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  1. Have fun...make sure the twins chip in for gas money and tolls. They need to put some skin in the game.
  2. Are you skiing off piste at all?? You eat anything good?? Spaghetti and a meatballs.
  3. BenM hands forward ass up in the moguls. I see you caught up on days in the stats manager..attaboy!!!
  4. It was open Sunday and I didn’t ski it cause it looked crowded and cookied up.
  5. Wow reminds me of when my grandma got runover by a reindeer.
  6. Wow Nipples is a grown up now. This is the Nipples I remember.
  7. The weekend roll call thread is gonna be sponsored by Sarah McLaughlin..building a mystery.
  8. Indiggio is butthurt that the butthurt report he filed got zapped...and I wish I had some popcorn.
  9. And you still have to pay tax on blue bucks. It’s bananas B A N A N A S
  10. I don’t know about the middle of nowhere. There’s 500,000 people within 20 miles.
  11. I’m sure the labor shortage is affecting blue mountain. Heck they don’t even have Rays grill on skis open.
  12. High school staff has to make up for a snow day BAhahahah ok
  13. If somebody criticized my business online and I had the ability to remove it, I would. If not for google reviews I would tell many many people to fuck off on the regular. Indiggio have you or any of the bumpers talked to management in person about your concerns? Slim loudly ranting in the liftline doesn’t count.
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