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  1. Hey somehow the forum discount code got deleted - it has been reactivated now - 10% off your order! If you don't know the code write to me. You must include your forum member userid in the request. Thanks! Marc
  2. Sure, but you'll have to send me a message for the additional discount. Cyber Monday will be a 15% off sale. Use CYBER15 for the coupon code in the shopping cart and take the 15%, then email me with your name and order number and I will give you another 5% as a refund. This applies to anyone that reads this and makes a purchase on Cyber Monday. Thanks!
  3. I feel guilty only coming back to post a sale notice but I hope you know you can write me directly anytime. This was such a good deal I wanted you all to know. Hope you had a great holiday!
  4. Black Friday coupon code for 20% off at http://racewax.com is BLACK20 stock up on ski wax snowboard wax, tuning tools and kits, Friday only. Enjoy!
  5. All waxes are marked down 50% and you get free shipping over $75 at www.racewax.com Use the 10% off code 10PMM in the checkout cart to get more off. Thanks & have a great summer, Marc
  6. RaceWax.com is having a clearance sale. Follow this link for a view of sale items and note there is a discount coupon code 10PMM listed there. Use that code in the shopping cart to get a 10% discount. Send me a PM if you would like additional discount codes (expiring on various dates this month) of 16%, 25%, or 33% depending on the cart total. Many of our items are already discounted up to 20% so they will add up to bigger savings! Thanks all for a great season! Marc
  7. 1) Please read my tuning tips pages, especially the Structure Theory page and that will help with the suction discussion. 2) Regarding too much wax, a simple solution is to buy a nylon brush and after you get it from the tech you tipped, brush it. If wax still comes up, then the board wasn't really done. You have to get that wax off or the snow will grab it. 3) My wax is better than Zardoz but you will never get a tech to use it and you can't use it without an iron. Furthermore, the word I heard on Zardoz is that repeated use clogs up your base. Seriously, For under $10 you can
  8. The wax is not stopping you because of chemistry. Either you have too much wax and the snow is digging into it or in wet snow the lack of structure in the base is hurting you because of the suction effect. Certainly high fluoro waxes help this and my waxes are high fluoro, but it seems that you want quick easy application. I would suggest a fluoro paste that I sell (MAXX WAXX) for $6.99 and a synthetic cloth to apply it. All of this is on sale at 20% off now.
  9. Well the old codes won't work anymore even if you did find them because it is a new company I am working through. The good news is that the old discount was a few percent and I plan to increase it. The better (and most important news) is that the sale I have now at 20% will never be bigger - this is it through the season as far as big discounts go - so stock up before Dec 2, after that any discount will be much less. I will need to learn the new system before I set up a forum discount and it might be a couple of weeks. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  10. I have a monster sale going on to celebrate my new website. Sorry I have been away, but if you see the site you will know why... tons of work! Check it out at RaceWax.com
  11. I am running an unadvertised special this week. Everything in the store is 10% off. This is the biggest discount I have ever listed. Use MAY10 in the PROMO CODE box at checkout. It will be announced at the end of the week to everyone on the site and is good all month. Some things are in short supply though so I am giving you an advance notice. In addition if you are from PA, I will refund any tax you pay on purchases through May.
  12. Congratulations and thanks!
  13. Yeah well I flew off a jump once, clipped a tree with my shins. They were so mangled that Ski Patrol just hacked them off with a Swiss Army knife. Then, since I was riding my bike home, they duck-taped a ski pole to each leg and then taped the ends to the pedals so I could make it back. The worst part was I totally forgot to get my boots. I eventually saw them on eBay, but got out bid at the last second and never saw them again.


    The bevel is the angle. Try this link on edge tuning to learn more.


    I think it has a 240 grit so it is more of a handy thing that you use to take out rough spots before sharpening. You don't need it routinely.
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