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  1. Have you guys seen those pictures of chow chows dyed as pandas? Pretty convincing. I've got a black chow and I totally support hair dying, obviously. Just saying.
  2. Time for a carpooling joke to diffuse the situation and allow everyone to hate ttc6 together...
  3. I agree with Leslie. I've noticed the same thing and it's also the reason why I do not post any more. I feel like maybe everyone should just watch Mean Girls and learn something from it.
  4. It is so exciting to see all the great PR/management changes for Sno. The branding and specials thus far seem great. Have the crowds increased as well? It's been two years I guess since I was a passholder there, but I can say that the snow/grooming at Sno was always top notch. This is why I am basically worthless at skiing on anything other than groomed packed powder.
  5. Great news! Sno has so much potential!
  6. Ahhhh we need Bain Capital!
  7. I haven't been there since 2010. Would like to check it out this winter.
  8. I said general manager because I wasn't sure everyone understood the management structure of LPs--general versus limited partners, etc. Intent was not to mislead or be unclear. Edit: Also just wanted to point out that I was referring to the general manager/partner of the LP, not of Sno as an operation.
  9. So, I decided to pull the filings to see what is going on in this case. Basically and in non-legalese, the general manager of Sno was not running Sno prudently and was, in fact and as alleged, using Sno as his personal bank account--instead of paying bills, etc., he was, allegedly, using Sno's money as his own, paying bogus employees, paying himself, etc.--that sort of thing. Anyways, in an involuntary petition, the creditors force the company into bankruptcy. Here, the creditors are, amoung others, the investors (limited partners) of Sno who want to take control back of Sno to get rid of t
  10. How much faster can you run the lift with the conveyor belt? Just wondering. It seems a little silly to me but I guess it makes sense if you can run the lift faster. But ditto on the trees.
  11. I'm not sure what to add. I think a high speed lift would be great, but not too sure if long haul is the place for it because its really only accessible from lower runway and lower fasttrack. So, I guess it would make most sense to make Phoebe and the lift by Nastar run as highspeed, because it would allow for accessibility to most terrain, but then require two lift rides to ski the full vert. Haven't been there in two years, but the lights needed major improvement then. I would also like speakers with music. Some will probably disagree but I really enjoy that and I think it makes t
  12. KC did a great job. I feel ilke he is what Sno Mountain needs most--just someone to get the word out.
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