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  1. I think some people hear the survivability rate and say they don't need the vaccine .... and there are people that think it takes X number of years to develop a vaccine.... I like to think medical science advances pretty quick so maybe they can develop them quicker now....Then there are people who just full on distrust anything that comes out of Washington... But I'm with Dan..I don't understand why people will not get vaccinated ...
  2. Think how hard the AC has to work to get the temp back down as opposed to keeping it at a steady temp all day.
  3. Turning the AC of when you go to work and turning on when you get home saves you nothing...
  4. I still wear a mask most of the time...Not so much outside ....but if I am outside and people I don't know are near me I mask up.....
  5. Outdoor Vitals 20 degree down bag... V1 model....Couple of years old but in great shape...no rip/stains...no odors.. Original compression stuff sack included....$100
  6. https://www.skimag.com/culture/rollerblading-has-always-been-part-of-ski-culture/
  7. I would get this in there...
  8. Blew the dust of the BMW with a ride through Lobachsville/Dryville area...ended up with a short stop at BC...About 50 or so miles....For a 48 year old bike she still runs pretty good....
  9. I can pretty much fix/build anything around my house but there are some things I hire people to do ..... Roofing and drywall finishing come to mind...I don't install carpets either.....
  10. When I was flying back from Germany we had to stop in Belgium .....The pilot landed the 747 through some thick fog...Like as soon as you saw the runway we touched down.....Deserved a round of applause and a thank you handshake...TWA took me back home.... Plus flying in the 60's was probably way better than it is now...
  11. Fukin righteous.....
  12. Angrysnowboarder for the win....
  13. Buckhouse is nothing special...Just one of many "influencers"
  14. I had a close call with two my coworkers...They are brother and are super nice dudes...Always wore masks at work and washed/sanitized hands, but you just don't know what people do outside of work...As soon as I found out I emailed my doctor to write a script for a test...to the hospital and a day and a half later it came back negative...
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