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  1. Robert2

    TR 2-12-14 jumps on FROSTY

    For years I would watch the guys jump in ONE Park while riding up the lift over LEHIGH and always wondered how do you get to learn flight, any flight, inches of flight , if the ONLY jumps anywhere in the whole ski resort was always big air jumps in the park.
  2. Just like ground hogs day.. the movie.... Blue sky... very cold.. JADIP at JF... again. I noticed there were humps of snow on the very first beginner hill... FROSTY I never learned how to jump. I always just ride. Do we have any snowboard instructors here that can teach me how to jump and more importantly..LAND... on that beginner hill? I'm not looking to do anything extreme... just get a few inches of flight time.
  3. Robert2

    TR 2-11-14

    My house is 200 years old and the gable sunburst and scalloped shingles were rotting and falling off the gable. There was no way to access this gable with ladders so nobody painted it for a hundred years. I figured out how to safely get out there and set up eye bolts so I could come back and paint it any time in the future. I promised my wife I would do the gable instead of snowboarding. All the woodwork and painting was done on the ground, in my kitchen, then bolted up high. I had some trouble with wasps so my wife bought me a bee suit. I use rock climbing harnesses for home repair work. I didn't get any ICE is NICE ...SPEED is GOOD... adrenaline rushing in my veins last winter but I did get the same adrenaline rush every time I stepped out on the wire shelf. I learned about rock climbing and harnesses and rappelling when I needed to build the side porch 20 years ago. So I put huge eye bolts around my house and any time I need to play up real high I just step out a window and rappel. I have a 3rd floor window on the side of the house that I installed black pipe across the window frame so I can rappel out of the window. We call it a fire escape.... for adrenaline junkies. Yea. Robert2 is back.
  4. Robert2

    TR 2-11-14

    Blue sky.... groomed cord.... 21 degrees.... perfect! JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE AT JACK FROST
  5. 20 degrees at night is refreezing anything that melts here and then perfect grooming made sweet N low powder today. Its defnitely still winter here. JADIP
  6. Check out these screen images of the weather radar. The snow reaches down from Canada and ends HERE. Then you drill down closer and get And even closer and can see its raing everywhere except here. And from the bus drivers view we had total whiteout Yep .... its still winter here. It turned to sleet and then let up to nothing around 2PM. Riding was fast on wet mashed . Nothing sticky today. JADIP
  7. I turned on the app before I left the building right before putting on tape and glove liners and wrist guards and mittens. Its a bit of overkill but I can't take a chance screwing up fingers because I'm musician. I played cello for 3 hours with 3 guitarists in a bar tonight. After 45 minutes I took a peak at the phone with a magnifier and found that it said 29.9 MPH. Thats all I was interested in. How fast lapping POWDER PUFF really is on a nice day. The ride down the hill from step-in to step-out is 35 seconds. Probably only 10 seconds of that time is moving at maximum speed. The other 25 seconds is working up to that speed. 30 MPH for ten seconds is enough to pump up some adrenaline buzz. I went out at around 12:15 and came in at 2:15. So I figure I got 20 jolts of adrenaline today. The lift ride is 4.5 minutes. I get 10 laps an hour on most weekdays. There never is a line at the lift.
  8. Its still winter here. Temp in the 30s and 20 last night made for normal winter conditions. Perfect grooming and fast riding. Nothing sticky today. JADIP
  9. I never go on weekends because the Timmy Bus doesn't do weekends. I got offered a ride Saturday with the bad boys. This sort of makes up for the lost riding days when I went to the Smithsonian.
  10. It has been claimed that the inflammation potential of tilapia is higher than a hamburger or bacon. Look up IS TILAPIA BAD FOR YOU on the web. This sort of sucks because tilapia tastes good and is really friggin cheap. I bought 20 pounds of tilapia for a summer picnic and went on the web looking for cooking instructions and found all these studies about how tilapia is worse for you than eating juicy fat dripping Wendy's cheesburgers. I threw out that tilapia. I just coun't see feeding it to my guests. Its a bitch because I go to a restaurant looking for a vegetarian meal and settle on fish because its supposed to be good for you. But not tilapia. Tilapia will kill you. I don't need another stroke so I try to watch what I eat.
  11. Raining all night and morning in Jim Thorpe so at 10 AM I was thinking about which rain gear to wear today but at 10:30 as we rolled up route 903 I saw snow everywhere. 2 inchs had fallen overnight. Planet Jack Frost had NO rain while I was on the lift today and the surface was slick and fast soft mashed potatos. JADIP
  12. Got a real late start today cuz the Timmy Bus driver got lost in the woods. As we were leaving the main highway I fired up the PHRESHEES app just for giggles. After we drove around in a few circles and I made him stop the bus and key into GOOGLE EARTH the address of the next pickup. We were miles from where he was supposed to be. Then as we arrived at Jack Frost I played back this PHRESHEES movie of our lost trip in the woods and noticed my battery was almost dead. So WHATS UP WITH THAT? PHRESHEES tracking eats the battery?
  13. 50 degrees... lots of sunshine.... very wet surface made slick and quick. Not ballistic speeds but definitely not real sticky. I didn't figure out how PHRESHEEZ works until later tonight. I uploaded last week's 29.6 MPH on Powder Puff SKI TRACKS image.
  14. Yep no rain all snow.... heavy wet sticky snow..... the whole day was like inside a snowglobe. Everyone looked like they were getting rained on. Jackets all saturated with water. The surface was 2 inches of soft snow.... and slowed the ride down a wee bit so I went for steeper riding on Ridge Run,Jane's Lane and Lehigh today. The crossover from Jane's Lane to Lehigh had snow coverage today. Its been bare rocks all winter. This sort of makes my day. I like to get off the lift on the Jane's Lane side instead of huffing it past Snow Monters to get to the top of Lehigh.
  15. WOWI just noticed that the second GPS tracker app I picked up for the iphone is called SHADOW and the only reason I went looking for GPS tracking in the first place was because SHADOWS asked how fast can you get on greens. How weird is that? My motivation for spending ANY time contributing trail reports to this forum is to share daily conditions with potential skiers who are deciding if they should go ski on any given day. Its a North East PA ski resort with mademade snow and daily grooming. Its not Utah. Its not Vermont. There will be the rare deep snowfall but then the governor shuts down the whole damn state anyway so there will NEVER be a trail report about 3 feet of fresh powder. So getting back to reality we make our fun where we can here and if you can not ski on anything except deep soft fresh powder then you don't ski every day in the Poconos. I go snowboard 5 days a week in all temperatures and all weather conditions 5 degrees to 50 degrees and never NOT go because the weather isn't perfect. Today is a perfect example of why your backyard weather should not keep you home from skiing. It rained all morning and all the way to Jack Frost and it turned to snowflakes ten minutes before I arrived at Jack Frost as we arrived at the higher 1,950 foot elevation. I didn't get wet and I got to play on the snow today. You could too. But I figured nobody really can get away to ski midweek anymore. Kids in school and jobs keeping people home. I even offered a free lift ticket and got NO takers. So why bother sharing daily trail reports at all? I'll post more TRs in March near the end of the season just to let people know we still play on the white stuff and encourage them to come here instead of the Flower Show. I've never met this GSS. I'm a grandparent and having raised three kids I've seen just about every kind of stupidy a dumb shit kid can get into. The Secret Service came to my house and confiscated my wife's PC because my son printed money. But that was OK. My computer programming job had dealt with all government agencies so when the police said the Secret Service was coming I replied..."really? Who? Friends of mine? I might know them." The arresting officer was not very amused but no big deal, he got over it. That kid really was a pain in the ass. Two years later he was the driver in a prison break. It all worked out and the kid is doing fine in the real world now. So I'll just ignore GSS. I started this post just to clarify for newbies that HOW WAS FLOYDS was an intentional insult by GSS toward me. Its up to the moderators to weed out the garbage posts. Perhaps leaving them intact is considered entertainment but it really does reduce the overall value of having a forum if EVERY post is tainted by a troll and the troll chases off forum contributors.