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  1. I’ve been inside that building before
  2. Didn’t watch but Ty Gibbs not winning that race is surprising to say the least.
  3. Lol Safe to say we won’t see @toast21602anytime soon. I spend way too much time on google maps. Ski resorts, arenas, racetracks, landmarks ect ect. Constantly looking for stuff.
  4. I give Blue a lot of credit for having some self depreciation and a sense of humor and actually naming the trail Coming Soon. Props.
  5. My mom, aunt and uncle just finished their PHI to FL train trip. 26 hours non stop.
  6. Didn’t abasin close like 3 days ago? Lmao.
  7. Ironic. Just yesterday a really old picture of the Golden Gate Bridge popped up on my IG feed and I noticed it was stamped “Bethlehem Steel”. Naturally I looked into it and found out that it was indeed built with Bethlehem Steel, which I found interested because of the distance separating the two. I thought about posting it here but figured nobody would’ve cared or already knew. Haha.
  8. Got my second shot, its always funny to hear people’s reaction to my scar. It’s usually “oh my that’s a big scar”. But this time was “well this won’t hurt nearly as much as that”. Lol she had a good sense of humor.
  9. Lol, I had shingles when I was 15. Fortunately, I went to the doctor immediately and had a very mild case. Ironically a classmate of mine had it about 2 months later and spent a couple days in the hospital.
  10. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2021/04/07/big-sky-tram-access/ saw this and just thought I’d share. @theprogram4 @Mixilplix
  11. I loved my day at Stratton a couple years back. My cousin and I went last season for “Ride with Jake” day. It torrentially down poured all day and they never even opened the gondola.
  12. Annnnnnnnd they’re closed for the season.
  13. My man! Thank you. I should’ve scrolled one extra swipe of the wheel, derp.
  14. Anybody else able to NOT buy any tickets for this weekend? I get this for both March and April, for all age brackets as well. There’s also been no update on the Instagram page about hours. There is a headline on their website saying they will be back open on Friday for the holiday weekend.
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