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  2. One of my karaoke favorites. With time ridge will forgive you. Just don’t put words in his mouth.
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  4. At that stage of drunkenness, probably not. But I would have bought a hot cocoa for him....[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. This thread reminds me of this song... I'm sorry RidgeRacer, woo. I am for reeaal. Nev-er meant to make you mad, I apologize a trillion times. So sorry RidgeRacer, wooooo
  6. Oh Lordy and my 2pm appointment isn’t here yet. I might start charging an extra $5 for every minute they’re late.
  7. They sell it at wegmans and Weis markets
  8. I agree, I'll buy you a sweet Baby Jesus beer.
  9. You're a victim. I forgot.
  10. I'm not mad and I didn't flip out. He's saying I said things that I didn't. So I corrected it. I'm also pointing out that my preferences are just that, not the ten freaking commandments of skiing.
  11. It's all good, I'm used to it. Will probably get banned soon for these shenanigans but I'll still see you in the lower lot.
  12. I totally agree...I guess some jealous haters.
  13. Idk why people are mad at you...people flipped out on you in whiteface and snow basin threads for no reason at all
  14. Since you’re feeling generous you can bring me some Captains wafers to Blue this weekend.
  15. Salty - Message me your phone # and I will text you when I cancel. May give it a day or two to see if forecast changes.
  16. Ok just wanted to make sure before Atomic Jeff updates all your stats to how they should be including big snow and Stowe.
  17. So let's see who I pissed off today... I owe RidgeRacer, Rummy, GSSucks, AtomicSkier. Probably did something to Toast. Just keep a list and I'll bring some gifts for all my wrong doings.
  18. Not sure how it works, but I would think their first choice would be to collect some cash.
  19. My life is in quarantine when not skiing. Working from home and kids schooling from home.
  20. Thanks a lot! I wonder if a ticket to the general public will open up if you cancel?
  21. Ski2Live if you ski roundtop and post that you were at Hunter in the stats I will fucking lose it.
  22. Are you going to quarentine before you go into Pennsylvania?
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