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  1. That was great. I didn’t even notice your suntan below your facemask.
  2. Nice report. Long long drive home back to DE.
  3. Is Hunter gonna be open on Friday??
  4. @Ski2Live Live2Ski will be in key west.
  5. I doubt he’d figure it out himself. He’s not on social media. You text him Toast.
  6. Wow is that you wearing bow tie? You look the same.
  7. Way to get after it!!! Are you coming to Blue this weekend?
  8. Sweetness. I never logout....only time I put in my password is if I get a new iPhone or PASR is down for updates.
  9. Congrats do you have a resume.
  10. Second row(one flight of stairs down from lodge) about 10 cars west of the steps. I have a black Subaru Impreza.
  11. Opening day forecast..sunny with temperatures rising from the 20s into the 30s..comfortable for most..facemask weather for Salty
  12. Will likely be my latest weekend start all season. I’ll still prob get there around 8 and maybe dilly dally into lodge and see if pass works. Last time they said that I have to see if it works at the scanners. Ok now need to gather my ski stuff and buy 12 pack of perpetual.
  13. Hey All, Blue is opening for the season on Saturday 11/16 at 9am. Anybody going to be there for the rope drop? Another short off season under 7 months for me and under 6 months for some. Great stuff.
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