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  1. I'm making a point not to refer to Freeballing by its official trail name because the actual name is stupid.
  2. If Home Stretch isn't running they're either not cold enough or they found a leak - Burma can hook into the summit pump, so can Freebird, etc.
  3. The groomer shed is close to Vista. If they don't get a snowy path out of the barn, they'll track mud on the snow and they'll wear out their tracks a lot faster. Besides, Burma takes literally two Paradise guns worth of air to run. Vista takes no air. Easy Out is the one I'm suspicious of - I'd hold off on that if it were me. But Burma and Vista are essentially free, and they need to start early in case December sucks and they need the depth.
  4. Friend of a friend says I'm wrong and Vista, Easy Out, and Burma are on the menu for breakfast. Paradise, Freefall, Shuttle, Home Stretch too. I don't know what they actually got to so far.
  5. Early season they can run Ski School on Frontier Airlines - I mean Alley - if they need to and allocate the resources there.
  6. If somebody drives past, I'd be really curious to see which trails if any besides Vista got attention.
  7. I genuinely don't think they can open Easy Out, they need to move big equipment to the summit.
  8. Looks like Shuttle's been completely rehabbed with new guns and grading.
  9. They've definitely got the ability to fire Paradise. Unfortunately there's less firepower on Paradise than on Main Street, and Paradise is wider. Not that they can't get there, but it might take a bit more time than we're used to. I'd like to see a new opening day route happen just for the novelty if nothing else.
  10. Those are also not accounting for humidity - you pick up hopefully a degree or two when you convert to wetbulb. Unfortunately it's trended warmer since I posted optimistically, but it's at least still cold enough for some testing.
  11. Camelback is also automating Nile Mile with new HKD equipment, I hear.
  12. Per Facebook, the Summit terminal is now on site but not yet lifted onto the supports.
  13. Snowmaking temps on the 13th. They've fired up earlier than that before. I wonder if they'll get the haul rope up by then? And I don't think Camelback is quite done with the Nile Mile automation/HKD upgrade yet. Kind of six to one, half dozen the other.
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