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  1. My delivery guy had to switch gyms because he doesn’t want a vaccine...
  2. Sweetness and you live in a pretty liberal area!!!!!
  3. Today was the first day that there were more unmasked people than masked people eat Wegmans. It stinks that employees there still need to wear masks while at Target and Weis most employees are maskless.
  4. They should call it the Tom Brady wahahahah
  5. I did that with the JCC travel camp back in 1992...and went to Atlanta the following year on Amtrak. I sort of want to drive to Harrisburg and take the train to Pittsburgh sometime, I did that as a kid as well.
  6. Yeah five days ago..it was not a big snow year in CO...luckily it dumped a couple days of my trip like it usually does.
  7. My friend sent me this photo...that’s Loveland..she’s on her way to a bachelorette party out near grand junction.
  8. I like the trend of bartenders and servers not wearing masks. If the customers don’t have to wear one, they shouldn’t have to.
  9. Enjorales I hope to see you and pops and your family at the Grate Allentown fair later this summer...last year was the first year with no fair since World War One or as they called it back then The Grate War..
  10. That’s awesome!!! I assume you’re maskless.
  11. Target had the lowest percentage of masked people that I’ve seen so far...I’m guessing 40%...
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