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  1. The person not wearing a mask should be shamed. If I have to wear a mask she should. I haven’t seen a single person without a mask in a store since the rule went into affect a month ago.
  2. If warm weather has an affect why are cases skyrocketing in Mexico, Brazil and Florida...the stay at home did work to flatten the curve. The WHO world health organization said we are in the first wave still and will likely see a second peak as restrictions ease. Nationwide new cases are pretty flat at about 25,000-30,000 daily
  3. Yeah less than 6%...somebody in the Ikon group has a family of five and he said will be nearly impossible for them to all ski together.
  4. I feel like only giving 5% of the spots to non passholders is pretty crappy.
  5. Good to wear a mask for ten minutes while grocery shopping is no big deal and if it takes you more than ten minutes maybe watch some old episodes of supermarket sweep.
  6. Soft pretzels are good with water ice. The local Rita’s don’t have them. When I worked at Rita’s they did have them.
  7. I wear mask when doing drive thru or curbside out of respect. Here’s one thing my friends kid had a lemonade stand..that to me a little much now..I still haven’t had Rita’s yet this year. I worked at Rita’s in 1995...made $4.25 an hour. My favorite flavor is strawberry...back ups if they don’t have strawberry..Swedish fish, cherry, Florida orange.
  8. Aren’t masks required everywhere. I’ve gone somewhere almost everyday of this but only have hungout with one friend and we didn’t even embrace.
  9. Yes they would if it meant unemployment and lack of social life. The bars are plenty crowded during the winter.
  10. Blast from the past. I bet you could buy a whole block in Jackson for $500 back then.
  11. They won’t tolerate but when the second wave hits I bet PA goes into a lockdown again...Governor wolf is super strict. @saltyant does your work have a timetable when your work from home will end??
  12. Other states not doing so grate 879 new for Florida..Maryland 839 new. Virginia 1483 new..NC 692 new..Minnesota 742..Iowa 300 new. While Iowa’s number is less than PA they have 22% of our population.
  13. Wow if this trend continues we’ll be down to zero by Thursday. Grate stuff
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