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  1. Well i'll be. .. a f'in ding dong
  2. Sun is out! From what im seeing on cams conditions look better than i was expecting. The rain really obscured the views yesterday. Unfortunately im stuck at work.
  3. Great day at Blue. There at open conditions were great. Hit Challange first - soft and fast. Then over to TCS for many runs where conditions were even better. My boys found the trench on their own. Disappointed they were not running both doubles mid mountain. Skied til 12 then rolled booking our second day on next years pass. Crowds still coming in as we left. Interested to hear how the mountain holds up today, & tomorrow's high in the 70... Monday 67.
  4. Thanks appreciate the offer - hopefully I can contribute a couple decent beers to the mix. You set a high bar with that one.
  5. @psufly - nice beer - assume you brown bagged that one?
  6. I kept it brief. Started at 920...good til 12 then had issues in the group. Airhead nailed it....didn't want to step on your toes. 😁
  7. Chili & 2 Breck IPAs. Was looking for you to buy.
  8. Just left. It was great until it wasnt! Sloppy after lunch and they just shut down quad
  9. Funny shit. Hope to catch up sometime.
  10. Cool. What is the best chance solution for the aging quad? Replace in kind or reroute in said manner to the western top or both? I'd still hate for the Main St chair not to be an option. Thanks grilled...I already feel like I've been here for years
  11. Good evening all- been lurking here for a while. 1st - you guys do a great job keeping the forum "entertaining" and always have solid trip reports for Blue Mtn. Tomorrow will be trip 4 for me this season to Blue - last year went mostly to Elk and (1) sorry trip to Camelback. I've wanted to join for a while and saw something today on another forum that gave me a kick. The poster said freinds at Blue told him plans are permitted and approved for project this summer to add new lift at Blue. Maybe I missed it in another topic on this forum - if so sorry for the repost? I like the idea of the lift servicing the Western top as its a PITA to get accross when crowded and you want to change it up...dont like they are taking both chairs away mid mntn as that is fun to loop sometimes espically when crowds suck in the valley. Thoughts? The lift will have it's bottom terminal at the Valley Lodge. It will extend in a western direction to the very top of the mountain to where both Main St. and Burma twin double chairs end. , The existing Burma and Main st chairs will be removed, a good thing given their age.. Also removed is the short Valley lift starting just below the Mountain Lodge and going to the western summit.
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