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  1. Better get used to it. Looks like before this weekend they only have about 14 decent hours of snowmaking followed by a weekend of rain and temps that still stay above the magical number 32.
  2. No 1 in palmerton is Chez Enjo. The rest of the spots in town are fighting for number 2.
  3. Unpopular opinion for sure, but I think Super Intergalactic Snow Tubing seems pretty cool. I could see myself enjoying an evening under those lights after a gummy bear or two and some sweet jams in my headphones.
  4. Just opened the trail map and I don't see any Barb's way on there. Did Curzi lose his cabin already?
  5. Camelback as the smaller overflow mountain? I can't possibly imagine that. There's no way that camelback, from a business perspective, is anyone's little brother. Blue is the black sheep brother in the family, but at this point the parents have finally put their foot down and Blue needs to try to get it's shit together. I see it as CBK as the older brother who has had a nice comfortable accounting job and a family for a while and Blue just got forced to go back to community college.
  6. The cold will come, the night of Zee Lights will come. Opening day being fun for all of one hour as the 8 open trails which really mean 1.5 trails get boring and/or skied off will come. I'm going to enjoy one more weekend of sleeping in before the inevitability of waking up early and constantly having beer in my car sets in.
  7. Just drinking? Does this mean I should stop at Blue this weekend for a parking lot dry run?
  8. Probably skiing in Verbier....
  9. A soft opening would be 5 PASRs, 5 of the bumpers crew, 10 public tickets sold at $120 each. They would open only with the ditch on coming soon and the quad.
  10. Atlantic City is probably my favorite place to hate in the world. First time I was there I was walking to the boardwalk through a parking lot and found the remnants of a small fire with a broken shopping cart, an old office chair, and other trash circled around it, obviously a bunch of weirdos having a little campfire overnight. Then, of course on the boardwalk was a pro wrestling match, complete with a full sized ring, announcer, mustic, and a bunch of WWE wannabees having a match in which they broke 6' fluorescent light bulbs over each other's heads. It's like the great pacific garbage patch, all the human trash from the NYC to Philly metro just swirls around until it finally clumps together in Atlantic City. That being said, at 8am on a Saturday it's barely an hour from Philly, so packing a cooler and running down to grab a beach day is still something that's fun to do a few times each summer. I'll only park at the far north end of town and hit the beach there though. Definitely don't go anywhere near the casinos or actually utilize anything in the town.
  11. Hit me up this weekend. I'm just chilling and its the first weekend in a while I don't have anything going on.
  12. It's pretty chilly here in Kentucky in the mornings. Kind of wish I had a wrap.
  13. November 17 at Perkiomen Middle School October 28 at Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia I'll probably go to one of these. It's been a while since I made a deposit in my stoke market account.
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