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Sugarbush 2-12-24

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I had some work to do in the morning, but the leg felt pretty good after yesterday, so I decided to stick to the plan and do a couple lower mountain runs followed by some mid mountain runs to ease back into it.  I got out on snow about 1 today and went about an hour and a half to 2 hours on 7 runs.  Mostly went off of Bravo and Gatehouse lifts.  Only 7 degrees colder today than yesterday, but a huge difference in snow consistency.  Yesterday was corn and today was more sugary.  There were plenty of sugar piles and icy spots to be had, but for not having any natural snow in a week plus, I thought the conditions were standard for February in New England.  There was a good crowd for a Monday.  

Trails of the day surprisingly were Downspout/Domino Chute and Valley House Traverse.  The traverse, while relatively flat, was pitched well with snowmaking this year and wasn’t skied off due to the pitch.  I stopped in the middle of it and still made it across with plenty of speed.  Quite an enjoyable little section with a great view.  All in all, a great day, and tomorrow I’ll try to make it to the top and test the leg out on some t2b runs.  I guess I’ll stick with the PT and home PT.  It’s made a huge difference so far.  Pics below:







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