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  1. Is there a site plan somewhere? Where are they sticking this place?
  2. That devolved quickly. I don’t remember there being any hate at the beginning of last ski season...
  3. Apparently I missed a bunch of threads where we started incessantly ribbing Ski2Live?
  4. I read that he really doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on because they would be hard pressed to prove that the merger isn’t in the best interests for Peak Resorts and that a comparable company would have offered more money. He will most likely get a settlement from Vail (without admitting he’s right), so they can close out the lawsuit and finalize the merger. Apparently Peak Resorts board next meets at the end of September, followed by Vail at the end of October, so the merger could be complete by early November.
  5. I just saw that the leaves are changing at Wildcat!!!
  6. And Bretton Woods just got a fancy gondola too!!!
  7. Snagged the Epic Local Pass yesterday. Looks like the wife and I will be doing a Colorado skifari this year... Hopefully they close on the Peak Resorts deal so I can benefit from those being on it too. Regardless, a couple days at Stowe should be more than enough to fill in the blanks.
  8. I knew of the move from PA to VT. I didn’t know if the move from VT to NH. Sounds like she got a sweet gig and is still in ski country. I’m sure J Law can give her much better info on Cannon. From what I’ve heard it can be an awesome mountain, or the coldest, iciest, and most challenging mountain in NH. Bretton Woods and Loon are going to be much better rounded in terms of offerings. Also, it was a phenomenal opening day at BW.
  9. I’ve been hit or miss on the boards the past couple years, so I haven’t followed your story and didn’t know about the new job. My wife tells me Cannon is fun, but it’s more on the difficult side of things and can be very icy, but it has a tram. Brenton Woods was fun, but I went opening day, so terrain was limited. That being said, the pitch of that trail mirrors the rest of the mountain, so I think intermediate glades sound very realistic. I’ve never been to Waterville Valley. In terms of other options, your only other realistic option is Loon. There are pluses and minuses to Loon. Their snowmaking and grooming will keep the mountain in better overall shape than Cannon. It is 15 minutes further. Loon is much busier. Loon has limited glades. Loon will extend your season on the front end. The New England Pass gives you access to SR and SL, which extend your season on both the front and back end. SR and SL both have a great variety of beginner to expert glades. It’s honestly dealers choice, but depends on how long you want your ski season and realistically how many times you’ll get to somewhere other than the home base.
  10. Wooly adelgids are the only truly accurate predictors of winter weather...
  11. Picking up the Epic Locals pass for a trip out west and a bonus day or two in the east this year. My wife and I are finally in a little bit better of a position to plan accordingly and make it happen. Really excited to at least do that this year, even if that’s the only snowboarding I do outside of my 22 days patrolling.
  12. I didn’t get it across properly again. I only snowboard. I really should give up on using the English language... I mean, I wouldn’t mind skiing, and I’ve tried it once or twice the past couple years. It made my legs sore in places that have never been sore before. It is easier to patrol on skis. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I only free skied 3 days last year.
  13. We can cut the line when we are patrolling. When we aren’t patrolling, we follow the same rules as everyone else. As a volunteer, I choose where to patrol. Mt. Ellen only has one main patrol shack at the top of the mountain. Therefore, all patrol activities are based out of that shack and the entire mountain can be patrolled from there. When you choose to patrol at Lincoln Peak, you get to choose the mountain, but not the patrol shack. There are three patrol shacks at Lincoln Peak (Castlerock, Heaven’s Gate, and North Lynx). The PD, APD, or Supervisor decides which station you will be placed at in the morning, and you stay there for the day. If you hit the lottery, then you’re at Castlerock all day. If you get North Lynx, then you get mostly boring terrain, plus you have to respond to the entire base area, including all the learn to ski terrain and ski school. If you get Heaven’s Gate, then you get all the masses that want decent terrain with a HSQ. Lincoln Peak also does about 60% or more people during any given weekend than Mt. Ellen, so it’s just mayhem. Outside of the Castlerock pod, the only premier terrain people really talk about is Paradise, Steins, and Domino. I guess you could include Birdland and the Mall if the conditions are solid. I would rather have Exterminator, Bravo, Tumbler, Hammerhead, Exterminator Woods, Bravo Woods, and Bravinator Woods at my disposal all day than to take the risk of taking call after call on Heaven’s Gate or North Lynx.
  14. I’ve been using skiing and snowboarding interchangeably. I still ride. I’ll make it a point to distinguish better in the future.
  15. Is it quiet contemplation if we all know?
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