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  1. Do the wallets have a private room or the loft?
  2. Oh Lordy I’m sure he thought about that one while he was salivating about what a grate deal he received.
  3. Way to get after it…don’t be hard on yourself about skiing Pow slow or only wanting to do a half day, most skiers and riders only ski lift served groomers.
  4. There’s a show on TLC about twins that share a husband..kinky
  5. Am I the only one who thinks it’s shitty for twins to have to share a car.
  6. That will be fun for them to learn parallel parking with.
  7. Good point on the vinyl..anything but cloth seats as they stain.
  8. The chick on the left is smiling because she’s thinking about the day she’s gonna lose her virginity in the back seat of that car.
  9. Thanks to enjorales for cooking..MBike also was also cooking and had the good spicy mustard..I thought I would see Dime… This was a good season in my opinion..about the best possible given Mother Nature. Sidewinder would have been nice today..with the new lift setup up 7+ runs an hour with lift stoppages and brief waits at the top and bottom are possible.. Props to Blue for pushing a lot of snow around…
  10. I clicked on PASR at the right time to see this sweet thread. Have a blast..lodge dogs are rad and probably love all the activity.
  11. My bad I actually had your name in my head while writing the report but my short term memory isn’t that grate. Long term is like top .1%
  12. Damn I guess he avoided me..I did see T Maki..I bet that whole crew wondered where Toast was. Bunski asked as well and I said he’s probably with his wife or his girlfriend lol
  13. Well they’re owned by the same people as Camelback and camelback doesn’t allow tailgating. Barb, Blues former owner was pro tailgating.
  14. Hey All, I’m back from closing day. I arrived at the lower lot around 715am and it was 41 degrees under bright sky’s. Everybody was in the house except for Zonked, Toast, Atomic Jeff, Shadows, Salty, Nastar glenn, PARidge, Kevin Thomas, GSSucks and Root. I began on the quad and coming soon was very firm as was Main Street. The Chute and midway along with after the sharp turn on lazy mile received the first sun and softened into corn fast. I especially liked the chute as it was getting a lot less traffic than midway so was more smooth. Paradise was decent as well but mainly I was skiing east out to vista to chute to lower Main Street. I also hit coming soon a few more times when it softened. Fun parking lot today with beer, a scooter and another sausage sunday. The temperature warmed to 60 degrees and it was beautiful weather. The only annoying thing was the one security guy was hanging around a lot and he said they’re cracking down on tailgating next season JADIP
  15. When I was in college, I skied mad river glen a handful of times. One time I gave a guy from the ski Vermont discussion list named Andre a ride to MRG..he insisted on stopped at Burger King for breakfast on the way and I never turn down a FF breakfast. Anyway turns out his dad is a big writer for vanity fair magazine…he now owns a bike rental company in park city and also collects and trades cars. He actually sold my high school friend a Land Cruiser…more stories later lol
  16. You’ll have to show me where you sat. I’ve never had a beer in the valley lodge. I have had a few food items
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