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  1. One thing is for sure this lockdown is good for the environment. This is pretty remarkable...the Himalayas can be seen from areas 200km away in northern India for the first time in 30 years @RajeevGuptaSucheeta Hope you are safe and your sister Jaya and the rest of the family are good!!!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/491965-people-in-india-say-theyre-seeing-the-himalayas-for-first-time-in%3famp
  2. I hope you’re kidding...your wife should just grow her hair long and you as well.
  3. I know she loves the sideburns. Gives her something to grab onto wahahahaha
  4. As long as you keep your patented Flavor savor/soul patch square that’s what matters.
  5. There will be hair salons open before next ski season...otherwise half of PASR is gonna have a buzzcut and half will look like GSSucks
  6. It’s prob like an two inches long instead of one inch long. My female friend has been getting touch ups by a hairdresser friend on the low. 30 something girls don’t wanna show gray.
  7. Ive had this song stuck in my head for like 3 weeks...and on topic this plague is definitely going to create a greater gap between the haves and the have nots. I was trying to explain to my office manager why afro Americans are dying more from this than white people...a lot of them work front end service jobs, take public transportation, have undocumented medical conditions and not just race but socioeconomic status plays into this a lot. Barely any corona cases in the deep west end of allentown but tons of them in the ghetto areas of Allentown.
  8. How should internet be handled differently?
  9. It’s crazy so people who were making $10 an hour before who were laid off are making about $23 an hour now with the supplement....it was poorly executed. Should have covered the gap between unemployment and last salary but for people who make below like $55k a year they’re better off on unemployment. Can’t you only collect unemployment if you’re laid off not if you voluntarily quit? I do know that if employees fee unsafe due to corona virus in workplace there are other exceptions.
  10. My dad is bored and self important as well. This must be tough on my mom. She typically expects my dad to leave the house 5 hours or so a day to play golf or swim or go to gym or go to Pho place or Jewish deli and he’s home all the time. My mom is totally beside herself that she can’t see her grandkids...I think she just spends most of the day on the phone with my sister and her sisters.
  11. What do parents do if they have kids and serious jobs they can’t miss? You can’t even dump kids at grandparents house during this due to social distancing. I’m thinking something like daycare will be one of the last things to reopen. I need to get one of those contact free thermometers for when I’m allowed to have customers back in here. They’ll be happy I don’t take their temperature rectally...wahahahaha
  12. That’s like @tarponhead family but his kids are older.
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