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  1. Haha I have gotten used to watching college online lectures at 1.25-2x speed depending on how fast the people talk and how confusing the subject is. The first few seconds few sound like gibberish still until I get adjusted. Some of these bonehead professors make videos longer than their regular lecture time would be
  2. https://www.stormskiing.com/p/podcast-40-montage-mountain-managing This is a month old now but I just listened to it (on 2x speed). I didn't see it mentioned anywhere here - an interview with Montage's owner Charles Jefferson. There is some pretty interesting stuff discussed: -The guy did not ski until after he bought Montage -Providing good customer and passholder experience, affordable season passes and midweek tickets, and making snow in March -Long Haul is being rehabilitated like the others lifts there but not replaced due to the unique Montage crowd flow -Hotel
  3. Got the shot today but vaccine passport talk needs to be shut down. That is none of the government's business. I can see it happening it Europe but I don't think it will be a legit thing here. Things are definitely looking like they will be back to normal by summer imo
  4. Indy pass pricing and additions drop April 27. They are hinting towards adding more mountains "in all regions" and slight price increase, but will "pack more value than expected" I hope the day trip offerings for PA increase. Indy would be a great alternative to Epic if that is the case. Ikon potentially coming to Camelback makes things even more interesting.
  5. dang. webcam looks like there is a good bit of snow still. Currently snow flurries down south in Lancaster here.
  6. abe

    Zee Lights

    I almost didnt go because I couldn't get a ticket and nobody answered the phone. A technically literate middle schooler could probably design a better website than most of these ski areas. Elk has the best website design imo. Nice and simple.
  7. abe

    Zee Lights

    It straight up said there was an error last week and to try again later for like a solid hour, I couldn't buy my night nicket. It would clear the guest name on the ticket every time I entered myself. Tried it in 3 different browsers.
  8. Thought I was done for the year at Blue on Friday but I might go to Camelback Friday evening due to a light work load this weekend. Waiting to see what the snow report looks like on Friday. I was looking into the bridge tolls you mentioned - it looks like all of those including white haven would be incredibly easy for locals to avoid - just get off, cross the river on the parallel local road, and get back on - not more than a couple minutes lost. I actually think this is a decent idea, make the interstate travelers and truckers pay for the interstate bridge replacements rather than usin
  9. two of my friends at the University of Delaware drove all the way to LV just to get White Castle
  10. This is going to be me, I hate to say, Roundtop tickets were insane this year and I didn't go there once. I drove the extra hour to the poconos every time. Probably going to give in to Vail and buy the dang pass but I am seriously concerned about what crowds at Roundtop/Liberty/Whitetail will look like next year - Indy+Bear Creek $25 night tickets is the other option. Highest price I paid for a lift ticket this year was $59 for Plattekill.
  11. After 3pm tickets are now $45 which is more reasonable, especially considering it is light until like 7:30 now. And you can probably avoid parking fee. Blue was charging $49 for only 4 hour after 3pm tickets Roundtop was charging $60 for night tickets this year which is insanity. Vail sucks
  12. abe

    BC closing day

    I didn't get there this year because every time we thought about going they were sold out! They must have had a pretty good year
  13. I'm not convinced they couldn't make it to Sunday if they really had wanted to. The only trail which had truly massive bare spots was Sidewinder. Yes it is melting fast and 80 degrees, but many trails still seemed to have pretty good coverage. Understandable that they would not want to be open in the pouring rain with spotty coverage and few customers on Sunday though. Anyway, I am not a Blue regular, but that's the emptiest I have ever seen it. Overall icier than I would have hoped given 80 degree temperatures but I guess the rain did a number on the corn quality. Still a lot of goo
  14. Almost surely getting Epic next year, after some reflection, 2hr drive to poconos every single time not worth it when I can get a pass for Roundtop on epic 1hr away which also includes JF/BB Liberty/Whitetail and Hunter all as possible day trips. The question is now do I also get Indy. Probably will still hold on buying epic until Indy pass drops just in case they somehow add more PA mountains.
  15. I was there - you might not have seen me tele turning on the runouts though. I am a n00b at that this year, this will be 4th time on tele skis. 2/5 platty, 3/5 shawnee, 3/12 spring, Blue seems so much bigger coming from Spring Mountain last time and actually having to take my time on tele skis rather than rip right down lol. The 1082' and express lift has got my legs on fire right now, I was cheating and parallel turning a good bit.
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