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  1. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in 17/18 Season Update was marked as the answer   
    It sure is with the death rate on the decline and the cremation rate rising. Another 10-12 years and I'm done
  2. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in Skiing near Denver April 24-25 was marked as the answer   
    Using rental boots sounds terrible. Bringing skis is no hassle at all renting seems like more of a hassle.
    I don't know if I've said it yet today but you're a giant gaper.
  3. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in Best Local Shop for Tuning and Mounting? was marked as the answer   
    Stop into the lower lot I'll have plenty of beer...the X is where the PASRs park.
  4. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in PSA — another Blue "Sweet Deal" today was marked as the answer   
    I doubt it's only gonna be 50 available. If you don't wanna fuck around just go up there in person and buy it and then go skiing.
  5. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in Looking for advice on Atomic bindings was marked as the answer   
    Put those new bindings on some new skis. Doubt the atomics have much life in them.
  6. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in Ongoing TR 12/13/15 was marked as the answer   
    Why the hate on people who vape.. I'm sure JLAW is gonna be rocking raspberry vinegrete flavored vapors.
  7. GrilledSteezeSandwich's post in Opening day 12/21 roll call... was marked as the answer   
    Mark I heard about the skinners from ski patrol radio I'll be in the lot for beer and safety in half an hour.
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