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  1. 12/14/17

    It's gonna be hardpack and ice tonight don't worry. The new snow is almost melted.
  2. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    No more like a Salty Penguin..
  3. 12/14/17

    I really believe it is real unfortunately
  4. 12/14/17

    Atomic Jeff was on his slalom skis last night and was loving lazy mile.
  5. Mid-week Opening

    Their website sucks..I bet if you explained the shitty online system to the people st the ticket office you'd be bet with blank and confused stares.
  6. Mid-week Opening

    Yeah using his $39 gift card from when he complained about long lines on Sunday.
  7. 12/14/17

    And they did groom but it snowed a couple inches on top of it. That's perfect.
  8. 12/14/17

    It will be fine eaf..skier packed powder. The new snow will pack to about 1/2 inch.
  9. Mid-week Opening

    Can you buy a ticket online with a gift card??
  10. 12/14/17

    They should bump up Floyds now that's a good run..best 12 seconds ever.
  11. 12/14/17

    Blues runs only form natural bumps if there was a huge snowstorm followed by a lot of traffic or a really warm spring day with a lot of traffic..I remember the bumps on exhibition at Jack Frost. Aren't they really short. Blue has at least three bump runs by later in the season..nightmare, challenge and barneys...they seeded bumps on middle dreamweaver last season and it was a really long stretch of bumps.
  12. 12/14/17

    They should build bumps on the Chute again. They did a few years ago.
  13. 12/14/17

    I never heard any complaints about the bumps in previous years.
  14. 12/14/17

    No sarcasm in my last post. I really think it's good that they are blowing the crap out of homestretch.
  15. 12/14/17

    Bahahahaha switchback is usually the last run to open which I find dumb because they could open it in a day and a half of snowmaking and its a short run. Burma was getting groomed out last night. The good thing about the timing of this cold spell is that homestretch is gonna have a ton of base by the weekend which is good. Last season they didn't blow enough snow in homestretch.