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  2. Reminds me of that song watch me whip..now watch me nay nay..ok
  3. You did some serious work this weekend dude, thanks for coming out to our little corner of PA
  4. You need to tell us when you’re in PA! I was walking my dog around BB lake today, took some pics of Black Forest to post here, and then the king of all things lift steals my comment. Keep up the good work dude, huge fan
  5. The season has begun for Johnathon Buckhouse. Wild mountain makes Blue look like La Grave in comparison
  6. Yesterday
  7. There aren’t additional restrictions but I think Al was just pointing out that local cases are rising and for people to be vigilant.
  8. I read Abasin’s operating plan was approved by the governor. Just read the headline and not the article so didn’t know there was additional restrictions.
  9. ABay will be open in a couple days. I just think that Al, whoa the head guy at Abasin is hoping the governor doesn’t impose too many additional restrictions.
  10. You're welcome and anytime!
  11. Ok so a bunch of rich brahs in Colorado and elsewhere can't ski at a-basin. Man that sucksss
  12. Nah I just know the demographics...bro brahs from all over the country and weekend homes for rich Denver folks...on the TGR forums it was reported that one ski shops staff of 20 travelled to Mexico for some partying and almost all of them ended up becoming Covid positive.
  13. he already said he wouldn't have a national lockdown but would focus on working with governors and individual municipalities since a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't work.
  14. Do you have a second hotel house there or something?
  15. No effing way a national lockdown would fly, I’ve said it many times before, we can’t even get people to wear a mask into a Wawa. National lockdown would set some (although a minority number) of people over the edge
  16. Yeah imagine if president Biden puts us in a national lockdown. I doubt it would happen as he wouldn’t take office until 1/20 and will have other things to take care of first.
  17. This is definitely not the ski season for vacation planners. People who enjoy flying by the seat of their pants will be just fine.
  18. I picked up fugi's at Weiss earlier...another underrated apple. Not like pink lady underrated. But still definitely underrated.
  19. Cases are on the rise in summit county which has Al over at Abasin a bit nervous. I know the types of people in summit county They mainly don’t give a fuck about corona http://arapahoebasin.blogspot.com/2020/10/to-summit-county-residents.html?m=1
  20. In late September PA had 427 Covid related hospitalizations. Right now the number is at 936. For Lehigh county the number of Covid related hospitalizations has increased from 19 to 51. Also last weeks numbers vs this weeks.
  21. Ah thanks. I don't read that stuff.
  22. That was an easy way to get two extra likes. Those two are great guys Torah if looking to pad your like total.
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