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    Burton Floater with Burton Ray Bindings, Salomon Patrol with K2 Formula Bindings, Salomon F20 boots
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    Skier & Snowboarder
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    Blue Mt. The True Mt.

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  1. Excellent description of that incredibly annoying airport.
  2. Wow just wow. I bet the cops came to check out the new gravel surface and inspect for proper compaction.
  3. Schif

    March 5

    That new stone is luxurious though. If I was sipping a cocktail I could have mistaken it for the deck at the St. regis.
  4. Schif

    March 5

    Went up last night. Lazy was pretty good, everything else could be described as: Sugar and Ice and everything dangerous. When people were near you it legit sounded like a flyers game. They fired up a lot of snow guns when I was leaving. Mostly trail intersections, the base area and they were blasting the whole learning area at the bottom and the entire length of paradise.
  5. You're already doing better than these three in 2002. At least you finished the run. I would imagine they would smoke all of PASR head to head though. 2 Caroline Lalive United States DNF 7 Petra Haltmayr Germany DNF 27 Anne Marie Lefrancois Canada DNF
  6. I heard you cant' do that if you have a job.
  7. Now I want to ski and also go to a museum. When it comes to dinosaurs and trains I'm still very much a 7 year old.
  8. Cancel your ski day right now. Did you even know that there's a dinosaur park right by the restaurant you just ate at? https://www.dinosaurpark.org/ And a botanical garden is right there too!
  9. Anything after New Years is a bonus
  10. I guess that's why they say "Ski it if you can"
  11. Getting after it! Love to see it!
  12. Thin cover, ice, rocks, steep, narrow, windy, flat light, gray skies
  13. I was at Sugarbush only once but half the time it was just straight up survival skiing.
  14. You shouldn't be in the house at all. Weather looks grate. You should be outside on a mountain.
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