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  1. Muskrat perhaps? Hard to see the tail in the pics.
  2. Rumor has it that there was porn filmed in one of the houses on mountain road down near the valley. Never came across any of the films though.
  3. They had one of those at Action Park, but I recall it was a tube. I think the pond was a spring-fed quarry hole and the water temp felt like 34' in the middle of summer. Made people get out ASAP!
  4. But hopefully no grooming! One can dream...
  5. The highlight of my Bethlehem Steel career was working up in Homer Research labs and getting to go up into the observatory during lunch and look over the entire Lehigh Valley. Wish there were cellphones with cameras back in those days...
  6. I thought it was from Pangolins? Also, "created" needs to be defined. Are existing organism, genetically modified, actually created?
  7. Given how it used to be, it's horribly exhausting anymore. Since the wife doesn't want to fly, we drove to the Keys and New Orleans. If you break up the drive, it's not all that bad and you get to see a lot more of the country than if you fly, but you have to be willing to put in that time.
  8. Yeah and just doesn't like the entire process.
  9. Maui is the island that I've not been to. Want to get back and see it, but the wife's being a stick in the mud.
  10. "and they don’t go overboard with the grooming" QFT!
  11. I did some work in Mexico City and the men's urinal in the facility there was just a gutter in the floor with some water running down it. The shitters were just 5 gal buckets with a toilet seat sitting on top. It was up the to user to "flush" them out.
  12. And then there are the big, circular hand washing units, typically in the center of the bathroom where you step on the ring to allow the water to come out. I've seen people using them as urinals before, whether they did it on purpose or just didn't know it was for hand-washing was always the thought.
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