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  1. Not yet. The lights don't come on until I give the word. In the Ray Tuthill days those lights would have been on and Vista full of snow on a cold morning like today.
  2. Now that blue is under new ownership, I got a letter last week my houseboat had to be removed from the fishing pond. Apparently its an eyesore the new owners did not like. Just picked it up in case it will be needed tomorrow as an arc. I suspect by 6pm tomorrow there should be enough water for me to float down and pick you up?
  3. I have a mini split in my office for heat and ac. In the summer it can run non stop on ac and it hardly has an effect on the electric bill. My old office had a window unit and the office was bigger. The light bill was always high in the summer. I can't believe how efficient those mini splits are.
  4. Article from Mcall but they won't answer if it changed ownership. https://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-blue-mountain-resort-now-under-ksl-resorts-management-20210511-cbo4u6nb2vdulaz5garu2g67qi-story.html
  5. WFMZ reported on this tonight https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/poconos-coal/blue-mountain-resort-under-new-management/article_79d598be-b1c4-11eb-8f19-279f9f02c692.html
  6. Finally got my first shot yesterday. Pfizer from LVHN at the former AC Moore store in whitehall. Had the shot in my arm within 5 minutes of walking in. It was busy but ran like a well oiled machine.
  7. Starting tomorrow 4/13 anyone can schedule. They are moving it up from next Monday.
  8. I hear you. Thats why it took me forever to buy one. But I am not going to lie this thing was worth every penny. I tilled almost all the neighbors gardens too to be neighborly.
  9. I hear that all the time from customers out here in the boonies.
  10. Finally broke down and bought a rototiller for my John Deere 1025r. Should have done it a long time ago. Heres a pic of my uncle trying it out last weekend.
  11. My mom got her first shot Monday at Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest. She logged in to her account last week to get something for insurance and noticed they had appointments and snagged one before they were gone. Lucky timing for her.
  12. This reminds me of the office scene where Dwight intentionally lights a fire and says today smoking will save lives.
  13. Not sure what is worse. Telling penndot your temp tags or dealer tags are stolen/lost lol
  14. If you google penndot speed cameras they will list the locations where they are in use statewide. I guess thats a requurement in order to ticket you, they consider it fair warning.
  15. If you are 11 mph or more over you will get it no later than 30 days after they caught you.
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