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  1. Yeah good time to get hit, bad time to try and find a replacement vehicle.
  2. While I agree, the inner structure of the cab corner is pushed in pretty far, rocker panel is toast, center pillar I’m assuming is done for as the doors are hit hard, lots of structural damage on it. Insurance company is married to that repair forever and most don’t want to deal with it so it may end up being totaled due to that. We’ll have to see what happens.
  3. They did. Guy was very apologetic about it. Accidents happen, no big deal. Yeah I heard it. Thought someone tried to kick in my front door or something.
  4. Well, bound to happen at some point with street parking. Truck was fun while it lasted
  5. I got some tattoo work done earlier this month and again on Tuesday, I noticed a significant increase in the amount of people wearing masks outside there than I did pre July 4th.
  6. We call those .22 target practice out here
  7. Enjo’s slopeside diner.
  8. My parents are away for the weekend and my mom asked me to check her garden…. I think the zucchini was ready….
  9. I did this with my Window units this year, leaving them on all day at a comfortable temp has actually saved me a couple bucks a month compared to last year at this time. Now granted, we’ve had some cooler days, but if it’s a swing of $5-$10 a month either direction, I’d rather be comfortable the minute I came home vs having to wait for a unit to cool a room down.
  10. I’m not really sure if this falls under this thread or not, but has anyone watched Clarkson’s Farm on amazon video?
  11. I’d imagine they want old cellphones back for battery recycling more than spare parts.
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