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  1. Cool you have a garage...Congrats..
  2. That was a good read.....sometimes shit lines up and you get it back....
  3. I like that it reclines...Heated with massage will be nice too...
  4. It's been a super fun season....Blue did a good job being open when others weren't...The ditch/snow on TCS was a nice surprise..Big thanks to @enjoralas @mbike-skifor all the fine culinary delights....I like to think nobody eats as well as we do in a ski area parking lot....It's been a pleasure to ski/ride/hang out with everyone....
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBOHTjBTrRc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GVhnskUfVI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dotDrLL5M8&t=14s
  6. That's good news...
  7. If I came to Blue today I would have spent more time in the bathroom than on the mountain....
  8. Good food at the Riverhouse BBQ on Gallitan rd I'm surprised the shack is still there....There used to be an old gondie car next to it.... This is from 2014
  9. 1. Blue is not Camelbacks sister resort... 2. Blue opened and stayed open before Camelback.. 3. Camelback has no value...
  10. Fun morning today...Rode the quad exclusively and worked my way east to west then back...Wind really picked up as the day went on and made Tutts a bit of a chore...TCS was pretty slick so only did that once....Even a marbled up Challenge was fun..Only ever waited a few minutes in VIP line at the quad... @enjoralas all of your delicacies were on point today....The cheese steak was delicious...
  11. That pic is so classic East Coast...
  12. I would think you gotta pro to ski those....
  13. Super fun morning at Blue...I thought conditions were fairly consistent over all of the mountain...TCS was the winner of the day for me... @antman12 @enjoralas @pops Sorry I rode right by you guys ...but honestly I did not see you.....or hear you..
  14. That bass with the trem is interesting...Really dig that vee with full binding....
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