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  1. In downtown Philly. @GrilledSteezeSandwich look at the nice size 11s!
  2. I have a hood from a Levi Garrett car of legendary driver Geoffrey Bodine. My dad got it in the 90s, probably at Poke N Hoe. He and his friend would use fake press passes and put TV station stickers on their camcorders to get access to anywhere on the track. Nowadays with technology that's probably impossible.
  3. Too bad the trend didn't continue so we could go back to normal, not this "new normal" BS.
  4. You said it would be down to zero by Thursday (yesterday).
  5. I was watching it too. I wonder if Minneapolis will still be standing if they acquit that officer.
  6. @Ski2Live Live2Ski What are you gonna do with your extra 728 hours or 30.33 days per year? You should use that time to write some more catchy tunes fa la la @GrilledSteezeSandwich
  7. Nah, accounting doesn't appeal to me. To clarify, I'm ok with working at home sometimes or more frequently, but not 100% of the time. While most people seem to want to work at home all the time, I actually enjoy going outside my house to work. I've always thought being a long distance trucker would be fun, or maybe I'll buy a van to live in and drive around out west and live off the land.
  8. If my job ever becomes 100% work at home I'm changing careers. Working at home is nice in moderation but I need to get back out in the real world at some point. Absolutely can't see myself working at home for the next 30 years without social interaction, my morning routine, changing scenery, etc
  9. I just wanna eat out again, so a road trip to a green county ain't such a bad idea.
  10. Correct. A good road trip is Elk County. They serve a great Elk Burger and there's generally not much except for miles and miles of rural roads with an occasional elk sighting.
  11. Yes, I have two biking friends who live in Danville. They're in their mid 60s but we're brahs. We even gone camping together twice.
  12. Montour County is only 39 minutes away from me. Montana is 1,620 minutes away or 41.54 times further.
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