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  1. I loved my day at Stratton a couple years back. My cousin and I went last season for “Ride with Jake” day. It torrentially down poured all day and they never even opened the gondola.
  2. Annnnnnnnd they’re closed for the season.
  3. My man! Thank you. I should’ve scrolled one extra swipe of the wheel, derp.
  4. Anybody else able to NOT buy any tickets for this weekend? I get this for both March and April, for all age brackets as well. There’s also been no update on the Instagram page about hours. There is a headline on their website saying they will be back open on Friday for the holiday weekend.
  5. Just got my pass for next season. My 3rd season pass to Blue.
  6. I think I’m going to stay with Epic but also adding a Bear Creek pass. Mainly because I just moved 15 minutes away and they do have a pretty good park to go along with quality snowmaking. I look forward to getting some quick night sessions in.
  7. Just watched 2 young kids and their mom fall off the 6 a couple yards out of the terminal. Stoped the lift for about 5 mins. The mom and daughter appear to be fine, the son hurt his knee but walked it off.
  8. Appears to be true.
  9. What a LEGEND!!! This guy f*cks.
  10. Somebody post a picture or two. I’m at a family event and people don’t believe the amount of food.
  11. Gonna try to make it up. Probably get by 2 at the earliest.
  12. Yikes. Corral is starting to fill up. I’m out after a solid 12 runs.
  13. The wind has let down. Weird conditions, mostly mashed potatoes with areas that are still frozen over. Very light crowd
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