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Found 10 results

  1. Hunter is grate! Very rad conditions, basically a 10/10. I got up at 4:30 am to get after it but it's been totally worth it. Not too crowded and grate perd! Current taking a coffee break at the Sonic and eating Captains Wafers and a bernaner, then time to get after it for 2 more hours. Sickbird
  2. @Johnny Law Blue Mountain resorts just sent me this via email message. This is so radical it deserves its own thread.
  3. Hey All, I'm back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I rocked out to Lehigh valley regaee music, 50 cent and lil Kim on the drive up and arrived at the upper lot around 7:20am and the temperature was are 28 degrees under cloudy sky's. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFBB Dan, PARidge, NMSki, Gah skier George, Indiggio, Kevin, Mother Nature and a few jerrys. I forgot if if I was first or second chair doesn't matter..was nice to be out skiing again and come around was prettt good, midway was playful conditions with push piles and edgeabke hardback. Easy out and vista were a delight and lower Main Street was the suck..just goofy slow sort of slick yet not smooth and bowling ball sized death cookie on left side..the base is deep though. Lift lines were a couple minutes to ten minutes long on average..may have got longer later although I noticed a lot of people were using the vista lift as well. They had both the Main Street and Burma chairs going but impossible to have full capacity on both lifts with just one section of two scanners. Oh well #FirstWorldProblems...I got a decent amount of runs in and had some good beers in the parking lot with falling snow...I'd say 2 solid inches as of 1230pm im sure a little more before it is all said and done. The fresh snow should groom in well with the manmade for solid skiing tomorrow but I also expect alot of crowds as the backyard affect is in full swing with snow in the flatlands. I really hope expect and want upper Main Street to open tomorrow the inversions have been a killer this season. I think that homestretch and tuts lane will be ready soon along with lazy mile..The guns never shut off while I was skiing and it's well below freezing and will be colder mid week so by next weekend should see a lot more terrain open. It's only day 6 and I don't think I've ever skied come around so much.
  4. Breckenridge was rad. Started at 8:27 under sunny sky's. There wasn't much fresh Perder but still found some secret stashes. Skied da groomers, da bowls, da moegools, and da glades. Pretty sick #JADIP #WTGAI #sickbird #gnarlybird
  5. @Schif any update on when we will have an awesome day at Eagle Rock next weekend, either 2/25 or 2/26? I plan to ski Predator for at least one whole hour
  6. This is the moment everyone on this site has been waiting for. Camelback Mountain is officially opening on December 16! I highlighted the most exciting news: refreshments (maybe sugar cookies and hot cocoas) will be served; FIRST T.R.A.X. will commence; and there is a new app which may have a map so you won't get lost at Camelback!!! This is soooo sick!
  7. This is the official 2020 Steamboat stoke thread! I'm going with @enjoralas and @pops from Sunday 2/23 through Friday 2/28. We plan to ski 4 days in a row, and the Champagne Powder© is gonna be deeeeeeeeeeeep. Stoke levels are off the chart!
  8. Just got back from Camelback, the True Mountain. In the house was @saltyant and a lot of Jerrys. Pulled into the Gaper lot at 1700 hours and stepped into my RTMs to ski to the waterslide lift. Made gnarly runs on Nile Mile, Cliffhanger, and the green trail. Sadly I'm starting to forget the names of the trails since I'm getting old (almost 32) and haven't skied at Camelback enough. Cliffhanger was chock full of ice and giant moguls. All black diamonds were icy AF and my RTMs were making loud scraping sounds. Had some fun conversations on the lift. Talked to some cool older dude with a wolf hat he got in Utah in 1987, and told him his hat is older than myself and @AtomicSkier. When he was younger he biked a loop from Indiana to Yellowstone, so we talked about our road cycling adventures. Also rode the lift with a giant toolbag jabroni who had a backpack full of beers but lost it somewhere, and was drunk as a skunk. We rode up with an Ernst & Young consultant from downtown Manhattan and had an interesting conversation about life. Overall a great night and made a lot of epic runs. I still really like Camelback and maybe will get a season pass there again. JADIP.
  9. Hey all, Just got back from a fun session at Camelback, and it was the best session I had there all season. In da house were Enjoralas, Enjoralas's Dad, and many many others. I arrived at the CBK Lodge bright and early at 0828 and had the first civilian parking spot, which was only 26 steps from the snow. This spot was easily the best parking spot I've ever had at any ski resort. I skied down to the Stevenson Lift at 0846 and there were maybe 12 people in line already on the hotel side. But since they dilly dallyed around, I got the first civilian chair of the day which was sick and I only had to share it with one other dude. First run down Pocono Raceway was deeeeep - 3, perhaps 4 inches of fresh Powder. I gasped for air because I forgot my snorkel, but it was an amazing run. Then I did Nile Mile, which was groomed, and some other very exciting runs. Shortly before 1000 I ran into Enjoralas & his dad, and we did several runs together. Enjoralas referred to the new terrain park as a Toboggan Sled, since skier's left is narrow AF, and there's no barrier on the left to prevent accidental skiing into the woods. This trail was not so great and had thick ice sheets at the top. Rest of the trails got choppy, and there were moguls on all black runs, Cliffhanger (a true double black), and Big Pocono. Enjoralas did Big Pocono and then we did The Rocket together which was ROTD. Lots of nice fresh purd and not a whole lot of ice. Then we split and met up again later in the day, and I went inside for some coffee and a double Steezeburger. It was baffling because they put the sugar by the ketchup, outside of the cafeteria area, instead of next to the coffee, cream, stirrers, etc. A worker admitted it's a stupid arrangement. Overall it was a very fun day, one of the best of the skison without a doubt. Nile Mile and Julius Caesar became downright rowdy by the afternoon, despite being easy runs, with plenty of Rollers which gave me mad air (about 2 inches). I think it was gaper day because there were so many gapers. One guy was sitting right under a huge jump on Pharoah, in the blind spot. You know just hanging out. I heckled him and told him that's not the smartest place on the mountain to sit. Also getting off lifts was hard today, and 50% of lift disembarkings involved dodging fallen jerrys. Two interesting interactions on the lift. Some girl told me she works in an ER and sees traumatic brain injuries from skiing all the time, yet she doesn't wear a helmet so I called her out on that. Also some guy called me a giant fucking toolbag because I accidentally cut in line... I thought there were 3 people in the row I joined but there were 4, so I went ahead. This is the second time I accidentally cut in line, yesterday I did by accident at the Dollar General buying a giant bag of Meow Mix and some guy said "How Wude" or something. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it 3 in a row. Overall JADIP SU JO PO. Please post all dinner pictures and related discussions in the comments below:
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