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  1. I don't see BB closing. Lots of condos and houses around Lake Harmony. I don't get the tubing not being open. Tubing does really well when the masses think about skiing and then see the cost of lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. I can just hear a lot of dads going, "Hey kids, Lets go tubing instead!" when they see the cost of skiing at a Vail resort.
  2. Congrats! That's a big accomplishment. Did you have to take your orals over Zoom?
  3. The problem with Amtrak is that they have to run on the same lines as freight trains. If they had dedicated high speed rails like in Europe trains would make more sense and be more popular.
  4. $30.00 to skin up for one run? Didn't see anything about the money going to charity.
  5. Berkshire East is a really fun, well run mountain. The owners bought Catamount about two years ago and are making improvements there.
  6. No TP no tip for maid. You can't just call the front desk at your hotel house?
  7. There's difference between being educated and being intelligent. I've met some educated idiots in my day.
  8. Exactly. It wasn't like the chair fell off because they didn't load properly. What was an extra lift attendant going to do? Ride the rope and hold the chair on the line?
  9. I'm not a lawyer but I read and deal with a lot of contracts at work regarding liability. I wouldn't think the responsibility code applies to lifts. Skiers have a responsibility to ski in control and avoid obvious and common obstacles. The ski areas have a responsibility to provide safe lifts. Skiers have a reasonable expectation that the lifts are safe. That said; all machines can have unexpected break downs regardless of the how carefully they are maintained. Parts are inspected but some flaws are not seeable to the naked eye like hair line cracks or internal flaws in a casting. In tod
  10. It could be unforeseen equipment failure. Parts break sometimes regardless of how good the maintenance is.
  11. Correct. EPR bought the Vail properties before Vail bought the ski operations. EPR buys the property and leases it back to the operators. They are a real estate investment company. That provides capital for new lifts and other improvements. I think they also own a lot of the Boyne properties and other non skiing resort properties.
  12. I would be very surprised if that is accurate. I would think that the accident would have to be investigated and the lift thoroughly inspected before the Department of Labor and Industry and Camelbacks insurance company would let that lift run again.
  13. CVS Tannersville. I had been looking everywhere in a 2 hr radius for the past three or 4 weeks.
  14. I finally was able to schedule my first shot for next Monday. Just got lucky on one of sites.
  15. That's great but they should be doing that every day. At the current pace PA is going I won't get a shot until July. And I qualify for 1a.
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