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  1. This reminds me of the office scene where Dwight intentionally lights a fire and says today smoking will save lives.
  2. Not sure what is worse. Telling penndot your temp tags or dealer tags are stolen/lost lol
  3. If you google penndot speed cameras they will list the locations where they are in use statewide. I guess thats a requurement in order to ticket you, they consider it fair warning.
  4. If you are 11 mph or more over you will get it no later than 30 days after they caught you.
  5. A few businesses up this way got together to try and form a chamber of commerce. They invited Gary Day several times and he never would show. Conveniently, he showed up to one meeting in an election year and tried soliciting donations. There are some people who run for office because they care and want to try and make a difference. Others do it for all the wrong reasons. All I wanted to know from him is what happens if they expand the use of these cameras and someone on a test drive gets caught speeding on one of my dealer tags. You going to send me the ticket a month later and make me pa
  6. Gary Day actually. I don't understand how he even stays in office. People even in his own party don't have anything good to say about him. This summer while people were struggling to get unemployment they would contact his office for assistance. He would never get back to them personally, he left it up to his two secretaries. Another local business owner told me a few people were so mad about the unemployment situation they showed up to his house. Here during the work week, he was floating around his pool at his big house.
  7. My mom got a warning in the mail from one of those speed camera jeeps on 95 right before the Delaware state line last summer. They claim it was an "active" work zone but there wasn't a sole working there. First violation is a warning second is $75 fine and it goes up from there. No points on your license. I got into an ugly argument with the local do nothing state rep about it. I'm all for worker safety and he tried turning it around that I don't care about highway workers and support careless driving. No, I just find it wrong you have signs lit as "active work zone" when there is no work
  8. My aunt apparently got thrown out of wegmans and costco for not wearing a mask and made a scene each time. Glad we have different last names. She was never like this and we don't know what happened.
  9. My sister came up from FL to go to her best friends baby shower the weekend before Thanksgiving. My mother tried talking her out of it for months to no avail. My mom refused to go and called the girls mom to tell her why and said if it was her daughter she wouldn't have a shower right now. The place they were going to have it at cancelled months ago because of covid. My aunt and uncle are converting a barn into a wedding venue in where else but New Tripoli. My anti-mask aunt wasn't about to let the baby shower be ruined and decided to hold it at the barn. Found out last night my sist
  10. Maybe. Depends if Jim Daly remebers to get the lifts inspected.
  11. Fake news. They were donations for the tree!
  12. Truth. My dad used to smoke a cig on the quad if we were spaced far enough apart. He also applied the same theory to smoking while skiing. Worked well until he wiped out pizza wedging down raceway and his cig nearly caught his jacket on fire during the yard sale.
  13. They very well could be. They are that old that those ratios wouldn't be unheard of. Some of these new tower guns are running with only 25cfm of air now. It is amazing.
  14. Yes, these look like TechnoAlpin low energy tower guns. Basically a newer, efficient version of a York Snow Borax tower gun like you see on paradise, razors edge etc. I haven't been to blue in over 10 years, but back then they still had the old air/water style guns on Burma. Those were a combination of home made, omichron's on towers, and some really old spraying systems style guns when they dabbled in the snowmaking business back in the late 60's/early 70's. The advantage to these new guns are they are much more efficient in air consumption. Depending what they bought, you could probably
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