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  1. By the end of the year rates will be 9-10%+
  2. Kyle you got lucky buying a house when interest rates were low. Now people are paying 6-7%
  3. Maybe there’s another chair that says Oates hehehehe
  4. One of my customers kids lives in Santa Fe near the AZ snowbowl and he’s bummed that a lot of his favorite mountain bike trails are destroyed by this fire.
  5. I saw on FB..happy 65th bday Drew..I know you lurk...and what up Slim and Donny and Rick!!!
  6. I guess he can’t use the Shaggy defense,”it wasn’t me” reminds me of this song.
  7. That’s gonna smash into the lift tower. Terrible artist rendering
  8. To save snow they should have a preformed halfpipe made out of plastic and then just cover it with a couple inches of snow.
  9. Yes, they need to bring it back.
  10. Here’s a blast from the past.
  11. Or have @saltyantstand at the bottom of the new lift with a camcorder.
  12. Why couldn’t you do a live one..
  13. Most of my competition has done mid year price increases which makes us even cheaper.
  14. With the way inflation is going, we got a bargain on our season passes.
  15. No kids at this wedding but the 60 and 70 year olds and 42 year olds like ice cream.
  16. That’s a really convenient wedding. There was an after party at my cousins wedding but I went back to the hotel with the olds after the make your own sundae bar.
  17. The wedding I went to didn’t even have shrimp cocktail, just calamari and fried rock shrimp during the cocktail hour. They didn’t have some fine cheeses.
  18. Cost me $120 for sport coat, $239 for hotel room but my parents paid for that, gas was about $25 company paid for that I am the company. $100 cash gift...$29 for parking at garage next to hotel..day off work..cost nothing but cause it was a Sunday night wedding..I could have gone into work in the afternoon but still hungover. Cookies free. GrilledSteezeSang $9 at the mall food court in jersey city.
  19. If they don’t sell all the chairs, maybe they can set some up around a fire pit for people to sit in.
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