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  1. You’re a better aunt than I am an uncle although I still will see my niece and nephew at Xmas and miss two ski days in the process.
  2. You might want to text Johnny law as he hasn’t been in PASR in five months.
  3. What’s the over/under that the lift is installed by Halloween?
  4. Do you have a ski rack? I think your car seats five men so I call middle of the back seat of the SaltySubie between Matt Edge and @Dirtwolfand @RidgeRacercan sit in the front seat and he’s in charge of the music, yoo hoo and fruit by the foot.
  5. Id just pay it and move on with my life. I have more important shit to get angry at. Let’s make this a day of kindness Salty.
  6. @saltyant keep an eye on rainfall totals. An inch or two of rain will be good for the snowmaking ponds.
  7. How was it compared to Fogo De Chao? I’ve been to Fogo twice so have nothing else to compare it to. I’ll checkout their website menu
  8. My grandparents used to like taking day trips up to Palmerton to have lunch and walk around.
  9. Let’s make sure it’s not Blue mountain Ontario lol
  10. Nice to see they still have chairs for sale.
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