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  1. After Bear Creek decided to screw PASR over last year by refusing to honor a discounted rate for our loyalty I really didn't care to deal with them anymore. The only benefit you will get from purchasing your season pass from this link is the ability to receive 1) "Early Bird Pricing" a month later than the usual of October 31st. 2) A free lift ticket for your friend. The web address to the group purchase site is: https://websales.skibearcreek.com/e-commerce/grpLogin.aspx To log into the account, each group member will need the club name and password that are listed below: CLU
  2. Does anyone have any free lift tickets that they might want to give me ???? #justgraduated #collegeloanproblems #chipkelly
  3. Hey everyone. What I thought was going to be a discount code for everyone to use, was just a similar login to years past with no additional discount. What this means is that it does nothing for you, but could earn me a free season pass which I do not care about due to the fact I hopefully will be backpacking Europe in January -> Fell free to use the code. If I do earn multiple season passes, I will try and give one away, or give it away to someone to raffle for charity. The web address to the group purchase site is: https://websales.skibearcreek.com/e-commerce/grpLogi
  4. I guess someone in sales or marketing was wondering why there was a lack in season pass sales.... Check back soon for some details...
  5. Hey Guys, I got word from group sales that they will no longer be honoring discounted group season pass rates. However, they now offer "lower rates for all" if you purchase your pass before the end of october. Last season I asked for even lower rates due to the amount of revenue we brought them (it was very significant) and obviously got the denial. Below are the prices for early bird passes: Earlybird Season Pass Rates (Purchased By 10/31/13) Rate Adult Unlimited Valid open to close, every day $375 Youth (6-21)/Senior (62-69) Unlimited
  6. Saurus

    Open Date

    Omg. S rail. Fuck yessss
  7. Saurus

    Open Date

    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Shit is almost exactly the same.
  8. Saurus

    Open Date

    hahah wow, honestly what a fucking joke. id actually be upset if i had to pay for a lift ticket hows boulder been?
  9. Saurus

    Open Date

    I havent been to bear since they had that big air event. Please tell me when I arrive at bear on thursday the set up will be very different.
  10. Saurus

    Open Date

    im trying to rage at kutztown next weekend yo. ill bring the RedBull.
  11. Saurus

    Open Date

    Cascade setup is fucking sick
  12. Saurus

    Open Date

    dont be so generous!
  13. Saurus

    Open Date

    Lol. Stacking rails side by side is cool and all, But not if you barely have anything else out.
  14. Saurus

    Open Date

    The past few days have had no crowds what so ever. Monday was prime. A few inches of fresh snow everywhere. Trees were amazing with awesome coverage. Wednesday was okay. Lots of random barespots, and ice, some ridiculously huge that span across whole runs. Trees were still good with only a little issues every now and then. I've never been tree skiing before and I absolutely love it. The park on timberline is currently being built and I doubt it will be open before I leave. Shitty
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