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  1. This is great! Not long now until we're skiing Burma Road with Eaf.
  2. Anytime! @eafvisited PASR at 4:10 PM today. He probably couldn't post because his underwater cell phone signal wasn't strong enough from the depths of the Aegean.
  3. That day was pretty epic. It was the first day I skied Camelback while on this forum, and I also met Ski2Live and took a great picture of him.
  4. Maybe that's why the deal with Vail fell through... or did it???
  5. Thanks, I was actually going to tag @GrilledSteezeSandwich since he tracks the depth of the water in the snow making retention ponds.
  6. This is great! I guess you forgot your face mask that day.
  7. I thought selfie is where you hold the camera. Above someone else took our pictures, so they're not really selfies. What kind of millennial are you @GrilledSteezeSandwich?
  8. View of the Lehigh River from the Bombardier seat.
  9. Yep, for about 3 minutes. That was by far the best place to sit in the plane, but I had to share it with the other 8 people on board so we took turns.
  10. Thanks, It was pretty loud... hard to hear what other people were saying. The coolest part was sticking my head out the roof at 135 mph and 2,500 feet altitude. I've never done that before on a plane and don't think I'll ever get the opportunity again. Very sick.
  11. I went there in 2010 and got my picture with Lieutenant John F. Kennedy.
  12. The WW2 planes come to Hazleton every year in August. I went to see them probably a decade or more ago, but never actually flew in one. Today I debated spending the money to fly and decided to YOLO it.
  13. It was only $477 or $0.265 per second. I just imagined putting a quarter, penny, and half of a penny in a coin slot every second.
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