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  1. They all changed.
  2. Bottom left almost looks like a perfect marble. I absolutley hate doing hail vehicles at work. Always an argument of paintless dent repair vs conventional repairs (with paint).
  3. Go no rain or anything in west grove. Kennett and oxford both got hit hard. I must’ve been right in the split when the cells broke apart
  4. Had to buy a new push mower a few weeks ago since the gas one blew up l, ended up getting a kobalt 40v electric push mower from Lowe’s (only push mow this back section) and have been pleasantly surprised with how well it cuts. The batter doesn’t seem like it would last too long as I only got 3 cuts out of the first charge.
  5. Yours looks way better than mine, I need a zero turn so I can alternate the cuts every other time. It’s too complicated to do on just a regular riding mower
  6. At least the dandelion killer worked.
  7. Thursday/Friday might hit 90, at least in the south end of the state.
  8. Guy I knew from high school was hit and killed a few years ago down there during a car show. Driver was 2x the legal limit.
  9. The apartment complex I lived in down there had an apartment that was used by OCPD as basically a holding office for kids they arrested so their parents could come pick them up. We used to sit on our porch and drink beers and watching the constant stream of kids coming in and kids leaving with angry parents. a lot of the people they brought there were for simple things like shoplifting and alcohol possession. It was always fun to watch. It would roll into the first week of July. It was hell down there during that time. I was 23 and getting stopped walking home from 7/11 with a 12 pack of beer on a weekly basis because they thought I was a senior weeker.
  10. Senior week is the entire month of June down there.
  11. With all the senior week kids..... from 2 years of living down there, good luck. Avoid the boardwalk at all costs.
  12. Very. Got extremely lucky with the nice weather. It absolutely poured on us during rehearsal Thursday night.
  13. One of my friends I’ve known for the last 24 years got married here today. Couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise.
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