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  1. You two are hardcore. I’d be looking for a hotel..and in a zero degree sleeping bag I’d be roasting but I’m fat and hairy which Shannon isn’t except maybe under her arms and on her legs if she’s that kind of gal lol
  2. Cool tent/camper thing so does one person sleep in the top and the other in the bottom?
  3. He should have..life is too short to dwell on that sort of thing. When life gives you lemons make beef stew.
  4. @saltyant are you looking forward to tackling woods and double diamond trails at Stowe that you didn’t ski 4 years ago?
  5. We’ll settle this during the ski season at Blue...he had a trip to Breck planned with an ex but it fell through so he always harps about how great Stowe and killington are.
  6. Matt Edge has never skied out west so maybe include him on your trip to Colorado. He can teach you about the birds and the bees.
  7. Why would I write a report when everybody was there.
  8. @Ride Delaware ? the leaves are starting to change color in Allentown. Won’t be long until you’re back at Killington and the Bush.
  9. One of my FB friends already turned the heat on today. Wow
  10. Wow you were up way way earlier than me. Good seeing everybody!!!!
  11. Abasin is open. It’s nice to see that skiing is still popular in Colorado fa la la la la
  12. I really do because I can put myself in other peoples shoes.
  13. Everybody in our row now has passes. Thanks Blue!!!
  14. Well good that they’re still available because one of the people who hadn’t purchased pass yet I just messaged to see if he got his and he’s been busy with work and is going to buy in 20 minutes. I said if there’s any issues just say you were trying at 10.
  15. I just checked out FB comments. What a mess.
  16. I honestly don’t care what they charge for a SP.
  17. Hahaha and I forgot been too busy with customers. Anyway as I tell customers who ask if we offer a payment plan,”put it on your credit card, there’s your payment plan”
  18. I think Johnny Law and NMSki are the only PASRs to have skied in Arizona.
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