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  1. Also in NE PA is the Starucca Viaduct. Not as large as the Nicholson Viaduct but made from stone and older. Starucca Viaduct
  2. Just curious; Do you do any actual cutting at you place other than engraving names and dates? Is all of the carving work done in China?
  3. It doesn't take much rain to fill the barrel especially considering your shed roof is not that big. How to you plan to fill the next one if it won't be roof fed?
  4. Not sure what you're using it for but if you want to stop algea from growing just throw a cup of bleach in once in a while. (Don't do this for watering plants!) My rain barrel has a diverter hose from a rain spout. It would be pretty hard for a mosquito to find it's way to the barrel and if it did it has a screen I made from window screen material at the end of the hose. I have plastic wrapped around the hose at the inlet of the barrel to keep bugs and dirt out. For anyone interested in making a rain barrel I got one of these for about $18.00 for the diverter including the hose. It works great and when the barrel is full the water just runs down the downspout. Rain Barrel Diverter
  5. My barrel is actually blue. I painted it white to match the garage siding. The water that comes out of it is crystal clear. The hose from the gutter diverter to the barrel gets some green around the top just inside the barrel that I noticed when I empty it in the fall. I wouldn't drink it but it's fine for watering the plants.
  6. You'll be surprised how fast it will fill up just from half of your shed roof. You may get to see it tonight if the thunder storms they're calling for happen.
  7. With 55 gallons of water plus the barrel, spigot, etc. the whole thing weighs just about 500 pounds. You won't need the shelf brackets to hold it on the stand but some cross braces might not be a bad idea.
  8. Your rain barrel looks almost the same as the one that I built a few years ago. It collects rain off of half of my detached two car garage. I've never run out of water even before the past two years of monsoon rains. My garden is 100+ ft. from my hose bib and my garden is in front of my garage so it helps not having to drag the hose out or carry watering cans back and forth. I use it to fill watering cans. I need a new hose so I might cut the old one shorter and use that to water the garden. (The tree in from of it has now been cut down. Too close to the garage foundation.)
  9. Probably looking for a nesting site to lay eggs. They like to lay their eggs in mulch. If you neighbor has a mulched flower bed she might want to look for little turtles in the future.
  10. That's a great system but you do not have a "salt water" pool. The salt is used to make chlorine through an electrolysis process. People also use salt in water softeners and they do not get salt water out of their taps. I think the pool industry uses the term "salt water pool" as a marketing tool so people think they getting something special and it's just like being at the beach. It's a great system instead of pouring chlorine directly into your pool or through tablets. But that term drives me crazy for some reason. It's like when people call wet snowman making snow "powder".
  11. That list is BS. They have Utah listed as #49 for Natural Environment. Really??? The state with varied beautiful environments from mountains to desert. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and the Wasatch Mountains. Just look at the photos Barb posted lately. Florida doesn't have anything close to that other than that swamp called the Everglades. People go to FL to die. Maybe GSS should open a satellite gravestone location there.
  12. If you weren't banned from AZ you would know.
  13. I don't think AZ is gone for good. It's gone down before and came back a day or two later. Nick who runs it now lives in Florida and it's not a priority for him anymore. I don't think he would close it down without saying he was going to close it. He would sell the site or at a minimum offer it to someone else to run.
  14. If you don't have a drain you can use a condensate pump so you don't have worry about emptying it. Condensate Pump
  15. And you guys didn't even ski Elk on one of their better days! I'll be skiing there more when Vail buys Blue.
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