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  1. I think you guys are forgetting the thousands of people who will eschew the rules to go ski vermont rather than get on an airplane. Boston folks won't be canceling their trips. They might not do as much apres ski in the lodges or restaurants but they will probably still make the trek in their own cars.
  2. I hope they focus the snowmaking on terrain accessible from the new lift
  3. You can't see a thing on the main street camera. I'm hoping it's all snow in the air.
  4. I had to google the town of Lofty. It's near at town I've seen on signs and maps for a while but have absolutely no clue how to pronounce. Can anyone shed some light on Quakake for me?
  5. I assumed it had something to do with the remnants of some amazing meal you had cooked that got on the wheel and would be a shame to waste.
  6. I wore a mask while driving alone the other day. I was actually really happy to have it. I was at the dentist and left with a numb mouth and as wearing a nice white dress shirt so I popped on the mask to avoid any potential stain inducing spittle.
  7. Warehouses only pop up in places where the land is cheap and plentiful and the highways are easily accessible. If you don't like them then don't live near the confluence of major interstate highways.
  8. I loathe the comments in March when people are truly perplexed that you can ski when it hasn't snowed in their backyard in a while.
  9. That forecast is for Palmerton so who knows. Maybe one of you locals should go put up a weather station on a tree on Switchback.
  10. Do you think we are in a better place now to handle it now with more knowledge of the disease and a better understanding of how to treat it than we were when this first came up?
  11. Looks like there are 3 windows of below freezing temps next week but they seem to correspond with higher humidity. Not looking great for snowmaking but this is also just a forecast so who knows.
  12. Don't listen to this man. Cards are where it's at. Especially smart metal art cards.
  13. You know who is not embracing the love at Christmas time? This guy. He looks like an angry wizard with a wand.
  14. Are you going to host happy hour at the hotel house?
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