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  1. Oh man, that’s a throwback. He’s been out of the solar panel business for 7-8 years now...
  2. How much mulch do you need? I get a yard and a half for my landscape beds and it costs me $32 a yard, and that’s for dyed mulch. $500 seems ridiculously excessive...
  3. I almost made it to Blue this year. OutCold and I were going to go up the week after they closed the season, but the sudden closure made us rethink it. I had work to get done at home, but he did make it to Camelback before they shut down... I had all my gear, but I couldn’t pull it together with everything going on.
  4. Well, if I can get this last project finished duding this summer, depending on what happens with the construction industry during this time, I’ll make an honest effort next season. I try to put together comprehensive reports, and a lot of times I just don’t have the time after I get home, get dinner, and hang out with my wife.
  5. Well, if we didn’t just have the last 6 or 7 posts on the subject, then I would say that you’re correct, but in this case, previous evidence showing the continuation and expounding of this conversation, proves that somebody does care. If you would like to alter that statement to “many people don’t care, I don’t care, or most people don’t care,” I would find that to be more accurate.
  6. I would hardly call our bantering “going at it”. Largely speaking, I try to joke around, and GSS just likes to stoke the fire with asinine off the wall comments that may or may not mirror his actual stance on a subject. If anything, it’s largely the difference in lifestyle (I took the plunge into owning a house and he freewheels in a hotel as one example) that provides the underlying basis for that banter.
  7. My wife and I do make turns together, so there’s never an argument about snowboarding. In fact, when I have work I can’t leave for, she goes without me. She logs more days than I do. I do get “free time”. It’s all relative. I’m an only child, so I was largely used to having free time all the time. In some ways, unless I can do what I want whenever I want, I don’t have enough “free time.” Being married is just a huge learning curve (shoutout to flattening the curve), and we are still working on finding that happy middle ground. I have no complaints. Relationships are dynamic and always evolving. I’m perfectly happy and will keep working at finding that middle ground each day as the situation evolves.
  8. Sweden hasn’t shut down anything yet last I checked, but things are evolving by the hour and minute nowadays...
  9. If there isn’t skiing, it will be a business decision at that point. Regardless of your political views, the country itself literally can’t survive without the gradual reopening of the economy, regardless of what that looks like and the pace it takes. The country can’t continue to issue debt (I mean, they can, but realistically they can’t) without having some means to pay it off without risking massive inflation by issuing more paper to pay for it. We would be coming out of this in a recession/depression that would arguably impact as many lives as the virus itself. There’s a middle ground that we have yet to find, or even tried to explore as we battle the worst of it, but at some point they will have to find it. If there is a depression, it could be even longer and more drawn out than the Great Depression because we most likely won’t have a war to kickstart the economy. As with many many things, there is no one correct answer on how to address this, but a complete shutdown like this can’t continue into 2021 without ramifications that I don’t think any of us are capable of seeing or comprehending.
  10. I haven’t done squat with my blueberry bushes this year. I’ve had some major work projects, so hopefully I’ll have some time while paperwork is being shuffled back and forth between lawyers. It looks like the first grass cutting of the season is on Monday, with mulching to follow. I’d love to mulch the blueberry bushes in the next week or two, but who knows what will pop up with this pandemic by then...
  11. It’s the complete opposite. When you’re single, there’s nobody to hold you accountable. You do dishes when you want, clean when you want, and landscape when you want. When you’re married, there’s chores to do and deadlines. My wife does cook a lot, and is a great cook. I help with prep work sometimes and almost solely do the dishes. I try to cook when I can, but I wasn’t much of a cook when I was single, so it hasn’t changed much now...
  12. I try to keep it fresh. Honestly, I’ve just been busy with life and when I sit down at the end of the day, I usually am watching a tv show instead of following the forums. Also, although I went to CO before the virus broke out, I was just too busy to sit down and write the trip reports. Just not as much free time now that I’m married.
  13. Winter never came to Delaware this year. First time I’ve ever seen snow before Thanksgiving here, and it was the only snow we got this year. Only a handful of nights below 30. Snow was disappointing in VT. Season was far too short as we all know. Seriously, WTF is with this year?
  14. I am told that skier visits for Killington are now back over 1 million a year, but I’m told they are still down from the all time high in the 80s when they hit 1.3 million.
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