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  1. the pics from today thread

    I believe they have one run that’s super steep by PA standards. Went to youtube its Gunbarrel
  2. the pics from today thread

    They used to be owned by the same company as Ski Windham
  3. the pics from today thread

    My college roommate who grew up in Camp Hill was a Roundtop regular.
  4. the pics from today thread

    Blue looks like Chamonix compared to Roundtop.
  5. Okemo and Season Passes

    No bday skiing at Killington?
  6. Okemo and Season Passes

    Yeah you haven’t been on a ski trip in awhile. You should go up there when blue closes will be good preparation for a trip with Matt Edge and Salty next winter.
  7. Mt Snow 2.22 and 2.23

    You can have a dank diner breakfast when you get back to PA to make up for it.
  8. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    At Jackson hole they sell waffles at the top of the tram and one is peanut butter and bacon which sounds interesting but I’ve never been inside Corbett’s cabin where they sell them. I actually message with my ski crush Lynsey Dyer on Facebook sometimes and told her I’d buy her a waffle if I ever see her. Funny thing is she and tommy moe probably get free waffles.
  9. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    I’ve never had one..actually I don’t think I’ve had a waffle since I was a kid and never a homemade one just Eggo waffles
  10. Mt Snow 2.22 and 2.23

    You love vanilla lattes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a latte. Did you have a good breakfast?
  11. Mt Snow 2.22 and 2.23

    Yup Stratton faces north and Brinkley faces south. In the spring Bromley melts out super fast due to its orientation.
  12. Okemo and Season Passes

    I only skied BV a few times in college it was during a time when it kept changing ownership and one season it didn’t open at all.
  13. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    I did for one season but I generally don’t listen to music unless I’m driving. I also don’t like skiing with my phone. I don’t like that extra bulk in my pocket and am nervous I’ll drop it off the lift. I’m on my phone 15 hours a day so skiing is my phone free time.
  14. Okemo and Season Passes

    Same but it wasn’t cold. I’m not a fan of Bolton valley as it’s super flat and near much better spots.
  15. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Root do you always listen to music when you ski??