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  1. One points their browser here: http://www.skipa.com/play/resort-cams This along with with the real-time highway cameras here means you can see snow conditions very clearly: http://www.511pa.com/Cameras.aspx
  2. Old Geezer


    Heard from a friend the Lift Inn put up a sign with their name on it, considering they had no sign for years that is a big improvement for them.
  3. Old Geezer

    18/19 Season Update

    Considering that one year they listed painting the floor boards in the picnic lodge as an annual improvement, this is pretty big. Maybe they got past re-painting the lines in the parking lot as something noteworthy.
  4. Old Geezer


    What are the local apres-ski watering holes/bars one could pop in after a day at Elk fest? I know Chet's, how about LIft Inn (if it hasn't fallen down yet), Candlelight, Arlo's and one more I can't remember.
  5. Old Geezer

    Elk Official Closing 4/1 4:30 PM

    The end of a season is always a mix of feelings, you know deep down the good times are fleeting and won't last. How many days did they go beyond the usual 100?
  6. Old Geezer


    I'm impressed. The pics you post of your place are so cool, no other word better describes it. Did it ever rain?
  7. Old Geezer

    Current conditions

    Having owned ski houses (or condos) in the past I'll say a few things. - When you have a ski house you have lots of friends, many you never knew about. - There's about a one or two year lag between when you acquire the house and when the list starts to grow exponentially. - sleepover is just an acronym for eat all his food and drink all his booze. - Freeloaders and guests are two different animals. I can spot the freeloaders a mile away.
  8. Old Geezer

    Current conditions

    In their defense yesterday the "snowfall past 24 hrs" showed 6-8 ins. Today it shows 0. No I'm not a fan of their website.
  9. Old Geezer

    PennDOT Cameras - How to tell if it's snowing across PA

    The cameras are very helpful this morning.
  10. Old Geezer

    TR Etc.

    Nice ot hear the skiing is good. I'm guessing that would be the SRBC, Susquehanna River Basin Commission. I heard they are still having a spat with the community that owns part of the bigger lake /pond they use as a water supply, maybe that is part of not having enough water?
  11. Old Geezer

    Opening Wednesday

    Rummy, you have a lifestyle worthy of envy going on there.
  12. Old Geezer


    That is what you expect the inside of a ski chalet to look like.
  13. Old Geezer


    Very impressive. Are those pics with the light snow cover from this season?
  14. Old Geezer

    PennDOT Cameras - How to tell if it's snowing across PA

    Did some work in the abandoned mine lands over the mountain. Used to meet various folks in that place in the mornings, work crews, local officials, etc. Everyone knew everyone else. After one or two times it was like you've part of the community.
  15. Old Geezer

    PennDOT Cameras - How to tell if it's snowing across PA

    In Hegins, there was a country restaurant at the main intersection of the road going up over the mountain and the highway through the village. That used to be a meeting point, show up for breakfast and go about the days work, circa late 70s, early 80s.