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  2. Great day touring DC today. 23,130 steps logged and something cool to see with each one.
  3. Last week
  4. Yeah it’s been a pain, one that I thought was on my neighbors property turned out to be on mine fell and hit my other neighbors garage roof. I’m renting an 85’ lift this fall and taking a bunch down .
  5. No, he was just there riding. He has a freestyle camp thing there this weekend for people that sign up so he was in town. Lots of celebs show up there. Even Kim Kardasian randomly comes through like once a month or two in the off season.
  6. Was it like a meet and greet? You used to do YouTube for fishing and power lifting I think.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/@TommieBennett
  8. Unfortunately not, it’s enough for well pump, oil boiler, freezer , fridge and minimal lights . Most of my outages are Ash trees.
  9. Does your AC work with generator? That’s a crazy amount of power outages. The power went out at the hotel house long enough that I had to reset the time on the microwave.
  10. Mine finally came back on at 8pm yesterday. Outage #19 for the year. I think my generator has 1000 hours. Wife has been lobbying for an automatic generator for years. I’ve pushed back but the humidity has me reconsidering.
  11. That's rad. Maybe you'll meet me there in November. I'm kind of famous myself.
  12. Day 2 of no power. Gonna have to throw out everything in the fridge and freezer 😥
  13. Met a famous snowboarder on hill today. Its so awesome how the season is 365 days a year in the north east now 😇. Hope to hit 100+ for 23/24 before the first US mountain opens for 24/25.
  14. My delivery guy was there…he got there at like 8am. He said they had a rock climbing thing he did. Nice to see people are finally discovering the poconos. Prob some famous people there.
  15. Watching from the infield without a big RV, can't see shit. Camping is good tho if you want to pay for grandstand Tix. Big party. We've considered it, but dog.
  16. Dan, this was beyond extra fucked up. It was bad. It took us three hours from Sierra view going 115 nb. Pic added. Mfers were walking 115 within 1.5m to the track. They beat us in.
  17. Getting out wasn't bad. It was just getting in. I actually do want to camp there but not during the race. I can't imagine watching the race from the infield is fun. Next time we're sitting higher.
  18. i heard traffic was extra fucked up. also heard it was sold out, and skirmish had a big event. The couple times i went, we were there by like 9, grilled up some breakfast and drank beer. then watched the race. then grilled some more, and left at like 9pm. Traffic pretty much around any nascar race is a shit show. Try Dover. Backs up for miles from the track at like 9 am. you should have camped out. you have a tent dont you?
  19. I'm over it. Another one coming today
  20. I’m over this hot weather. Ready for fall hiking and camping.
  21. From yesterday. @Benm I was gonna text you but unfortunately I didn't get into the race until well after 100 laps in. Sat in the car for about 4 hours, 2 at the entrance because Pocono doesn't know how to park cars despite the fact that they literally do this all the time.
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