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  1. Nevermind got it covered.
  2. Does anyone happen to have an extra 23/24 Ikon f&f pass my friend could use? I'll trade a 24/25.
  3. One of our friends bailed. Just two of us in a 3 bedroom condo at Lincoln Base. Hit me up if anyone needs a place to crash and wants to come up!
  4. I'll be at Sugarbush tomorrow - Saturday. Anyone else gonna be up there?
  5. Some more footy from the storm. Stratton has some really really good tree riding when it's fresh. Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_392424296985773_7249342533102599535_n.mp4
  6. Time to head back home, still snowing here and theyre claiming total 14" so far. Today was another one for the books, this Ikon pass has paid for itself already with these 2 spring access late season ikonic powder trips.
  7. Yes sir. Mid day peanut butter whiskey break. Still snowing, fresh lines and no lift lines all day baby. GH010039_1712240103532.MP4
  8. Today is going to be a good day. 22 runs on hard pack to start, sleet that changed over to snow around 2pm yesterday. Today 8"+ being reported from the lower elevations and more up high. 13 miles away from Stratton and on my way. This might get Ikonic 😇
  9. Not a big fan of sitting down at restaurants alone. Besidee, I can use my own special spices 😇
  10. Arrived at the Ramshead parking lot a little after 11:00pm. Partly cloudy skies, no winds and mid to upper 40s. Snow was just softening up on my first run and progressively corned up through the day. Closed out the place for a solid 17 runs. Storm rolls in tomorrow and I spend the next 2 days riding itnat Stratton! No microwave, no problem. Mamas leftover stuffed cabbage for dinner . GH010028_1712081193615.MP4
  11. Anyone still gonna be up this week? Im riding Killington Tuesday, Stratton Wednesday and Thursday.
  12. Lookin very busy on the web cams..... i may pass.
  13. Got your wish. They put some rails on school hill for the rats.
  14. Changed reservations to Tues-Thurs. Things looking better.
  15. Im there mon-wed. Looking promising if anyone want to storm chase 😍
  16. Prob show up for a few runs each day. Back to Stratton Monday-Wed.
  17. Got there late today for a few runs. Was suprised how good the cover was, rock skis/boards not required anywhere open. Awesome we get 2 more days at Blue The True. They done good with their efforts this year considering the weather.
  18. Hell yeah! I wish I stayed north this weekend. This March is an absolute banger! Going back first and 2nd weeks of April.
  19. I bet some lucky kid got all the prizes in the easter eggs too.
  20. Did the cardboard boxes melt before they got to race today?
  21. Inches of rain for the Poconos 20"+ snow today alone for New England 🤣 I really like being an Ikon holder.
  22. I hope you stayed up there. They're over 20" on today and still absolutely nuking.
  23. Decided on Castlerock Peak grand reopening after closing for the season twice already. It had reopened for the storm 2 weeks ago and closed again shortly after until today. From the friends I made on the chair this was the best this peak has been this year. This is now the best powder day I've had in my life, absolutely Ikonic preserved 16-18" on the peaked other than the ridge hikers from yesterday afternoon at 2pm when Heavens Gate opened. Although I am not a fan of lines. On a day like today I appreciate why this is an intentional crazy wide spaced double chair. It keeps the drop in traffic to a very minimum by design, JADIP. 20240322_131820.mp4
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