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  1. If they let them drain out they wouldn't be able to make the cookies that they are so famous for.
  2. 2007 Trail Map I haven't looked at a trail map in years. I guess they went back to just "Switchback" some time ago. I think I remember seeing Upper and Lower on a snow report in the more recent past.
  3. Switchback is Upper and Lower and you can't ski one without the other. I don't even know where Upper ends and Lower begins.
  4. Calling it Plunge would would be a joke compared to Plunge at Plattekill. Maybe call it "Not Plunge".
  5. They're counting to the bottom of the tubing hill? These "Best of" Lists are always a joke. Does Camelback advertise in Conde Naste Traveller?
  6. Best Ski Resorts in the U.S. & Canada Who writes this stuff? 🙄 People who never skied?
  7. Nope. Closest thing I ever had to a pass at Blue was the 6 ticket deal that was offered through the academy in Bethlehem. I think mbike-ski's wife ran the ski club there. I had that for a few years. That was a great deal. Wish it was still available.
  8. Shawnee and Montage are on it for day trips as well. I'll get at least 10 days on it. That said, it's not the same as a Blue pass. Blue pass is for weekdays or weekend mornings. Indy is mostly for trips to New England. The local places are just an extra for me.
  9. That bridge isn't actually over a creek. It was moved to the park in 1957 when it was replaced. It was scheduled to be refurbished. Now it will just take a little more work.
  10. Mine is connected with coax. No problems.
  11. You can get a really good router for a lot less than the $180 you are paying per year. I forget what I paid for mine (Maybe $80?) but I've had it for two years and it works through a brick wall and to anywhere in my house.
  12. Yeah. Japan does nothing for me. Lots of other countries I want to ski first. Montage was a plus since I ordered so that was a good thing. I figure I'll use mine at least 10 times. Likely more depending on how the season goes.
  13. Their announcement said it was in new (to the pass) country. Turns out its Japan.
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