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  1. Mixilplix

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    I'm pretty tempted by this .....I've never really thought about a Blue pass since I can be at BC in less than five minutes....But the BC passes are starting to take their toll.....Would mean at least a 45 minute drive(one way)with zero traffic...and a roof rack for the MINI..ugh
  2. Mixilplix

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    That Patagonia site is the tits...I scored a light weight down puffy for $90...It looks brand new...Worked great on my Long Trail hike....
  3. Mixilplix

    Ouray Ice Festival TR

    That's effing awesome..I always felt ice climbing was pretty bad ass....
  4. Mixilplix

    the pics from today thread

    New sled...
  5. Mixilplix

    the pics from today thread

    From my deck this evening... MVI_0401.MP4
  6. Mixilplix

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I don't have to clean up leaves...my house is surrounded by conifers....no deciduous trees...
  7. I taught snowboarding for 13 years...When I started snowboarding wasn't so popular and you only taught a couple of lesson a year...That made the getting the free pass great ..cause most of the time you just snowboarded...But as it got popular it kinda sorta started to become a job..The aha moments are great when you see someone get it...but when you get kids that are the devils spawn it's fucking harsh..plus all the clinics and other bullshit ...it sucks..or when its a pow day and you gotta teach..it's raining you gotta teach ..I said fuck it..all I want to do is ski/ride then leave..Don't do it..it's not worth it
  8. Mixilplix

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    That Davinci IQ looks pretty nice....You get it through Amazon?
  9. Mixilplix

    Stowe stoke thread...2018!!!

    This is why I always try to do ski in/ski out....
  10. Mixilplix

    Colorado late March?

    I've heard from a good source that people literally fight for seats on Frontier....I would never fly with them...no matter how cheap they may be...
  11. Mixilplix

    Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Happy you lived to tell the tale....and you got to do some awesome skiing(at least it didn't happen on day one...I know that story)...
  12. Mixilplix

    the pics from today thread

    I was talking about the Genesis G90 and G80........People trading them in already?
  13. Mixilplix

    Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Always good when the planets align and you get some snow......your rooms walking distance to lifts?
  14. Mixilplix

    the pics from today thread

    Philly auto show today.....What a effin bore .....Can't tell one BMW from another/one Audi from another/one Mercedes from another and so on.... Didn't know Hyundai now has an upscale line/company called Genesis.....the badge is a total copy of Bentley.... These were the high lights for me
  15. Mixilplix


    Great trip/report....probably best one of the season...Skiing in Europe has such a different vibe than the U.S......My last time there was Kitzbuhel in the late 90s... Was a real eye opener for me... Props to you guys for gettin it done!