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  1. OarSki

    Short skis

    I'm taking my toddler aged daughter skiing for the first time, and I'm considering using an older short (140cm) ski rather that my usual 180cm skis. I don't plan on leaving the bunny hill with these. I'm 6'3", 200+lb. Am I going to have an issue using this way to small for me ski?
  2. OarSki

    Sharpening skis

    ski999, thanks for the advice
  3. OarSki

    Sharpening skis

    I am getting more and more interested in tuning my own skis. I always wax, but have been nervous about sharpening the edges, and possibly doing irreversable damage to the skiis. So, here's my question: I have found out that, for my skis, I should sharpen at a "1 deg base & 3 deg bevel". What tools/guides or other gizmos should I get to do this? Any recomendations (without making me go bankrupt)?
  4. The new outdoor bathrooms can't get any more convienent
  5. My little brother partially tore his ACL a few years ago. Because it was only a partial tear, and he was still growing, the doctors decided to wait until he was finished growing until they operated, and instead put him through lots of physical therapy. This was about 3-4 years ago. He is 17 now and the partial tear has not held him back at all once he completed rehab, and has not needed surgery at all. Of course.... if he was to re-injure it, there would prob be a ton of pain and immediate surgery... I would definately get a second opinion from a very qualified orthapedic surgeon from phi
  6. Are the lifts to the top still closed today?
  7. Glad i didnt make the trip then!
  8. The conditions page says that they are leaving the rocket ungroomed for saturday. What's this mean for conditions..... moguls or lots of fresh powder?
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