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  1. Does anyone think that maybe they should have left one of the Main St/Burma chairs in so everyone didn't have to go all the way to the valley? Like people who only want to ski/ride the Come Around park?
  2. That's cool chair. I don't remember ever seeing one with "Hall" cast into the frame. Where did that one come from?
  3. I'll be hitting my 9th day on the Indy Pass tomorrow at West Mountain and 10th day at Bolton Valley on Saturday. They really didn't have to offer the 10% discount to renew. It was already such a great deal that I thought they would raise the price this year.
  4. If you get an add on Indy Pass to a Montage pass you can ski every weekend & holiday on the Montage pass. You wouldn't ever use the 2 days at Montage on the Indy Pass.
  5. Burke is the best off-the-radar mountain in VT. East Bowl is the best trail if conditions are good.
  6. I heard Berkshire East has been picking up a lot of people who used to day trip to Mt. Snow because of Mt. Snow's high day ticket prices and crowds. They added the reservation requirement to the Indy Pass about two weeks ago due to the larger crowds. Glad to see them doing well but it was always a good place to avoid crowds on a weekend. I heard Magic had record crowds on Saturday.
  7. I was there last Tuesday before the rain. Fun place. New owners are making some nice improvements. Are you planning on hitting Berkshire East?
  8. Peak didn't have the big western resorts that Vail has. People thought if they bought the pass they could get a trip out west with cheap airfare and wouldn't have to pay for lift tickets.
  9. Sno Trail Map See #26 on the linked map. The problem with half pipes in the east is that the thaw freeze cycles kill the rims and they usually just turn into ice chutes.
  10. The lines came from selling 71% more Epic passes than last season. Anyone who bought a pass in Southeast PA and New Jersey/New York area and aren't going on a trip out West or to New England are showing up at JF/BB on the weekend. True; there's global labor shortage. But Vail isn't paying the going rate at any of their ski areas nation wide. While every business around has had to increase wages to get people to work for them Vail didn't increase wages until the season was half over and that was too late. I guess it wasn't in their algorithm budget out there in Broomfield. It also wasn't in their algorithm that if you increase sales by 71% you also have to increase capacity.
  11. The RFID card is also good at Berkshire East which is even closer to Magic. Catamount is not huge but has some fun trails. I like Berkshire East better but they're both good.
  12. Nice report. Check out the Zoomer lift if you haven't already. When Cannon gets windblown (which is often) the Zoomer area holds the snow better.
  13. Black Mountain is a cool, old school place to check out on the IndyPass as well.
  14. Magic got a lot of freezing rain. They didn't get the Red Chair running today and some of their natural snow trails took a hit. Might want to check out Bolton Valley a little farther north. All snow there and a fun place.
  15. I was there last Sunday and saw a sign that the restaurant is closed Mon. - Wed. Not sure about the mid mountain thing but I doubt it. Didn't see anything about hours on the website so someone might want to call.
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