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  1. The barrels are for load testing. Barrels on chairs then filled with water.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/SkiCamelback/videos/653565692846581
  3. The row of footings off to the side are for the chair parking rail. Mid Atlantic = ice storms. Western lifts usually don't need parking.
  4. No, Blue's is being installed by Leitner-Poma and Camelback is Doppelmayr. They are fierce competitors.
  5. https://liftblog.com/2022/04/01/new-six-packs-coming-to-blue-mountain-and-camelback/
  6. It was true! https://liftblog.com/2022/04/01/new-six-packs-coming-to-blue-mountain-and-camelback/ (not April Fool's)
  7. Has anyone seen Sullivan run since the incident? I noticed they are spinning Sunbowl for the water park this summer.
  8. It was brought up in a Colorado tram board meeting last week. Engineer said it is being investigated as a dynamic event caused by multiple speed changes. Similarities to the Granby Ranch incident a few years ago. Colorado is looking at putting a mandatory delay in between speed ups/restarts.
  9. Word on the street is Okemo’s Green Ridge triple is Jack Frost bound. Anyone know where it would go?
  10. Well I checked with the state and they do not plan to release the investigation report. So we may never know. Other states do view such records as public - Colorado and Michigan are two. At least they are investigating. Lots of states don't have tramway oversight at all.
  11. All of the stop buttons a lift operator has access to are designed to be used any time and stop the lift safely. Similarly, lifts which need a certain amount of time between stops for the rope to settle have that built in. An operator cannot start the lift until that set time has passed. The lift operator title is a bit of a misnomer. People in that position are trained in very basic operation and customer service. The only way I could see a lift operator being at fault is if something was clearly wrong with the lift and they failed to alert lift maintenance. Lifties are trained to call for help when they get faults or problems. If human error is found to be involved, it is more likely to be on the maintenance side than lift operators.
  12. Don't rush to judgement. Similar things have happened elsewhere. Timberline Lodge, Thredbo Australia, Mt. Bachelor.
  13. My (short) story: https://liftblog.com/2021/03/21/chair-falls-from-camelbacks-sullivan-express/
  14. I received photos purported to show a chair which fell off the Sullivan Express today. I have asked Camelback for a media statement. Does anyone know anything?
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