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  1. Mid-week Opening

    Too much zinc in the brain?
  2. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    But does he tell them like a Salty Pirate?
  3. 12/14/17

    They really should, mainly to keep people from screaming straight down it right into people coming down Main Street!
  4. 12/14/17

    This guy's not new, he's been doing it for a few seasons now. He's the one that started seeding them on Razor's when the racers are done with it. If it weren't for management, he'd probably seed bumps on all the trails. We're just happy they do it. It's another reason to love BM. Other mountains (Cameltoe) don't or have some cordoned-off area, like bumps are a park or something. The only better thing Blue could do is let a trail (Switchback) go natural like Elk does with Tunk. That would be spectacular!
  5. 12/14/17

    Suns out, titty-sparkles out...
  6. 12/14/17

    Sarcasm doesn't come through very well. They're still blowing Homestretch.
  7. 12/14/17

    No, it's because of the racers taking over MS until Razors is open, from what I'm told. Ty seeds the bumps now. Is Switchback open yet?
  8. 12/14/17

    Damn! No bumps.
  9. Opening day 12/13/17

    Was the employee a Zinc-ie, Zinc-er, Zinc-ite whatever?
  10. Pick me a ski

    Was there a substantial delay in getting stuff from asogear, with the stuff having to go through customs?
  11. Opening day 12/13/17

    I believe Camelback also puts the kibosh on parking lot tailgating as well; bunch of heathens some of these mountains are.
  12. Opening day 12/13/17

    Now I'm gonna have to count the number of steps it is from my usual spot in the valley at Blue to see how it compares. At least we don't have to pay for prime parking and don't get yelled at for tailgating in the valley, mainly because we typically offer the workers food if/when they drive by in their carts. Boggles my mind that mountains frown upon tailgating, as that goes hand-in-hand with skiing/boarding.
  13. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    Currently pumpin'
  14. Pick me a ski

    I can't make up my mind on what I want for a new daily yet, as the Chronic's have seen better days.
  15. Pick me a ski

    I've used Al's Ski Barn aka Untracked.com (https://www.untracked.com/) for a lot of ski purchases and tend to have excess prior year's stock available at discounted prices and will give deals to ski/binding combos. They tend not to match prices, but will work with you, if you give em some grief. They'll even mount bindings for free, all you have to do is provide boot size, but they recommend you get them checked for proper release settings of your boots.