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  1. I think so too. Early runs, early parking lot.
  2. Jerry helmet sticker game right there...
  3. Can't wait to see what's in store for today! 🤣
  4. Y’all bailed on Razor’s first run and missed out, sorry! It was the best conditions all season on any trail so far. BMR must have payed the law down, as the snow and grooming was par excellence! Everything else was meh in comparison. Lazy was horrible as was DW. It’s like they never made snow in 20’ temps ever before. WTF?? Paradise first run was great, subsequent runs were meh. Ended up running Challenge ditch which had nice snow all day long.
  5. indiggio


    I'm sure @tarponhead can give you the lowdown on the hostel route, if that's your bag. He had quite a time of it there this last trip! 😀
  6. So then they were able to add even more base to those trails', so now while those trails are open, blow on the closed ones.
  7. They never blow on open terrain while their open (barring the odd fan gun here and there). They could easily be blowing on both trails during the day, especially Sidewinder with its automated guns, whereas Switchback production requires periodic monitoring.
  8. Yeah I agree. It's cold enough now to blow and they're behind. Why don't they have the guns going on Sidewinder and/or Switchback??
  9. Unfortunately the only thing complaining does is appease the other voice in my head...
  10. I can! There have been other years with weather that was just as bad or worse and the grooming was nowhere near as bad as it's been this year.
  11. Either is a win! Don't feel bad.
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