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  1. Spittin chiclets or fore play are the only two barstool centric things I can stand. Some of the stories biz has on spittin chiclets are hilarious plus they tend to center most episodes on the side of hockey you don’t always get to see.
  2. Kyle

    Skison 19/20

    See how easy this is?
  3. I think you mentioned that to me years ago. Our place is on fern ridge road. It’s actually up for sale at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. You aren’t in briar crest woods are you?
  5. Yes, as long as it’s not glass bottles (at most tracks). Really helps to cut down expenses when you can bring your own vs paying $7 for a bud light. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Dover is great to experience, its Basically a 1 mile track packed inside a football stadium, plus the casino is right there if you get bored. Agree on the camping though, it’s an easy way to spend a weekend somewhere with friends for sub $100/person.
  7. I agree, I usually hit both Dover and pocono for 1 race a year. Pocono for us is more for camping and spending the weekend with friends. The slip ramp at 903 is great, out of the lot and on the turnpike within 20 mins
  8. Ah no way, it was a pretty boring race until the end. Thought it was going to rain there at the end of stage 1. Ended up going back to the camping spot to watch the rest of the race from the backstretch There’s not much to do live updates on at a pocono race unless it involves people watching.
  9. Went to pocono today, nice day for racing. Tickets and infield/pit passes were free so can’t complain.
  10. I’m willing to bet most blue passholders are not going to leave blue to ski jfbb just because of the epic pass
  11. 81 degrees at 11pm at night and soupy outside on the drive home from beer league hockey, the storms that came through earlier did nothing except make it feel like a swamp.
  12. They will when they’re young like those guys are.
  13. They all changed.
  14. Bottom left almost looks like a perfect marble. I absolutley hate doing hail vehicles at work. Always an argument of paintless dent repair vs conventional repairs (with paint).
  15. Go no rain or anything in west grove. Kennett and oxford both got hit hard. I must’ve been right in the split when the cells broke apart
  16. Had to buy a new push mower a few weeks ago since the gas one blew up l, ended up getting a kobalt 40v electric push mower from Lowe’s (only push mow this back section) and have been pleasantly surprised with how well it cuts. The batter doesn’t seem like it would last too long as I only got 3 cuts out of the first charge.
  17. Yours looks way better than mine, I need a zero turn so I can alternate the cuts every other time. It’s too complicated to do on just a regular riding mower
  18. At least the dandelion killer worked.
  19. Thursday/Friday might hit 90, at least in the south end of the state.
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