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  1. -1 point for being at the top lodge (which is for gapers) -1 point for not being at the lower lot (which is for x perts) -1 point for not being Buffalo Chicken pizza -1 point for being too smol for $19
  2. It was a'ight, not as good as the pizza from the truck. 6/10
  3. It was on my way home from A- town. Stopped at Buckmans after flying for boot pain.
  4. Does this count for my stats if I came to Blue just for wood fired pizza? My shoe touched the snow. Asking about stats rules for a friend @theprogram4
  5. Dang I am hungry for wood fried pizza now. What time are they open til???
  6. What a shit show. Later I might calculate the skier/rider density per square inch of perd coverage on Vista
  7. I skied 9:30 to 3 today with only a 15 minute break so I had my fun this weekend. Have a grate time
  8. Blue is making bank tonight!! Leaving no money in the tables!! WTGAI it Blue, that's my boy !!
  9. Thanks for convincing me to come to Huntah today. It was grate. I was in on the fence before this post but now I'm sitting near a fence post looking up at the big Catskill Mountains. Sickbird, gnarly, radical
  10. "Today, 12/8"? Are they reporting from the future? I would but it's too bad they're in the top lot. Only gapers go to the top lot.
  11. No because my first day at Blue was on Saturday, December 2, 2023. Where were you DiMe???
  12. I'm just seeking insider information on the most Epic skiing within driving distance that is not in a shopping store.
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