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  1. Schif

    May Day, 5/4/19

    According to Boulder's website it will be the boulder park trail, lift serviced and cost $10. See you guys there. Guess I'll actually need some ice to keep the beer cold this time.
  2. Schif

    May Day, 5/4/19

    If a lift is spinning and the price is reasonable I would strongly consider going
  3. Schif

    May Day, 5/4/19

    Is there enough base to have a top to bottom run at Boulder for May Day?
  4. Schif

    Killington April 19

    What's Disney's stance on parking lot grilling and drinking?
  5. Schif

    the pics from today thread

    That doesn't look like North Broad Street.....
  6. Schif

    Sunday 4/7 roll call...

    I'll be there Saturday
  7. Schif

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Does the free lift ticket also get me into the waterpark?
  8. Schif

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Montage is much more tailgate friendly
  9. Schif

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Montage is doing $10 tickets for Saturday. That's somewhat tempting too.
  10. Schif

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Will anyone be at CB this Saturday?
  11. Schif

    Vail buys Blue - Article Inside

    Because nothing says "most special day of your life" like a beautiful view of snirt and a dead brown valley below.
  12. Schif

    3/30 ..Closing Day?

    I'm starting to think we might have been out tailgated. Then I remembered creme brule......
  13. Schif

    3/31 Camelback roll call

    Was going to do CB today but the weather/power outage thing scared me off. Probably go there next Saturday AM
  14. Schif

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    When Vail takes over I'm sure their first priority will be to pave the widest row in the parking lot and make sure it drains properly. Other than that I hear there won't be many changes other than the veggie burgers being higher quality.
  15. Schif

    Closed today!

    This really does suck. I was planning on getting there around 6 tonight. Guess I'm done with Blue for the year.