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  1. Today was the Blue I've come to know...Coming soon was pretty slick first thing....Paradise was full on mini Chips Ahoy....Burma was somewhere in between...Beautiful day to be on the snow....See everybody next weekend...
  2. Just a super opening day..in the Valley!...Great seeing everyone..Snow conditions were really good..No cookies....Rain was not an issue..but the fog was at the top....Just felt good to be back on the snow again!!!
  3. When I was driving past this afternoon they where crushing Berma with snow...The whales on school hill are substantial...
  4. Picked my SP up this morning...Looking forward to getting back there..
  5. Looks like they are going all in for this season....
  6. That's a pretty aggressive snow making schedule for early season...When I drove home there was snow put down in a lot of places...Opening day in the Valley!
  7. Some pics of the top terminal....It looks pretty legit...On my way up I talked to a guy working there(Blue employee)...Said the were looking at Dec. 15th finish date...Where he got that info I do not know...All the guns on Vista looked to be on standby ready to go...
  8. I drove by on my way home from work and indeed the two side pieces of the upper terminal looked to be in place... If it's done by Christmas does that make it a Christmas miracle?
  9. Hiked down and up Blue this morning....This is what I saw....
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