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  1. Yeah, from all the times I sat on his lap... (here we go!)
  2. I almost took a job out of college in Malvern.
  3. I always DVR them anymore, as I'm typically outside doing something during the football season. I hate listening to color commentary and replays are just time sinks, so I watch the games at 1.5x speed.
  4. Exactly! It's unlike them to keep the lights on all night and waste $ on the electricity.
  5. Lights still on (why?), but no snow being blown.
  6. We talked at the Wooden Match during Musikfest.
  7. Get something down ASAP in order to start cooling down the terrain.
  8. Per their Fakebook page, something big to be announced tomorrow
  9. I pretty much do kill it, except for what the wife can wrangle away from me. That's my next job too. Working from home, others think I'm always available. My wife just blocked your number!
  10. Working out of the house, I just brew a carafe first thing, then have it over the course of the morning. I like cinnamon which I add to the coffee grounds, so that during the steeping process the beneficial compounds get released into the coffee. I also add a pinch of salt to knock off some of the bitterness of the dark roast. K-cups are ridiculously expensive, unless someone else is supplying them for you. I just hate the waste in the form of the plastic because you just know the majority of them are not being recycled.
  11. Buy whole beans, good grinder, brew your own. Best flavor by far. Brown-tinged, flavorless water is all landfill-filling K-cups are good for.
  12. I doubt it with the shop in shambles due to the flood.
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