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  1. Gets below freezing in about 12 hours to stop the melting…
  2. Looks like 20”+ new snow today at whistler. Should be a fun one.
  3. You had me at 69…my friends motto is wine me fine me 69 me.
  4. I am…ok I gotta fax something lol and then my grandson Braydon is gonna show me how to use my new iPhone SE
  5. I was talking to one of the boomers about it and I think so. I’m like one of the boomers as I’d have probably used gift card if it was an actual gift card not in the cloud.
  6. I’ll buy it on 4/1…payment plan and again prob not use my gift card or buddy pass.
  7. When does the season pass sale end?
  8. Cloudy and mild no rain in the forecast until Sunday afternoon.
  9. They better put directional arrows because people are gonna land off the trail…I’d prob end up in the ditch cause I’d definitely hit that with speed..wouldn’t want to get knuckled.. They need to bring back the wall ride…I enjoyed that feature. we did see somebody do a nose butter into a front flip in come around park with not a lot of air. It was insane. Best I ever did when I would get mad steezy air was like a mule kick ski grab mcflurry or maybe a double lindy with sprinkles..
  10. My company does not allow hot beverages..after the McDonald’s lawsuit, my attorney has advised against it. Also I saw big snow is in New Jersey..I didn’t know there were mountains in jersey. Thought it was all pizza shops and salt water taffy stands and fist pumping..gym tan and laundry..and I have a confession to make, salt water taffy is overrated..it looks cool in those 1917 machines but it just doesn’t deliver..sorry not sorry.
  11. Well this might be a rare season we have a few weeks of nice spring conditions as opposed to cold at the end. I’ll take the spring skiing
  12. Sounds like a nice hill station yes yes is there a mascot and benches?
  13. Nah he’s more laid back now and likes that you enjoy fine seafood at ski resorts
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