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  1. Epic. Rad. Insane Gnarliness. Out of this world. These are just a few of the many phrases said throughout Camelback today. Personally, I myself am at a loss for words, because opening day could not have possibly been any better. The day everyone on PASR has been waiting for had finally arrived. I blew the dust off of my Hero Pass and headed toward the largest ski resort in Tannersville. Upon arrival around 7:50 am, I was expecting to join the peasants (non-season passholders) in Lot 3, since the awful news was broken the night before on Facebook that preferred parking is suddenly no longe
  2. Tomorrow I head to the 'dacks to ski Whiteface for 3 days - Wed. 2/3 through Fri 2/5. It's gonna be siiiiiick.
  3. Wao, what a grate night at Montage. Arrived around 1800 and walked down like 100 steps to get my $30 discounted lift ticket, then walked up like 100 steps and moved my Chevy Sonic as close to the Phoebe lift as physically possible. Skied some blacks and double blacks like Cannonball, Smoke and White Lightning. Also did Lower Fast Track (dark and icy) and Lower Runaway (even more dark and icy). Then toured the flatlands (blues) at the top of the mountain for old time sake, and did 3 runs. It was a bit windy, cold, and flat so I went back down to the expert slopes which are protected from m
  4. Hey All, It’s almost another weekend. Looks like dry comfortable weather is on tap. Who’s going to be in the house???
  5. Hey All, I'm back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. At 730AM it was around 2 degrees with 15-20mph winds actually warmer than expected. There were a lot of PASRs in the house including Atomic Jeff, Shadows, Enjorales, JFDan, Root, Ryan, Toast, Matt Edge, Johnny Law, Justo, the real KT, T maki, skier112, Indiggio, mbikeMike, Mrs Snowbunski and many others. As always the gates opened before the liftees got ok but first chair was had. I had a very nice first run on Razors before it was closed to the race team was between hardpack and aoftpack not bad
  6. So, dont get me wrong, i like hanging out with you assholes, and conditions were great at Blue this past weekend, but we all know we cant have nice things 2 weekends in a row. Anyone interested in a road trip Friday or Saturday? I could easily be talked out of going to work on Friday, in fact, i would really almost prefer that. Elk? Greek Peak? I think Greek is skiing pretty well, but maybe @mbike-ski would have some "insider info?" Just for shits and giggles, take a look at the forecast for our northern areas for later this week. Car pool is cool, but my Vette only ha
  7. Hey All, Its almost another weekend and presidents weekend at that. Is anybody gonna be skiing or riding Blue mountain the true mountain his Saturday or Sunday? Looks like almost a carbon copy of last weekend..chilly with snowmaking cannons cranking on Saturday and almost springlike on Sunday with no rain. Could be good!!!
  8. Just got back from Camelback, the True Mountain. In the house was @saltyant and a lot of Jerrys. Pulled into the Gaper lot at 1700 hours and stepped into my RTMs to ski to the waterslide lift. Made gnarly runs on Nile Mile, Cliffhanger, and the green trail. Sadly I'm starting to forget the names of the trails since I'm getting old (almost 32) and haven't skied at Camelback enough. Cliffhanger was chock full of ice and giant moguls. All black diamonds were icy AF and my RTMs were making loud scraping sounds. Had some fun conversations on the lift. Talked to some cool older dude with a wolf
  9. This is the Official Roll Call Thread for 2018-2019 Ski Season PASR Camelback Day. The date is Monday, March 4 at 9:00 am, at which time I will ascend the Stevenson Chair for the first time in almost a year to the astonishingly high elevation of nearly 2,000 feet in the Pocono Mountains and make an epic run down Nile Mile, then maybe Marjie's Delight and some other awesome black diamonds. There are discount tickets available at Buckman's for the low, low price of $42, and the best part is they're refundable, in case you decide not to ski one of the best mountains on the east coast (which
  10. Really looks like some favorable snowmaking conditions come this weekend. Without a doubt, i would say BBEPIC fires up Thursday PM. At least i think based on the forecast, Peak would. we will see. Whats Blue gonna do? Is the carpet and massage parlor done at the lower lodge? Will it class the place up enough? Might need a hand to expedite the Blue Mountain PASR Parking Lot Lodge sooner than anticipated.
  11. Hey all, Just got back from a fun session at Camelback, and it was the best session I had there all season. In da house were Enjoralas, Enjoralas's Dad, and many many others. I arrived at the CBK Lodge bright and early at 0828 and had the first civilian parking spot, which was only 26 steps from the snow. This spot was easily the best parking spot I've ever had at any ski resort. I skied down to the Stevenson Lift at 0846 and there were maybe 12 people in line already on the hotel side. But since they dilly dallyed around, I got the first civilian chair of the day which was sick and
  12. Hey All, It’s almost the weekend. Is anybody going to be at Blue mountain the true mountain? Looks like some sunshine and semi springlike weather this weekend...could be good!!!
  13. Hey All, Im back from a fun night session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 6:38PM and it was in the upper 20s with light winds. In the house were Atomic Jeff, Johnny Law and a couple hundred peeps mainly younger snowboarders..just a few buses. Razors was open..horray and it was nice..amazing what a little manmade snow can do to eliminate the sugar and turn the snow into soft chalk. I skied Razors Edge every run but one run on nightmare dreamweaver which still has a few Root rollers but has mellowed out a little bit I liked Razors bett
  14. Hey All, I’m back from a fun Saturday morning session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 718am and it was 28 degrees under clear sky’s. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFDan, Ryan, Mute, Toast, Johnny Law, Nazareth Jay, Indiggio, Schifdawg, Tarpenhead, Slim, Gary, GSSUcks, Justo, Rose, Ty, ZZSlope, Joan and many others. I ended up with second civilian chair and guy on lift asked if we were all locals then was like the lehigh valley chamber of commerce. Another guy on the ride talked about having the Ikon pass and I said definitely use i
  15. Hey All, I’m back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 7:19AM and it was a comfortable 28 degrees under mostly cloudy sky’s. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFDan, Johnny Law, Shadows, Salty, employee in our row, MBike Mike, Mrs snowbunski, Ryan, Root, Antman, Mute, Toast, Justo, Rose, Eaf, Ski2Live, Ty, AngryHugo, Schifdawg, enjorales, Enjorales dad, Slim, concussion Ted and many others. I ended up on the second civilian six pack and challenge was sweet cord..Main Street was the run of the day and so good..switchba
  16. Hey all; just concluded another fun session at Blue Mountain, the truest of mountains. Representing PASR were Atomic, Toast, Johnny Law, NMSki, M-Bike-Ski, Matt Edge, Philly Core, and many, many, many others. Pulled into the Upper Lot at 0744 hours and not many cars were parked there which was surprising. Made it to rope drop with 7 minutes to spare so I sat on the lounge chairs to save my leg strength. First run down Midway was mad steezy. First run down Main Street was mad steezy. Both runs had wall to wall corduroy which was fun to ski. Then Lazy Mile was also quite steezy. Paradise sucked
  17. Hey All, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 720am and the temperature was in the low 40s under overcast sky’s with fog on the upper mountain extending to the peak. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFDan, Ryan, Mute, Toast, Schifdawg GSSucks, Ty, Shadows, T Maki, West Chester homeys, Indiggio, Tarponhead, JLaw and many others. First civilian six pack and the six pack ran flawlessly I don’t think it stopped once..Main Street was a carpet first thing but poor visibility on the top half..lazy to the falls also good.
  18. Welcome Liberty, Whitetail & Roundtop! Jack Frost & Big Boulder would like to extend a warm welcome to Liberty Mountain Resort, Whitetail Resort, and Roundtop Mountain Resort, to the Peak Resorts family! Today, Peak Resorts announced its intent to purchase these three unique properties - located just two hours down the road from us in south central Pennsylvania - bringing the Peak Resorts family to a total of 17 resorts across the country.
  19. Hey All, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I finished off the work day with a nice preneed sale(bonus business) followed up with a very empty and fully open Blue mountain. I stopped at Sheetz on the drive up and had two hot dogs and an iced tea then pulled into the lower lot at 419PM..high tailed it to the water closet as nature called..I think I actually trotted to the bathroom..stage 3.5!! Atomic Jeff arrived about ten minutes later and we began on Razors ledge which was choppy up top and smooth spring snow lower 2/3..Nightmare to dream w
  20. It sucks. A little bit of groomed snow covering up ice like the surface of the moon. Shuttle is nice.
  21. Saturday, January 13, 2018 My Couch I planned for today’s trip by checking the weather forecast carefully throughout Friday evening and then not setting my alarm for Saturday morning. Just no. Awakening at a positively adolescent 7am, I loaded my gear onto the coffee table and began the day’s mission. Stoke levels were high, since the weather was warm and dry; really perfect essay-grading conditions. I chose my 13-inch MacBook Air, which I think was the right tool for the conditions. Definitely the right length, though I could have gone with a 15” for mor
  22. Hey All, I'm back from another fun day at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 725am and it was partly cloudy and 10 degrees. In the house were Atomic Jeff, Toast, JFDan, Johnny Law, MBike Mike, TP4, Matt Edge, Enjorales Dad, Shadows, Indiggio, SallyCat, Tarponhead, Gary's son and many others. First civilian 6-pack and first run on challenge was pretty nice. Next run nightmare to dreamweaver was pretty good cord followed by Sidewinder which was alright. There was some sort of a pipe issue as evidenced by a large pile of dirt and digging tools at the bottom
  23. Hey All, im back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower low at 7:24am and it was around -3 degrees. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JF Dan, Johnny Law, NMSki, T Maki, -Dan, Toast, Justo, Ryan, TP4, Indiggio, Enjorales and dad and many others. The six pack began a few hours late because they were still grooming. Apparently after the mountain closed down at 4pm they cranked out the guns to the max operation blizzard 3.0 type shiznit. First run I skied Challenge while most went to Razors and it was a carpet. I did challenge two more times en
  24. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomangell/2018/01/04/vermont-lawmakers-approve-marijuana-legalization-bill/#c101ea943b7b
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