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  1. Montage announced that Gin Blossoms will headline their Mountainfest on March 7th, 2020
  2. What ever happened to the news on December 1st?
  3. according to the site they tested the guns
  4. does any one know if they are closed for the season?
  5. lightning was amazing last night,so was boomer, fireworks were good-long, as usual no lift lines but lodge and everything else was packed
  6. ski14

    Feb 10

    anyone going up today?
  7. What they said was a HSQ next to long haul, and three new TTB trails, but that was three years ago
  8. ski14

    TR - 1/21

    lets hope they make snow tonight
  9. Speaking of the trees between Switch and Spike, did you ever notice they left ONE tree haha
  10. Now that Sno's getting on the right track, do you think we will still see the lodge upgrades and the movement of the tubing to left of white lightning along with the new lodge over there, also they said they would be clearing three new TTB trails to the left of fasttrack- was this all supposed to be done in 5 years or 10?
  11. I was up yesterday from 4-close and the place was PACKED. The entire parking lot was full. Over 1000 kids just in groups they said
  12. ski14


    Congrats Sno on the new website!!
  13. they posted on their twitter what trails will be open, cannonball, boomer, whistler, but stop typing half way through mainline so who knows what else?
  14. we got a call friday that they were opening Saturday, and looking at the webcam now looks like they are open
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