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  1. I need to get to Blue sometime to meet everyone in person.
  2. Great and much needed family ski trio to Elk. We have not had much chance to get away so we decided to get an airbnb cabin 5 minutes from the mountain and get a weekday ski in. It is getting tough to get out and expensive with all 5 of us skiing. Sunday was a great day. A few flurries and some squalls made it feel like midwinter skiing.We spent most of day 1 on East/West Meadow and Tioga to get the kids(7, and 10 year old) more comfortable. We ate in the Winter Garden restaurant. Shared nachos, wife and son shared asian chicken, little guys had chicken tenders and chicken noodle soup. Everything was pretty good and not too expensive. Toward the end of the day we were lapping Mahican to Lenape. I really enjoy that trail because of the tree and views actually remind me of a trail in Vermont. Snow was pretty good, some sugar, some mashed potatoes. We headed to our cabin which was pretty nice and had a wood stove to warmup. I went to a Cable's market to pick up pizzas and baked goods for the kids. Monday was even better. Woke up and headed back to Cable's for coffee, Breakfast sandwiches and muffins. Arrived at Mountain around 10:00. No crowds really helped with the kids confidence. We jumped on the quad from our car and started the day on Mahican/Lenape. Snow was perfectly groomed. It was a bluebird day and cold so the snow was fast. We started hitting all of the blue trails the rest of the day. The kids loved kickapoo and handled all of the turns really well. We then went to Wissahickon which was steeper then i thought but kids enjoyed it and wanted to do it multiple times. We went to lodge for a break/lunch and then hit Delaware. My wife and the younger 2 hung at the lodge so my 13 yo and I could hit Susquehanna. My son ripped down the trail, I was going pretty fast also but he smoked me. He was waiting near the lift and when I got there he said, "I have been waiting a while, Slow poke." The rest of the day was spent lapping the blue trails near the quad. I took one run Tecumseh to see if my daughter could handle it(she probably could have) but no reason to risk ruining her confidence after 2 great days.
  3. Thanks been a tough year for skiing with all 3 kids and all of the restrictions. Finally got out with them MLK weekend at JF and BB. BB was a shit show at night. Scary skiing with my little ones and so many bad skiers. It is dangerous.
  4. I usually go on one trip a year with my family to New York or Vermont. We did not get a trip in last year. With covid travel restrictions to New York and Vermont I am most likely not going agin this year. Are people following the quarantine guidelines before going to other states to ski? Would a trip to Seven Springs or Blue Knob be worth the drive for an overnight stay or better off just skiing local this year?
  5. Checking your skis count as 1 of your bags? Southwest gives 2 bags free
  6. Do you rent skis when you fly?
  7. I found some inexpensive flights to Denver. Trip would be Saturday -Wednesday. We would ski Sunday, Monday Tuesday. It will most likely be me and the wife. She will most likely be skiing Blues and Greens. Any suggestions on which Mountain to visit. I have been looking at Loveland.
  8. Was planning on going to Montage tomorrow but hesitant after all of the rain. Any thoughts on conditions?
  9. A few years ago I was able to get $25 lift tickets through cbs local deals. It was worth driving the extra 30 minutes for that rate. The most I would be willing to pay at Montage is about $40. It is great for low crowds and a great place for the kids to learn but only if the price is right.
  10. I like JF too but hoping they have single day lift tickets. Son is a good skier daughter learning. She is going to get 4th grade free ski pass
  11. $165 at Blue for 3 pack. Although I just chatted with someone at blue and they are going to have $49 single lift ticket
  12. I like bringing my kids to Montage but will probably not be happening this year. The Montage Triple Ticket is $179 for the extended ticket. Which is about $60 a ticket. Their Open to 4 pm ticket regularly costs $58. Not much of a deal for me. JF is $159 for 3 pack. Camelback and Shawnee have 3 packs for $129. Looks like I will be going here.
  13. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

    Different vibe today. There were races going on and with weekend skiers much more crowded but still light compared to trips to Vermont. We still never really waited in line more than 2 minutes and that was because gondola was on wind hold. It was cold and windy all day. Best snow was found on North side so we lapped a few trails all day. The main green down the mountain was a sheet of ice. I have never seen anything that bad in my life. We had a great day overall. Still found great snow on the sides of the trails. Was disappointed that they did not open the high peak quad because there were probably tons of untouched snow from yesterday. I have some video of all of us skiing but need to figure out how to post it. Last run of the day was sketchy up top on sunway trail(glacial ice 40 yards across and 200 yards down the trail). Skiers left was the only safe way down and was Iy about 10 yards wide. We jumped onto showcase which had much better snow and decided to call it a season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mess

    Gore 3/21-23

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