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  1. antman12

    Zee Lights

    Blue Mountain Parks put an Instagram post saying they're closing comearound park for a couple days so they can blow snow, build a base and do a revamped park build.
  2. antman12

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    Haha what?
  3. antman12

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

  4. antman12

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    PS- "The Wire" is one of the GOAT shows.
  5. antman12

    Hunter Mtn 12.15.2018

    Thanks. Yea man like I said in a previous post, the Kaatskill flyer is a great lift. 1600' of vertical in 6-7 minutes with potential 5 minute long runs to the bottom.
  6. antman12

    Hunter Mtn 12.15.2018

  7. antman12

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    What location do you use for blue?
  8. antman12

    Hunter Mtn 12.15.2018

    I was hesitant to ride Hunter today but when I walked out my door into a steady rain, I had a feeling I made the right decision. I left my complex at 5 am and drove straight to Hunter and pulled into the lot at 7:52, 38° and a fair bit of fog. Ran inside real quick, back to my car and at the lift corral by 815, first chair. PASR up in this b****. While inline waiting a lady said "Brian Westbrook, my favortie player!" Turns out she and her family are from Nazareth and spend their weekends at Hunter during the winter. Very nice family, made the 15 minutes go by quick and invited me to join them at happy hour lol. Hero snow all day and you could quickly tell that they lost a lot of snow, however they did open up some of Hunter West which included a highspeed quad, a double diamond and a blue. The blue "Overlook" was really fun and I went back a few times. Holy sh*t the double diamond "Claires Way" was just a bump run....but the bumps we literally the size of a VW bug. They also finally did a full park build, props to Empire. 12 runs in I took a lunch/coffee break and back out on the snow for 8 more runs. I downloaded a new stat tracker app that im pretty happy with. I started it 1 run into the day and did a total of 20 runs like youll see below. No lifts lines to speak off outside of maybe 2 runs, again the singles line is clutch. At one point I see 4 Mountain OPs/Snow makers, all twentie somethings redneck/back mtn (with all due respek) looking mofos seemingly having a blast..naturally I think "I gotta ride up with these kids". Yo, theses cats were a riot! For their sake ill save the details but by far the best lift ride ive had in awhile. F*cking hilarious. Today was a freakin blast. Usually im content with leaving when I do. But today, even after 20 runs I wished I wouldve stayed for a couple more.
  9. antman12

    the pics from today thread

    Pulled outta my complex at 5am.
  10. antman12

    the pics from today thread

    PASR up in this b*tch
  11. antman12

    Hunter 12.08.2018

    Yup. WB-Underarmour-longsleeve shirt-hoodie. If it’s cold I’ll swap the long sleeve for a sweater.
  12. antman12

    Snowing & Scrumptious

  13. antman12

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Respect for even getting out on weeknights!
  14. antman12

    Winter Park 12.14.18

    9 degrees.... Stay warm!!!
  15. antman12

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Just a heads up...