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  1. The only weather forecast I trust is the beltsville buoy.
  2. I was sitting in my office and noticed an oversize load drive by carrying train cars. I missed the first one but managed to snap a pic of the second one going by. They say Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority on them.
  3. I used Expresspark too when I went to Vegas at new years. My mom uses it often too and never has a problem. As soon as you enter the lot the shuttle pulls up to your car and after you load your luggage, it takes your right to the terminal. I didn't have to wait long when I got back either. It wasn't much either, maybe like $10 a day if I remember.
  4. Sorry to hear what happened Root. Hope you get better soon!
  5. The association bylaws don't allow daily or weekly rentals. I'm fine with that because people would probably trash it anyway. Back then I was selling online misting systems in the summer and home snowmakers, which I still do. I also had a carpet and upholstery cleaning business down there. I had a good relationship with a property manager and always had work. It's a nice place to live but in the off season not many people live there year round, but more people are now that baby boomers are retiring there. There aren't many younger people because it's not cheap to live there. Grocery shopping was always expensive so you'd drive to BJ's or something and just stock up. I usually just ate out or got takeout anyway.
  6. I own a condo in Ocean City, MD. Was living there from 2010-2012. Moved back up here to start the dealership and now just use it during the summer. I'm currently saving up to build a place so just pay some money to my mother for rent. Being single and self-employed, I gave up on applying for a mortgage. Lucky I got the mortgage for my condo but I put a lot down. I hardly owe anything on it and was thinking about just selling it to build up here, but it's nice to just go to whenever to the shore.
  7. Got my tomatoes in later than usual but they seem to be doing well. Lots of tomatoes on the vines. Only planted tomatoes and peppers this year. I bought a new John Deere 1025r tractor last summer and have been thinking about getting a rototiller for it. They are expensive but maybe next summer I'll pull the trigger.
  8. Yeah it's been choppy at a lot of places.
  9. Hows business been at your dealership TP4? Been slow here and the only places that seem to be busy are the places that finance anybody.
  10. Hyundai has lousy quality control too. I've noticed when I have a bunch of the same year/model Hyundai's, the model emblem will be in a different location on the back of the car and not be uniform. Most of the time if you look at the bottom of the car you will notice it looked like they ran out of paint as they got to the bottom of the car. The paint is so thin too that you have to watch buffing them. I'm sorry but luxury and Hyundai just don't go together. If I want luxury I'll buy something else. And as someone else said Hyundai isn't original and just copies everyone else. Be it their logos or car designs. The newer Sonatas look like Fusions.
  11. So GSS may be a zinc-ie?
  12. Apparently my sisters old boyfriend from high school just got hired at blue as their "social media coordinator". I saw he posted it on his FB earlier today. It is a far cry from being the sports caster he wanted to be and I laughed when I saw it. Who knows maybe they weren't posting because they didn't have someone doing it. I can never understand how there is a specific job just for posting on social media.
  13. When is God projecting an opening this year?
  14. It's snowing at blue. Someone better tell TP4 that blue is closed today.
  15. They were GS:11's. That was the last pair of skis I bought. I still have those grass skis I bought years ago too.
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