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  1. Bah! Looks like BB pop fizzled for end of this week. ☚ī¸ Looking at some ripples for next Tues., 26...
  2. Livid... https://thehill.com/homenews/news/534436-charles-barkley-athletes-pay-more-in-taxes-deserve-some-preferential-treatment?fbclid=IwAR0leJXrUyy9ne14j7BPWWV5f0SEB2XVC88CbtZHeJM-FotbsOz30HtNj-c
  3. Yeah I know, but it still would be funny to see how embarrassed the person would get.
  4. Stopping the lift for people NOT wearing a mask would be a nice, awkward punishment for those that choose not to wear one.
  5. The bigger the gob, the better the job!
  6. Hopefully significant amounts of perder.
  7. Possible Beltzville buoypop for day after inauguration day...
  8. https://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-lvhn-preparing-for-mass-vaccinations-at-dorney-park-20210113-biu2redlejd75cygv6lqtgwy5m-story.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Breaking News Alerts&utm_content=531610498916#nws=true
  9. Looks like the first vaccinated nurses are doing well
  10. Or my son (yikes! 😀) as he signed up to help administer vaccines through LVHN as well.
  11. Did you feel anything after the 1st?
  12. Sunrise on Christines Hill...
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