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  1. This thread reminds me of this song... I'm sorry RidgeRacer, woo. I am for reeaal. Nev-er meant to make you mad, I apologize a trillion times. So sorry RidgeRacer, wooooo
  2. I agree, I'll buy you a sweet Baby Jesus beer.
  3. It's all good, I'm used to it. Will probably get banned soon for these shenanigans but I'll still see you in the lower lot.
  4. So let's see who I pissed off today... I owe RidgeRacer, Rummy, GSSucks, AtomicSkier. Probably did something to Toast. Just keep a list and I'll bring some gifts for all my wrong doings.
  5. Thanks a lot! I wonder if a ticket to the general public will open up if you cancel?
  6. That's what I meant... I agree that Killingtons layout is like XC skiing. It was fun doing Great Eastern for 3 miles when I was new but now I'm over that and want the big leagues (e.g. more vert). Someone else said that also. I should not have generalized VT when I grossly misrepresented RidgeRacers statement and for that I owe him reparations.
  7. Sorry, didnt mean to put words in your mouth. I should have written that your preference is WF over VT. But ok, I will no longer converse about this subject. Gosh I'm getting in all kinds of trouble today
  8. I wanna go to Hunter but am out of vacation time now. Maybe the cold will result in some tickets becoming available this weekend and keep people home.....
  9. @RidgeRacersays Whiteface is better than Vermont, I believe. It has the most vertical on the east coast and is not crowded. Plus it's far north so I assume it gets great pow often On top of that, it's very reasonably priced. $97 a night for a hotel in $69 for a lift ticket. I doubt you can beat those prices (midweek) anywhere else For me, my priorities are excellent snow and no crowds. WF checks those buckets so as Ridge says, well worth the 6 hr drive. Also, I understand Gore's layout is more like Killington - a wider mountain with less vert. I'll likely ski there my last day.
  10. I did not by any means ignore advice provided by GSSucks. I simply made a general statement to GSS that I like to take in the whole vibe when on a ski trip, not just the actual skiing part, and gave an example of a past experience. When I am looking up places to eat and vibe at Snowbasin and elsewhere, there is no doubt in my mind that I will refer back to this thread for all of the insight provided by GSSucks, Justo, and others.
  11. Of course I'll check out John Paul Jones. Calm your horses.
  12. Correct. I don't just go for the skiing, I go for the whole experience. Sometimes I sit in the lodge for 45 minutes and just vibe and take in the atmosphere while drinking a hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and then shred double black diamonds full of moe ghouls.
  13. saltyant

    Elk Day 2021.

    You're trolling, right? I thought you'd never go to Elk.
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