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  1. The big question is if you still had room for pancakes or perhaps croque madame.
  2. Wow maybe they’ll entice him with VIP tickets for Camelbeach
  3. Hey All, I’m back from another fun day at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot before 720am and in the house were Atomic Jeff, johnny Law, JFDan, NMSki, Toast, Ryan, Mute, Salty, Nipples, MBike Mike, Mrs Snowbunski, Shadows, Enjorales, Enjorales dad, PSUFlyGuy, West Chester Homeys, Nastar Glenn, Slim and many more. Temperatures were in the 30s under partly to mostly cloudy sky’s. Initially only the quad was running but then the six pack was running at half speed. First run was challenge was pretty decent smooth firm cord, second run on challenge then nightmare to dreamweaver which I thought was sort of rough but no people on it. Lazy mile was smooth until right before the corner and upper Main Street some nice cord..I didn’t ski the bumps but some said they were alright probably better now as it’s in the 40s. Switchback also decent and lower park was progressive...after some nice runs Enjorales did some serious grilling of many fine meats and even quesadillas..was legit...I hungout in the lot till almost 2pm and all the pictures I took were lifestyle shots. Last ski day for me before Jackson hole..see the people who aren’t going to JH in like a week and a half.
  4. That’s one flight missed and I’ve probaky flown about 80 times in my life. Shit happens when you get drunk the night before and mess up setting alarm. I also overslept for a flight to Denver and drove like 100mph to Newark and parked in short term $38 a day parking cause no time to spare.
  5. Pretty much like your screen name.
  6. There’s something happening here what it is ain’t exactly clear
  7. What a shitshow. Fire alarm in American Dream and collisions.
  8. Vail resorts skier visits are down a small amount so far this season vs last season to date. Might be attributed to the popularity of the Ikon pass
  9. Let’s hope it snows a little more in Jackson hole this week.
  10. Wow 6th-8th grades we went to Blue Wednesday Thursday or Friday nights depending on the week for about 6 weeks. It was $21 for lift lesson and rental, $19 for lift and rental and $14 just for lift ticket. In 9th grade we went to whiteface with ski club and no ski club in 10th and 11th grades and in 12th grade whiteface again two nights at the Plattsburgh comfort inn and two days skiing at the Olympic mountain was about $200. Due to my photographic memory I remember standing in front of the gym with my Pre M5a’s waiting for the bus...as some rappers say I’m always “early” cause I don’t wanna miss the bus.
  11. Did your middle or high school have a ski club??
  12. I thought it ran at the same 450 or so feet per minute speed as the Main Street chair.
  13. I don’t think it will be busy enough tomorrow AM for the lack of a six pack to matter much at least when we’re skiing. Enjoy the hero snow could be pretty variable in the AM
  14. The bumpers probably did lol and some of us remember pre Comet quad blue..especially when the challenge chair began at the end of the shuttle and the Falls was often a bump run.
  15. Rain is pretty much done in the A. Ended up raining about an inch and a quarter.
  16. Imagine what the presidents weekend liftlines will be like with no 6-pack..Blue might have to limit ticket sales...Bahahaha yeah right. Quad is 25 years old...no idea on the six pack it’s been at Blue for 13 years but it was used.
  17. I visited the site through a proxy server so they thought I was in Nigeria bahahah @RajeevGuptaSucheeta it’s bananas
  18. I’m still not getting much info on the six pack situation at Blue.
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