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  1. This is grate, be sure to write a report!!
  2. You've already received more Perder than I did my entire 6 days in Utah. WTGAI
  3. I ate at that same Chinese restaurant in 2017 while staying at the Silver Inn and before riding my bicycle from Idaho Springs to the top of Mount Evans the next day. I remember the restaurant being exceptionally delicious
  4. I've never experienced clapping after a landing, and I've probably flown at least 30 times. That's soooo 1960s. Is that a Frontier thing? Was it really windy or was there a technical issue? Airliners can land themselves these days via ILS, but pilots land manually to keep their skills fresh in the event of an emergency.
  5. Ah never mind if you picked it. I always like to look out the window but to each their own 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. That's bullshit, I would be furious if i paid for a window seat and got that and the website didnt tell me when i picked the seat.
  7. Wao since you'll have all day you should check out the Denver Mint and maybe tour the Capitol.
  8. It's nice to go to Florida for a few days in the winter. As much as I love skiing, I also enjoy warm weather (70 to 80 degrees). But I would never want to live there permanently, would definitely choose a western state like Wyoming or Colarada
  9. I would never to go Florida in the summer again, only in winter. Florida's too flat for me, I prefer the mountains.
  10. That's where I was gonna go last year but Maine was making people jump thru hoops to enter their realm, so I went to New Yawk instead.
  11. Nope, maybe I'll go there
  12. No idea yet, but I'm sure I'll find somewhere fun to go, most likely a national park
  13. Bold move sitting on the sun facing side of the plane. I always choose the non sunny side on afternoon flights so the sun isnt in my eyes the whole time. WTGAI
  14. @GrilledSteezeSandwich Wao today's the 2 year anniversary of when Vail acquired Blue Mountain. Bumped for stoke
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