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    I agree with that. They have no BS to feed us so they put a gag on everyone.
  2. skier17


    KC seems to only pop up when things are good. I guess the Scranton paper wasnt that bad of reporting after all
  3. I think it will be kind of sad if the same partners get the mountain back somehow unless they pay off all their debt. Maybe thats what KC meant in an earlier thread that bankruptcy is actually a good thing. If they have as much money as they bid why can't they pay their bills. Sounds kind of fishey to me. Just venting since many people that they did business with will likely get screwed out of money and then they bid under a new name. Just seems wrong to me.
  4. KC, I have some friends that like to get together for Presidents Weekend and they usually pick Sno due to the tourch parade and fireworks. Is this going on again this year? They are kind of 1 or 2 runs and sit in the bar type of skiers.
  5. I kind of like the Montage Mountain Resort name.
  6. Typical Sno Mountain stretching the truth. You would think most of the mountain would be open instead of what they are calling 8 slopes. Needing more time to get connection, Nordic, Baby Moose, the two bunny hils cannonball,bomer and whistler is a joke with how they have bragged about their snowmaking ability. If you think about it the real reason is they probably didn't want to chance opening the day of a storm with the unknown of people being able to get there. In reality that was probably a smart decision with the financial issues. But don't make up BS just to make it sound good. In KC's defense he is only relaying what he is told. I know how the main people only tell the management team certain things.
  7. http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/sno-mountain-saddled-with-24m-debt-could-be-on-auction-block-1.1413188
  8. Being that they were actually on the Sheriff sale list I don't think they ate their words. I think Sno just came in under the gun with some new financing. Just like when the power was shut off and their was no phone service last fall. They didn't make up the stories these things are actually happening. I really do hope they get it right this time.
  9. Sno suspended direct deposit when this was happening. I got it to prevent this and all of a sudden it stopped. My supervisor told me they don't offer it anymore. I don't know if they brought it back or not. I would assume that this was a cause and effect type of deal but not positive.
  10. Sno has bounced my checks that I have taken to my bank to cash. How is Sno bouncing a check the employees fault? Either the check clears or it does not. If they needed ID to cash it and didn't have it they would just tell they they can't cash it for them reasons not bounce the check.
  11. I would like to say good job with the tourchlight parade and the amazing fireworks display!
  12. I am hearing that Dennis Carlson is out at Sno. I will try to get more info and see if there is any truth to it.
  13. You never know about the investor. They had one step in a few years ago when the concession company from the stadium (CPI) stepped in and bought into Sno. That was around when they were bouncing many of the payroll checks. I think it will be much tougher to get one this time though with the word out that they are having the troubles that they are. I hope something good happens. Would hate to see the mountain just sit there. Not only from the skiing and boarding side of things, but the seasonal jobs they provide. They might not pay the best but it is nice seasonal part time work for many.
  14. Thanks KC, I was just trying to give some different possibilities out there. Not trying to bash the mountain.
  15. I never said I am upset. All I said is a possible reason that the lift is closed is not enough staff. I also said it is expensive to run. So I agree it shoulkd be closed when the mountain is not busy.
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