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  1. I just dropped $$$ on some Vans Infuse boots....
  2. I bet you see some wild shit up on the mountain late night............
  3. Beers are mostly a thing of the past for me.....Occasionally I'll have one but it's pretty rare....Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a different story though....Two fingers worth in the glass with one ice cube....
  4. Gobros has 25% off all Darn Tough socks right now....not sure when it ends though...
  5. I'll be curious to see the NTSB findings....I'm sure the B-17 is a pretty sturdy airframe....and I would imagine the upkeep being spot on.....basically working history .....you don't want to eff it up.....Tragic loss of life and history.....
  6. That pic is from one of my campsites on my White Mountains hike....I use a Canon G7X mkll...Here is another from one of my campsites..
  7. Had a raspberry pop tart after climbing 3000 feet in a little over 4 miles to the top of mt Flume
  8. Sitting atop Mount Liberty now with a 45mph wind.....The Whites are fucking amazing
  9. Took the bike out this afternoon ...Wound up at Blue for a short break....
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