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Found 1 result

  1. Hey PASRs! It's Sally here with a check-in from the Green Mountains! I saw Salty's excellent trip report from CBK and I was inspired to see if I could do a sort of Greatest Hits Report of what's been going on up here, ski-wise. I do genuinely miss skiing at Blue; miss the night-skiing, miss the lot. I even smoke more weed than Doug now. Anyway, here's the haps from up north: I have a lightly-used VT Gold Pass; it’s the catch-22 of working in the ski industry: All the perks you could want and no time to use ‘em. I do ski at Magic whenever I get a chance. Love that place for leaving intermediate trails ungroomed for us mere mortals and plodding intermediates. S6 tends to roll up the carpets early in the season, so when we close, I hope to get out for some spring skiing. Ascutney Outdoors, for whom I was doing a shite-ton of volunteer social media and PR work, has turned out to be full of assholes, and I'm glad their stupid rope tow keeps un-fraying. (The first time it happened, I was still doing PR for them and I had to announce the shut-down. I posted: "Rope Tow this weekend? 'FRAID NOT!" ) Anyhoo, I asked those jerkfaces if I could reduce the number of hours I was volunteering for them. They told me it wasn’t that much work and probably I was lazy and inefficient, then they kicked me off the board. I felt like Fredo in The Godfather II. I didn't get in their fucking rowboat, though. ^Trash. Fuck them.^ Presidents’ week we were booked solid and jammin’ in the ski school. Then a young instructor called out for the day and it screwed up the schedule completely. Then I saw him skiing. I said “Mike, did you seriously call out so you could come ski. HERE!?” He said yes. Because he’s a dumbass. I told our mountain manager, who said, like a really nice-but-angry Jabba The Hut: “BRING HIM TO ME.” I bet Mike felt a lot like Fredo in that moment, too. We haven’t seen him since, come to think of it… Here’s my interaction with every tenth customer: ME: “Do you know how to use the wicket?” CUSTOMER: “Yes, of course. <<eye roll>>.” (Three seconds pass) CUSTOMER: “Can I… uh, have another ticket? <<Shows me a crumpled lift ticket stuck awkwardly to itself and the wicket, but NOT attached to the customer’s jacket.>> I showed up at a night-time snowshoe that takes place every Thursday night. Everyone was on xc skis or snow-trekkers (Altai Hoks or BD Glide Lites). They said it was no problem, they’d wait for me. I was like, I’m not that slow, why would they have to wait for me? Then we got to the top of a big pasture and stood chatting and enjoying the beautiful night sky. When it was time to go down, the skiers/trekkers all said BYE! and shushed off through the fresh powder. I was like “@#$%^&*“ snowshoes!!!”. So now I have me some BD Glide Lite 147s with AT bindings on them. Getting them mounted today; will report back. That's about it. I tried snowboarding and fell a lot and it sucked. And my cat's still a jerk. Hope the spring skiing in PA is awesome! Best wishes to everyone! Sally out!
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