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  1. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Different vibe today. There were races going on and with weekend skiers much more crowded but still light compared to trips to Vermont. We still never really waited in line more than 2 minutes and that was because gondola was on wind hold. It was cold and windy all day. Best snow was found on North side so we lapped a few trails all day. The main green down the mountain was a sheet of ice. I have never seen anything that bad in my life. We had a great day overall. Still found great snow on the sides of the trails. Was disappointed that they did not open the high peak quad because there were probably tons of untouched snow from yesterday. I have some video of all of us skiing but need to figure out how to post it. Last run of the day was sketchy up top on sunway trail(glacial ice 40 yards across and 200 yards down the trail). Skiers left was the only safe way down and was Iy about 10 yards wide. We jumped onto showcase which had much better snow and decided to call it a season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gore 3/21-23

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  3. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Ha. She took some pictures but they are on her phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Arrived at Gore around 9:15. Ride from Lake George was a little dicey with the snow but not horrible. Saw a fender bender and got delayed by a tow truck flipping over and towing away a Subaru that was stuck in a ditch. Mountain was pretty empty again. Got at least 4 inches with more snow at the top of gondola. Continued to snow on the upper half the entire day. Might have been the best skiing that I have experienced. Tons of untouched powder and then choppy but fun snow on most trails as day progressed. Spent most of the day on the intermediate trails next to saddle lodge. Really enjoyed powder pass today. Lots of soft bumps and challenging for all of us. Awesome day and legs are burning. Last run was interesting we started in a nice snow storm and great conditions but about 2/3rd way down it got slushy and we could see bAre spots. It was rAining at the lodge. Hoping for another good day tomorrow it we got spoiled today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

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  6. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Awesome day. Skied from 8:45-3:30. Really fun mountain. Son loved riding gondola for first time. Pretty good conditions although some big slush/ice spots on certain trails. A few trails were fast hard back and some were groomed perfect. A lot of varied conditions. Mash potatoes towArd end of day. Mountain was empty except for a few people and would have been even less people except there was a race. Talked to a lady with a BMR coat on. Her daughter was racing. Spent most of day on intermediate trails. Sleeping bear was the run of the day(snow was groomed perfectly with no ice). The only diamonds that I did were Fairview and Uncas. Not to challenging but a little technical with icy spots. I really liked the mountain and look forward to 10 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

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  8. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Might be a dumb question but is mountain high enough that could have snow at summit with rain at base. Happened 1 time i was at Killington on Skyeship gondola it was Misty at bottom of mountain and wasn't we broke through the clouds/fog sunny on top half.
  9. After all of the questions and advice, we decided to go to Gore this week, Looks like weather good overall with expected 1-3 inches on Thursday night and Friday 1-3 inches. Wednesday might be a little messy. Found a decent deal at Wyndam Lake George and the lift tickets were very reasonable for 3 day ticket. Looking forward to exploring this mountain. If we like it we will probably go again next year since 4th graders ski for free in New York.
  10. Are most of the Intermediates groomed? Intermediates similar to Pocono Diamonds?
  11. My wife and son are going with me. My wife generally can ski any intermediate trail at Mount Snow/Could probably do any groomed diamond trail but does not like to push herself. 12 year old son can ski all groomed trails and some bumps(more advanced than wife). I prefer to stay away from bumps. I really need to get a lesson. We have skied Mount Snow, Okemo, Bromley, Stratton, Killington and Pico for about the last 10 years. I only get to do the diamonds when wife is taking a break in Lodge. We always look forward to one trip to Vermont. Love the atmosphere. Thanks
  12. Latest Plan is to Ski Mt. Ellen next Thursday $30 ticket, MRG Friday then Pico Saturday. Is it worth paying full price $71to ski all Sugarbush or will Mt Ellen be enough for Intermediates and beginner trails for Family?
  13. My annual ski trip to Vermont has hit a snag. 10 day weather report showing rain for most of the East Coast. Whiteface is the only mountain showing promise. Might rain one day but figured we could check out olympic village. Any information/suggestions for the area appreciated.
  14. It has been a while since I have been at Shawnee but it was a lot of fun for the family. Rented 80'sat Adventure Sports on the way in for my 5 year old and took advantage of anyone under 46 inches is free. My wife, both sons, daughter and friend arrived at 9:30. Getting our vouchers was a little annoying since their were so many people and seemed like no non had a clue. I brought my 5 year old to the learning slope and spent most of the day with him. It was great to have him there but was a ton of work. I spent most of the day pushing/carryon him up a part of the slope so he could ski about 15-20 feet. My wife and daughter skied a few trails and my son and buddy explored the blue and black trails. I eventually went for a run with my daughter on Lookout to Pennsylvania. Definitley need to get her a lesson since she doesn't turn very much. I only got about 5 runs in but the mountain was fun(spent the rest of the day with son). The runs were fun and seemed longer than Jack Frost. I also liked their high speed quad. I will definitely bring the family again.
  15. Arrived at CBK Lodge Lot at 8:40. On mountain skiing by 9:00. Started on the Stevenson express with no lines. First run was Nile Mile snow was great. Next run was Pocono Raceway even better snow and a fun run. Real wide-open trail to ourselves. I convinced my son to do cliff hanger. He was a little tentative because of his first run on a "double Diamond" this year but managed himself well and wanted to do a second run which was much better. The lift line started to get a little crowded. We did another run on Pocono Raceway and took a look at the new trail scarab which is just a 30 yard connector. We then skied Julius caesar to honeymoon to get to the Sullivan express. We planned to take a break at the upper lodge now Called Kartrites summit house. I always liked taking a break there and having a coffee/hot chocolate. Apparently it is now a little more upscale restaurant and we were told it was closed until 11:00. We went down Rocket to get to the main lodge. Snow was pretty good with soft snow but a few hard pack/ice spots from people using it off earlier. My son made it through the more challenging headwall but ended up falling after hitting a soft snow bump and crossing his tips. He was ok but it aggravated his ankle that that he tweeted yesterday at basketball. It also hurt his confidence. After our break the lines were definitely longer and I found some people doing annoying things like not moving in line when it was there turn to alternate as well as some people not taking turns. At one point I pushed in since a group of guys was not waiting their turn. I ended up falling in the lift line which was crazy and a little embarrassing. I am pretty sure one of the guys behind me either popped me binding or got their ski on top of mine. Either way I have now fallen twice on the season on a bunny hill last week and now the lift line. I am becoming a worst skier as I get older. We ended up skiing King Tut and then we skied Big Pocono. Both were fun runs but my son said his ankle was giving out on him and he didn't want to ski any more steep trails. We finished by skiing Upper Cleopatra/Lower Cleopatra back to CBk/Lodge. My son said he was done and didn't want to push his ankle so we called it a day. We went to Billy's dinner in Tannersville on the way home. Pretty good food and reasonable. Today was my first time at Camelback since the Hotel was opened. I have always skied on Sundays and it was clear that the crowds on the Lift lines arrived earlier then the past. I always felt lifelines got long around 11:00 on Sundays but it happened around 10:00 today. I have 2 more visits this year since I purchased the triple ticket.
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