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  1. trackbiker

    Montage Holiday Sale

    I liked the $33 morning ticket as well. I could ski in the morning then get stuff done in the afternoon. 4 hours is plenty at Montage. I won't pay $58 to ski a couple hours so they lost a customer here as well.
  2. trackbiker

    Winter Park 12.14.18

    I've done the Berthoud Pass in a snow storm and it is not fun. In fact it's not really fun when it isn't snowing.
  3. trackbiker

    Zee Lights

    Did you ever notice that the people with the smallest lawns put up the most and the largest inflatable decorations? There's one near me where Santa looks like he's doing something naughty with Rudolf and a penguin.
  4. trackbiker

    $200 Montage Season Pass

    All of those things offered on that site are given by the companies in trade for advertising. The site then sells the items to generate revenue in return for the advertising. If I lived closer I'd jump on that deal.
  5. trackbiker

    No snowmaking? 31.3deg,68-72%humidity

    I thought you didn't like to involve science in these discussions. You must be a liberal arts professor.
  6. trackbiker

    Catskills Trip Questions

    If you want to avoid crowds go to Plattekill on the weekend. Check their snow conditions first but they are expanding their snowmaking every year so conditions are equal to the other Catskill areas on their main trails. They have a lot deals on certain Fridays so you may want to check that out as well.
  7. trackbiker

    Zee Lights

    Looks like Montage started blowing snow today.
  8. trackbiker

    Best way to ski with Family/kids?

    Thanks. I like to use it on weekends when I am not in VT or the ADK. I ski from open to noon or whenever it gets crowded. I don't want to pay for a full price ticket for 3 or 4 hours.
  9. trackbiker

    Best way to ski with Family/kids?

    Ski2LiveLIve2Ski, Do you know if the Pocono Card is out yet? Do you get emails from the Princeton Ski Club to let us know when it comes out? I bought that one year and it is a much better deal than the WNEP Card.
  10. trackbiker

    Skison 18/19

    Why don't you go there sometime and find out? Oh, that's right. You only ski Blue Mt. and Jackson Hole. Big Bear doesn't haven't any high speed lifts so you wouldn't be interested anyway.
  11. trackbiker

    Skison 18/19

    The only way the WNEP Card makes sense for me is that it has Whiteface on it. Whiteface ticket is $96. If I use it at Jack Frost, Shawnee, and possibly Big Bear it's not a bad deal.
  12. trackbiker


    Exactly. Ever go to a bar and get a nice craft beer in a frosted mug? WTF? 🙄 Coors Light drinkers want frosted mugs because they want it too cold to taste that crap.
  13. trackbiker


    The runs are not shorter at Elk. They have better terrain and more expert trails than Blue.
  14. trackbiker

    18/19 Season Update

    I get it. If Blue was 10 minutes away from me I'd have a pass there too, not just the 6 weekday deal that I get. But it is still worth checking out sometime for a day just for some variation and to see what it is like. Other than a HSQ they could also add some glades as opposed to their "No tree skiing policy".
  15. trackbiker

    18/19 Season Update

    That's kind of surprising. Elk has the best terrain and conditions in PA (and yes, I've been to Blue Knob twice). The lifts aren't really slow. They are just not high speed detachables. And when you consider that you're not waiting in line like at Blue or Camelback, you'll be at the top in the same amount of time. Although I do think that they really need to replace the doubles in front of the lodge with a HSQ at some point.