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Community Answers

  1. I think more camelback passholders would discover Blue than Vice versa.
  2. I thought they did @skiincypost a report.
  3. Awesome and who watched your puppers while you were in Europe?
  4. They better release more passes or a lot of our row is going to be missing this season.
  5. Do all of y’all want a combined Blue and Camel pass? I’m still trying to find out from Blue if they are going to release more season passes for sale. Johnny law usually buys his season pass on opening day.
  6. The only WF in the Lehigh valley is in an area surrounded by low 6 figure average household incomes..same with all three wegmans..Dollar Generals are very close to each other in inner city Allentown. There are 8 of them in Allentown Bethlehem and Whitehall. $57m a year for a single store is huge..Whole Foods isn’t necessarily stupid expensive. They have a lot of their own brand items like tortilla chips and salsa and their deli is pretty elite.
  7. A shame they don’t put in a Whole Foods but I guess the demographics aren’t there.
  8. Multiple people I know want to purchase Blue season passes online and they can’t. I’m talking about like people who park in our row and have had passes for years. This sort of thing is why we need a Blue mountain rep on PASR
  9. #SkierProblems....I need a new jacket and new helmet. I guess I should start saving up.
  10. Even with your out west goggles? It wasn’t for me because I was always up with goggles the second I got to liftline.
  11. I doubt blue will require masks indoors. My parents were just in Boulder and they have indoor mask mandates there. Not like here which is a free for all.
  12. Sweet you can even sit on his side of the booth.
  13. It’s nice you get a senior citizen discount on your season pass. You don’t night ski that often?
  14. Props for getting to the bike ride at 9 after party rocking the night before. I’m gonna have to stop going out till 2am Saturday nights when the skison starts.
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