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  1. Anybody have experience with the S/Lab Shift or the Fritschi Tecton 12/13...Pros/cons...Asking for a friend...
  2. Cool turbo prop beaver float plane.. Tahoe sunset...
  3. Slummin it in Lake Tahoe for a couple of weeks... Mind Haze IPA
  4. My BMW turned 50 this year... I don't have a key fob just this..
  5. I owned an F-14 twin 64mm EDF for a few months..Super fun to fly...The bitch was getting it in the air....Heavy and underpowered you needed to throw it with Herculean strength to get it to glide until it came up to power..Full power the entire flight...all the time humming Danger Zone... Need to get these back in the air...
  6. Saw this group on my way back from NY..... https://www.railexplorers.net/
  7. Passed by this on my way into work..
  8. I may be wrong but I don't think you can exit from the back doors on police cars ...also they will go broke paying for gas..
  9. This should be the next magazine cover
  10. Super fun time today..Things were pretty firm first thing, but once the sun got on it there was prime time spring conditions....A good run for not getting much natural or snow making temps...Thanks to every one that shows up...It's a great mix of personalities...There were tons of tailgaters when I rolled out.... 20150305_073109_Trim.mp4
  11. Sooooo much fun today.. ....Many technical lines to choose from....It really looked like we were they only one here...It was super quiet too...These are some of the best days on the snow....Being inside felt like high school lunch room at the end of the year....
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