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  1. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Heavy wet flakes flying in philly a little while ago. 76 was a little dicey getting home. 2.5 inches in Hatfield. It's stopped snowing here.
  2. 2/17-18 weekend roll call thread!!!

    Probably Sunday for me at this point
  3. 2/17-18 weekend roll call thread!!!

    Will crowds be insane due to presidents day? I"m still kind of a Montage guy and don't know what crowds are really like
  4. 2/17-18 weekend roll call thread!!!

    Either Saturday or Sunday, kind of depends on the social calendar this weekend but I"ll definitely be around.
  5. 2/8 Bitchfest

    You know what else Blue or anyone else for that matter has anymore? Half pipes. Not that I miss them or anything but with the olympics coming up you remember that those existed back in the day. RIP Sno Mountain's gigantic entirely snow super pipe. Best million dollars they ever spent.
  6. 2/8/17 - Eagles Parade Day

    Awesome report. Looks like you had a great day
  7. February 7th powder potential roll call!!

    Super big heavy flakes when I left the house this morning and as I went south turned into nothing but sleet. I'm out for today unless they let us leave early for some reason. The real good stuff will be falling at Montage, looks like a foot up there.
  8. Colorado late March?

    I have two backpacks. Both North Face. One is just a cheap-o kind of book bag though that an ex ladyfriend bought me, but is pretty solid for a laptop and a beer or two. The other is like 16 years old and has taken a beating and been just about everywhere.
  9. 2/4/18..fun morning!!! snowing.

  10. Stowe stoke thread...2018!!!

    Everyone knows the first two hours are the best of the day. Get some granola bars for the hotel and get out there.
  11. 2/4/18..fun morning!!! snowing.

    Stayed for an hour or so after you guys left. The snow that was falling was adding up nicely on the hill and the surface was pretty smooth. Slick spots were still there but the edges of the trails were a nice consistency and lent themselves to some nice turns until I gave up and headed home. Got stuck on the wrong side of main street chair though so I wound up using that for a ride, Main Street was pretty great as was paradise.
  12. 2/3-2/4 weekend roll call thread.

    I'll be in the lower lot bright and early tomorrow morning. See you guys there.
  13. TR - 2/1/2018 - Hero Snow, Rain then Snow

    I'll grab some beer to consume
  14. TR - 2/1/2018 - Hero Snow, Rain then Snow

    Obviously I'll be there for opening. What time can you go in and get your tickets?
  15. TR - 2/1/2018 - Hero Snow, Rain then Snow

    Either tomorrow or sunday. Not sure which yet.