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  1. I don't know the whole skibpatrol deal assume their volunteers. Gig looks good aside from the certification/ rescue portion I wouldn't want to deal with. Is there a shortage? Maybe need to add a stipend. I value people's time the get to ski free thing only goes so far. Thank God for volunteer firefighters.
  2. They had all the fan guns on at 330 when I was wrapping up. Missed the Pow, got on whatvwas left after 9am due to kid issues. The lift lines weren't too bad all things considered, stayed mostly on the quad where the season pass to singles line was the quickest. Another great day, love the full winter look and feel on the mountain.
  3. Evening session 4:30 - 8 everything good some fantastic, many repeats... except Lower Main which was choppy. Pleasent suprise that Lazy had held up and was an 8.5/10. Challange fast and predictable all the way down. Been a while since i skied under the lights and was suprised at how good I was able to pick up terrain and surface conditions...imagine how good it will be if they ever get around to replacing the rest of the old HPS with LED. Thought for sure there would be an after-school/ after-work wave given the big dump but it never materialized, mostly ski on or at most 2 - 3 chairs wait. guns still blasting on Sidewinder and Switchback, as well as the fan guns most everywhere they had them. Going to get some more this weekend.
  4. Yes - meant Sidewinder, and I am optimistic now with the natural base and forseeable snowmaking temps overnight they will get it. Makes me happy when the mountain is at 100% and a plus 10 when little dip ins are available all over the place. Might get there tomorrow to enjoy.
  5. I hope im wrong but think 100% is out of reach just like last year. My guess is they rebuild then go hard on Razors, Challenge and the park trail...no switchback. Looks like 8 days of snowmaking Temps let's see how they do.
  6. Leaving Vermont this AM. This looks nice to come back to.
  7. Got stuck on Main St lift Saturday for a good 10 minutes. Kept an eye on it afterwards and noticed it was continuously shutting down so we skipped it the rest of the session. Saw a big guy head up to the machine room on one of the stoppages. Appears to me there are some start up / commisioning issues.
  8. Lift not running when we left at noon.. I saw there was POMA guy at top keeping bar from klunkimg your head. Anyone know why it stopped? Nice to see they were still blowing snow - hope the can get coming soon and nightmare open for Monday.
  9. I was up around 5AM and it appeared to me they were making snow on Upper Main at that time.
  10. Had something to do in the AM so didnt get on snow w/ kids & wife until after 1. Burma / Paradise were as mentioned very sloppy and annoyingly crowded at parts. Coming soon was still nice though and we lapped that 3X. Lift line started getting long with people still coming in when we left around 4. Happy to get a day in this early - Blue did good to get open with the limited snomaking temps they had to work with. They are blowing now hope they push it hard this week and open some more terrain.
  11. Makes sense, where did you see that? Website has no snow report I can find for current conditions let alone next week.
  12. Will be suprised if they open Saturday with current forecast, targeting Sunday - looks like the better bet. Monday / Tuesday don't look good expect them to close again til later in week if they open at all...will be interesting to see if they want to push it if/when snowmaking opens up on the overnights.
  13. Well i'll be. .. a f'in ding dong
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