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  1. Nice report Ryan. F****k I love and miss Mount Snow. Wish I could've made it up again this year. I'm good @toast21602!!! Thanks for asking brotha. Ill probably throw up a long post and a couple post surgery pictures in a couple months. I don't wanna stoke stomp the board.
  2. Hope you feel better Root, glad it was worst.
  3. Hey all. Got the terrible news sent to me by a couple people so I figured I’d pop back on. Ive officially made the decision to start wearing a helmet the next time I ride. After 15ish years of riding and having my first “real” injury on a snow or skateboard it’s put some things in perspective. Not to mention I saw first hand a head trauma injury (I believe) in the ski patrol shack when I was in there and it was very frightening. Currently taking a lil break from PASR because it’s tough to read when I can’t ride. Sorry, just being honest. I still pop on every couple days to catch up. Keep rippin!
  4. Ayyyyeee look who it is, welcome to the board cuz! Nice first report and keep em coming. PS everyone, he told me he’s only posting for the likes! (Jk)
  5. I was watching and it was brutal fall. I had a friend sitting exactly where your seats were too. 12th row right of the side of the net he fell at. Hopefully he’s okay. On a more positive note...41 saves in a 2-1 victory. Nuff said.
  6. Thanks for the reminder Toast. opioid addiction is running ramped like you stated. I hope to be off my current prescription meds within a couple days.
  7. Exactly! I can’t look back and dwell on it. Just gotta move forward with a positive attitude.
  8. Saturday morning at JF was rad. With the snow the days prior the whole mtn was in play. we even shot over to BB for an afternoon session which was the first time ive hit both in one day. Like BB the whole mtn was in play and we didn’t even touch the parks. All in all just a great day at JFBB.
  9. Thanks for all the well wishes everybody. I ended up going right into surgery and once they opened me up the surgery went from an estimated hour to over 3 hours. All the surgeons and staff all commented on how it was pretty freaking bad break. It happened on the jump at the bottom of comearound, did a 540 and landed on my feet but way way in the backseat. Thank goodness I was with my cousin and he handled the situation like a champ. My main objective personally was to be level headed, calm and respectful of others in a time of pain. Btw Jen the ski patroller was great. Took a loooong 90 minute drive (low pro tires for the loss dawg) to Doylestown hospital and I’m very happy I made that decision (no disrespect to other hospitals). Surgery went well, stayed the night and was released this morning. Looking at a potential 6 month healing process so it’ll be a long road back but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Heavily ace bandaged with a splint in a sling. No hard cast and they want me doing PT in as soon as 2 weeks. You guys are all awesome people and the comments in this thread prove it. Part of my motivation is to heal up and get back out there to see you crazy a holes in the lot.
  10. Yea I did a some damage. Not the worst break ever but everybody who’s worked with me the past day all had a comment on how it was pretty freaking bad. Dan I’m so with you. I can’t look at xrays, pics or videos of injuries. I’m (all of us) are way to active and at risk idk how people can stomach it. Only reason I’m able to look at this is because it was first hand.
  11. **Warming** X-ray with a broken bone below.
  12. Hey guys! Back outta surgery and relaxing for the night catching up on some Super Bowl coverage before falling asleep. Thanks for all the well wishes and I’ll be back to update tomorrow. I’m in good spirits so no worrkes!
  13. Great day before going out for seconds... Ended up breaking my humerus(upper arm) clean through. First real injury From snowboarding. Ill save you the X-ray unless you guys wanna see it. Waiting to be brought into surgery now. <3<3<3 y’all.
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