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  1. I didn’t get any days in there last year, and only a few so far this year, a couple of which were training. With how paranoid Vermont is, Omicron could shut down out of staters again. Who knows? It’s all in flux…
  2. Doesn’t Barb still own the mountain and they simply bought/lease the management rights?
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-29/supreme-court-clears-penneast-pipeline-to-sue-for-land-rights Still lots of regulatory burdens in NJ, but this is the ruling that Blue was waiting for to get the pipeline to build the power plant for the hotel and water park.
  4. https://bangordailynews.com/2021/01/20/news/piscataquis/knox-county-developer-proposes-75m-ski-resort-by-moosehead-lake/?fbclid=IwAR0lYkuDAS2mwB6n4XrCl-SfegSKobUPu_5Ht62bRkT5x5G1PNnJ57vK6-4 This is awesome news. I haven’t been back since this TR, but the potential in the area is awesome. It’s a great little town with an amazing view. Going back to the top would give it 1,700’ vertical and make it the 4th largest in Maine. It was sad seeing the main lodge and hotel rotting away. The volunteer group deserves a lot of credit for keeping the trails cleared, reclaiming the upper trails, getting some minimal snowmaking online, fixing up and operating the lower lift, and completely renovating the lower lodge. Without that, I doubt there would have been any interest and it would have had another 7 years of rust, cobwebs, and natural reclamation. Their goal was to get the mountain up and running as an economic driver and give the kids a place to ski and a reason to come back home. There’s still a long way to go, but if it goes through, they are the biggest reason. They aren’t open right now due to the reliance on natural snow (the previous owner sold some of the snowmaking pipes and all the equipment minus a small pump), but I wish them all the best. I loved the vibe and the friendly volunteers that just wanted this mountain to succeed. Some were in their 30’s, but most were deep into their second acts, and they worked as hard as anyone else to keep it going. I’d like to get back there before they renovate it next year, and change it, but I don’t know if that’s in the cards. Regardless, I’m excited for their future.
  5. What was the final snow tally?
  6. I hope you are all able to take advantage of it tomorrow. Great storm, especially for early season.
  7. I guess I could slip through since I don’t have a front plate...
  8. Looks like the Pokes and Catskills are going to get pounded on this one. Technically I think Covid mandates dictate some type of quarantine from Delaware to PA, so I guess I could get to WV. No quarantine there and they are getting two storms this week. It’s enticing...
  9. Egan is a Sugarbush/Warren Miller legend and not a bad narrator. Dude still rips. Unfortunately, he just got let go from the Bush, as did many others during Covid and the Alterra transition. I think this year is going to be a tightening of purse strings for most places just trying to get through this year and then back to normal next year. Jen just so happens to be the wife of a patroller. That whole family can rip and can regularly be found skinning the mountain first thing in the AM. The backcountry movement has really grown in VT, but it sounds like it’s more organized in terms of clubs and maintenance groups in NH. Take that for what it’s worth since I haven’t gotten into that yet.
  10. I haven’t been to Okemo in years (I want to say I went 4-5 years ago, but I know the first time I went was about 15 years ago) and I stayed at Happy Trails in Ludlow both times. It was a terrible start to the year, and right before Christmas (college break), OutCold, a friend, and I got a lift/lodging package there for $60 a night for 5 nights. $300 for 5 days on the snow was a steal, even back then. The hotel was relatively new and the rooms were basic. I’d like to say it was clean, but we were college students looking for a cheap vacation. The second time the rooms were in decent shape. We drank some beers with the CVA while they tuned their skis for a competition. They have/had a hot tub in a room to itself. No real hours or supervision. It was a good place to crash. I looked at the reviews, which are now less than stellar, and the google maps street view shows that it’s getting some age. That’s the only place I know there, but I have some fond memories.
  11. It’s grown in popularity, but the crowds are nothing like Vail. When I was there last year we opted to go to Beaver Creek on the weekends due to the fact that it is the most remote and doesn’t have nearly the same size village. The only lift line I regularly waited in (peak season) was a 2 minute lift line or two getting out of the base. Everything else was basically ride on, although there was a slight wait at the mid mountain lodge around lunch. I quite liked Beaver Creek, and while Vail does have better all around terrain, including trees, I would rather ride than spend 20 minutes in a lift line every time I took a run on a weekend day.
  12. They look kind of funky, but they are doing everything they can to make money and allow for extra capacity. They’ve got to pay off all that money they paid Win to buy the place. They are heated via propane, but no electric. I haven’t read the article, so I don’t know the cost per day. I do know that they weren’t too expensive to build. Sugarbush mostly uses in house staff to do their lift shack builds and routine maintenance.
  13. It happens every year, and since Blue is opening Friday, I have to ask... Is the bridge open yet?
  14. No kids yet, but lots going on. I’ve got a full slate in December and January. I just don’t see getting out before then. I could be pleasantly surprised, but I’m also not making it as much of a priority without extended trips to VT being in play.
  15. I think it was a year like this when I started this thread. This one may be even worse. There have been years in PA on par or worse than this one, but this is a pretty rough start for New England. Looks to turn the corner this week up there. I won’t be going to Sugarbush much this year, if at all (out of state employees not allowed, plus quarantine), but a December 10 date is incredibly late for them. In a normal year they would probably be open and downloading, but with the push to open multiple routes and lifts to spread crowds, it’s very delayed. I’ve got so much going on that I wasn’t planning on riding much this year anyway, but Covid has thrown a wrench into my most modest plans. I see a couple Blue days in my future this spring. I’ll be staying closer to home I think.
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