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  1. Is that the half pipe?!
  2. Lotta money left on the Mtn
  3. With a cameo from the legend himself Pat McAfee
  4. @Benm is chute always this torn up?
  5. At basically the same time Schiff posted Blue posted these to IG.
  6. This is so PASR. haha
  7. Did they clear out the trees between Chute and Midway?
  8. That would be great for snowboarders. Although, with no lift to have to avoid it would be easier to get to shuttle, but a regrade would be great.
  9. Probably trying to figure out a way to sell it. NMLOTT
  10. Them lines though…
  11. So the Phillies held a fan social media vote to determine what logo to cut into the outfield. How many likes would it take to get @toast21602 to mow PASR into his lawn?? 😂
  12. Or maybe (hopefully not), they arent able to open as early now.
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