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  1. I had a professor like that last semester. Fully masked up throughout every single class. He came for beers with us after the last class of the semester and it was so strange to see the bottom 2/3 of his face. Speaking of out for beers, anyone want to go to La Cabra or Levante?
  2. My lifelong dream has been to drive a train......
  3. I don't know if I would say irresponsible, but I get what you're saying. It seemed like a "hedge your bets" kind of situation from the doc and the most practical thing was to start antibiotics to see if it would knock it out rather than waste time or go through a ton of tests which may or may not be conclusive and take a bunch of time. It really has got to be hard to be a doctor because I get the feeling that the answer that they want to give most of the time is "it depends" but a sick person absolutely doesn't want to hear that and has an expectation that a doctor knows everything 100%
  4. Attaching it to the truck on the front like a snow plow would be pretty grate
  5. Interesting Covid related thing that happened to me yesterday. I went to the shore two weeks ago and when I got back I started to feel not so great. Cough, congestion, runny nose, post nasal drip, sore throat, all the annoyances. It wasn't horrible but I definitely spent the long weekend mostly sleeping. So it's still lingering yesterday and I decide to make a doctor's appointment. 1. Out of an absolute abundance of caution on Friday I went to CVS for a covid test. it came back negative. 2. It was pure luck that they took me at all because I made the appointment online and if they
  6. Has anyone thought about putting a coat of protective paint over all the junk that's currently on the chair to kind of preserve it and avoid a lot of work?
  7. Heat is back on after breaking down and using the AC last week.
  8. I saw a few people in grocery stores walking around with masks on their chin. In the mask vs no mask debate this is a whole new level.
  9. I would prefer if he put wheels and a hitch on it so that he can offer towed rides when he cuts those lines.
  10. I just ran into a Giant a little while ago. Muscle memory had me pop a mask on as I walked in. Saw half a dozen unmasked folks and decided to try out this newfound freedom. Definitely in the minority but it was kind of nice.
  11. The bike shop I went to yesterday required masks and they were only letting a few people in at a time, enforced by a locked door so you had to wait on the sidewalk
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