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  1. Be sure to bring in your Ylang-ylang plants tonight.
  2. Not good, Blue left money on the table. I think I'll donate them the extra money I owe them for inflation.
  3. Idk, maybe. I like going for the free food. Sometimes they have shrimp cocktails. I don't want to make a speech or participate at all.
  4. My friend has been dating the same girl since high school and he just posted his engagement, after he said they would never get married.
  5. Maybe those are the chairs for the new 6 pack superb safari lift and they are going to put 3 chairs side by side.
  6. $30 parking scam at Stowe. Funk that!!!! Looks like I won't be going Fridays anymore. Once this becomes daily then I won't be skiing at Stowe ever again!
  7. If PASR wants to start a Go Fund Me to pay for my bike park lift ticket to tour on my new mountain bike and record GoPro footage, I won't be opposed to this.
  8. New Mexico Lottery?
  9. In the video correct but I have skied down from Choot to those crappy double chairs
  10. Nope, when it snowed a lot I skied everywhere including under the entire doubles line. That was easy compared to the trails @enjoralas and I went on in the bike park. Now those are quite gnarly.
  11. 1000% wrong, I have skied that section numerous times.
  12. When it snows that's one of the best trails around. It was featured in my haters gonna hate video. @GrilledSteezeSandwich haters talk.
  13. For all PASR Camelback superfans, this is grate!! Exciting times ahead for the best mountain in Pennsylvania!
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