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  1. I'm like this....I pretty much wear a mask all day and sometimes I just forget that I'm wearing it......or I'll just wear it to be "that guy driving by himself wearing a mask"
  2. Yeah it sucks...I have it happening in my are... Would housing be better?...whats the lesser evil?
  3. Back when we first had restrictions, limited knowledge and very limited resources we were able to get numbers down...Now with less restrictions, better knowledge and resources the numbers are up.....
  4. At this point anything before closing day is a bonus...
  5. Hearing that song is like masturbating with aluminum foil...
  6. Pretty good dive time to Hunter....
  7. Then don't ski this year......
  8. I've taken Amtrak from St Albans VT to 30th street Station.....It sucked...Train broke down....
  9. Sad part is Ski2Cocoa will be skiing and you prolly won't be...I'm sure we will be well informed on the super powpow at Hunter.....
  10. I wonder how all the travel bans will affect resorts that employ a lot of people from out of the country.....
  11. Always good to know how to use your beacon...
  12. I had the same happen to me Dan...Guy I worked with for about a week tested hot...I was pretty strict on the mask wearing/washing hands/sanitizer/distance thing though ...I never got it/never had symptoms...But the first week after he tested hot sucked...This was all back in late May... Hope all goes well...
  13. Lookin legit on the web cams....
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