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  1. One of my best friends runs a tech company. He used WeWork space to set up satellite offices in London and Seattle. He can pay for more space as he adds people instead of paying for space that you may not use for up to a year. I have another friend who is in sales with an office in NYC. He spends 25-50% of his time on the road. The company did away with private offices about a year or two ago and added cubicles in their general area. They use 70% of the space that they used to (saves a lot of rent in NYC) but he doesn't have his own office now after 20 years. He just gets whatever cubicle is available when he's in the office. When they have a monthly meeting where everyone is there there is not enough cubicles for everyone to get their own space. He hates it. But the change did give him more flexibility to work from home even before the Pandemic and he does save time and money by not commuting as much.
  2. I think they auctioned off all of the snowmaking equipment, groomers, and other ski related equipment when it was sold.
  3. Trump doesn't want to take any actions that he could be criticized for later. We need a coordinated national response to this pandemic for the best results. He doesn't want to do that because then he can blame the governors and other local officials if something doesn't work out just right. He's not a leader. He's a bully. He doesn't ever have a reasoned response. He just calls people names when they ask him a questions he doesn't like and plays the "victim".
  4. I might have missed one or two but I didn't realize that I've been to that many. PA Spring Mountain Doe Mtn./Bear Creek Jack Frost Big Boulder Camelback Shawnee Montage Elk Big Bear Tanglwood Blue Knob Alpine Mountain NY Greek Peak Plattekill Belleayre Gore Whiteface Dynamite Hill Schoon Lake Hill Titus VT Mount Snow Magic Okemo Stratton Killington Bromley Northeast Slopes Jay Peak Burke Pico Suicide Six Mad River Glen Sugarbush Smugglers Notch Middlebury Snow Bowl NH Dartmouth Skiway Cannon Bretton Woods MA Berkshire East Catamount NC Wolf Laurel Cataloochee Beech Sugar CO Arapahoe Basin Keystone Winter Park Loveland UT Alta Snowbird Brighton Solitude Canyons Powder Mountain NV Mt. Rose CA Northstar Canada Owls Head Switzerland/Italy Zermatt Cervinia
  5. You can be in Europe in the same time as it takes to get to Whistler.
  6. I wouldn't be planning any ski trips to Colorado next winter. Things could be bad there then based on how people are "social distancing" so well there now. Colorado Coffee Shop Yesterday
  7. The same people that listen to classic propaganda and vote against their own self interests. Red States....highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and smoking. All propensities for having a bad and/or lethal reaction to the virus. We'll see how that works out for them.
  8. Here's some suggestions for your bucket list: VT: Magic, Jay Peak NY: Plattekill, Greek Peak, Gore PA: Blue Knob CA: Anywhere in Tahoe area CO: A Basin Can't believe you didn't hit Alta or Snowbird in UT.
  9. I get what you're saying but I think the numbers would make more sense if they were put into some kind of context. OK the numbers of new cases are going down. Great. But if the number is 1000 out of 10,000 tested is that better than than 1900 out of 20,000 tested? They never tell us how many are tested each day. Is it the same amount every day or does it vary widely?
  10. What do these numbers really mean? They are only testing a limited number of people. People who have symptoms and first responders are two of the groups. Who else is getting tested? Are those numbers people who are actually sick or do they include people who were tested but are asymptomatic? We know there are people out there who have it, can transmit it, and haven't been tested so what is the real meaning of these numbers?
  11. Sullivan County has the lowest population density in the state. Plus I think most people who live there have never been more than three miles from their home.
  12. The red states are going to get nailed in about 2 weeks.
  13. The more you do them the faster you can do them. Some authors use fairly standard clues and words. The Sunday editions are the best. Merle Reagle was one of my favorite crossword authors. He had a lot of clever and play-on-word type clues. Unfortunately he died a few years ago. The Washington Post still prints one of his crosswords every week. Merle Reagle Puzzles Wait for the ad to play out then you'll see the crosswords you can print out.
  14. 48 Down: SEMI, 53 Down: DER; 56 Across: ACME 1 Across: PERT; 1 Down: PAC If you need more help for the others let me know.
  15. That cracks me up too. People driving in their car alone with the windows rolled up with a mask on. I see this a lot. And it's not like they're driving from one end of a shopping center to another.What are they thinking? But I guess it's better than the people who are not wearing masks or social distancing,
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