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  1. I’m sure tickets are $100 so you wouldn’t go anyway.
  2. They’re blowing now. By the weekend everything will be resurfaced. What time were you there? I think I’m gonna take a rare two day break and sleep in tomorrow and get a lot of work done but will be back on Thursday AM
  3. There’s a creperie right near there. I’ll teach Pops a little French this weekend at Mont Bleu so he can chat up the PYTs who work there. I like the turkey and Brie crepe from there with a jack and coke from the umbrella bar around the corner.
  4. One of my karaoke favorites. With time ridge will forgive you. Just don’t put words in his mouth.
  5. Oh Lordy and my 2pm appointment isn’t here yet. I might start charging an extra $5 for every minute they’re late.
  6. They sell it at wegmans and Weis markets
  7. I totally agree...I guess some jealous haters.
  8. Since you’re feeling generous you can bring me some Captains wafers to Blue this weekend.
  9. Ok just wanted to make sure before Atomic Jeff updates all your stats to how they should be including big snow and Stowe.
  10. Ski2Live if you ski roundtop and post that you were at Hunter in the stats I will fucking lose it.
  11. Are you going to quarentine before you go into Pennsylvania?
  12. Maybe bring him some fruit by the foot or sweet baby Jesus beer.
  13. Nah keep posting. It’s keeping me occupied before my 2pm appointment and I found your post where you kept mentioning ridge to be very informative. Thanks and you’re welcome anytime boner city
  14. Salty I skied whiteface in 1994 and 1997...not many places in the east that you can ski 3200+ vert in one continuous run. Killington would require XC skiing for that and mount Washington a lot of hiking.
  15. Ridge be happy that Salty listens to what you have to say...gosh
  16. You can if you jump through a lot of hoops.
  17. Where are you staying up there?
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