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  1. Mid-week Opening

    Believe me, I seriously contemplated the combined gift card and $5 online discount many times throughout the day yesterday. But I just didn't have the time to screw around with it, and rightfully assumed it wouldn't work anyway.
  2. Mid-week Opening

    I would just leave them behind, my time is much too valuable. I travel to different locations for work, and right now am stuck in suburban Philadelphia. The drive should have taken 1 hour 29 minutes, but I got stuck in an accident on I-476 near Quakertown.
  3. Mid-week Opening

    I loved Blue last night. The walk to the slope was amazing - just a few steps. The snow was fantastic. This experience definitely persuaded me to strongly consider a season pass for next year, especially when Atomic said the pass is good starting February/March. Plus I've been at Blue 3 times this year, despite having a season pass for Camelback (only been there 2 times). I'm just joking about the gift card. I don't want you guys to think I'm a chronic whiner, I just love to troll, lol. Gift cards just annoy me in general because I would prefer to just have the cash.
  4. Mid-week Opening

    Hey I complimented Blue a lot yesterday. Everything was perfect. But a $5 gift card is dumb. Ok fine.
  5. Mid-week Opening

    Give me give me, chicken tendies. Be they crispy, or from Wendys In all seriousness, I think that it's unfair that I got a gift card instead of $5 cash because THEY screwed up and charged me the wrong price on their computer. Every other business on the planet would have given me the cash. I was too stoked to care at the time, but now I'm pretty upset over this.
  6. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    Tonight was my favorite outing of the season by far. The snow was excellent, especially on Lazy Mile. Midway was a lot of fun, and even both Main Streets were decent. No lines and no lift stops! And I finally got to do some actual runs with Steeze, Atomic and Ridge and actually beat them all down the mountain on every run. Good time, except the drive was horrible. 2 hr 8 min down due to an accident, and 1 hr 40 min return in heavy snow.
  7. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

  8. Mid-week Opening

    Yep. They charged me $40 and then when i went out to get my ski boots and came back in I saw the $35 for a night session sign. Then they said it would take 5-10 minutes to receive my $5 gift card, I told them I just drove 2 hr 8 min and I wasnt waiting so I hit Vista lift and vista and then went in to claim my gift card. Along the way I met RidgeRacer.
  9. Mid-week Opening

    Where are you guys? Lol. Now this is skiing, not that bullcrap on sunday
  10. Mid-week Opening

    I saw them in the parking lot. I got another gift card
  11. Mid-week Opening

    Wow dude. I'm feeling some kinda way. I met you opening day at Blue. Jeff introduced me to you. I remember you now. But i was introduced to 35 people at the same time
  12. Mid-week Opening

    Lol i was waiting for you to bust me about it. I was moving at exactly 0 mph so its all good
  13. Mid-week Opening

    Will decide by quakertown exit i kind of want to meet ridgeracer
  14. Mid-week Opening

    You had eta is "not" 6;40 i thought you were mocking my actual eta but i see you changed it so disregard. You guys are cool but this blows
  15. Mid-week Opening

    Same for me. 6:40