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  1. I just bought an Exos 58 last year to cut some serious weight. I rock a medium. Great lightweight pack for anybody interested at a darn good price. If you’re looking for a pack and it fits, jump all over this. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. That might be a little excessive. Did they ever get the approvals for the hotel? Regardless of whether they build it or not?
  3. Any further word on the hotel at Blue? I thought that was the next big project? Or are they still waiting on the natural gas spur line for their power generating plant?
  4. Didn’t you have an A-Frame somewhere around there?
  5. I might be wrong, but it feels like I haven’t seen DMC post on PASR in years...
  6. Looks like the snow line was just north of Sugarbush this year. We faired OK, but we only logged 240” or so. Smuggs is an hour north as the crow flies when the pass isn’t closed, and they logged close to 400”...
  7. Didn’t they shut down the runout due to the low parts of the mountain coaster? That was my favorite section of that trail. I felt like I was on a Camelback style boardercross for a turn or two.
  8. They more or less got rid of the Bactrian off the Stevenson to make way for the mountain coaster. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it had some really fun curvy turns at the bottom that added some length and variety. Glad to see them make a new one similar to it.
  9. Awesome to see PA still going strong this late in the season for them. I rode April 10 one year at CB during the free as many times as you want Alien Invaders extravaganza. Think CB will push past this weekend Root? Might have my wife bring my boots home lol
  10. I totally checked out of this thread. Sorry I missed it. MBike, are you up tomorrow? I’ll be patrolling over at North again bright and early. I was at North today patrolling and it was stellar. Got first tracks on Hammerhead and Looking Good. Snow was wet, but much less wet at the top. 10” at base and 14” at top seems accurate as of closing. Also got to do some patrol research in Exterminator Woods and Bravo Woods. Basically got 2nd tracks in both, which means fresh tracks on half the turns. Unfortunately, North lost power at 11 and it never came back on. We were done sweep at 1:15. Tomorrow morning should be stellar again as it is already starting to snow again and we are expecting another 8”. MBike, send me a PM if you’re expecting to be at North at all tomorrow. If I can take a run, I’d like to meet up.
  11. Just a little more information. Generally speaking, we don’t believe in grooming black diamonds at Sugarbush. We believe diamonds by definition have bumps. That being said, they will groom Stein’s, Ripcord, and Organgrinder at South on occasion, and very very rarely FIS at North.
  12. Well... Being that I patrol at Sugarbush, I may be able to lend some insight. Furthermore, as a volunteer patroller, I have the ability to choose which mountain I patrol at, and I exclusively choose Sugarbush North. That being said, here are my thoughts on North as a “family” mountain. While $30 is a great deal, and we have lots of people who take advantage of it, the one thing North lacks is beginner terrain. The majority of the true beginner terrain is off of the Sunny Q lift, but it is really only Crackerjack. Graduation and Sugar Run are labeled as beginner runs, but Sugar Run has terrain features on it, and Graduation is typically ungroomed. If we head up the I, which likely won’t be open on Thursday, which means you would have to take GMX then traverse across Northway, Walt’s and Semi Tough are both labeled as green, but once again are ungroomed. If you go up GMX, the only green is North Star, which is a perfect green trail. However, lower North Star has a pretty steep pitch that throws beginners for a loop. Main Stream is a much mellower green trail, but all traffic funnels down it so it can get icy. Cruiser and Which Way are both off GMX as well, and are labeled Blue, but they are both mellow. I would rate them between a green and blue. They can both easily be skied by a lower level intermediate. If you decide to go up Summit or North Ridge, the only semi-green run that is labeled a blue along the lines of Which Way and Cruiser, is Rim Run. It has some pitches near the end, but overall is mellow. Looking good is also a good intermediate trail. I would only label it a blue because of consistent pitch and the lift towers. Elbow is also off North Ridge, but it is solidly in the intermediate category. Overall, I would say that South gives you more overall options for true beginners, but if you ski/ride at a low intermediate level, then you can enjoy yourself at North. How many in your crew and what level skiers/riders are they?
  13. It’s a fairly common practice for those resorts that still offer comps to visiting employees to receive a donation [emoji16]
  14. Maybe. If I can remember the days...
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