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  1. To buy another house that the price is jacked up 30k-50k haha. But I have no intentions on selling.
  2. Ha...must be a sign. If you plan to stay on the East Coast this year 4 days at either Stowe, Snow, Okemo and Hunter would pay for the pass....
  3. I got the Northeast Value Pass so im covered for anywhere on the east coast. Also, you can upgrade your pass midseason if you want at no extra charge except the difference between the 2 prices.
  4. Yea ive checked them out with her. There's 2 really nice neighborhoods that shes looking at, unfortunately nothing for sale right now. I actually bought a house during covid lol. I bought a brand new townhome that was the same baseprice as they were for 12 months prior to covid was even a thing. I only had to pay a 3K lot premium, so not bad. I could sell it for probably 30k more right now
  5. Blue Pass ✔️ Epic Pass ✔️ Bear Creek Pass ___
  6. My mom just sold her house. Originally it “sold” before ever hitting the MLS. That person back out and it got listed on the MLS on Friday afternoon. She had 10 showings between Sat and Sun and got 9 offers on it. Not sure how much over listing price she ended up selling it for. I’m very happy for her. She’s ready to downsize and doesn’t want to deal with the upkeep of a single house any more and will have 350k+ cash to find a 55+ community. I’m also kinda sad about it because it was my childhood home and I (naively) thought she would stay there forever. I tried to buy it and was approved to buy it but it was simply just too expensive. Hoping to find some of my old snowboards in the attics/craw space when we clean it out.
  7. Saw it leaving my neighborhood this morning.
  8. Yea, gotta think a fence to try and push people to riders right at the bottom of CS.
  9. I’ve been inside that building before
  10. Didn’t watch but Ty Gibbs not winning that race is surprising to say the least.
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