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  1. That building makes night skiing more fun because it's basically a free light show.
  2. My list for northeastern Pa is: 1. Blue and Camelback (tied) 3. Everything else.
  3. How is Shawnee better than Camelback? Shawnee is like a mini Camelback, shorter runs and one less HSQ.
  4. I'll probably buy one on Amazon. I checked a shop and they wanted $170.
  5. Oops, thought this was the classified thread. Can I post it there in case someone is selling?
  6. Seeking a double ski bag with wheels in great condition. Will pay about $100 or less.
  7. Maybe it'll be like the gift cards day again, when they were sending 1/3 of the chairs up empty with 500 people in line. That was great! Then Atomic caught me trying to cut the line, but I was actually looking for the singles line.
  8. This is great! Looks like they're aiming for a Black Friday weekend opening! Cant wait to ski Camelback again this year!
  9. Hell no. Hazleton's a dump. Whole Foods only come to nice towns. I'll pick up some Steazy Tea next time I'm in Malvern.
  10. Radical! If I find one myself I'll bring it on Sunday. As long as it's non alcoholic.
  11. @Justin Make sure you keep your stats up to date this season! I'm the unofficial assistant stats manager.
  12. Wow just wow. Someone should tell MattEdge about this forum. Then he can get all the latest news.
  13. That's exactly what I did last MLK day but in reverse. 75 degrees in FL to below 0 at Blue the True, in 24 hrs. It was sick.
  14. I was just excited about all the coverage on Main St.
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