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  2. Don't become a parking lot snob now.
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  4. I bought my Blue pass for Blue. I for one dont care for Camelback, Blue would like have to be shut down on a powder day, and possibly giving out free beer and snacks for me to show up, pretty much. Even at that, i think they should also carry my skis for me if they even think about charging for parking. But, i do agree with Dougs statement that more people would probably go to Blue from Cameltoe, than vice versa. thats the only thing that bugs me a little about that deal. But, on the flip side of that, if that guy that was a Blue doing the bumps, does work at Toe, then maybe we can finally get rid of @indiggioonce and for all.
  5. Have you had beers in the parking lot of a Red Roof???
  6. I've never had a few beers in the parking lot of the Waldorf so I'm fine with the Red Roof.
  7. It's like going from the Waldorf Astoria to the Red Roof. (Insert obligatory Salty confused face here --->)
  8. I'm going to guess that in a year or two they will offer some kind of pass where it's $$ for Blue or CB alone and $$+200 for a combo.
  9. Probably. I don't know why people would go from the best mountain in PA to one of the worst.
  10. I think more camelback passholders would discover Blue than Vice versa.
  11. If I had to guess I'd say the Blue agent was correct on the dual mountain pass usage. Would be shocked if it were valid at both...at least this year. I'm kinda where BenM is in that I guess it's a nice to have but option but probably wouldn't use it unless I had to. What would be fantastic is if a dual pass sent more weekend warriors to CB. Of course the opposite could happen as well which would suck.
  12. They did (do?) I went a couple times. Didn’t pay for a ticket. Chatted with a ski patroller and went up.
  13. I thought they did @skiincypost a report.
  14. Only reason I would want to go to Camelback would be if they allow uphill travel...
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  16. A girl from my vet’s office. She took him hiking and swimming every day, she was great!
  17. Awesome and who watched your puppers while you were in Europe?
  18. Pictures never do a landscape justice but….here are some foliage pics from around CB and Marble.
  19. They better release more passes or a lot of our row is going to be missing this season.
  20. i wouldn't mind. it could come into play when blue decides to close earlier than it should for the season or for weather related events (ex. camelback gets a lot more snowfall from a single storm). i'd probably never use the option, but it could be nice to have. ... and blue will release more season passes.
  21. I'll believe it when I'm skiing Ty's bumps again at Cameltoe on my Blue pass...
  22. If it’s combined, I’ll go to camelback 2ish times
  23. Yes, I think it'll be fun when PASR alternates mountains each weekend this season. We can finally ski Marjorie's Delight together.
  24. Do all of y’all want a combined Blue and Camel pass? I’m still trying to find out from Blue if they are going to release more season passes for sale. Johnny law usually buys his season pass on opening day.
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