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  1. Leaves are starting to change color. Halfway to st. Patrick’s day.
  2. $430 and free shipping doesn’t seem bad. I also need new goggles at least bright light. It’s amazing goggles last me like 5-6 years usually for two pairs.
  3. I need to start training for Blue mountain by drinking more morning beers.
  4. Yeah but you also have to pay an annual maintanance fee and sometimes housekeeping as well which can cost several hundred. Some like time shares because they can sometimes swap for different locations. They don’t don’t r ally call them time shares anymore it’s often called fractional ownership. For a time resorts were selling a lot of quarter shares, 1/8 shares and 1/16th shares. Essentially you get a week a month, two weeks a season or a week three seasons of the year. If you ever look up real estate for a place like Aspen you might see a condo listed for only $79,999 and you think damn and the. In the fine print it says 1/16 fractional ownership. Put that $80,000 in a 5% low risk investment and can just take a baller trip every year with the interest. Fools and their money.
  5. For a time share you mean?? You pay $19-$36k and you get a week a year there for life or until the company goes bankrupt. Time shares are a fucking rip off. It’s usually someone who is already a time shareholder who convinces a friend to join in...
  6. They should paint some lines in the lot.
  7. I’m sure they’re installing lights and snowmaking on new trail.
  8. Did you night ski at all?
  9. I fucked it up extra a few years ago when I put my last name in first name box so now there’s two of me in the system.
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