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  1. That would be great! It's a casual ride and not competitive, but sometimes @AtomicSkier likes to ride ahead and show off.
  2. Come up to Delps Park for a ride with us one evening
  3. I was joking. @toast21602 said asked if anyone wants to buy his pass but we all know he'll be there. If they make us jump through too many hoops to ski or impose restrictions (e.g. a circus), I might take up cross country skiing instead to get away from it all.
  4. I think I'll just ask for a $429 gift card this season.
  5. Technically it's south of Lofty. Between Lofty and Hazleton, there are the towns of Haddock, Silverbrook, McAdoo Heights, McAdoo, Kelayres, Audenreid, Beaver Brook, and Hazle Village. Then finally you're in Hazleton.
  6. It was supposed to be a funny parody of this site. Some people thought it was terrible and/or got butthurt and took it too seriously so I deleted it, then I got banned for 3 days.
  7. Well unban VTMark then so he can bestow his advice on this forum.
  8. In 2017 I met a guy in Colorado who got rich from Bitcoin and some credit card scam he was running. Now he's retired at a young age and spends all his time outdoors living in a van. Very cool dude. Closest personality to VTMark of anyone I've ever met.
  9. What do you and @VTmark think about the letters sent to people identified by contract tracers which threaten legal action, such as indefinite confinement, for not following the government's quarantine order? “If you do not cooperate with this directive, the Secretary of Health may petition a court to have you confined to an appropriate place chosen by the Department to make certain that you do not infect the public, and to make certain that you receive proper care,” the letter, shared on social media, and confirmed as authentic by the department, says.
  10. There wasn't any of that for months in Pennsylvania, which slowed it, but are they supposed to remain closed forever? Should in door dining, church services, and schools be permanently abolished? Should thousands of businesses continue to lose their livelihoods? Fauci even said the virus may not ever be gone, and there may never be a vaccine.
  11. Besides restricting freedoms for months, such as forcing people in their homes, @GrilledSteezeSandwich what else could have been done in the absence of a vaccine? Even you said on one of our last days at Blue that this isn't China, people can't be forced to quarantine. Would you be ok with completely foregoing the upcoming ski season entirely?
  12. I haven't been paying attention to this thread, so Steeze is a radical leftist now? Wjw!
  13. Yeah we met in the parking lot a few years ago, I'll never forget his strong support for personal nukes and love for all things anarchy.
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