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  1. Possibly Sunday, depends on how the home inspection goes tomorrow....
  2. Ticket rep hooked me up with some free seats for tonight.
  3. Kyle

    Skison 19/20

    Well now that the house is “done” I may actually be able to make it out this weekend somewhere.
  4. Light during the day and getting increasingly darker towards night time.
  5. Heat bill has been almost non existent as well, the change from oil to natural gas has helped along with the temps.
  6. Pretty decent squalls coming through lower delco all day.
  7. Kyle

    Skison 19/20

  8. Kyle

    Skison 19/20

    Only thing I can think of is rental equipment and helmet rental on file, but not on when the incident occurred and sp showed up.
  9. Kyle

    Skison 19/20

    https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/berks/year-old-dies-after-skiing-into-snow-blowing-equipment/article_edfef54e-275c-11ea-89e7-bf34f30e6654.html not a good start to the year for bear creek. Prayers to the family.
  10. Good luck man, if it’s the one that’s going around it’s a nasty one.
  11. I’m not the biggest fan of basketball, but free suite tickets and and an open bar? Count me in
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