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  1. Is that the first time that they didn't get 100% open?
  2. Just put it at the curb. People will take most of it.
  3. Don't forget you have to make reservations for Powder Mountain I think 4 days a head of time.
  4. Boot up at Jackson Gore to avoid the steps and the slow lift at the main lodge.
  5. I was there last Saturday and Long Haul was running. Upper Runaway and Upper Fast Track weren't open so I was surprised it was running. Conditions were better than expected. Hard but carveable.
  6. Berkshire East is a fun mountain, Lots of interesting trails and a lot of variety. A great alternative to Mt. Snow in that area on a busy weekend. Never gets that crowded. Looks like the trail under the lift is a little thin. They don't make snow on it so it's all natural and the base isn't that great yet. East Bowl at Burke is great narrow, old style trail. The base might not be that great on it yet but if it's open it's a fun trail. Keep your speed up at the bottom for the runout. Saddleback is haul from there but I heard it is skiing great. Have fun and keep the reports up. Big Day Brewing is pretty good in Gorham, NH if it's open when you go though.
  7. Yep. A good friend of mine has a place between Bethel and Gorham. I'll be heading up Tuesday after work and skiing Wed. to Saturday. Even without the Indy Pass Black of ME is $15 on Thursday and $25 on Friday. Abram is $35 everyday.
  8. Used my Indy Pass at Montage on Saturday. Conditions were firm but carveable. No lift lines at all and crew picking up trash under the lifts. Looking at Greek Peak next weekend. It looks like they got all snow out of this precipitation today. I'll be in Maine the following week. Hope to hit Saddleback, Abram, Black of Maine and possibly Black of NH if conditions are good.
  9. Just put the cameras there and give warnings. Just knowing the cameras are there would deter a lot people from throwing trash off of the lift. Also put the containers under the top of the lifts and trash cans just past the off ramps with signs on the lift line to let people know they are there.
  10. Not on the Indy but check out Mt. Abram when you're in that area. Their highest price all year is $35 thanks to L.L. Bean. It skis a lot bigger than it looks on the map.
  11. Does anyone think that maybe they should have left one of the Main St/Burma chairs in so everyone didn't have to go all the way to the valley? Like people who only want to ski/ride the Come Around park?
  12. That's cool chair. I don't remember ever seeing one with "Hall" cast into the frame. Where did that one come from?
  13. I'll be hitting my 9th day on the Indy Pass tomorrow at West Mountain and 10th day at Bolton Valley on Saturday. They really didn't have to offer the 10% discount to renew. It was already such a great deal that I thought they would raise the price this year.
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