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  1. I'm seeing an issue right off the bat. Bluetooth has a surprisingly long range sometimes. People stuck in traffic will ping off of each other when they are all in their own vehicles. I just read the FAQ page on the PA covid app website and yes, if you get a positive test you need to enter it into the app yourself. The app then looks back at the last 14 days of pings it has saved and sends a notification everyone who you were in bluetooth proximity to. Big picture, possible privacy concern long term, but sounds like a pretty good plan to help at this point.
  2. Data backlog? Philly had triple digits, unless that's from colleges doing tons of testing.
  3. Schif

    Zee Lights

    I'm going to guess these 49 new guns have been in the works for a while, you can't just run down to home depot and pick up one of these things. That being said, I'm surprised they aren't factoring these new snow guns into an opening plan that would get the mountain open top to bottom ASAP to deal with spacing of crowds.
  4. Schif

    Zee Lights

    Out of curiosity I hopped on google maps, traced out Burma and then did some quick back of the napkin math. If you include that little spur they put a park on, this addition would amount to a brand new snow gun every 92 feet along Burma Road.
  5. Schif

    Zee Lights

    Is the perpetual sugar situation on Burma due to the guns that were there or the nature of the trail traffic? Is this addition of guns supposed to help the snow there? Seems like a waste and they would be better used on a different trail.
  6. That's if it's sold by the resort, are some of these third party card issuers?
  7. I am curious as to who makes money on this kind of thing and how.
  8. I was wearing my Ugg slippers over the weekend. They are literally unwearable in the summer they are so warm so this is a big sign of the changing seasons.
  9. I'll likely wind up out west this year. I need to use up my airline credits from my cancelled Colorado trip in the spring. Risk and Reward I guess.
  10. Walled and heated tents in parking lots are just sad looking. I can't imagine that is any better than eating indoors. There isn't much food in the world that is tasty enough for me to want to sit on asphalt on a folding chair in a tent.
  11. So to be the devil's advocate here. Assuming that we can rush ourselves to a vaccine I think it's safe to say that the politicians still don't have a clue as to handle things. In 1978, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) targeted measles for elimination. The initiative was soon followed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). It wouldn’t be until the year 2000 that the goal was achieved of eliminating measles from the United States, and it would not be until 2015 that the entire continent was declared to have eliminated measles. 22 years. To get rid of the Measles it took 22 years. Does anyone honestly think that by the end of even 2022 we will have any kind of actual handle on this thing? One of our biggest problems is that we think that nothing bad can ever happen. It does and it will and the Government can't stop it from happening. We can put up all the signs we want, wear as many masks as we want and pre register for all the skiing we want and next year nothing will be different. Nothing will be different the year after either. Covid-19 sucks, but it doesn't suck bad enough to hide for 22 years. Common sense and reason are the only things that will get us through this whole thing and both are severely lacking right now. Stay Healthy, Exercise, Don't cede all of your rights (not like you can really do anything about that anyway) and I'll see yall behind some masks soon.
  12. I think that only suggests that more people are looking at the potential downsides of a rushed vaccine.
  13. Everyone says that, but I'm still skeptical. Aside from a sandwich with fries on it, and an inclined railway that is supposedly cool, what is there to really do there? Just seems like a nicer Scranton. There is stuff there, but nothing particularly noteworthy and it's awkwardly far (too close to fly too long to want to drive).
  14. I'm counting at least a walkabout. Driving through does not count. Driving would add a few since I've driven across PA to Columbus, OH a few times. Never been to Pittsburgh though.
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