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  1. Went out on the ATVs yesterday at Anthracite, it was a bit muddy to say the least.
  2. I think it is as well. The only issue I have with it, which is minuscule at best, is that I live right where it would be happening and I don’t want my front stairs or garden wall becoming a “bench” of sorts for those who don’t have a table (if they allow anything beyond table service). It already happens with the ice cream place being open. Actually had a lady and her kids sitting on my front steps yesterday eating ice cream complain that my dog was barking at them.
  3. I will after a week or so. There’s also been talk about shutting down the Main Street through town and allowing restaurants and bars to set up seating on the sidewalks and street during certain times (likely 4-8pm) so that could be cool to check out.
  4. PA to allow outdoor dining, even in yellow phase, starting June 5th. as for work from home, I enjoy it, but I’d be ready to go back to the office if allowed.
  5. Delaware allowing gatherings up to 250 provided they are outdoors and social distancing is followed. Quarantine rule for out of staters is getting axed as well.
  6. Yeah come take a ride through Chester county sometime, “stay at home” orders don’t apply to people here apparently
  7. Most likely. I’ve seen people on FB I know with Beach houses already heading down for the nice weather this weekend. It’s going to be tough to “regulate” the amount of people entering the beach and enforcing a 6ft rule. One of my friends lives in Tampa and him and his fiancé went to the beach last weekend, set up their stuff far away from anyone and STILL had someone come set up right next to them.
  8. Jersey shore to open up before Memorial Day.
  9. That’s pretty mild for the route 100 Wawa
  10. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t do the politics thing or any of the associated polls or whatever, it just seems like a small focus group to base that off of. I get why people are opposing wolfs decision, but I also believe very few understand that just because it is extended, doesn’t mean it’s an end all be all and “red” counties can’t be moved into the yellow phase.
  11. Going by the number polled divided evenly across the states polled, they polled roughly 673 Pennsylvanians, I’m not against Wolf but that’s hardly enough to accurately say “70% of Pennsylvanians approve”
  12. I wasn’t hoping I would be positive, just went into it expecting either result.
  13. Yeah they’re only doing first responders, healthcare workers, and family/household members of those people in chesco.
  14. I was able to get an antibody test today due to my roommate being in law enforcement, both of us tested negative,
  15. Probably wanted a platinum too for that price.
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