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  1. Looks like each rail line has some pretty good flow to it, also good to see a variant between each line and not 3 straight down rails like some other area mountains like to do.
  2. He’s using the JFBB ruler, it adds 2 inches.
  3. Kyle

    Jan 15

    What’s your guess on distance between the rail landing and that wall/spine? Pictures make it look like it’s super close.
  4. Kyle

    Elk 2020/21 Season

    Turn your head.......
  5. Maybe, but I invested the stimulus money instead. It was sarcasm. It’s a shame it got shot down in the first place, but will likely pass now.
  6. Downhill winner take all with one catch, you start at the top with a 16oz beer, has to be finished by the time you reach the bottom and you can’t be moving while drinking it.
  7. Must be hard to keep a deck that big clean
  8. Kyle

    Zee Lights

    I just looked, 174 tickets for Sunday morning. seems like midweek (if you can) is the time to go.
  9. You have RTMS, you can ski anything and everything
  10. Once again, it’s a Tuesday morning. Chances are the revenue coming in isn’t going to outweigh the cost of running an additional lift. im not sure if you are aware of this but lifts aren’t just flip the switch and go. Once lines start to form and they determine they need another lift, it’s going to be at bare minimum 30 minutes before it opens.
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