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  1. Just got nailed with another big storm here. A ton of localized flooding. Watching my parents house for the weekend and the pool water level rose by 4”....
  2. I don’t really find that racist at all, look as how many people of Asian decent (pre Covid) wore masks during cold/flu season, sars, swine flue, etc and got nasty looks for it. Personally, I’ve noticed that in my area the Hispanic population has been more willing to comply with the mask thing, but less willing to comply with the social gathering thing, which may be a cultural thing as big gatherings are part of the Hispanic culture. either way, the only people I’ve seen complain about wearing masks were white. And it’s usually a fat white person bitching about having to wear a mask so they can go into Wawa to get theirs 1 liter mt dew and pack of Marlboro reds. They can’t breathe because of the mask, but they can damn sure smoke a pack of cowboy killers a day and that’s not an issue
  3. I stayed in a hotel about a month ago for a wedding and had no issues except the room smelling like a bleach factory.
  4. Yeah I’m banking on Saturday being the correct assumption at this point. Not a big rush for me to get it back on, I’m getting still getting paid and it’s not counting as vacation time. It is confusing when you aren’t home, get a text it’s back on, get home and realize it’s not in fact on, then get a text saying it’s an undetermined cause.
  5. The isolated pockets of wind damage are pretty astonishing. All faired well at my house, but 2 miles down the road looks like a warzone, buildings missing roofs, trees down everywhere, patio furniture in places it shouldn’t be.
  6. Power out till Saturday according to peco, although something tells me that’s not accurate and it’ll be back before then.
  7. On hour 12 of no power now. Rest of the block has power as well as the town, but there’s 3 other houses tethered to the same pole as I am and none of us have power. Going to be a long hot and humid night.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/96623207231/posts/10158562133067232/?vh=e&d=n my dad was behind the truck at 35 seconds in that video, can barely make out his suv with the flasher on in the right lane/shoulder. Luckily he didn’t hit the truck, but did get some damage to the windshield and roof
  9. Street in front of my house is flowing pretty good.
  10. Been a steady downpour here in southern chester country for a while now. Wind is starting to pick up. Tornado confirmed in Middletown DE (about 30 miles south).
  11. JF weekends only. BB midweek only? Of course that would require snowmaking at both areas. That’s seems to be the logical option, or maybe closing JF m/t/w, and keeping bb at its regular hours from the past season, 3-9 during the week and 10-10 on the weekends
  12. That’s going to be a good one. One place has the terrain, the other place has the lights. If it comes down to that it will be interesting to see what they do.
  13. Technically enough carbon monoxide is a cure for the coronavirus...... just saw on the new a shots fired incident at cigars international because a customer was asked to leave for not wearing a mask. The world has gone crazy
  14. Football isn’t going to make it this year. The MLB is having this big of an issue and they had what, 40 man rosters including the taxi squad? No way football makes it work with a 52 man roster and all the trainers, etc etc etc.
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