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  1. Blew the dust of the BMW with a ride through Lobachsville/Dryville area...ended up with a short stop at BC...About 50 or so miles....For a 48 year old bike she still runs pretty good....
  2. I can pretty much fix/build anything around my house but there are some things I hire people to do ..... Roofing and drywall finishing come to mind...I don't install carpets either.....
  3. When I was flying back from Germany we had to stop in Belgium .....The pilot landed the 747 through some thick fog...Like as soon as you saw the runway we touched down.....Deserved a round of applause and a thank you handshake...TWA took me back home.... Plus flying in the 60's was probably way better than it is now...
  4. Fukin righteous.....
  5. Angrysnowboarder for the win....
  6. Buckhouse is nothing special...Just one of many "influencers"
  7. I had a close call with two my coworkers...They are brother and are super nice dudes...Always wore masks at work and washed/sanitized hands, but you just don't know what people do outside of work...As soon as I found out I emailed my doctor to write a script for a test...to the hospital and a day and a half later it came back negative...
  8. Taking the train from Lansdale to Jefferson Station took less than an hour....I always bought the Independence pass..It was like 12 bucks and you could ride any form of SEPTA transportation all day....No worries about traffic or parking....Great for sporting events or anything else you wanted to do in the city..
  9. With no deep snow I think you could hike it and get a number of laps in..
  10. I like that they are doing this...but I think it sucks they are charging pass holders...
  11. Different kinda season...Thanks to everyone for making it that way.....
  12. It's just going to overcrowd the surrounding trails...I'm sure they will sell a bunch of permits though.... I was at Indian head this past fall....It's spectacular ..
  13. Today was super duper fun...Got to ride my new skis in the morning..then shed a layer and and sample some of the finest of @enjoralas meats..Then out on the board in the pm...Razor and Challenge held up great considering the temps...Days like this are the best...
  14. Beautiful day to be out on the snow..Razors was money this morning...Side was good first thing but got thick at the bottom later on....I felt Main st was meh....Switch was good too....Cool temps first thing but it warmed up pretty quick....
  15. I apply paste glide wax....use a heat gun and rub it in as it melts....let it cool...buff it with a rag.....let the snow do the rest..
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