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  1. Pocono raceway announced they’ll be at 100% capacity for all events post Memorial Day
  2. light at the end of the tunnel https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/coronavirus/pennsylvania-covid-restrictions-lift/2802115/?_osource=SocialFlowFB_PHBrand&fbclid=IwAR20H-VXO1Wi9g3peoOKZJTjpGC-6EVCgCaNbUHKp5mvMngBXEyTNEDLOtw
  3. Yeah I was able to schedule a shot AT THE CVS in Nottingham, which is only about 15 or so minutes away. my work also gives us the entire day off for the shots (which I don’t plan on taking the full day) so if I had to travel far for it, it wouldn’t have been too big of a deal.
  4. I ended up scheduling a second dose at CVS may 11th. Chesco is now insistent I didn’t get the first shot, even after giving them the lot number off of the vax card, not sure why anyone would be arguing they got the first shot? But just decided to go out and schedule the second dose somewhere else.
  5. Walkway and wall are done, plants and mulch in, solar lights as well.
  6. I thought it was 30, that’s good to know. I’m not too worried about not getting it in time as much as I am with how mismanaged it got so quickly. I was able to provide them with the lot number of the vaccine from the card and the lady STILL didn’t believe I got moderna instead of JJ the first time I called and brought up the whole missed appointment thing.
  7. Chester county royally screwed up my vaccine stuff. Original appointment on 4/13 for JJ, got moderna instead. Was instructed I would get an email to schedule the second shot. Email never came. Checked vaccine portal on county website and it had my appointment as “missed”. Call CCHD and explain I didn’t miss the appointment but got moderna instead of JJ. Got the “no problem I’ll note that and send out the schedule email. Another week goes by and no email. Call CCHD today and the lady takes my info and goes “we have you confirmed as having both shots done at the Jennersville YMCA on April 6th an
  8. I’m completely gutting my new house and I’m going to hang the drywall, but I’m paying someone to come in and finish it. I can not stand finishing drywall
  9. Oh I believe it. The block alone was $3100. Couple that with cement, labor, etc and it’s likely a $10k+ job. My dad is super old school and is one of those “why pay when we can do it ourselves” even though the professionals quality would trump this ten fold.
  10. Yeah they’re glued to the concrete. I skimped on the finishing of the concrete for that reason, didn’t want to make it look nice and pretty just to have pavers cover it up just simply leveled it and smoothed it out enough to not effect the seat of the paver/glue
  11. It’s not, it’s my parents house, should be a great drinking spot when it’s finished as it gets sun on it until close to 9pm in the summer time. I’ll post pictures of the new house renovation once I get started on it. Having a really difficult time getting a permit for a dumpster which is frustrating
  12. Walkway is just about finished up, just need to continue building the outer retaining wall and then add the garden area between the wall and walkway, the rain this week is going to delay that a bit however.
  13. My sisters fiancé parked in one of the express garages when we went to Sarasota 2 weeks ago, they have a bus that picks you up at your car, takes you to the entrance, and on return it’ll pick you up at baggage and drive you to your vehicle.
  14. Gotta put the blowup doll somewhere
  15. Concrete set nicely. I’ll hopefully finish up the wall and installing the pavers on top of the concrete next weekend. Wayyy overshot on the concrete calculations though, guess it’s better to have a few extra bags vs not having enough.
  16. Nice morning for concrete work. (Yes I know it’s very wet)
  17. No sore arm this morning, off to a good start.
  18. I was able to keep my appointment, just needed to switch to moderna.
  19. Haven’t heard of my appointment being cancelled yet but, https://6abc.com/health/us-recommends-pause-for-j-j-vaccine-over-clot-report/10511835/
  20. I saw a bunch of signs that said “stop the hotel houses” on Longboat Key last week. I think we need to build a PASR summer hotel house there and you can be the hotel manager.
  21. Getting J&J tomorrow around 12.
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