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  1. By the end of the year rates will be 9-10%+
  2. Kyle you got lucky buying a house when interest rates were low. Now people are paying 6-7%
  3. Maybe there’s another chair that says Oates hehehehe
  4. One of my customers kids lives in Santa Fe near the AZ snowbowl and he’s bummed that a lot of his favorite mountain bike trails are destroyed by this fire.
  5. I saw on FB..happy 65th bday Drew..I know you lurk...and what up Slim and Donny and Rick!!!
  6. I guess he can’t use the Shaggy defense,”it wasn’t me” reminds me of this song.
  7. That’s gonna smash into the lift tower. Terrible artist rendering
  8. To save snow they should have a preformed halfpipe made out of plastic and then just cover it with a couple inches of snow.
  9. Yes, they need to bring it back.
  10. Here’s a blast from the past.
  11. Or have @saltyantstand at the bottom of the new lift with a camcorder.
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