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  2. Super rad visuals from the YouTube concert.
  3. I’ve really treated myself this year. New skis, bindings, goggles. Snagged a pair of Goretex ski pants on Backcountry for $178! I’m thinking maybe new boots, as well.
  4. Would've been closer but my brothers took their sweet ass time
  5. I just came here because I saw the video on the front page of reddit and figured out why you where there. Fucking unreal dude, the visuals are mind blowing, to have that kind of scale is like when you take drugs in your dreams in the future. Fucking wild, you gotta give the deets when I see you next. The whole This Never Happened gang in there would be unreal !!!
  6. Maybe the greatest show I've ever seen. U2 last night to open the sphere
  7. https://fb.watch/nnXKbJSTHF/
  8. I pumped for you. Any new music videos by the Beagles? I’m already getting excited for Christmas
  9. Yeah, alcohol, weed and firearms sounds like a great combination.
  10. Between Blue, Camelback and Windham that would be 21 days of skiing I could do without paying for hotels. Would also quite likely hit places like Stratton, Sugarbush, Killington, Loon and a trip or two to Rockies - and it would be nice to revisit all of these places I have not skied since in at least the 5 years I will have had Epic or Indy passes.
  11. I think i can squeeze this into my busy social schedule. My fav wrap is Chicken Cheesesteak, and throwing it back on the grill for a quick min after shes all assembled takes it to another level.
  12. The bedazzling spectacle is the Dskis. Some other peice said this was pretty much "the most underwhelming announcement for the Ikon". LOL.
  13. A big sinkhole that goes down tens of meters or more opened up on one of the ski trails at Grand Targhee. There’s tons of caves in Wyoming. Here’s a cool video on one of them.
  14. I'm love/hate on it. I'd hate the extra crowds it might bring but on the other hand I'd love to just have to buy an iKon and get all those advantages instead of a local pass.
  15. Opening night at the sphere LFG! That's not concrete or a physical wall. It's an hd led screen. Place is insane
  16. Yesterday
  17. I'm there ! Thanks dude, I'm more of a pita guy but I can do wraps too
  18. They need to build that Philly to Camelback highway. Would take Root 22 out of the equation for Philly Phucks. BenM would call it the Hoagie Highway..could make it to southeast PA faster for a Sando or the big game
  19. And how the fuck did Blue become 1140 vert all of a sudden.
  20. This is becoming like a store in the mall…a Hot Topic…
  21. Big facts and doubt they’re checking..
  22. 26 million within 2 hours 😯 Skiing experience like a evacuation drill 😂 🎯
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