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  1. Schif

    Bleu le Vrai - 12/17/18 - Grooming Razors

    He got a really snazzy condo in Duryea from what I hear.
  2. Schif

    Montage Holiday Sale

    That is truly an insane deal. 3 weekend trips and your pass is completely paid for.
  3. Schif

    Bleu le Vrai - 12/17/18 - Grooming Razors

    We still have the Laziest of Miles now and it's before Christmas. I'm a happy camper.
  4. Schif

    12/16/18....GSS is a pussy

    I drove back from the old homestead in Pittston last night and the turnpike was pretty spicy for a while. As soon as I climbed up to the mountain to Bear Creek it was snowing substantially and I passed 3 crashes and never went above 40 mph until I was past the new EZ-Pass only exit for Jim Thorpe.
  5. Schif

    Montage Holiday Sale

    I wonder if Montage is still doing $10 tuesday?
  6. Schif

    PSA $53ish for $100 gift card to Camelback Lodge

    You know what though, It's really not as bad as it seems if you're taking a family. You get lift tickets and water park access with the room right? I mean a family of 4 would spend $250 just for the lift tickets. Water park would be less but still at least 150 I would guess.
  7. Schif

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Rain at 8, clear by 9? Beers before the first run of the day?
  8. Schif

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Hoping to get there tomorrow. We will see in terms of weather though
  9. Schif

    Catskills - Poconos Analogous Mountains

    I've always been partial to "We Three Kings" due to the extensive use of vocabulary in the song.
  10. Schif

    6packs - 12/11-18

    Honestly, all of these trails are kind of exciting to me. I can finally let the skis go a little bit on a nice long cruiser instead of the short blurb that was the only green terrain last week.
  11. Schif

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    Sounds like night skiing on Thursday might be a good idea if the weather might turn.
  12. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    And the place would make money which means they 1. Won't close and 2. Will finish Coming Soon.
  13. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    Fake News. The trail has indeed been named. The odds of me calling "coming soon" anything but that are probably pretty slim.
  14. Schif

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    Sunday it is. See some of you there.
  15. Schif

    Zee Lights

    I kind of figured the snowblades would be better in the beginning? More forgiving and such? Or no? I still don't know anything so I'm going to let you be my ski guru at this point.