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  1. BUMMED!!! I was looking forward to grabbing my pass and riding next Sat and Sun to close the PA season. F***.
  2. Awesome video @EdBacon. We looked at elevator yesterday but didn't see a way to make it work.
  3. Thanks!...Sounds like I have some research to do.
  4. I missed Blue a lot in late January/early Feb. But ive had a blast at JFBB the past few weekends. Might try and get up to blue to take advantage of the early pass sale before the end of the season if I'm able to. Ill definitely be back with a Blue and Peak pass next season. I certainly miss the HS lifts, vert and sausage Sundays.
  5. Sunday 01.19.20 at both JF and BB was fantastic. Snowed all day, great snow, good weather, 30 seconds at most lift lines and the Freedom park was fantastic. Floyds Folly was ROTD by far... no brake straight gas top to bottom.
  6. Looking forward to riding a new setup at Boulder, hopefully with fun spring conditions this weekend. Let’s go! From about a few weeks ago...
  7. Your spot on about the last drop on river shot, although I do like dorkin around on the flat run out with all of that speed. And like you said, get it early. I just learned you can go off trail top to bottom on challenge couple weeks back. Will continue exploring as we hopefully get more snow.
  8. Rivershots been open for a couple weeks now. I love Rivershot. One of my favorite trails in PA.
  9. Wow, looks like great conditions. Hopefully they can get Solitude, Lightning and the top of Floyds open soon!
  10. Glad they got new terrain open. We were up at JF on Sat with no new trails even though they were pounding the mtn with snow. Heard they opened more on Sunday.
  11. Asking nicely....., can we please take the sh*t posting to another thread?
  12. Ive seen this before so I'm curious as to what you guys mean by this. Not sure whats going on at BB. Whats even more disappointing is that it didn't even look like they blew snow anywhere. The mtn looked like mid November driving up the access road.
  13. @RyGuy19 and I shot up the JFBB Sunday morning and honestly not much to report. JF was soft, wet spring like conditions while BB was soft granular with ice starting to creep thru as the runs went on. We were both pretty disappointed in the lack of terrain at both mountains and ultimately left after 3 runs at JF and no more than 8 runs at BB. Meh.
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