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  1. Looks like maybe a pow day or rider of the storm day Wednesday. Mute that’s a lot of vert.
  2. Way to get after it. I remember when you bought the RTMs three years ago and it took you way harder to pull the trigger my....homey
  3. Blue is selling tickets for 3/29,3/30 and 3/31 and also blue won’t be open Easter Sunday 4/4. Also it’s very very rare for Blue to announce their closing date more than a week in advance.
  4. @saltyant did you pull the trigger my dawg?
  5. Yup that’s why I’m waiting until 4/12 to go to Colorado although that’s about when I usually go..no way Blue will be season passholder only..they need to make hay while the sun is shining.
  6. With a return to winter weather next week I have high hopes. I think blue will be open daily through the 3rd of April and then the following weekend 10-11..
  7. It would be torture to me to have new skis during ski season and not be able to ski them.
  8. Next season when lifts are full capacity I look forward to singles lines. During busy periods that was always the fastest line as the liftline guy often would pair six singles together on the six pack. Just for fun I sometimes like to come up with different combinations for the six pack...six people..5 and one..4 and two..4 and two singles...3 and 3...3-2-1...3-1-1-1...2-2-2 and six singles woo woo.
  9. I’ve heard they sold double as many season passes this year as last year. They were selling a bunch early in this ski season perhaps in response to $79 weekend four hour tickets and $109 8 hour weekend tickets. On busy weekdays the VIP line is usually shorter than regular line.
  10. Women don’t like when guys joke about stuff like that. With my ex I once called her a different girls name jokingly and she was pissed.
  11. I should have waited to file my taxes. I think I cost myself Biden bucks. Oh well.
  12. Salty can’t wait to see your new skis.
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