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  1. Opening Wednesday

    Rummy, you have a lifestyle worthy of envy going on there.

    That is what you expect the inside of a ski chalet to look like.

    Very impressive. Are those pics with the light snow cover from this season?
  4. PennDOT Cameras - How to tell if it's snowing across PA

    Did some work in the abandoned mine lands over the mountain. Used to meet various folks in that place in the mornings, work crews, local officials, etc. Everyone knew everyone else. After one or two times it was like you've part of the community.
  5. PennDOT Cameras - How to tell if it's snowing across PA

    In Hegins, there was a country restaurant at the main intersection of the road going up over the mountain and the highway through the village. That used to be a meeting point, show up for breakfast and go about the days work, circa late 70s, early 80s.
  6. There are whatever webcams at your favorite ski hill. If the cameras are off line for the season, like they are now, then look at the PennDot system of road camera feeds: http://www.511pa.com/Cameras.aspx For example, one weather service is showing widespread snow across northern and northeastern PA. Yet the PenNDOT cam at I-81 Lenoxville exit is showing overcast, wet roadways, and no rain or snow falling. You're welcome!
  7. 17/18 Season Update

    What is the PA equivalent of VT's Heady Topper? Yuengling?
  8. 17/18 Season Update

    I think I called it out last year, or the year before. Elk may be the only ski area where re-painting the stripes in a parking lot is considered an annual improvement. That's why you gotta like the place, it stays the same year after year.
  9. End of season imminent?

    Elk's website shows 12 trails open today, and the notice of Spring Carnival on Saturday March 18. In the department of bad but expected news, today their webcam shows some brown spots with pooled water near the ticket window / lodge entrance. This weekend might be the last change for top to bottom skiing there.
  10. Elk 2/17

    Nice report, thanks. Will be interested to hear a conditions report since the weekend warmup occurred. Elk's website says 'granular, groomed.' Yes, I presumed as much. Is melt-water openly flowing, how many brown spots on the trails?
  11. Current Conditions?

    Anyone got a Friday/weekend conditions report?
  12. What are Elk Mountain's 2016/2017 Improvements?

    Looking at the pic today, they have wheeled snow guns lines up on the west slope.
  13. What are Elk Mountain's 2016/2017 Improvements?

    If Elk's webcam is to be believed they have a decent looking snowfall from Sat Nite/Sunday. It's clearly not man made snow.
  14. What are Elk Mountain's 2016/2017 Improvements?

    It is entertaining to see their descriptions of improvements every year. One year real soon Elk will be reporting painting the lines in the parking lot as an annual improvement. If I could have convinced some of my ex-wives of these tall tales, "Honey buns, I made some home improvements this weekend, I mowed the lawn!" I'd be s better man for it.
  15. In line with past year's threads, 15/16, 13/14, what amazing improvements has Elk done for this season?