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  1. This shit is really exploding. Over 6,000 new cases in Illinois and 4,000 in Wisconsin.
  2. 2043 new cases in PA..maybe we will hit 3,000 later next week.
  3. It’s all good. Was wondering what calendar you’re using.
  4. Tuesday is one month away from Black Friday.
  5. Pretty rad video called north country.
  6. Dr. Fauci said things are far worse now because a lot of people don’t care about the virus like in the spring, baseline number of new cases is now 70,000+ and people are spending more time indoors and being lax.
  7. Positive cases per 100,000 by county for the last 7 days.
  8. County map. Positivity rate was over 10% statewide as just over 18,000 years were logged with 2k+ positives.
  9. Whatever you’re smoking pass it this way.
  10. Ok Me, Phillycore and Enjorales in back..pops can have shotgun..
  11. Does your sonic have a middle seat in the back??
  12. Looks like they have a decent bonk yard. Put that in your half pipe and smoke it...we can stop in Chicago on the way back.
  13. Bahahah I think he was on the Cosby show.
  14. Yeah can always play with your Wii
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