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  1. Was it like a meet and greet? You used to do YouTube for fishing and power lifting I think.
  2. Does your AC work with generator? That’s a crazy amount of power outages. The power went out at the hotel house long enough that I had to reset the time on the microwave.
  3. My delivery guy was there…he got there at like 8am. He said they had a rock climbing thing he did. Nice to see people are finally discovering the poconos. Prob some famous people there.
  4. Smart way for them to get some upfront revenue and that is a really good deal and incentivizes doing a spring trip which also keeps the mountain busier in spring which is good for the Vibes. Blue used to have a spring fling deal which I really think they should bring back. If you purchase a ticket late February/early March…you receive 50% off your next visit. Similar to the frequent skier card model… I’m starting to miss skiing. I already get up early everyday anyway might as well drive to blue.
  5. Good deal for sure and I just about never get FOMO except for the heli skiing Atomic Jeff @NMSKI and @Johnny Law did I think everybody had it thanks @skiincy for the photoshoot and also April VT trip sugarbush part. WTGAI
  6. Oh I heard it brings all the boys to the yard…I guess you have more Rizz than Jizz
  7. $50 for what? You selling Girl Scout cookies? Damn Daniel
  8. Can I ride with you and Matt edge??
  9. Id be down..I’m actually looking at my famous purple polo shirt right now @NMSKI
  10. @AirheadD8 and @toast21602 were asking about when the days get shorter. Right about now…
  11. His Elans are 177 and RTMs were 170 @RidgeRacer but typically you want to purchase a ski bag longer than your skis. If you have a 190 ski bag and your skis are 193 you’re gonna have a bad time. You’d think 3 centimeters wouldn’t make a difference but ask my mom lol I’m here for a reason
  12. I actually have empathy, that’s why I read the off the wall shit you post.
  13. That reminds me of my work cause I’m working with a 92 year old orthodox Jewish guy and on his first approval sketch he said that this menorah is meant for Hanukkah and there’s a different once he wanted. Sheesh..and it’s true they’re mostly rich…I know cause I’m one of the poorest Jews in my family but I’m The best skiers and only use my Judaism for business and getting girls with ski jump noses lol
  14. Richest city in the world. I bet lots of crazy rich Asians at that mall. Prob some of the same people as at Blue on holiday weekends in their $100k SUVs who even bring their own sleds sometimes.
  15. And isn’t the rest of that American dream project doing poorly financially? I heard the principals could barely meet their last debt payment.
  16. Do you think they’ll ever build any new runs? Would be nice if there was something with some twists and turns like Switchback.
  17. If it doesn’t sell before ski season, bring it to Blue..and I think $69 would be a more appealing price for a quick sale but what do I know. If it was 200cm I’d offer $76 for it and start a bidding war but my fat skis are 193s
  18. I always feed the troll. If not this forum would be dead amiright @saltyant
  19. Wow just wow and here I was pumped that we have a new PASR to join us on the slopes.
  20. If you’re an expert skier, you should know which bindings to buy. Also I really doubt the brake made any difference. I’ve never heard of such a thing and you can purchase new brakes. You don’t need to replace skis and bindings.
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