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  1. Schif

    Skison 19/20

    where is there a municipal parking lot in manhattan?
  2. Nothing wrong with switching it up a little.
  3. Schif

    Gilson skis/boards

    I believe they do demos at Montage a lot
  4. I must be in the minority, but I can sit on the beach all day long
  5. You'll just miss Michael Jordan who is fishing in the White Marlin Open down there. He showed up in his custom painted jet with the Nike Air logo on the tail and is currently fishing on his boat, the "Catch 23".
  6. Next time I get roped into going I'll let you know and you can quad over and have some beers
  7. Yes but unless you want to really have a bad Monday I would not recommend it.
  8. I took off about 25 laps in. Nascar for me is fun for the tailgating and the beginning of the race that that's about it. I think I would enjoy a race at Dover but have never been. Pocono bores the hell out of me so it's 99% seeing friends for me. I mean by the time 4 laps went by it was single file racing spread out along 2.5 miles. Boring.
  9. Um, you were literally right behind me and I'm about 2 pixels out of frame to the left in this picture.
  10. I bet Montage winds up on the Ikon pass in two years
  11. Smart move on their part if that is indeed the case.
  12. I can't imagine rates would get hiked too much. The market can only handle so much in terms of day ticket prices. Pocono competition and a family not wanting to drop $700 for a day on the mountain will constrain what they can realistically charge right? If I'm from NYC or Philly and I'm day tripping and the difference is half an hour in the car and a significant amount of money I would bet the average family is going to look at the money twice.
  13. Boulder certainly caters to a niche market and good for them. Most of the other mountains have been shying away from parks in the past decade and Boulder has picked up the slack. Boulder appeals to the 15-25 year old me, but not so much to my current state. I think having some Vail money behind them can only help when they need to perpetually market to a new generation of kids who are into what they have to offer. That front office clout is exactly what a place like Boulder needs.
  14. I'm not that fancy plus I've gotten so used to my jacket I really don't want to have a second one.
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