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1/25/13 - Still blowing


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Just got back from a morning session. Left the house at 7:20 with the thermometer reading 9. Got up to the mountain about 8:20 with at temp at the summit of 14.


First run down Chute to Main Street showed the guns still going on the entire Main Street run. Chute and Main Street had a bit of marbles which I thought was surprising. There weren't many, but they were in batches, probably from where the big wells were blown.


Took a run down Paradise which had super soft, man-made powder. It was squeaky chalk and quite slow. I'm sure the lack of wax on my skis didn't help at all.


They were grooming Challenge, so instead took Razors. The top headwall is hard as a rock and a sheet of ice. The only new snow was the overblow from Challenge. It was fast until the first flat. Felt like they blew some new snow there.


Challenge finally opened about 9:30 and was surprising soft right off. I skied past the two SP who had took the tape down. When I got to the bottom, I got whistled and accosted for poaching the run. After a brief conversation with the SP and a bit of radio chatter, things got squared away and they let me go. Later in the day it seemed like marbles were coming up to the surface as more people skied on it.


Finally around 11, Switchback opened to superb conditions, except for a small stretch of marbles in the middle. Otherwise it was fast and quite carveable.


They've started grooming Sidewinder and building some features. They've groomed a tabletop at the bottom and have some rails set on the sides. I don't think it's gonna be ready for tomorrow. Lower Sidewinder was also closed with hardly any grooming to it.


Nightmare and Dreamweaver were closed, but nothing being blown on it, nor did it look like it had any grooming done to it either.


Took a couple of runs through the glade just for fun to see what they were like. Since nobody had gone through, it was just hard, man-made piles.


Lastly, there were no bumps anywhere to be had. Main Street was groomed flat from side to side. I suspect they'll probably seed some, maybe tonight?



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