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  1. Old Geezer

    Something New

    Building a 200 unit condo complex doing is not something that will fly under the radar of the local (municipal) and county planning and permitting processes. There's water, sewer, power, runoff specifications that have to be addressed. You get the permitting and legal things in order before you move any dirt or cut any trees down. On the other hand this is Susquehanna County and associated small municipalities with part time officals which likely do not have complicated permitting and approval processes like Scranton, the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, etc. More that a few people wi
  2. There are choices you can proactively make, - put the bar down or not. Old part-time ski patroller (and full time ER doc) I knew used to say the bar on a chairlift is like a seat belt in a car. - adjust your gear while on the chair or not. - Swing your legs so the chair bounces and sways. - Stick your poles out side the 'zone' so said poles catch on something, trees, etc, get caught on the tree and pull you out of the chair. Many choices.
  3. NWS says Lenoxville (about 4 miles away opposite direction from Union Dale) recorded 21 ins. Check out this NWS link while it's still good (until next weather event), some locations in the NWS forecast territory (Binghampton, NY) clocked in at 41, 42 and 43 ins. You don't see snow totals like this very often: https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=BGM&issuedby=BGM&product=PNS&format=TXT&version=1&glossary=0
  4. I'm hearing this latest "Limited-Time Mitigation Order" will force PA ski areas to stay closed until 04 Jan 2021. I hope not, but good advice is plan accordingly.
  5. The downside is weekend weather forecast shows temps in the mid to upper 40s with > 50 % chance of rain.
  6. The quarantining is supposed to work in both directions, if you travel to VT you are supposed to meet VT requirements for travel from another state. And when you travel back to PA from another state you are supposed to meet new requirements that start 20Nov: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Travelers.aspx
  7. A head's up, there is officially a quarantine up here for anyone into the state: https://www.healthvermont.gov/covid-19/travel-quarantine/visitors-vermont
  8. From a VT newspaper: When are Vermont's ski areas opening in 2020? A mountain-by-mountain roundup.
  9. Very nice, copy added for the record.
  10. Someone pointed out the message on Elk's website has changed slightly, no more mention of the governor, presentation and response. As if the Governor was sitting at his desk, reads through Elk's plan and said yes, this is ok open the lodge and spin those lifts! 20Sep2020:
  11. A very interesting insight posted on Elk's website in the last day or two, until they get a go ahead from state authorities -- on a reopening plan -- they do not know how skiing will work this season. I'm paraphrasing but the full posting is attached. I find this very interesting in comparison to other Eastern PA ski hills, JF/BB, Blue, etc, all of which would have us believe reopening is full steam ahead, in that they have make public no such insights on state-level approvals of reopening plans or other restrictions. Are we all assuming too much, normal reopenings are a given for 20
  12. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    Elk has evidently decided it necessary to deny the rumor on a message on their main webpage.
  13. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    After rereading through this my intent was not to slam Rummy himself with the bs label. The rumor however .... This does sound like something that keeps the conversation and the drinks flowing at the local ski bar.
  14. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    Perhaps once in the past 15 years. So no not really.
  15. Old Geezer

    Elk Sold

    It's been almost two weeks and no mention of this anywhere other than here. If if were true we should at least expect to hear some of the parties to the transaction crowing about it, press releases to local news media, etc. In a small community like Susquehanna County property transactions like this simply will not stay secret. Back in the military days this was called an unsubstantiated rumor, or the more commonly used acronym BS.
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