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    Burton Floater with Burton Ray Bindings, Salomon Patrol with K2 Formula Bindings, Salomon F20 boots
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    Skier & Snowboarder
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    Blue Mt. The True Mt.

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  1. Schif

    the pics from today thread

    Big herds of deer, big flocks of geese. Man you've got a lot of animals going on.
  2. Schif

    New Trail - Scarab

    Blue Mountain would be all blue trails obviously. It's right there in the name. In my experience though all the trails that are open are usually white, occasionally they will have a slightly brown trail too. Sidewinder was a green until about 6 weeks ago if I recall.
  3. Schif

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    I better get on the hill ASAP or I might miss out on the end of my own balls
  4. Schif

    Da Roll Call 4 Da Weekend 2/22-24

    Bite your tongue. I need some cold air in my life
  5. Schif


    Sounds like a maybe
  6. Schif

    Da Roll Call 4 Da Weekend 2/22-24

    I'll be there Saturday. Disappointing that Phillycore wont' be there, barely seen you this year man. Get well soon and get back after it.
  7. Schif

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Because someone wouldn't give up a certain hat.....
  8. Schif

    Jackson hole 2/5-2/13...

    The final countdown was played a lot in college for some reason. Unclear as to why
  9. Schif

    2/19...night moves..new pants.

    I wonder what it would be like to ski on a clear night under a big super moon with the trail lights off
  10. Schif

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I've got a pair of pants I've been saving for a Gaper Day/80s or 90s themed party so just let me know the day. Hint: They aren't khakis
  11. Schif

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I'm not at liberty to discuss the dollar figures, but they said it was all but a done deal if I could throw in a "Best Skier on the Mountain" hat.
  12. Schif

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    I too checked the place out this past weekend and even made an offer.
  13. Schif

    Shawnee President's Day

    This brings up something I occasionally think about. If you were stringing together a series of "trails" here in the Pocono region, what is the longest top to bottom route you could make? For example at Montage I used to start at the top of the Shuttle lift in front of the lodge, wind down Easy Street, come out of that with speed and cut up and over the bunny slope, down the unnamed path past the Iron Horse lift, down Lower Runaway, cut over to lower fast track, then come down across the bottom and end at Phoebe Snow.
  14. Schif

    2/17/19...sun and clouds.

    Some quick thoughts about yesterday. Snow was OK Food was amazing We severely underestimated the weight of a compact car Don't knock luxury men's slippers until you've tried them.
  15. Schif

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Must be the microclimate