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  1. Does the hotel have a closet to come out of?
  2. This GIF is absolutely incredible.
  3. Briefly heard this on the radio. Thanks for posting.
  4. Albeit not on my short list, I want to check out Mountain Creek in the coming years. Preferably on a weekday! lol Edit: New page
  5. Thanks Dan. I have low expectations regarding trail count, but you gave me a little hope. I also agree, I cant imagine BB being 100% open. Ill possibly get both passes again next year. Maybe even take advantage of the end of the season, season pass sale.
  6. @JFskiDan what can I expect for opening day? Lift and a trail or something more?
  7. 🙏 Pure, white and addictive. Haha oh lord. Somebody wrote almost this exact post last season😬
  8. Good pic of my cousin and probably my new favorite gif of me. Cheers!
  9. Day 2… Enjoyed a quick breakfast of eggs, bacon and home fries before being picked up from my hotel. It quickly became apparent that the resort would be much busier today as the access road to the parking lots were backed up and we had to park further than ive ever parked there before. After seeing the crazy long line for the Bluebird Express we skated over to the Grand Summit Express to cut down on wait times. Both take you from the base to the summit, no worries. Once we got to the top @ryan had a binding issue so we took a lazy run down, got his binding squared away and back to the Grand Summit Express. They opened a couple runs overnight but they were left ungroomed, which included our favorite run of the weekend; Rollercoaster which had lefts overs from the storm plus the additional snow from the day before. We took this 3 times to start before heading west to check out some trees for a couple runs and hit the park for a run. Quick Lunch Break sitting outside since the lodge was a mad house. Lift lines were a decent wait, maybe 10 minutes at the worst. After lunch I wanted to check out a marked glade area, which turned out to be really fun. This area was definitely a glade area for beginners, however still very enjoyable. After 2 runs thru there we headed back over to the Carinthia area to close out the day with a few of our favorite runs/ tree areas. This mini trip was a f****** blast and we’re already looking at another quick trip mid-January. Lets hope the snow gods corporate again!
  10. Has anybody else been going on message boards since “56k warnings” were a thing? Ahhhh the good ole days lol. 3am wake up call Thursday morning and I jumped outta bed, I was fired up to go after not getting up to Snow last season. Headed to my cousins to meet up with him (Ryan) and his buddy (Ben) and we were on our way by 4am. One coffee and gas stop later and we pulled into the parking lot around 930. Ryan and Ben took their boards to the tune shop to get them waxed (I had no idea you can get your boards waxed in as little as 20 minutes) and I hit the proshop to get a new pair or goggles and mittens. They had the EXACT pair of goggles that I wanted, so that was a nice surprise. Also, after not really wearing goggles for the past 10 years, I was VERY happy with the visibility and performance of the goggles. Stoked on them TBH. Day 1…After getting 22+” of snow in the previous 5 days, we were greeted with more snow on Friday, and it snowed ALL DAY totaling roughly 6”. We started with a couple runs down the main face to get our legs warmed up then took a quick run down the North Face which was a nice diamond with lots of fresh untracked snow from the precious storm. After that we then proceeded to the Carinthia area, however we never made it and found ourselves in an untouched area of trees with roughly 20” of untouched snow. All 3 of us got stuck at one point because of how much snow was in there. That was a tiresome 15 minutes, ha! Once we made our way outta there we took a couple runs thru Nitro Park which was its first day open and a couple runs thru some trees over in the Carinthia. Quick lunch break at the new Carinthia lodge. Ben, our 3rd wheel wanted to stay inside a little longer as he was legitimately sick and needed some more rest. So, Ryan and I took a couple runs thru Nitro Park before heading back to meet back up with Ben. Once we regrouped with him, we proceeded back to the main face and finished off the day with a couple runs down the main face mixing in some trees when we were able to. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of, if any true “pow days” this day was a great experience. Like I said, lefts overs all over the mountain from the previous storm, plus the 5-6” throughout the day. Top 5 day ever for me. Quick story time, hopefully @RyGuy19 doesn’t read this haha. We booked our rooms 2 weeks before we were scheduled to arrive and a week before we arrived I got an email saying that the hotel I was scheduled to stay in was experiencing maintenance issues and I had been complimentary upgraded to the Grand Summit Resort….. Ben and Ryan had not been upgraded... Sorry boyz. I enjoyed a nice outdoor hottub that night and my room was literally at the bottom of one of the main lifts. I may or may not have imbibed in some 420 late night watching the cats groom the lower lift area.
  11. Agreed. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t expand terrain given the past couple weeks of weather they had. Maybe they are focusing their resources on JF? BB 100% open this weekend would be awesome though! Looking forward to Frost on Saturday.
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