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  1. Lifts start running in 15 minutes. The warmest 24 degrees at the base.
  2. I got the grab and go breakfast from the front desk. I had apple juice box, coffee, bagel with peanut butter and hard boiled eggs. Abasin today is gonna be good the 2”+ fallen..I’ll try and take a few pictures.
  3. Fat two inches so far at Loveland...good thing the rental car place gave me a brush to wipe the snow off my car. Also pictures from last nights Pho.
  4. I believe they still have the old TWA terminal at JFK airport preserved as some sort of a museum. Right now I’m at Pho Bay. It’s dead here. Sitting at the bar.
  5. I could be the concierge. In Jackson hole I’m a tourist and I show tourists around. Had 7 rooms booked by PASRs at one time in the 49er..I should have got commish
  6. I have to checkout cnn and Fox News and see what’s happening. There are 330+ million people and if something nutty happens it’s all over the news and crazy stuff is always gonna happen. @PSUFlymy friend was fishing in the little Lehigh river and saw a safe...he called Allentown fire and police departments and they fished the safe out of the water. It was actually stolen from a local business. And I believe there was still some money in it. Off to the evidence room.
  7. I didn’t see laundry or vending machines but plenty of towels.
  8. Yeah but I like trying out new spots between the hotel house living. In a survey they asked how many nights a year do you spend in a hotel and I said almost 400.
  9. Yeah one of the SJWs I’m FB friends with was posting about how another Afro American was killed by police..crazy and I’m still getting over the loss of DMX and Prince Phillip.
  10. Room is pretty nice, it’s large..24 feet x 15 feet not counting bathroom and little wet bar.
  11. Got my early check in complimentary at the Hampton Inn...it’s adjacent to a shopping center and the front desk lady said the Chinese restaurant is very good. Also a walking path nearby which looks to lead up to the Dillon Dam..free breakfast looks to be grab and go style but starts at 6am which I like..Einstein bagel is basically across the street....I didn’t bring swimming trunks but there’s a pool and you make reservations for half hour time slots. JADIP. As little orphan Annie said,”I think I’m gonna like it here”
  12. I purchased a lift ticket for Abasin for tomorrow for $99...they do a reloadable card like at Blue. Lift ticket pricing is all over the place, Loveland is only $75 even on the weekends and Copper is like $130+ during the week but I’ll ski there at least one day. For shits and giggles I checked out Breckinridge and like $189. Just shows the value of having the Epicpass. Heading to the Hampton inn, if they don’t let me early check in I’m going to at least poop there and charge my phone. I’m at 38% and all y’all know I like to keep it 100.
  13. Nice I’m seeing lots of younger people on my FB newsfeed getting their first doses and a few 50-60 year olds who weren’t so anxious like most of us PASRs
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