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TR 1-06-2018: 100% Open, COLD

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sunday funday at montage was a bright and cold one. we arrived at the lodge around 9 am, booted up, and headed to the upper mtn for some *much needed* warm-up runs. the added extra layers of clothing made me feel a bit like ralphie's little brother from "a Christmas story". it was good to see montage open wall-to-wall. snow was cold and fast. we headed down to the northface and white lightning was off the charts.  big firm bumps, but no ice was to be found. lighting was an issue in the AM.....kinda reminded me of how snowbird skis in the AM. the afternoon was spent in the GS race course that was set. could have done with a bit warmer temps but at least there was no wind to speak of.

overall fun times had by all...and no frost bite....so that's a plus, lol.

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