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  1. My son said Whitehall's was meh also. He got there around 11 and it was mostly picked already.
  2. Nope, since they increased the SP price I refused to give them any more money.
  3. I'm usually passed by a blue BMW...
  4. I'll believe it when I'm skiing Ty's bumps again at Cameltoe on my Blue pass...
  5. Boggles the mind. They want COVID to end, yet they're allowing this? 100k people all in close proximity to one another and they're not super-spreader events? All about the almighty dollar... Hospitals are mandating workers get vaccinated, even pregnant women, yet they allow maskless visitors to stay for as long as they want at any time of day. The hypocrisy never ends.
  6. Hope they're all right... https://www.pahomepage.com/news/camelback-resort-employee-flown-to-hospital-after-being-run-over-by-snow-groomer/?fbclid=IwAR04cWbKVD5IugcuIBLweOJiGEwKF0LvdAdacE2mUfu7A1cVLU-7eNBLVfw
  7. Fortunately I already purchased my pass, but for those who didn't they may be off to Cameltoe.
  8. Has Blue stopped selling season passes for this season?
  9. I thought they were going to be called Del Easy Out Vista?
  10. Would be grate for early season lines and lapping Barney's.
  11. TFTI! I should be able to make an appearance.
  12. At least the snowmaking retention pods will be full!
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