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  1. trackbiker

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    That's a great system but you do not have a "salt water" pool. The salt is used to make chlorine through an electrolysis process. People also use salt in water softeners and they do not get salt water out of their taps. I think the pool industry uses the term "salt water pool" as a marketing tool so people think they getting something special and it's just like being at the beach. It's a great system instead of pouring chlorine directly into your pool or through tablets. But that term drives me crazy for some reason. It's like when people call wet snowman making snow "powder".
  2. trackbiker

    Is alpinezone gone?

    That list is BS. They have Utah listed as #49 for Natural Environment. Really??? The state with varied beautiful environments from mountains to desert. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and the Wasatch Mountains. Just look at the photos Barb posted lately. Florida doesn't have anything close to that other than that swamp called the Everglades. People go to FL to die. Maybe GSS should open a satellite gravestone location there.
  3. trackbiker

    Is alpinezone gone?

    If you weren't banned from AZ you would know.
  4. trackbiker

    Is alpinezone gone?

    I don't think AZ is gone for good. It's gone down before and came back a day or two later. Nick who runs it now lives in Florida and it's not a priority for him anymore. I don't think he would close it down without saying he was going to close it. He would sell the site or at a minimum offer it to someone else to run.
  5. trackbiker

    Skison 18/19

    If you don't have a drain you can use a condensate pump so you don't have worry about emptying it. Condensate Pump
  6. trackbiker

    3/28 Soft and fast

    And you guys didn't even ski Elk on one of their better days! I'll be skiing there more when Vail buys Blue.
  7. trackbiker

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    They'll double the parking capacity so they can make more money when they charge for parking. The close rows will be premium parking with valet service. There won't be anymore tailgating. They'll want you buying $9.00 Buds in the lodge. Craft beers will be $11.00. Then they'll jack all the day tickets over $100.00 to force everyone into the Epic Pass.
  8. trackbiker

    03/27 - quite skiable

    I was there 4:30 - 6:30. Steeper trails were best. Ski Patrol closed Challenge for some stupid reason. Put some poles up and were skiing around them. 🙄
  9. trackbiker

    Weekend roll call thread 3/23-3/24

    I might be at Blue Sunday. Less wind that tomorrow. Haven't been there this year and have a ticket to use.
  10. trackbiker

    Gore 3/21-23

    Uncas faces south so it can get icy. The North Quad area is fun. Powder Pass is usually left ungroomed. It's a fun low angle powder run when it snows and doesn't usually get tracked out too fast.
  11. trackbiker

    Gore 3/21-23

    I had that happen at Gore last year. Also, if it's raining in Lake George it doesn't mean it's raining at Gore.
  12. trackbiker

    Gore 3/21-23

    Gore's a great mountain when the conditions are good. About the only place you will see a line is at the gondola and the line moves fast. Make sure to make it to Burnt Ridge. Sagamore's one of my favorite trails there. Hopefully they won't have Echo closed for racing. 46er at the Ski Bowl is good with new snow as well and never crowded over there. There's a lot of traverses getting around but once you know where they are and when to keep your speed up you can manage pretty well. Saturday you may want to go to the Ski Bowl lodge. it's never crowded and you can park close. Pipeline can be a long traverse getting back at the end of the day if the snow is slow.
  13. trackbiker

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    Peak doesn't make the people at their midwest mountains buy the "Peak" pass that includes New England. If they were decent they would offer an option for just a Whitetail, Roundtop, and Liberty pass then offer the option for the New England mountains. The midwest mountains have a lot of cheaper options as well. https://www.paolipeaks.com/season-passes
  14. trackbiker

    Zee Lights

    Vail bought a few smaller ski areas in the midwest a few years ago. They would buy Blue for the same reason; to get people to buy the Epic Pass then travel to their destination resorts out west and rent hotels and condos, buy lessons, buy meals etc. They buy feeder hills and then raise the day ticket prices to entice people to buy the Epic Pass. If they did buy Blue a day ticket would likely be in the $90.00 range.
  15. trackbiker

    V to the T

    It's not just in VT. People with no management experience in anything get in a position of "power" and go ego crazy in a lot of organizations all over the country. Fire companies, civic organizations, youth sports, churches, etc... Sally, I'm skiing Magic tomorrow. Doubt you'll be there tomorrow but just in case you are; what kind of skis and color parka would you be wearing?