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  1. Was it like a meet and greet? You used to do YouTube for fishing and power lifting I think.
  2. Does your AC work with generator? That’s a crazy amount of power outages. The power went out at the hotel house long enough that I had to reset the time on the microwave.
  3. My delivery guy was there…he got there at like 8am. He said they had a rock climbing thing he did. Nice to see people are finally discovering the poconos. Prob some famous people there.
  4. Smart way for them to get some upfront revenue and that is a really good deal and incentivizes doing a spring trip which also keeps the mountain busier in spring which is good for the Vibes. Blue used to have a spring fling deal which I really think they should bring back. If you purchase a ticket late February/early March…you receive 50% off your next visit. Similar to the frequent skier card model… I’m starting to miss skiing. I already get up early everyday anyway might as well drive to blue.
  5. Good deal for sure and I just about never get FOMO except for the heli skiing Atomic Jeff @NMSKI and @Johnny Law did I think everybody had it thanks @skiincy for the photoshoot and also April VT trip sugarbush part. WTGAI
  6. Oh I heard it brings all the boys to the yard…I guess you have more Rizz than Jizz
  7. $50 for what? You selling Girl Scout cookies? Damn Daniel
  8. Can I ride with you and Matt edge??
  9. Id be down..I’m actually looking at my famous purple polo shirt right now @NMSKI
  10. @AirheadD8 and @toast21602 were asking about when the days get shorter. Right about now…
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