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  1. Nice Salty...the bros probably thought you were a local, that’s why they were so nice to you.
  2. Well you u still have another month or so.
  3. After tonight’s rain the snowmaking ponds should be full.
  4. I didn’t even see this but I don’t usually check my email...looks delicious.
  5. Wow your lunch sounds great. You have quite the appetite. $28 really isn’t that bad for that.
  6. That’s normal. It’s not typically on closing weekend or when there’s pond skimming. I’m already thinking our party will be the weekend of the 21st and 22nd.
  7. Did they let those people in? Do you remember the one season they had the season passholder party early in the season?
  8. Prizes as well and a speech by Barbara Green.
  9. I’ve never been to one before... @indiggio has said there’s fine apps and meats and cheeses and I think you get one free drink.
  10. Are you going to the season passholder party??
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