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  1. I was able to keep my appointment, just needed to switch to moderna.
  2. Haven’t heard of my appointment being cancelled yet but, https://6abc.com/health/us-recommends-pause-for-j-j-vaccine-over-clot-report/10511835/
  3. I saw a bunch of signs that said “stop the hotel houses” on Longboat Key last week. I think we need to build a PASR summer hotel house there and you can be the hotel manager.
  4. Getting J&J tomorrow around 12.
  5. At least in philly you can move between terminals without needing to go through security each time. I spent close to 12 hours in F terminal at TPA yesterday and they only had one place open to get food. To get to another terminal you have to take a “tram” and TSA is at the front of each terminal.
  6. How my dad started vs how it ended. 9 hour delay from Tampa due to the incoming flight being diverted to Miami and then subsequently getting stuck there. 12pm departure turned into a 9:20 departure after fueling
  7. Nice day for a wedding on the gulf coast
  8. Florida is cool because you can buy beer, cigarettes, and fireworks in a 7/11
  9. In Florida right now and can confirm. Stopped at a Wawa (of all places) and was told by an employee “you know you don’t need to wear a mask right?” In a demeaning way. I also didn’t read your other post, this was the Wawa right off Lakewood ranch blvd.
  10. They connect... with the help of duct tape the bigger issue is the one joist thats basically boxed 2x4, with no Jack pole, and not anchored into anything except where’s it’s wedged into the wall that’s sagging 2” or so below the floor providing no support whatsoever.
  11. Lets play the game of “spot all of the things wrong in this picture” the junk (trash) isn’t one of them
  12. @toast21602 you’re a trendsetter https://fb.watch/4DlygNJYYU/
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