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  1. Schif

    Zee Lights

    This gets a like. I'm also officially done with the puns lest I get sucked into a strange Salty Steeze triangle
  2. Schif

    Zee Lights

    Cheesey Jokes are Grate
  3. Looks like a monsoon for Saturday so I'm guessing Sunday will be the day for everyone. What do you think conditions will be like after all the rain? I'm guessing they won't push out any whales Saturday due to rain so my guess is no valley
  4. Only if I were in Malvern. This is Chestnut Hill West.
  5. Useful for me. I'll be driving through Malvern in a few hours
  6. Fill up those snowmaking ponds for the weekend
  7. Awesome Report! glad to see someone is enjoying Montage!!!
  8. Schif

    Season Opening

    A Mondayay or Friday would be nice so I could turn it into a weekend visiting people in the Scranton area
  9. I think I'll miss the rope drop on Saturday. I've got to go pick up my gear from the shop at the bottom so I'll have to drive up after that.
  10. Report of the year so far!!!
  11. Schif

    Zee Lights

    That won't clutter up the already limited terrain at all!
  12. What is the maintenance situation in a HotelHouse? If a drawer breaks do they come fix it?
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