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BC 2/3. Sausage Sunday South.

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Back from another fun session at the largest mogul this side of the Mississippi. Pulled in the lot at 8:20 and had to park pretty far back considering the time, not a good sign of things to come. Booted up and went in to guest services to get my free ticket, the lady in front of me was asking the attendant if they had any covered lifts because she was worried about exposure? Anyway, got on the snow at around 8:35 and first run was down black bear to scope things out. The park setup right now is nice, but other than a two rails being switched out it hasn’t changed at all from two weeks ago.  Lapped the park from 8:35 until around 10 then me and some of my buddies decided to go over to F side. Timberline was closed due to a race, back up F chair and down Sasquatch. Sasquatch at that time was virtually untouched and ROTD. Lapped the park for about another hour and a half. They had a “big air” contest going on so I was trying to keep an eye on that. It didn’t seem like they had too many people entered. By 11:30 is started to get packed so we ducked into trails end to grab a beer before heading back up to meet with out two fiends on ski patrol. They were grilling some meat up top which made for a nice (free) lunch. Downed a hamburger and a hot sausages then headed back to the park for a few more runs before calling it a day at 1:30. As we were leaving there were still people pulling in. Seems like it’s going to be a busy night for them. 


Didnt take any pictures today, they seemed to have good coverage but there were some bare spots starting to show in the flats, that’s been a problem for years. 


All in all it was a good, warm day. My knee didn’t fall apart, and getting my skis center mounted helped drastically in regards to park. 

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