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  1. No effing way a national lockdown would fly, I’ve said it many times before, we can’t even get people to wear a mask into a Wawa. National lockdown would set some (although a minority number) of people over the edge
  2. Applecross.... idk why I said applebrook
  3. It came in a pack with the JFBB snow measuring stick
  4. TP4 would be better than these whores looking for a free meal Doesn’t work that way around here unfortunately. Wish it did though.
  5. Finally got a table for 1 person at the bar tonight.... reluctant to seat me at first but finally did. more than ready for stuff to be loosened up, safely of course. It makes sense dollar wise why restaurants don’t want to seat a solo person, but conversely it’s frustrating to be said solo person and not be able to enjoy a safe Friday night out because places don’t want to seat solos, even at a double high top.
  6. Are you still talking about the car?
  7. First mountain to open (apparently). https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/10/22/first-ski-resort-in-the-united-states-opens-for-the-ski-season/
  8. 66 is also the number of people who are at blue mountain on any given night skiing
  9. This scenario is called majority/minority. Your definition of many would not not apply here as it’s not an indefinite number, it’s either 60k or 40k.
  10. Also a great way to get dropped by your insurance carrier.
  11. I can’t speak for everywhere, but I know in Chester county suicides, drug overdose, and domestic calls are up substantially from last year.
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