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  1. Gotcha if blue ever brings back the big air bag would be cool seeing you do some of those moves on skis.
  2. There’s only snowpack for back country skiing in the poconos like one out of every five seasons. Maybe @Justo8484 can give you some beta.
  3. It was stupid but not as stupid as the shit VTMark posts. And VTMark always says the N word and he’s not even black..
  4. @Robert2 also made a family friendly version called PAskiandride.org
  5. Maybe he can be a member on your PASR site
  6. How did VTMark become a millionaire in two years?
  7. How much money for a gun? Looks like a grand.
  8. It’s always been like that...this will definitely broaden the gap between the haves and the have nots.
  9. 60% of Allentown school district parents were against sending their kids back to school. Much different between the Richie rich parents and the poor and working class. All sports fields in allentown are shut down until January 1st in complying with governor Wolfe recommendations.
  10. I heard that when Trump loses in November there are going to be riots. I won’t care I’ll be waiting for @skifreak to post that the lights are in at Blue...
  11. Make them outdoors..and no more choir practice..
  12. What I liked about Trump is he’s a troll and triggered wet blankets like Toast
  13. I’ve never been a republican or a democrat..I voted for Obama in 2008 because he was going to bring America Hope..
  14. @saltyant many states opened up too soon. There should not be in person schools, indoor dining and bars..or indoor church services. Also I didn’t have any idea back on March 15th how fast this shit would spread mainly because China withheld info from us.
  15. Do you happen to have any Hydroxychloroquine and would you be comfortable giving me a suppository??
  16. If he was a leader during the pandemic we would be pretty much back to normal. Look at European countries, Asian countries..even Canada...Trump spread a lot of misinformation about Covid-19..and now there are 160,000+ US deaths and rising..I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but a lot of people who voted for Trump in 2016 don’t support him. As of now I’m not voting because I think Biden is a piece of shit.
  17. Ahhh I don’t have to encourage anything it’s happening naturally...
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