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  1. We should let @JFskiDan do this to your lawnmower https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfHlSfTppYB/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Edit: if anyone knows how to embed it instead of just posting the link be my guest I have no idea how to
  2. Yeah it’s crazy, I got locked in at a touch over 4%. I couldn’t imagine trying to buy right now with having to pay well over asking+7% interest
  3. Yeah got lucky with the box being right there, tech said no charges, he’s going to list the damages as unavoidable. At the end of the day it was my mistake so if I would’ve had to pay, albeit not happy about it, I probably would’ve done so instead of going the bitch and complain route for something that was ultimately my fault.
  4. They missed their window but they’re out now doing a temp drop, fortunately the box is on the back corner of my lot. Tech agreed with me that the line was not buried reasonably deep enough at all so we’ll see what happens with any charges
  5. They made it seems like it’s $99 no matter what, I’m hoping I don’t get smacked with a bunch of extra charges, it’s my fault I broke the cable but there’s a certain amount of risk they have to inherit burying cables like that, 3 feet from the edge of the slab, 2” down. The average person (or idiot like myself) isn’t going to think to call 811 and have them come out and mark it before putting a spaded shovel in the ground to dig out 2” of topsoil.
  6. I do have Fios, they’re coming out tomorrow at noon to fix it and that brings along a $99 fee. It’s the drop cable, goes from the box underground and then into my house somewhere (that I can’t seem to find?). There’s no conduit it in at all other than the thing plastic in the photo. I’m hoping the tech will side with me on that part at least that it wasn’t buried or protected very well… shouldn’t have to call 811 and have it painted out to dig in your own yard with a shovel….. Great question, I had the same thought, especially since it’s not deep at all, could’ve easily been hit with a aerator if I did such a think to my lawn.
  7. …that’s going to be expensive. shout out to Verizon though for bury a fiber optic cable 2 inches into the ground. In an area that makes 0 sense to have it in.
  8. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a golf bag mounted to the back of a Harley until now…
  9. Some doggo pictures for y’all.
  10. Classic…. Advertise the ability to watch construction on social media… point 1/2 cameras away from the construction.
  11. Pup enjoyed her first day at the beach on the bay side, she’s not a fan of the ocean and the waves there but was a huge fan of the bay, which is fine with me as this beach was dead empty at noon on MDW Sunday.
  12. Ceiling is fixed, just needs to be sanded and painted. Debating on whether or not to remove the rest of the texture coat throughout the whole ceiling or try to replicate it on the new drywall
  13. Lillies are starting to bloom, adding some nice color to the small bed out front.
  14. https://instagram.com/stories/iamjl22/2845235924560176899?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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