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  1. Someone pointed out the message on Elk's website has changed slightly, no more mention of the governor, presentation and response. As if the Governor was sitting at his desk, reads through Elk's plan and said yes, this is ok open the lodge and spin those lifts! 20Sep2020:
  2. A very interesting insight posted on Elk's website in the last day or two, until they get a go ahead from state authorities -- on a reopening plan -- they do not know how skiing will work this season. I'm paraphrasing but the full posting is attached. I find this very interesting in comparison to other Eastern PA ski hills, JF/BB, Blue, etc, all of which would have us believe reopening is full steam ahead, in that they have make public no such insights on state-level approvals of reopening plans or other restrictions. Are we all assuming too much, normal reopenings are a given for 2020/2021 maybe with some social distancing in the mix?
  3. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    Elk has evidently decided it necessary to deny the rumor on a message on their main webpage.
  4. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    After rereading through this my intent was not to slam Rummy himself with the bs label. The rumor however .... This does sound like something that keeps the conversation and the drinks flowing at the local ski bar.
  5. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    Perhaps once in the past 15 years. So no not really.
  6. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    It's been almost two weeks and no mention of this anywhere other than here. If if were true we should at least expect to hear some of the parties to the transaction crowing about it, press releases to local news media, etc. In a small community like Susquehanna County property transactions like this simply will not stay secret. Back in the military days this was called an unsubstantiated rumor, or the more commonly used acronym BS.
  7. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    A detail on the bolded point, at one time, 10+ years ago, I knew Elk did not own some of land on which the eastern most trails sit, the natural snow trail is one (I forget the name). They leased that land, and I suspect still do today. There was some minor back and forth with the owning entity about leasing for gas drilling and Elk could have lost out on the deal (for the land woner gas leasing could have generated more income that leasing to Elk). That never came about and the gas well went in on two hilltops south of Elk's summit. A disclaimer, all this could have changed over the years, my memory is hazy and this was during the time when Marcellus gas drilling was at a peak.
  8. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    It does sound far fetched. Selling now for owners of a ski resort would be selling at the bottom of the market. For buyers, buying at the bottom sounds good at first thought but there's a huge unknown for the next one, two or three seasons as to how may skiers per day will be allowed. On the other hand, there is some untapped potential in the surrounding 'base area' (if you can even call it that) and maybe some investment entity sees potential. Adjacent to Elk's property on the north is a fairly large condominium complex which is in the unique situation of having all the property values driven way, way, way down. Did I mention a huge decrease in value? On top of the decrease in values I heard they were going to have a very large assessment per unit for something. Elk has been mostly successful in the courts over the years to make life hard for owners in that complex, and therefore has driven down property values. By a lot. That seemed to the the intended outcome all along. Local's believe it to be a case of orneriness and vindictiveness, mosty on Elk's part but also on the condo owners part. I heard some of the die hards on the condo/HOA board sold their properties in the recent past and the eagerness to engage in a fight has subsided on the condo assoc's part. And I also heard talk, this was two seasons ago and was third hand, of one of the farm fields adjacent to Elk's parking lot being sold for development. In a rural community like Susquehanna County where everyone knows everybody else's business a sale of Elk would be impossible to keep under wraps for a long time.
  9. Link: https://www.timberlinelodge.com/coronavirus-updates What you see when you click the Make Reservation button: Discuss.
  10. Elk Mt Webcam at 6:00 am today, 09 May 2020.
  11. Old Geezer


    The Elk-cam shows real snow is besting the snow guns once again. That's twice in a week.
  12. Old Geezer


    Owing to perspective, from age and experience. If I were like 60 years younger yes maybe it would be. Pic below is what I saw, webcam view has now changed. Nice to see top to bottom snow of the natural variety.
  13. Old Geezer


    When I posted the camera was from the base boardwalk, next to the ticket window. It had a full top to bottom view.
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