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  1. Had a really fun day up at BB yesterday. The sun came out and it started snowing about 2 runs in. Got 14 runs in. They had the Merry Widow lift running, a new park set up on Freedom and had a couple rails set up in the plaza and Good snow as always. Best day up at BB so far this season.
  2. 845ish. Black jacket with camo pants.
  3. Of course the run after I posted this I took a decent fall on the Flat S zig zag rail. It’s never good when your stomachs sliding the rail. Lmao. I also hit my elbow and kinda split the very tip of my scar open No worries...charge it to the game.
  4. The sugar.. errr I mean snow was pretty bad. Once the sun came out around 10 it was getting better but the crowds were out by then and not worth it. Oh well.
  5. It’s pretty good overall. I’m enjoying it.
  6. Great news guys! Dreamweaver park looks to be ready for Saturday morning!...don’t hide your excitement and smash that like button. lmaooooo
  7. Nice you hear you had a good time. If nothing else, JF/BB has without a doubt better snow than other local mountains.
  8. River Shot and Floyd’s STILL not open. They’re blowing over there and I suspect will be open any day now, but then again; JF/BB has been run into the ground so who knows.
  9. Lol, are you guys talking about the nets used in the lift lines? If so I’ve helped pick out at least 4-5 ski poles so far this season.
  10. I post this pic every year. Definitely my favorite picture taken at Blue.....
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