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  1. No, it was recommended for areas prone to flooding but nothing was ever an “order”. I live far enough inland I don’t need to worry about tidal flooding. Hasn’t been too bad here yet, a couple more dark red cells to pass through between now and 3am according to the radar and then we should be in the clear.
  2. We’re getting it pretty good in VB right now, supposed to get worse through the night between 10-3am. Roads are starting to flood, tornado warnings, steady winds all day with a few huge gusts.
  3. Yup. Bread and butter season for me, I’ll find out on Monday if I’m getting sent to Florida or doing the catastrophe work virtually. Lots of OT and bonus pay to be had.
  4. Parents were down this past week to meet with the builders for their new home on the eastern shore, the pup enjoyed her time on a deserted bayside beach.
  5. Nice dusk drive back over the CBBT tonight on my way home from PA.
  6. We’re down to $3.43 for 87 and $3.93 for 93 here.
  7. You’re reading posts about nascar…in the car talk thread….. what did you expect.
  8. They cater more to the tourist type skier who’s there visiting the mall or nearby NYC.
  9. I heard basically that same rumor, contract was in place before vail bought, Vail said no way and the station basically went FU then we’ll go somewhere else and cancelled last years event. I think it would’ve been more of a PITA to go through all of the legalities with it than it was to cancel the event in October like they did.
  10. WMMR just announced the cardboard classic will move to Montage during the weekend of mountainfest.
  11. Yeah it’s pretty much an even split between DC and NC. I’m not sure if NASCAR could be considered a “major league” sport in the way that phrase is typically used, but Richmond is the closest major sports venue at 90 miles.
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