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  1. Gotcha if blue ever brings back the big air bag would be cool seeing you do some of those moves on skis.
  2. There’s only snowpack for back country skiing in the poconos like one out of every five seasons. Maybe @Justo8484 can give you some beta.
  3. It was stupid but not as stupid as the shit VTMark posts. And VTMark always says the N word and he’s not even black..
  4. @Robert2 also made a family friendly version called PAskiandride.org
  5. Maybe he can be a member on your PASR site
  6. How did VTMark become a millionaire in two years?
  7. How much money for a gun? Looks like a grand.
  8. It’s always been like that...this will definitely broaden the gap between the haves and the have nots.
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