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  2. Snow canons and galactic lights are currently on.
  3. Ah I appreciate that! Maybe next time. no worries if you drink it. I completely understand.
  4. Freefall was fantastic this morning. I got separated early and lapped that until I left at 9 to go run. Nice to feel winter for a day.
  5. Yesterday
  6. So uphill at shawnee was really fun. right before we got in trouble for skinning up a closed slope. lots of snowmaking, so staying close to the guns here was the smart move. Wicked windy at the top. Skiing down with almost every gun blasting snow wasnt that awesome.
  7. Been blowing straight thru and will blow until temps stop it. Looks like at least a foot has been blown with big whales everywhere. Creek can put down a foot of snow over whole mountain with 72 hours of blowing. I didn't ski today due to having to work but wife reported good snow everywhere. Yesterday was apparently better snow (and smaller crowd) with Sasquatch the ROTD both days. Setting mountain up for the upcoming, need we say it, warmer weather. I plan to ski Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings and should be prime conditions.
  8. That reminds me of a ride at Dorney Park called the Sea Dragon!!!
  9. JFskiDan


    and i think its the Sullivan lift thats down, due to squirrels chewing through wires at the transformer.
  10. Had fun. Got complimented on my snot-circles. Good turns. Woods were thin.
  11. C1erArt


    High winds a couple of weeks ago, apparently https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRGY8YPj/
  12. Cold but actually felt good in the sun. The snow was nothing to complain about and Coming Soon was the run of the day.
  13. Good conditions today, little chilly but beats the sloppy sugar conditions recently. @toast21602 brought you a double dry hopped king julius but didn't see you. @mute1080 was so excited he threw his in the parking lot. Saved one for you as its really good. Great day, not as great as new England last week and certainly not a 40+" inch Jackson hole powder day but still not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning
  14. Did some uphill at the resort this morning. Was -5 when we got out of the car. Started about 6:45ish. Sarah went all the way up to the top of Paradise lift. I stopped half way up. She was so much faster then me I felt bad she was waiting so I told her just to go. Had a boot fitting appt right after and got some sweet new touring boots! Can’t wait to rest them out.
  15. Sort of, they are trying but with the wind yesterday and puc I don't know that they'll get much. Challenge goes but it would be thinnnnnnn
  16. One of the best days of the year, and coming soon was best runs of the season. Cold wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, lucky for no wind
  17. It’s been a while! I went to Parkland with Falco. Mostly been skiing up in New Hampshire the past 10 years.
  18. Where’s you been? I think the only time I skied with you was like 2006. You went to Blair academy right?
  19. Did they have any snow on challenge and switchback? Yesterday on the cams it looked like they were blowing on them but hard to tell.
  20. Everything we do in life has risk and your points are valid but... when I ride a motorcycle I ride solo 95% of the time, I wear protective clothing, I have taken riders safety courses, I ride carefully at the posted speed limit, I don't wear a helmet (except when it's raining or the law requires it) so you can ding me on that point. I am not choosing risk level for anyone but me, I am controlling my risk level. The risk of my decision to ride and the way I ride causing death to the occupants of the cars on the road is so low that I am hardly putting them at any risk. When my wife rides along she understands the risk and knows that I ride even more carefully to lessen her risk level. When I am on a ski lift and another rider doesn't want the bar down he is choosing and raising my risk level. Your point about risk tolerance being personal is spot on, skiing and motorcycling are high risk endeavors, but as in motorcycling, in skiing I have educated myself to lessen the risk through gaining a higher mastery of my environment including safety on a lift (except the helmet as you correctly pointed out, I should be wearing one) to leave the bar up on a lift ride is losing some of that control. Putting the bar down is akin to using a seat belt, it is easy to use, is not uncomfortable, and if I come to an abrupt stop it will help to lessen injury.
  21. I have like 8, if I remember I'll throw one in the car for tomorrow
  22. Today was most excellent, some of the best snow of the season so far and while cold it wasn't too brutal with no wind. Confirmed the power company shut them down but they fired up Challenge around 11am. Not sure why they can't dial up the juice anymore, isn't it a 21 state consortium anyways? Big shot out to Psu for the tree house, shit was delicious ! Good day for sure and tomorrow is going to feel subtropical.
  23. I think I'll be alright. Thanks tho. Wasn't sure how those skis would feel.
  24. Do you still need this ? I have one but I just saw this.
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