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  1. JBS

    Where'd all the alpine boards go?

    Snowboard hardboots are different from ski boots. They are overall softer than ski boots, but still allow good lateral support. Alpine snowboarding you want your ankles to flex from toe to heel, but want less movement side to side. I would not recommend riding an alpine deck with soft boots if you have to ride angles over 45 degrees. Over 45 you take most of the mechanical advantage of the highback out of play and put it on the boot. Then you might end up folding the boot (not a fun, I know). You can ride plate bindings (bail only, not step-in) with ski boots, a lot of world cup alpine riders use ski boots. They like the feel of a stiff boot with a softer binding interface. I've been teaching a skier to (alpine) snowboard this winter in his ski boots. He has picked up hardbooting way faster than I had thought possible. I say go for it! Just make sure set up the bindings before you go to the hill and do a lot of carpet surfing at home. You need to feel ultra comfortable on the board because ski boots will give you less movement snowboard boots. So your alignment needs to be right on. Carve on!
  2. JBS

    Where'd all the alpine boards go?

    Alive and well at Blue! We are usually out first thing Sat & Sun. You are more than welcome to ride with us anytime. Hard, soft or (oh no) skis. And yes there is a lot of alpine gear out there you just have to know where to look. I have people ask me all the time "How old is that oldschool snowboard".... Brand new this season. Carve on! Jesse
  3. JBS

    BURTON snowboard weight limits

    The owner is Sean "Donek" and a super guy to deal with, he will probably be the person you end up talking to. Let him know what you're looking for, what have you ridden in the past and liked or disliked about it and of course your size. They do a ton of custom builds and with a little more carbon here and glass there they can tweak the board to suit your style. A custom board will not make you a better rider, but it is likely to make your riding experience more enjoyable. You didn't hear this from me, but Donek has been known to build prototypes and custom/special run boards for other manufactures (some from the Vermont area). Another plus...... made in the USA. Sales pitch over..... If you ever get a chance to ride at Blue, look me up, I'm always looking for more people to make turns with. Jesse
  4. JBS

    BURTON snowboard weight limits

    http://www.donek.com/01_products/razor.htm Check out the lengths......
  5. JBS

    MAC Tracks 08

    Phil I'll would like to say thank you for organizing this event in the past, I've really had a good time and meet some great people. I would highly recommend checking this event out if you have a curiosity about alpine SB or just like carving turns with a group of riders. Now that MAC will be in the neighborhood hopefully I'll have a chance to meet more local riders. Carve On! Jesse
  6. JBS

    Moving your way

    Phil- come on we need another HB at Blue!!! Chubz and I got a chance to ride with you at MAC tracks last year. Thanks again for hosting it, I had a blast. Blue does have a snowboard race team and the instructor Marion(?) would love some competition. Neil at RT told me he use to race against Marion. If you ever want to hit some earlier morning groomers drop me a line. Jesse
  7. JBS

    Season passes at Blue? Cost?

    FYI Nestor's offers group rates on season passes for anyone that asks for Blue... For the past two years I've taken advantage of their discount. The only stipulations I remember are you can only pay with a check made out to Blue and you have to be on their list by earlier November. Both years I've picked up my pass on opening day. By the way great site!!! Been lurking here on and off for awhile to get updated information for the season. Thanks
  8. JBS


    The small mountains and no powder is the reason I ride plates. (and I like to stay on the ground) Find a groomed trail and its like a private roller coaster ride. Razor, Paradise at Blue and Nine Mile at Camelback are decent carving trails. Plus east coast hard pack (ice) is perfect for an alpine board.
  9. JBS


    +30/+20 21" 165 freeride soft setup, +60/+60 19.5" 169 carving board (plates & hard boots) For me its all about making sweet carves. Are there any other plate riders out there? This is a great site. Nice to know there are so many people into PA mountains.