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JF 2/17

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Terrible snow by JF standards...

It started as a thin layer of groomed granules on a rock solid base. By about 11-12 most of the interesting trails turned into icy death exacerbated by high crowds.

Challenge was completely taken by racers, and the racers seemed to believe that they were some special breed. Kids cutting lift lines, dads saving 15 seats in the lodge at a time awaiting for champions to come back from the slopes. The lodge actually got crowded right from the start, i.e. 8am, and became a complete chaos later during the day.

Nice part was that Challenge taken by racers kinda made it more difficult for people to migrate to the east slopes, so River Shot and GSS's most favorite trail in Poconos were actually quite skiable, but not without icy spots either. The two double lifts also ran with zero lines all day long.

Best part of today was hot chocolate and donuts proudly served by Subaru not only to the happy owners of Subaru keyfobs, but to all mere mortals as well. Thanks, Subaru!

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5 minutes ago, poconoceancity said:

We were the group grilling at the top of the quad. I agree conditions today were not great by JF standards.

Aaahh, I've seen you! The smell actually made me think about opening grilling season ASAP. It's nice that Blue is not the only place seeing some juicy parking lot action.

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