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  1. It’s like skiing in Vermont without the drive!
  2. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”- Wu-tang Clan
  3. What is “some degree” on that chart though? Associates degree? GED?
  4. Can’t leave any money on the table
  5. “This one trail I used to mess around with”
  6. I heard it’s going to be an interconnect between blue and CB.
  7. I would assume that would be a fixed grip right? I don’t see there being enough space or even length to make it worth putting in a detachable there. 6 person lift would be very nice there however.
  8. Some photos from around the downingtown/clan area. Crazy to see cars in absolutley random places that were moved by the flood waters. https://www.facebook.com/723799181747665/posts/763258617801721/?d=n
  9. There used to be a covered bridge here.
  10. I’ve been having the same problem both on my WiFi, the mifi thing I have for work, and my phone
  11. We need to get the residents of Elkton and the residents of Rutland VT to fight each-other @theprogram4
  12. It’s a Christmas gift for @GrilledSteezeSandwich
  13. Ton of calls out there tonight, the county CAD pictured below is overwhelmed to the point it’s actually behind pulse point.
  14. Another band of very very heavy rain moving through. 37 water rescues and counting going on in chester county so far. Asking for boats out of new castle county and Cecil county if possible.
  15. https://twitter.com/psptroopjpio/status/1433203018372108291?s=21
  16. more from Oxford courtesy of PSP Twitter
  17. Possible, this is northbound route 1 and the way the trees are laying would coincide with that. oxford sits dead in the middle of elkton and Cochranville
  18. Route 1 in Oxford according to a local fb group. Multiple friends as well who live in that area stating tornado damage to structures. Nothing confirmed yet
  19. You should start an onlyfans and just post pictures of your melons
  20. How did they get knocked over? Vandalism or is it from something else like wind or erosion at the base?
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