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  1. Different strokes for different folks. I've had some great days at Whiteface and like skiing continuous vertical (And I like to ski the whole thing without stopping.) But find that it often lives up to it's name "Iceface" and find the conditions at Gore generally better than Whiteface.
  2. I actually prefer Gore over Whiteface. It's a big mountain with some of the best glades in the east when there is natural snow. There are also a lot of pods that spread the crowds out. Not that there are usually any crowds to speak of there compared to Vermont. Not the best place for snowboarders as there are some traverses getting between some of the pods.
  3. The only way to change things is to get the money out of politics. There was over $800 million spent in just two months on the Georgia senate race. People and mostly corporations aren't "donating" that money out of the kindness of their hearts. It's an investment. And politicians know if the donors don't get a return on that investment, they won't be seeing that investment next election cycle. Pundits don't talk about who has the best the ideas when predicting who is going to win. They always talk about who has the most money.
  4. That is completely wrong except for the less snowmaking because they don't need it except at lower elevations.
  5. You booked early and got those holiday week days. I doubt you will be able get any more holiday weekends once you get the 5 more days. From what I see online they are already booked. I'm not a lawyer but the pass was not sold with limited days and people will say they are not getting what they were sold or paid for.
  6. I know the same thing is true for the former Snowtime resorts in south central PA. They used to be able to buy a pass for all three and now are forced into the Epic pass for a lot more money.
  7. Right. Their thing is to drive Epic pass sales. What I'm seeing at Vail resorts all over the country is that reservations are sold out through the holidays and weekends through the end of the season at some resorts. That is going to piss off A LOT of people who bought Epic passes and not can't use them for what they intended. It's essentially become a restricted pass and in a lot cases a useless pass. I know this year is different but it could really hurt their pass sales next year. A lot of the people getting screwed are lawyers. I can see the class action lawsuits being written up now.
  8. WNEP will be at Montage. I don't think it's in their budget to pay the tolls on the Tpk to drive to Blue.
  9. She must have had Biff with her.
  10. Yep. They knew there was a whole flock of sheep right behind him thinking they were getting a powder day at Blue.
  11. Limited is a relative term. Limited to what? As many as they can sell?
  12. That and watch how many of those people yard sale all over the place when the snow gets pushed into push piles.
  13. That's going to be sh!t show with limited terrain. I would just turn around and go home. Three of the four license plates I can see are front-platers.
  14. I've actually seen more than a few videos of long lines of people at drive up food banks and I don't watch cable "news". I saw it for real when I went to drop off a donation to the local food bank last Thursday night. I didn't know it was also a pick-up time. There were a lot of cars in line for food a few minutes before they even opened. It encourages me to make another donation tonight. The $600 is just pandering for votes in the upcoming Senate election. Like most people on this forum, I don't need it. Nor does most of the population. They should give it to the restaurants and other bu
  15. Naming snow storms is just a marketing thing that the Weather Channel thought up. Next they'll be naming rain storms, fog, heat waves, cold spells, and earthquakes.
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