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  1. Skiing in Pennsylvania after Colorado would have been painful after experiencing the pure bliss of getting high off the fresh alpine Rocky Mountain air just like John Denver.
  2. Thanks for sharing! That video was radical. Let the haters hate.
  3. Why u mad bro? I thought you're a fan of John Denver. This day will be a day for kindness.
  4. No, we sleep in separate bedrooms. Maybe she will when you me and Ski2Live share a triple bunk bed at Verbier.
  5. Thanks for the interpretation. @DiMe you don't need to smoke plants to have a good time, just breathe in that fresh Rocky Mountain air and that's all the high you'll need, just like John Denver says.
  6. Last weekend for snowtubing! Get your final snowtubing runs in at the largest snowtubing park in the USA!
  7. Depends on when his star destroyer is prepared
  8. I think @toastman jinxed Coming Soon by recently saying it has had the best conditions ever.
  9. I guess it's weed lingo but I still don't follow 💁
  10. If you don't go this year you'll be another year older when you do @GrilledSteezeSandwich
  11. I am confused by this statement. What do you mean by safety risk on airplanes and safe west coast states??
  12. Glad you did some cool non-skiing activities on your ski trip. If I do that on my ski trip, like visit The Mint, everyone loses their minds.
  13. You can come to Breckenridge... but you would have to share a bunk bed with two other dudes.
  14. Are you going anywhere after Blue Mountain the True Mountain closes? Any Colorado ski-fari, or Vermont ski-fari, or New Jersey ski-fari?
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