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  1. That might be the only reasonable option in a year filled with unexpected events and illogical decisions being made...
  2. This could be the short term future for many ski areas, especially those owned by the large companies that want to mitigate bad press. I know that Sugarbush is looking strongly at cracking down on any part time employees or volunteers that are coming from red counties. Unless Covid rates slow down, I might not be able to patrol this year at all. I doubt I’ll be able to quarantine for 2 weeks and then patrol.
  3. Water Gap is a fun little section. It’s a little freaky hiking across I-80 with tractor trailers blowing you around, but the DWG section on the Jersey side is pretty easy for the first couple miles. They’ve made it like a superhighway for all the tourists that are just out for the day. Just a little past that there’s some decent little views and a really nice view off the fire tower. I hope she got to experience that. Jersey is pretty mellow. NY is the fun one. The deli superhighway. Eat like a king every day without needing to go off the trail further than a half mile.
  4. Still impressive, even if it doesn’t come out as clean as you hoped. I’m interested to see the finished edge.
  5. Fall weather is the answer year round. Crisp at night, warm during the day, and much lower humidity.
  6. It’s nearly impossible, especially with the option of “quarantine at home”. How complicated can they make it? They are lucky it can’t really be enforced, otherwise Vermont and all their ski areas would nearly be bankrupt next year.
  7. Did she end up hiking? Unfortunately, I’ve been stalled at the PA/NJ and VT/NH line for two years, so no experience on that part. I had a hike planned in late July, but cancelled it due to Covid. I will be back out next summer. I find that the most of the official maps do pretty well at defining official campsites and water spots. If you’re looking for stealth sites and on trail water, I suggest your daughter look into the forums at WhiteBlaze or she invest in the AWOL AT NoBo or SoBo book. They have tons of great insider info and lots of hidden spots.
  8. Went on a little 3 day getaway to Wisp/Deep Creek earlier this week. Awesome little spot if you’ve never been. Stayed at the hotel at the base of the mountain. Did some small hikes including one to the top of the mountain where they have the mile long self contained whitewater course. Really impressive setup. No summer activities with Covid however. Weather was glorious. 65-70 during the day and 45 at night. Coolest weather I’ve seen since March. Very few leaves changing though...
  9. It changes every week, but quarantine isn’t required for all visitors to VT. It’s based on the John’s Hopkins weekly rolling data and the map is updated every week. I know most of you live south of there, but Carbon and Monroe counties are both allowed to travel to VT without quarantine. Here’s the map if you care to look further into it: https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel
  10. Thanks for all the good work you and the crew do over there at nyskiblog Harvey. You put together a great product. I appreciate you checking in every once in awhile. If I ever need more backup on Plattekill, I’ll tag you into the ring [emoji6]
  11. Belleayre is a fun little place. It gets more crap than it should, especially since the snow is decent and there are less crowds. However, let’s be real. Drive the extra 30 minutes to Plattekill. Better snow than the other Catskill resorts, cheaper lift tickets, and they have some $25 days if you’re one of the first 50 (?) to purchase a ticket. It’s a true gem.
  12. Are you going to AZ as a standalone trip, or work related with a fun side trip? I would say that the Belleayre numbers over the past 3 years before Covid are pretty telling. I think a 12k increase annually is probably a good number. I bet they are happy with that. Belleayre had many factors that worked against it for many years. It wasn’t properly advertised when the DEC managed it prior to 2017. They run parks and state forests, not ski areas. They had sub par snowmaking, two outdated lodges, several old lifts, and a very odd mountain layout. The DEC had many year round employees with
  13. I’m guessing it’s a family place near Mt. Pocono? There’s not really a reason to go southwest to the Pokes when you can get to VT, NH, ME, and parts of NY in the same amount of time...
  14. For crowds to be dispersed, the gondola may be necessary, but without the gondola, I think you just have to ski it like before. Rely on the Superchief, Lift 7, and Tomahawk. It’s annoying having to transfer multiple lifts and not be completely high speed, but it is workable. I haven’t been since they installed it, so it could ski differently than before. Have crowds increased since ORDA took over and offered a 3 pass? I haven’t kept up on NY Ski Blog. He usually posts those numbers at the end of the year. Here’s those numbers. Last years haven’t been posted yet. https://nyskiblog.
  15. I just read the official Vermont quarantine page, and it looks like I may be exempt if I am going there to work and/or work in the medical field. I’ll have to follow up with the PD as we get closer.
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