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  1. "Blue Mountain Resort in <where????> is getting..."
  2. Perhaps the chair storage rail supports? With the chair rail going something like this around the building?
  3. Ah, so it looks like the current little shack at Blue is going to sit inside the U-turn of lift then.
  4. I thought the same thing about nothing being done. Seems like they bail around 3pm and hardly anything being done during the day?? Holding out hope that it's just the wait on the concrete to cure. I did see some pics of the lower tower footer concrete poured, so there is that.
  5. Looks like they're applying stucco to the concrete blocks of the little building this morning and hand-digging something into the large black container?? Don't they believe in machinery? No wonder it's taking forever to build the lift.
  6. Looks like they're looking for help! https://www.leitner-poma.com/careers/ski-lift-installer-blue-mountain-resort-pennsylvania
  7. It'll be interesting come the 27 when the "deal" goes to the rail workers for a vote. I know some rail workers and they're not happy with the deal, as it doesn't address the needs that they wanted addressed, mainly work/life balance. What's likely to happen is that the workers will vote no and say they're gonna strike, which will be sent back to congress who'll say FU, no strike, get back to work, you get what you get. Warren Buffet and other railroad execs will win in the end. Will be interesting to watch the chess game play out.
  8. Looks like Main Street cam is back operational as Slopeside and vice versa.
  9. Already a lot starting to fall around here and some color (brown) showing on one of the mountainsides.
  10. Not a great pic, lighting isn’t grate in there and took snap from video.
  11. Yes, ditto. Some of the other "bumpers" didn't receive theirs either. Drew went ballistic on them and they said it's an oversight and some blather about new software. If you didn't get yours, you probably want to chat with them about it.
  12. Mine arrived also. Probably use it for parking.
  13. Looks like they've got some support holes dug at the bottom.
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