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  1. @saltyant are you ready to ski tomorrow???
  2. I saw Ryan on the Camara on the left side..WTGAI!!!
  3. Congrats on retirement. Any ski trips planned for this season?
  4. Blue is saying as of now open 8-4 tomorrow. Hmmmm
  5. As long as you don’t go we should have some pow days funny but true @AtomicSkier
  6. Jackson hole is already up to 127” of snowfall and 41 runs open already. Wow and it was super dry there until thanksgiving.
  7. Wow red chair..thanks for the real time report. I’m at work..
  8. I took off work Thursday so I’ll be there perhaps a little hungover from karaoke. I need a nice weekday morning session. Been awhile.
  9. Getting gas. Be there in about 10. You know I'm never on time The opposite of my fourth favorite Ja rule and Ashanti song.
  10. I’m just happy Xmas week is setting up for lots of terrain. Challenge paradise wooo
  11. Still blowing on homestretch. This is Grate
  12. Have fun and have a good trip this weekend. Thanks for starting this thread. Seems like I was pranked.
  13. Hey All, I fucked SaltyAnt last night. It was great! I just returned from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. Way more people in the house than last Thursday. Temperatures were in the upper 20s. I skied an hour and a half with Atomic Jeff from 6-730 then hungout in the lot for an hour drinking beer. The Dude, Zach and Matt edge were also in the house. Snowmaking cannons were blasting all over the place..Main Street and midway were ok a little scrapes some mini cookies upper Main Street. Lazy mile was super nice and pleasant and only one or two runs where the aggro beginner snowboarders were a pain. Thursday night which means lots of ski patrollers in the house. They can open the valley this weekend but I think they wait till sometime next week just in time for our first sausage Sunday!!!
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