.
  21. We got a fiber line once by pounding in a stake at the end of someones driveway we just paved. You would actually be amazed at how often a utility isnt where its supposed to be, or buried shallow. the most popular one is parking lot lights that have outdoor UF just buried shallow behind curbs. we nail them all the time. Things start to get interesting when you have to evacuate a building after hitting a gas line, and then of course the FD shows up, cops, etc. kind of turns into a big thing.
  22. I'm surprised by the $99 fee. I know at Comcast, we generally own responsibility for the drop up to the bond block at the side of or just inside the house. Will replace or repair without charge no matter how it gets damaged. Usually our call agents will warn about a service call fee "if the problem is determined to be inside wiring or customer responsibility" but that's basic CYA and means if the tech gets out there and finds out that it's not really a cut UG but something else or the customer didn't check the batteries in the remote or something then they get charged. There's a ton of coax out there direct buried without conduit, and a lot of it not much deeper than a couple inches. I certainly laid a few thousand feet of it myself in Harford County, MD about a decade ago. 🤣 But that's a whole lot easier to fix than fiber.
  23. I do have Fios, they’re coming out tomorrow at noon to fix it and that brings along a $99 fee. It’s the drop cable, goes from the box underground and then into my house somewhere (that I can’t seem to find?). There’s no conduit it in at all other than the thing plastic in the photo. I’m hoping the tech will side with me on that part at least that it wasn’t buried or protected very well… shouldn’t have to call 811 and have it painted out to dig in your own yard with a shovel….. Great question, I had the same thought, especially since it’s not deep at all, could’ve easily been hit with a aerator if I did such a think to my lawn.
  24. Is that your drop, and do you have Fios? If so, probably won’t cost you anything, but If it’s not safely temp-able service will likely be out for a few days until a bury crew gets to burying a new one. If it’s your drop and you DON’t have Fios, they likely won’t even replace it now. They’ll put a new one in if you ever switch to them. Make sure to call them a month ahead of when you want service. If it’s a neighbors drop it still probably won’t cost you anything, but if it’s not safely temp-able you’re probably not his favorite new neighbor. 😂 Interesting to see it direct buried. Everything Fios ran underground around upper bucks was in conduit
  25. …that’s going to be expensive. shout out to Verizon though for bury a fiber optic cable 2 inches into the ground. In an area that makes 0 sense to have it in.
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