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  1. Kyle

    3/19/19 Sunny

    I used to give Doug shit for it all the time as well, then I started doing 3 hour sessions and realized why he does it.
  2. Kyle

    St. PASR Day

    No one to carpool with
  3. Kyle

    Pi Day Report

    If he uses that joke on women at bars him and Doug will have a lot of time to hang out together.
  4. Kyle

    Pi Day Report

    You’re trying too hard now.
  5. Kyle

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Sunday, sausage Sunday? I’ll show myself out now
  6. Kyle

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    The amount those folks would spend on gas to drive to blue from liberty would offset the extra cost of the peak pass. I get the morality of it, I don’t get the economics of it.
  7. Kyle

    Sugarbush 2/28-3/2

    My buddies who patrol at bear stopped at ski patrol there, traded two cases of yuengling for lift tickets 😂
  8. Kyle

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    They’re not from philly
  9. Kyle

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    No we don’t.
  10. Kyle

    Trip Report - 3/4/2019 (PASR Day)

    For a second I though Doug went to CBK
  11. Kyle

    Sugarbush 2/28-3/2

    Sandwhich shop below The Reks has heady topper 4 packs, might have to load up
  12. Kyle

    Sugarbush 2/28-3/2

    I believe it, the place was a ghost town Thursday and Friday, ski on every lift. Today it got real crowded real fast.
  13. Kyle

    Sugarbush 2/28-3/2

    3rd and final day at sugarbush in the books, arrived at Super bravo at 7:50, 3rd chair up down to heavens gate chair and took that to the top and down jester for a warmup, back up bravo to heavens gate and down organ grinder, once back at the base we headed over to gatehouse to meet up with the rest of our group. We lapped sunrise a few times and the crowds started to get insane at 9:45 so we headed over to Mt Ellen thinking it would be a little less crowded. Mt Ellen was fairly empty for the most part. Spent a good part of the day skiing off the summit quad and the other quad that unloads at the base of that. Can’t remember what trails I did, skied bell to bell today and now I’m feeling it. I tried to track everything with the slopes app but it only registered 7 runs for some reason. All in all it was was a good trip, good weather, good snow.