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  1. Wondering who "engineered" that roadway???? Drainage? Who needs drainage?
  2. Root is married, so why give it to him?
  3. It's a lot more fun when you get a crowd to go along in the middle of summer when it's hot/sticky.
  4. What ever happened to Birdman (a.k.a. the happiest liftie ever) at Blue?
  5. No Colorado skifari this year??
  6. @GrilledSteezeSandwich and @saltyant could share the room.
  7. We mix it up. In Whistler, we didn't cook at all.
  8. Part of the ski trip experience is getting to eat local foods in the place you're visiting.
  9. Nice! Staying away from the sides of the run near the trees I see! 😉
  10. indiggio

    Sale rumors...

    Nope, I hadn't heard anything more and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that the deal blew up at the end, so perhaps this is the latest scuttlebutt. I would think it would be a tough roe to hoe going the private route and keeping it solvent, unless they have some really deep pockets to pull money from.
  11. indiggio

    Sale rumors...

    Nobody has heard who might have bought it, but the thought is probably a private investor group as if it was any "biggie" that surely would have been announced.
  12. indiggio

    Sale rumors...

    Since I already bought an Indy, I'd definitely welcome Elk to it!
  13. indiggio

    Sale rumors...

    That and Blue isn't as far out in the boonies as Elk is.
  14. indiggio

    Sale rumors...

    Yeah, dunno either. What if it's some bunch of rich boomers who take the place private?
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