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Community Answers

  1. I thought you’d at least tell us what runs were open and what the scene was like.
  2. Nice pictures..was I right or was I right about a certain PASR watching us on a webcam?
  3. It has do to with JFDan..you’re welcome and anytime.
  4. @jordan I’ll fly you in for it!!! On frontier airlines.
  5. @First Grade Teacher was also at Blue
  6. Salty...I hope your mom didn’t walk in on you looking at the webcam..
  7. Cool try not to stay out till last call tonight so you can make the rope drop at Blue.
  8. TFDI!!! Any othe PASR @ JF? How was Floyd’s??
  9. @saltyant mbike mike was also in the house. Are you going to ski tomorrow? Maybe @MattEDGE will be there.
  10. Can a mod merge this with mixilplix thread? Also where was @saltyant
  11. Hey All, im back from day two at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the upper lot at 710am and it was in the mid 30s under mostly cloudy sky’s which became partly sunny. Winds were low and in the house were PARidge, Johnny law, mixilplix, JFDan, Toast, Mute, Ryan, Slim, Indiggio, Antman, atomicJeff, NMSki, BenM, Tarponhead, Justo, Joans husband, Gary, Gary, Bethlehem ford guy and many others. The 8am rope drop was more subdued than yesterday...I was maybe 6-7th down..the rolly Polly mini root rollers on Main Street slowed me down about..yeah yeah excuses are like assholes and belly buttons everybody has one. It was pleasant skiing with no real lift lines and perfect weather. In the mad Goldilocks, just right..come around was pretty ok before it got sugary..it’s nice not having to worry about getting unanticipated air to the left of the last feature. Midway was alright..rowdy and tight..right side of lower Main Street was a bit better but the lighting was goofy. Easy out and vista were nice for cruising. I 100% consider this bonus skiing so I’m not going to rate the conditions like a pizza review. I skied 7 laps then hungout in the lot for way longer than I skied for and enjoyed some beer, Boilo, sour cream and onion chips and commaraderie. In the words of Ice Cube,”Today was a Good day”
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