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  1. It’s another milestone day working towards Skison 20/21. Summer Solstice. Days get shorter from here...
  2. Ride Delaware ?

    Elk Sold

    This sounds like a huge stretch to me. Elk is far removed from easy road access and has no amenities. They would need to build a wastewater and water facility, and there’s also not an easily accessible outfall location. They would need to upgrade the roads among many other things. Unless the family is buying it as a trophy, I just don’t see how this becomes a profitable venture on the scale they are used to.
  3. Saddleback is officially coming back for Skison 20/21. Sounds like the for-profit community fund that bought it has a pretty solid plan. I’ll try to get there this year, but unlike some others I’ve worried about closing before I could get there, I don’t think that will be an issue at Saddleback. Plus, even if they go under, I think it’s more likely to get picked up now that they are adding a HSQ.
  4. My business hasn’t changed much. As a property manager, things aren’t always dynamic. Usually, once the leases are in place, thats usually the deal for 3-5 years and there aren’t any gray areas or loopholes. We had one tenant request some financial assistance and another ask for a delay in rent while the PPP loan was processed, but otherwise, it’s business as normal. We are building a new multi-unit building and that had some delays due to financing and construction meetings being delayed due to social distancing/state of emergency mandates. However, the new foundation was poured this past week, so things seem to be moving forward. I don’t expect many delays or changes as those rules continue to loosen. On the overall tourism side of things, things are starting to pick up in terms of visitors. Towns like Rehoboth and Bethany have parking blocked off for additional restaurant seating and to limit the crowds. However, it just creates traffic issues since the same amount of people just keep circling to find parking and cars are effectively never removed from the roadway. Restaurants are still weird because capacity is at 30% by reservation only, tables have to be 8 feet apart, and no bar seating. They go to 60% on June 15, but they still have the social distancing mandate, which effectively still limits them to 30%. I hope they can make a go of it with limited seating and increased carry out.
  5. I got back from Colorado on the 4th, had to put 3 weeks in at the office (new project coordination etc), then I had a time sensitive issue with the project, and I just wasn’t able to get away. I was supposed to leave the around the 15th for 3 weeks, and then they all started dropping like flies.
  6. It’s crazy that we are still talking (and some people enjoying) about Skison 19/20. I figured when things shut down mid March that it would basically be the end until October 2020. My season has been over since Feb 4, but I’m looking forward to getting back out there ASAP. I’d really like to get up to QC since I doubt I’ll fly, but if there are some ridiculously good deals, I might.
  7. My parents planted theirs the day before the last surprise frost of the season. However, it got down in the mid 30s last night with wind. They lost most of the pre-planted plants. The plants growing from seed were fine. It’s unreal how abnormally cold it is around here for this time of the year. My blueberries seemed to escape the worst of it...
  8. Delaware extended our SoE until June 1. It’s going to be such a buzzkill for businesses around Memorial Day. Restaurants are barely hanging on, and those who didn’t get PPP loans are really struggling. Word on the street is that when Phase 1 starts on June 1, restaurants will be allowed 20% fire marshal capacity including employees and no bar seating. I know a restauranteur with a capacity of 240 and a minimum amount of employees of 15 to run the restaurant. 33 guests will barely make a dent in breaking even, and I can only imagine the lines and wait lists...
  9. It’s not on purpose. Sometimes I forget to look when I have free time during the day. Oftentimes I just forget and then I am reminded when I’m bored right before bed. I used to post more at work when it was slow, but we’ve been busy for the past two years, so I don’t even think to look at work. I finally got 11 of my 15 blueberry bushes weeded, mulched, and fertilized. The other 4 are weeded and fertilized, but I ran out of pine bark mulch. I was one bag away. I’ll have to grab one on Monday and finish it up. It’s been 2 years since I’ve done anything more than the occasional weeding/weed spray. Most of the mulch was gone. I’ve noticed a decline in production. Hopefully this is the beginning of getting back on track.
  10. That is pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t want to run into them walking home from a day of skiing. I agree with Doug. Exercise your second amendment right, and pack some heat.
  11. My friends live out in Aurora and they got a dusting today with a high of 25. I believe they spent most of the day in the hot tub drinking mimosas. Quarantine lyfe!!!
  12. Finished up our house mulching today. Had to spray weeds earlier this week. Only took about two hours. We only put down a very light coat every year so that it rots/biodegrades away. We’ve hardly ever had issues with the bed being too high. I skipped one year and I had to use twice as much to get the same coverage. Maybe if the weather allows sometime this week, I’ll get my blueberry bushes weeded, fertilized, and mulched.
  13. Oh man, that’s a throwback. He’s been out of the solar panel business for 7-8 years now...
  14. How much mulch do you need? I get a yard and a half for my landscape beds and it costs me $32 a yard, and that’s for dyed mulch. $500 seems ridiculously excessive...
  15. I almost made it to Blue this year. OutCold and I were going to go up the week after they closed the season, but the sudden closure made us rethink it. I had work to get done at home, but he did make it to Camelback before they shut down... I had all my gear, but I couldn’t pull it together with everything going on.
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