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  1. 50% off Montage Tickets

    I was there yesterday as well. Used that same discount. Skied 9:30 to 1:30. Conditions were good. I actually rode the Longhaul lift a few times. They left upper Fast Track and Runaway ungroomed. No real lines to speak of on the lower mountain. Lodge was crazy busy when i went to leave. Could hardly find a place to take my boots off.
  2. Any BC discounts?

    Buckmans has night tickets for $32.00 Buckmans discount tickets
  3. Hey Eaf and Salty!!!

    I ski a lot. Just more in NY and VT than PA. Skied at Elk last Saturday. Great conditions and the terrain is the best in PA. (And yes, I've been to Blue Knob, twice.)
  4. Hey Eaf and Salty!!!

    I never go near Blue on a weekend except maybe end-of-season if I have one of my 6 midweek tickets left and the crowds have thinned. If they had a morning ticket I might consider it but I'm not paying even the discounted $62.00 for 2 hrs of skiing.
  5. Hey Eaf and Salty!!!

    It means they think that you're gay.
  6. Hey Eaf and Salty!!!

    Hey look! tRump isn't the only one with tiny hands!
  7. 2/7/18...wow..4" in 3 hours.

    Grooming is one of Blue's biggest weak points. They never let the whales dry out before grooming after making snow. They are the best at making cookies. I bet the groomers were out at 10:01 last night and everything is frozory this morning. It should ski in nicely, though.
  8. Current conditions

    I'll be at Elk Saturday morning. Looking forward to skiing the best mountain in PA. (And yes I've been to Blue Knob, twice.)
  9. 50% off Montage Tickets

    Thanks for posting. They used to have a good weekend morning ticket deal but stopped it this year.
  10. Hey Salty..

    I would go to Camelback for 2 reasons, altitude and latitude. CB is about 2000' at the top. Blue is 1400' at the top. CB is farther north. Plus I get bored skiing the same place all the time. I like Blue better but CB has a lot of variety to offer as well. I never find Superbowl Sunday to be that much less crowded than any other Sunday. The game doesn't start until 6:30 so most people can leave at 4:00 and still be home to watch the game.
  11. Trivia Tuesday

    One of the one's I remember from the moron was a multiple choice, "How high is Mt. Everest?" One of the choices was, B. 8, 848 miles. The others were even more ridiculous. He read the "m" to stand for miles. When I said, "None of the above" and told him he mistakenly took "m' for miles and not meters he insisted the answer was miles. I told him the earth is only about 8000 miles in diameter and is not shaped like a cone. He had two other answers to other questions that anyone with a brain knew were wrong but insisted he was right.
  12. Trivia Tuesday

    Who's the person running the trivia. I went to one a year or so ago and the guy running it was a moron. He would read the answer wrong or probably wrote it down wrong to begin with and then insist his answer was right and your correct answer was wrong.
  13. Blue Mountain Death

    Anyone know what trail it was on? I was thinking Falls or the Razors headwall before Homestretch where you can't see over the lip? The article says it wasn't the person who struck him's fault. You are supposed to ski under control and are responsible for avoiding those in front of you so I don't how that is.
  14. Damgerous Gore conditions last week

    Gore is always slow to update their conditions and snow accumulations. In any case, I would agree, now is not the best time to go to Gore. You likely want to wait until they have all of their terrain open including the Snow Bowl.
  15. Colorado late March?

    Do not go to Keystone unless you want your kids run over by a bunch of yahoo snowboarders from Texas. That is the last place in CO I would take kids skiing greens and blues!