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  1. Ski2live typing up his cost analysis for you at this moment
  2. Always wanted to check that out. Everyone I know who’s gone to it has said it’s a surreal experience and really puts things into perspective.
  3. Still have the AC on during the day, not quite cool enough in the afternoons to do just windows yet. Hoping I can keep the heat off until at least mid November/after thanksgiving.
  4. Came here to say the same
  5. Screenshot from earlier tonight. Things really weren’t too bad down here (so far). Lots of rain and wind but nothing too concerning. Shouldn’t be much of anything by the time it gets up to PA.
  6. Had quite the sunset last night on the course.
  7. There’s a death on it once a week, if it’s not someone falling asleep it’s someone turning in front of a tractor trailer
  8. Yeah, if you like chickens and cops it’s pretty entertaining.
  9. Nice sunset from Cape Charles on Friday night.
  10. Beautiful golf weather yesterday. Bay Creek Golf Club in Cape Charles VA, parents are building a house/retiring here. Hoping the old man gets the golf membership, the views alone are worth it.
  11. It’s only illegal if you get caught
  12. Last of the potato’s I had this year. Also drowning in cucumbers. Eat one every day and can’t keep up.
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