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  1. I have been. It's been grate! except for the frickin lifts stopping a lot
  2. @AtomicSkier STFU talk
  3. They're not making snow right now. I just don't want them blowing from 8-9:30 tomorrow while PASR VIPs are on the slopes. After that they can blow away. Say it loud, say it proud: If they are blowing we ain't going.
  4. Maybe Grilled Steeze will offer you his buddy pass but I think he's saving it for Zonked.
  5. @Ski2Live Live2Ski Great analytical post. Do you also have a breakdown per person per day that factors in gas, hot cocoa costs and car depreciation? Is this data available on a per run basis as well?
  6. I found Ski2Live's post very informative. The most important thing is to minimize cost per ski trip.
  7. That's truly a bargain to ski Blue the True. These days you can't even get a hot toddy for $14.25
  8. I hope they aren't blowing perder on every trail tomorrow. Yesterday at Hunter my last run I skied under a bunch of snow guns (took a wrong turn by accident) and crashed from hitting a snow snake. It was not grate
  9. Thanks, tomorrow be sure to dress as a cosmonaut. Ice is nice. Speed is good. Cookies are crunchy. I won't be able to talk on the ski lift since I'll be double masked and there will be loud snow guns firing in all directions. I just hope that white powdery stuff doesn't get in my face.
  10. @GrilledSteezeSandwichThis Is Getting Good
  11. Skied Hunter with some brahs today. It was grate. Only fell 3 times on ice and got caught by 1 snow snake on my last run. Also slid into a wooden fence and survived. It was a day of grate pain.
  12. You'd be earning United bucks at a rate of $229 per hour. That would be pretty rad but I assume you carpooled to Nork so it wouldn't work out.
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