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  1. It'll come down to whether or not they can operate profitably with diminished lodge services. If they can't cram people into the lodges to eat on MLK weekend will it still be worth blowing all that snow? Hard to say. Someone is surely crunching numbers in the background.
  2. The beauty of this is that we likely won't find out the actual answer to where it came from. If we ever do it will be decades down the road. China doesn't play around with information.
  3. I'm guessing there are sports starved gamblers somewhere betting on the daily totals.
  4. Forget that, the real tragedy here is that the Pittston Tomato Festival is cancelled. https://www.citizensvoice.com/news/coronavirus/pittston-tomato-festival-canceled-due-to-coronavirus-concerns/article_a2adb9dd-5257-54a2-95c3-5b2e96c9c42a.html
  5. Excellent point. We aren't looking at a random sample and that's an issue as well. Percentage of positives can show that either more people are coming down with this, or that fewer people without symptoms are getting tested if it's going up, or that the testing centers are seeing more healthy, but concerned people. Also an issue with the percentage of positives would be people that are tested multiple times. One person can show up as a data point a few times if they are tested over and over for whatever reason.
  6. Then I suppose none of the numbers we keep looking at daily really matter as much as we think.
  7. 1.4% of People in Philadelphia have had Covid-19 according to the above map. 0.71% of people in Pennsylvania have had Covid-19 according to the above map. Statewide that means 99.29% of people have not had it!
  8. In more rural, less regulated counties I would imagine a decent number.
  9. Fireworks tents typically close up after the fourth so I would imagine the whole out of sight out of mind thing would apply for most people.
  10. The roof of of my car is covered in fireworks debris. I thought driving on 476 would help with that but I guess I'm going to the car wash soon.
  11. I'll likely be in Avalon next weekend.
  12. I agree with that. County by county numbers are fascinating to me.
  13. Nice work @Benm. Seems to make sense to me, and also fall in line with population densities. Next argument I'll throw out here now: When I have tables like this full of fun facts and figures I inevitably have to present it to a board or a few VPs or whatever and one of the things that I learned a while ago and really sticks with me is the question that should be in everyone's mind when they look at a table of numbers. So what? Nice, chart. So what? Trends are going slightly up in the whole state. So what? County by county we see some flatness and some increase. So what? This doesn't look good. So what? PA is much better than Florida. So what? We have all this data and we aren't asking the right questions. Only when we can agree on the questions will we find the answer that's sitting right in front of us.
  14. Poorly executed joke on my part. *Insert silly Borat mankini picture here*
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