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  1. Super rad visuals from the YouTube concert.
  2. I pumped for you. Any new music videos by the Beagles? I’m already getting excited for Christmas
  3. A big sinkhole that goes down tens of meters or more opened up on one of the ski trails at Grand Targhee. There’s tons of caves in Wyoming. Here’s a cool video on one of them.
  4. They need to build that Philly to Camelback highway. Would take Root 22 out of the equation for Philly Phucks. BenM would call it the Hoagie Highway..could make it to southeast PA faster for a Sando or the big game
  5. And how the fuck did Blue become 1140 vert all of a sudden.
  6. This is becoming like a store in the mall…a Hot Topic…
  7. Big facts and doubt they’re checking..
  8. Here’s a scenario. Johnny BreakTheLaw has a Blue mountain season pass and an Ikon pass. He already gave away his buddy pass to Schifdawgs hot aunt(hey I like blondes)..and then his pal Richard wants to ski Blue so Johnny BreakTheLaw uses his blue pass and Richard uses JohnnyBreakTheLaws Ikon pass(sorry no VIP access).. So then Blues IT/loss prevention department will notice two JohnnyBreakTheLaws skiing at the same time at Blue even being scanned in seconds apart every run…that my friends is a pickle even Johnny Cochran couldn’t figure a way out of
  9. Ikon might sell more passes if they had a deal where it was a couple hundred off an ikon pass maybe for new ikon passholders if they have a season pass at a participating ikon resort. I also see local Ikon passholders lending their passes to friends to use at Blue and camelback. That’s theft of services but sometimes I think like a criminal so essentially somebody with a Blue season pass and a full Ikon pass has 8 buddy passes for Blue or 6 on the base model pass. Crazy Another thought is that Blue might well more season passes being on the Ikon pass as Ikon passholders discover the new Blue and use up their five or 7 days fast and then purchase an early bird pass around March 1st. Blues thought is bring more people even at a reduced per person cost, and you’ll have more people buying food, drink, gear and other services. With Ski2Live and the twins on Ikon, Blue stands to make $10s of additional dollars on a hot chocolate tap water and some chicken fingers shared three ways. more ramblings to come..doing THC experiments on myself again…
  10. Only a few resorts offer unlimited visits for Ikon passholders. I know sugarbush and copper mountain are on that list.
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