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  1. That reminds me of a ride at Dorney Park called the Sea Dragon!!!
  2. Where’s you been? I think the only time I skied with you was like 2006. You went to Blair academy right?
  3. My iPhone is my computer so I’m used to typing a lot on it.
  4. Hey all, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at dark o clock and it was around 4 degrees out. In the house were Johnny Law, PARidge, BenM JFDan, Dirtwolf, Atomic Jeff, NMSki, Mute, Boo Bear, Indiggio, Salty and many others. Second civilian old six pack and Nightmare dreamweaver first which was ok snow but slick in the last corner. Main Street had very nice snow and I skied that a few times. Widowmaker was ok but had gates on it and Midway had nice fresh man made chalk. I was surprised that the guns were off, I heard it might have to do with electric company stuff. Coming soon was also nice chalky manmade and lazy was ok, corner was a little slick and after the falls was uneven. The 4 degrees today felt colder than -29 at Jackson hole and my toes were frozen. I didn’t feel like hanging around and drinking beer and now I’m at work getting stoned and logging in yesterdays mail. I could use some hot cocoa. JADIP Also did anybody bring a gummy stone for BenM
  5. I had a customer come up from somewhere in south jersey and took all back road to save money on the tolls.
  6. That seems high for your car. Over 10 gallons of gas? Are you counting your Wawa coffee as part of the expense.
  7. If you aren’t crashing you aren’t trying. I wonder if it will be below zero tomorrow.
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