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  1. We landed in Denver in a blizzard one ski trip. Couldn't see the runway or anything for that matter until like 10' above the ground. Plane erupted in applause. Heard we were one of the last planes to land before they closed the airport. Guess the pilot(s) really wanted to ski that storm!
  2. My brother-in-law just moved back from CA and is hotel-housing. He says he's enjoying it!
  3. Is it bigger/better than your Allentown hotel house?
  4. Got the second Fauci ouchie Pfizer stab yesterday at 2pm. Not sure why, but it burned significantly more so than the first shot. Don’t know if it was what’s in the shot or how it was administered. Son says that if they inject slow, it burns more. Other than far more arm pain than the first shot, initial effects were non-existent. However that would be short-lived. Woke up around 4am with raging headache, fever, chills, muscle and joint soreness, nausea, overall lethargy and fatigue. It was just like having the flu, even eyes hurt to open them. No, I didn’t have anything to drin
  5. Not to mention Wolf didn't try to get millions of dollars in advance for writing a book proclaiming himself as some sort of leadership god, while fudging the numbers of nursing home deaths. Cuomo is just another dirtbag politician.
  6. Not shaking your hand ever again!
  7. How about requiring places to get "WELL" or else be ostracized?
  8. I can see that, but unfortunately that seems to be happening more and more, everywhere. Just this past weekend at Blue we had just stopped at the end of Barney's and an obvious beginner boarder (totally out of control) came screaming down Chute at full speed. Luckily I was looking up at him and yelled early enough that we all moved out of the way or he would have taken someone out, as he nearly clipped the last guy who moved. There have been a few people who've been run into this season standing on the side of the trails at Blue. The trails are comparatively narrow and there seems
  9. I'm curious as to why you don't like it? I've been there (granted only once) and found it fun.
  10. And y'all call me a complainer! Guy's boarding practically every day and he's bitching about Keystone? Asshole! He should come to Camelback and see what IT's like. Maybe he'll have some appreciation for what he has! I feel sorry for the people he's "influencing".
  11. Nah, Slim skis K2 and Salomons, but my son has a pair of J's.
  12. Gotta pick me up this new binding system! https://fb.watch/4BGfnmrV-s/
  13. Right under the Farrah Fawcett!
  14. Hence why they asked me for help.
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