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  1. Hey Salty..

    I'm just as confused as toast. Unlike this jabroni, I always wear a helmet, goggles, and a red hoodie; my ski polls are blue, not black with white stripes; and I don't have a mustache. But I do ski pretty fast. My record is 55.3 mph. I'm thinking about buying a racing helmet and attire to see if I can reach 55.4 mph.
  2. Mt Snow 2.22 and 2.23

    ???? I don't see any Jerry's in this entire thread. ????
  3. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    You didn't log any vert on your stats. Stats or it didnt happen!
  4. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Well done but you didn't beat my vert..
  5. Hey Salty..

    Nope but I heard eaf and Ski2Live park at the top and the three of us are the coolest skiers on the mountain.
  6. Hey Salty..

    Nope I legit always took the same route on Timberline road then thru Little Gap and then up the mountain to True Blue. Was too lazy to seek alternate routes but now I have found one to the Lower Lot that takes the same amount of time.
  7. Hey Salty..

    Ok. Just reanalyzed route options and I can take a different route which gets me to the bottom lot in the same amount of time. I like the Top lot because you don't have to wait at all to get fresh cord, but I'll try the lower lot just this once to say I did it.
  8. Hey Salty..

    Top lot is closer. Only takes 51 minutes.
  9. Hey Salty..

    Ok let me Google Map it
  10. Hey Salty..

    I've been parking at the top lot cuz it's less driving.
  11. Hey Salty..

    Maybe I'll make an ultra rare appearance in the lower lot at the opening bell
  12. Hey Salty..

  13. Hey Salty..

    Mebbe. I heard a rumour that the snow there is dank. I wonder how it compares to Camelback??
  14. Hey Salty..

    Guess I forgot to write one. :-(
  15. Smells like cow shit

    That's the best when there's fresh perder and no one else around. Im hella jelly Atomic.