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  1. Get some folding legs and make a table.....Would look good in Blues lot...
  2. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    Removed the clamps/wax paper and tape....did a little bit of sanding.....One side came out really nice...The other has a couple of small voids that I will have fill with some epoxy... But for not knowing what I'm doing I'm happy with the results....Cause I was really doubting myself when I was doing the glue up.... There are some other very minor issues but I figure they are going to get beat up anyway... Put the halves together and have a slight gap in the middle...maybe a 64th of an inch....Still have to do final sanding to close that up.... I guess I can order up some bindings now.... Sometimes you get great results when you have no clue what the fuck you are doing....
  3. Or the Guthooks/Atlas maps app.....
  4. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    Epoxied everything in....What a fuckin mess....We will see what tomorrow brings......
  5. I bought a UDAP bear canister...weighs a couple of ounces more than the BV450...
  6. This is a real long shot but......I have a BV 450 bear canister for sale....The only reason it is for sale is the high peaks region in the Adirondacks will not allow this canister(the only one they won't allow)..The reason is apparently bears have figured out how to open them....This canister is accepted every where else that a canister is required....Used only twice and is in excellent condition... I have a new one on the way so this one has to go....................$35
  7. Lovin these temps....
  8. Are you allowed to possess fire arms or have a CCP if you have a medical card?
  9. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    While I'm waiting for epoxy I figured I would cut and fit everything.....I see a huge mess coming trying to get the edge/VDS/fiberglass and epoxy in that groove....then clamped together so everything sits nice....This maybe the toughest part of the build..... I'm just about at the point where if I fuck things up I'm gonna be pissed....
  10. Monday late afternoon/night looks harsh....
  11. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    Got the other half done last night.....So now I have to assemble everything..... So far it looks like it should work....
  12. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    Got one side ready for assembly ...Used a stacked cutting wheel on a laminate trimmer...and hot glued on two little blocks for a fence/depth guide....Pretty cheesy but it worked great... First pass the base wouldn't flush up with the edge so had to make a second pass and take off a fuzz....The space above the base material got bigger than I wanted but I can put some fiberglass in to take up the space.... Was super nervous when I was doing this...but I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out...
  13. Mixilplix

    DIY Splitboard

    Cobbled together some brackets to hold the board when I cut the slot for the edge and rubber...Also made the cut so the edge sits flush..Used a cabinet square and a utility knife blade...I'll take it out after the slot is cut....
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