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  1. Ride Delaware ?

    Massif du Sud 3-9-18

    Today was the last day of our 2018 Canadian ski trip. It was another stellar day to cap off a stellar trip. MDS is located on the US side of the St. Lawrence River about an hour east of Quebec City. We woke up at 6, hit up Timmy Horton’s, and were on the road by 7. MSD is even more in the middle of nowhere than Le Massif de Charlevoix. Our trip took us through expansive farm fields before we finally arrived just past 9 AM. The parking lots were small, which matched the lodge and mountain, but they were filling up quickly. I would say that an additional 10” fell overnight, and that brought out the “crowds”. It took us about 10 minutes in line to grab our lift tickets, but we were still in line at the chairlift at 9:30. The weather was picture perfect. It was just under 30 degrees, was cloudy, there was no wind, and there was fresh snow. We weren’t the only people who had found this little gem of a mountain, and the lift line filled in quickly. MSD boasts a vertical of about 1,250’ and only has one summit lift, a fixed grip quad. Despite the lift line, we never waited longer than 3-4 minutes. The lift was slow, but it gave you plenty of time to rest your legs. The mountain only has a couple greens, a couple blues, and a couple blacks, all of which are groomed. However, the mountain also has perfectly manicured and expansive glades that were some of the best on the east coast. Almost all the trails have a glade between them. Despite being well traveled, only the steepest of the glades showed any signs of wear. That’s the benefit of receiving close to 200” of snow so far this season and having very little adverse weather. Most of them were still sporting sections of deep powder on our last run at 2:45. There was something for everyone: beginner glades, tight glades, inbounds side country glades in the middle of the mountain, and luge style fly by the seat of your pants banked turn glades. We had to leave at 3 PM for the 5.5 hour drive back to VT, so we rode straight through lunch. In all, we rode 10 runs, with the majority of the time being spent on the lift. The first 7 runs I went into the woods before I tried some “groomed” runs for the last 3 as my legs became tired. This is exactly the type of mountain I love to visit. The vibe is right up there with Plattekill and Blue Knob. You won’t rack up the most runs here, but those runs will be of the highest quality. I will definitely be headed back in the future. All in all, it was a great trip with great conditions. I got to try some new mountains and experience some of the best conditions I’ve had on the east coast. Next year I’ll add another new mountain or two, but I’ll be sure to make it to Le Massif and MSD at the same time.
  2. Ride Delaware ?

    Le Massif de Charlevoix 3-8-18

    I have been thrilled both years I’ve gone to QC. I’ll try to write up Le Massif du Sud tonight. Busy travel day yesterday.
  3. Ride Delaware ?

    Le Massif de Charlevoix 3-8-18

    Today was the day to be at Le Massif. Since I had been lucky enough to hit Le Massif last year on a pow day, my expectations were skewed, and yet, today delivered on those expectations. We were expecting a storm total of about 10”-12”, but we woke up disappointed to just more than an inch in the hotel parking lot. Despite the lack of snow, we still got on the road by 8:10 in case we hit some inclement weather. The further northeast we got, the heavier the snow became, and the colder it got. The wind was really whipping, but the road conditions weren’t poor enough to slow us down. The parking lot was a little more full than yesterday, but we were still able to get on the lift by 9:15. We followed the same game plan as yesterday in terms of lift service, but I finally decided to dig into the trees in earnest. About 4” of snow had fallen, and it continued to dump. The wind was really whipping at the top, which also helped to refresh the trails. I did back to back glades, and the only bare spots were at the very top where it was steep. Lower down, the snow was soft, deep, and the coverage was full. My next run was down an open trail, but it was already starting to bump up with soft snow. Following the third run, we decided to head down and do some t2b runs off one of the HSQs. We went to far skiers right where I hit some more trees. Being slightly steeper, they had some more bare spots than the previous runs, but once the pitch flattened out, those glades were also quite enjoyable. We also went over to the ungroomed expert only section and were met with mostly untracked powder and some huge drifts. The snow was starting to bump up on the well traveled runs, but it continued to dump. After a handful of runs off that lift, we grabbed our lunch and headed to the bottom to eat. After a good lunch break, we went back to the first lift and repeated several runs we had started with. Since it was later in the day, the trail traffic was significantly less than before and the snow was piling up. The woods were absolutely phenomenal and starting to get deep. After two or three runs, patrol started shutting down some trails to funnel skiers back to the base area at the top of the mountain. I was able to sneak into the glades via an unmarked woods trail off an open trail, and was richly rewarded. We tried to sneak in an extra run, but unfortunately, we were a little too late. Overall, we ended today with 13 runs, which was one less than yesterday. However, the powder was much tougher on the legs, and 2,500’ vertical t2b routes really rack up the vert. I would say that 8” had fallen by the time we left today. Our two days at Le Massif have been phenomenal. We are packing up tonight to head back to Vermont, but we are going to try to hit Le Massif du Sud on the way back.
  4. Ride Delaware ?

    Mont Sainte Anne 3-6-18

    Yes and yes. You’ve been MIA on Facebook, so you’re missing all the good gossip...
  5. Ride Delaware ?

    Le Massif de Charlevoix 3-7-18

    I’ve heard that it’s just one lift, so I believe that you are indeed thinking of the right spot. I’ve heard great things.
  6. Ride Delaware ?

    Mont Sainte Anne 3-6-18

    It’s tough to pass up VT mountains when it is good, but it’s been absolute garbage this year in the EC of the 48. It never melts up here, so while they only get 225”-250” a year, it’s always pretty deep. The woods up here have minimal bare spots and rocks, and they are only sitting at about 160” for the year?
  7. Ride Delaware ?

    Le Massif de Charlevoix 3-7-18

    This is my second year here. I have yet to be disappointed. If I end up making more money than I expect to, I may just get a private jet and a place up here. It’s phenomenal. Have you been to Massif du Sud? We are looking at trying it out on our way back to VT.
  8. Ride Delaware ?

    Le Massif de Charlevoix 3-7-18

    After a great day at Mont Sainte Anne yesterday, we headed northeast to Le Massif today, which is quickly cementing itself as my favorite East Coast Mountain. Le Massif is 35 minutes northeast of the hotel and the drive was uneventful. We pulled in just before 9 AM and were on the slopes by 9:15. We snagged a spot in the first parking lot, and repeating my trip from last season, we headed skiers left to the only lift that isn’t a t2b lift. I decided to start off my day with a woods run that I did last year, and found the trees just as enjoyable if not a little tighter than I remembered. It was the first real trees I had hit this year, and it was good to be back. After a couple runs off that lift, we decided to head to the bottom. I had forgotten how long the 2,500’ vertical drop took to cover, and how little run out there is at the bottom. The mountain is steep and mostly consists of blue and black terrain. We encountered our only lift lines of the day at the gondola, and they only lasted about 5 minutes. The gondola is a refreshing 12 minute ride to the top. After 5 or 6 t2b runs, we grabbed our sandwiches out of the car and headed to the bottom to eat. The lodge was full, but we were still able to find a seat. After lunch we headed to the skiers right of the mountain off of the t2b HSQ’s and took some laps there. Things got slightly skied off by the end of the day, but conditions were mostly packed powder and were much softer than MSA the day before. We ended the day with another run or two off the first HSQ and then a couple t2b runs. I had forgotten how tiring putting in that much vert can be. Overall, another great day. It flurried all day, but it is supposed to snow 10”-12” overnight, so tomorrow should be epic. I think we are headed back there. If we have the same crowds as today, I think we are in for a treat.
  9. Ride Delaware ?

    Mont Sainte Anne 3-6-18

    After packing up and hitting the road after Bromont, we traveled 3 hours further north to the town just outside of Mont Sainte Anne. We had gotten a room at the Quality Suites there and were only 10 minutes from the base of the mountain. After a good nights sleep, we had breakfast at the Quality Inn, got some discounted vouchers at the hotel, and hit the road. The hotel had no vacancies, and the parking lot was significantly busier than when I had come last year. Regardless, it was never “that” crowded. We redeemed our lift tickets and were on the snow by 9:30. Our first couple runs were uncrowded and had no lift lines. We accidentally ended up in a natural snow only area serviced by a T-Bar. Afroman struggled with the T-Bar and we became separated. After waiting for about 45 minutes at the lodge at the base of the backside of the mountain, I decided to take some runs. I encountered my first “long” lift line of about 10 minutes, but if you hit the singles line, it was much quicker. I lapped the backside of the mountain which is mostly Green and Blue cruisers before finding Afroman about 8 runs later. We headed over to the front side to skiers right for some amazing views. Following that, we got some uncrowded runs off the Gondola. All in all, we did 17 runs today, the majority of them from 11:30 to 4 straight. There was significantly more snow up here than at Bromont. There were decent bump trails and some off piste to be had. Still some bare spots, but this storm Thursday should erase that. It was a mix of frozen granular and packed powder with a moderate wind. Overall, it was a great day. Off to Le Massif de Charlevoix tomorrow.
  10. Ride Delaware ?

    Ski Bromont 3-5-18

    I had such a great trip to Canada last season, that I decided to try it again this season. After going last year solo, I was finally able to get Afroman to get his passport and join me. We left Sugarbush this morning at about 8 AM. We weren’t in a rush since it was going to be a mellow day with Afroman getting his legs back under him after two years off his board. We arrived at the border at about 10:30, and since Afroman had never been to Canada, we waited about 20 minutes for them to do a more in-depth check on him. After getting the go ahead, we arrived at Bromont, booted up in the parking lot, and were on the snow at 11:45. Despite it being Quebec vacation week, we found the crowds to be minimal, barely waited in a lift line, and we were able to get discounted lift tickets online. The mountain is pretty expansive and offers over 100 runs ranging from beginner to expert. It also has several t2b high speed lifts and several fixed grips. The lifts are strategically placed to disperse crowds and connect seamlessly with other trail pods. The temperature was in the mid 30’s and there was plenty of granular to go around. We mostly stuck to the green and blue stuff until the last couple of runs when Afroman was feeling adventurous enough to hit some black diamonds. We ate lunch at the lodge on the backside of the mountain. It was delicious and affordable, especially with the current exchange rate. After 15 runs, and having a 3 hour drive up north of Quebec City, we called it quits. Overall, not a bad first day to the Canadian ski trip. As an aside, I was amazed by the scope of the resort at Bromont. It was much larger than expected and had a very classy and well maintained set of lodges and base buildings, while also sporting several hotels and numerous ski houses. I highly recommend if you want a place to stop on the way to MSA or Le Massif.
  11. Ride Delaware ?

    Plattekill 3-2-18

    I know I haven’t been particularly active lately. It’s mostly because I have been too busy at work to spend any serious time riding. There also haven’t been many worthwhile days to ride. I don’t mean to be a total doucher, because I’m super stoked some of you got up there, but I seem to be the only one who got really lucky on all accounts. I was headed to Vermont on Friday, and after looking at the forecast, and realizing I was going to be driving through the storm the whole time, I decided that I should head up Thursday night, get a room, and hit Plattekill in the morning. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of Hunter or Windham, and when there are goods to be had, I’m not hitting Bell, even if it is closer than Platty by a solid 45 minutes. So, after work on Thursday, about 4:15, I got in the car and headed north. It started raining almost immediately. I booked a room at the Hanah Mountain Resort, which is about 15 minutes from Platty, and pulled in about 10:30. The room cost $82, was a little dated, but it was clean. It had just started some mixed precipitation when I went to bed, but I had high hopes for the morning. I woke up early to about 8” of snow on the ground. I packed up and headed to Cassie’s Cafe in Roxbury for breakfast. I sat down at a high top table with two old timers from the area and passed the time with conversation while waiting for my food. Following an excellent breakfast burrito, I headed to the mountain. I was probably the 15th car in the lot at about 9 AM. It was snowing hard. I went inside to get my lift ticket, and surprise, they were running a special where the first 50 people received a $25 lift ticket. I booted up and was on the lift at 9:15. There was never a lift line all day. Both the double and triple were running all day. We found on later in the morning, via a mountain employee, that ALL other mountains in the Catskills were closed, EXCEPT for Plattekill. There was a huge cheer from everyone in the lodge. That’s when I knew I should never doubt my instincts. The early snow was wet, but later on in the day the temp dropped from 28 to 24, and it became less dense. The base was rough due to the fact that it was 50 degrees the day before, but it was quickly changing. Despite everything being open, there wasn’t much of a base on the natural trails or woods, so we mostly kept to the snowmaking trails. If you had a pair of beater skis, everything would have been in play. About 11:15, after 7 leg burning runs, I decided to head in to dry off and get a drink. When I went back outside an hour later, everything had changed. The wind had kicked up, the temps had dropped, and the snow was lighter. I went down the lift line of the triple, and I experienced the deepest east coast snow I have ever had. The snow was knee to thigh deep. The wind was wind loading everything skiers left. The snow was dumping, and it was free refills all afternoon. I had to hit that trail three times straight before heading back to the double. After a random run down some winding trails, I decided to hit the trail skiers right of the lift line. It was exactly like the triple lift line. Deep, wind loaded, and fresh every run. I decided to spend my last 3 runs of the day there. It was too good not to. After 14 runs, and knowing I had a 6 hour drive (with snow) to the Bush, I headed out. My back leg was completely shot. The parking lot was a complete disaster with 5 foot drifts in places. People parked too tight for the plow to get through, so I had to borrow a shovel from Laszlo, who was out shoveling the entrance doors to his lodge, to dig myself out. I have a ton of respect for that guy. He is out there doing all the hard work everyone else does. After 30 minutes of digging, spinning my tires, and being immensely thankful for backing my car in, I was finally on the road. The GPS decided to take me on Rt. 30 to I-88 to I-90 to I-87. Rt. 30 was one of the toughest drives I have ever done in the snow. The falling snow, combined with the winds, left for a surface that didn’t look like it had been plowed for hours. I was one of the very few idiots on the road, and there weren’t even tire tracks from other people to follow. Half the time I had to look at the line of telephone poles and estimate the road being 20 feet to the left of them. However, as I approached I-88 the snow began to lighten. After a couple miles on I-88 the road was clear and I was able to get to normal speeds for the rest of the trip. All in all, it’s probably a top 3 east coast ski day after Valentines Day 2014 and Le Massif 2017. If I had left before lunch, it would have been nothing to write home about. However, the wind loaded sides of the trail after lunch were some of the best powder I have ever had. All in all, it was a great day. I’m glad I did it. I was able to take some pictures, but it was all before lunch. It was too cold with the wind and snowing too hard for me to take my hand out to get my phone afterward.
  12. Ride Delaware ?


    Elk has lots of benefits. Better climate, less traffic, and conditions that generally hold up better to traffic... Looks good. Enjoy the early season. Everything before Christmas is normal... I mean, a bonus.
  13. Ride Delaware ?

    Zee Lights

    Guns were on at top and base at 12:55 AM
  14. Ride Delaware ?

    Belleayre Upgrades

    They are really pushing the timeline on improvements this year. They are still barely off the ground with the bridge, and they just set the last gondi tower today...
  15. Ride Delaware ?

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Did they have 2 trails today?