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    my new burton snowboard but I eat much rice and curry
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    Skier & Snowboarder
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    Mumbai, India
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    i like to take a holiday in america and go snowboarding. we do not have this in Mumbai - it is too hot.

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  1. halo it is Rajeev is it time to do snowboard in america?
  2. Good Morning Mr Steeze it is Rajeev.. I cannot snowboard this year I must stay in Bangalore. have a good ski
  3. Halo Halo yes yes it is Rajeev I am back. Mr Steezman are you still here? i was poked on the peechhe ka hissa 3 times
  4. halo halo halo this is Rajeef i am back again. I will be coming to america to do snowbord again I will work in the donuts in tobyhanna and they will let me in your country
  5. Yes, yes, yes.. it will be much colder soon and time to do snowbord in America. I will come with sisiter Jaya Singhvi and we can make donuts and go to blue mountain. soon soon soon and I will toast a goat in happiness
  6. you must see my sister Jaya Singhvi at the donut store. how are you mr steez?
  7. yes yes yes it is raj here. Doing snobord was very very good this year. I went to the back of the Camel it was very very good but almost as crowded as Mumbai. It was good to see Blue mountain too. Now i am home and must think about next year yes I may do skis too!
  8. Yes yes, I will come to america very very soon and Jaya and Ravi will come with me. I would like to do snowboard at blue montain. tonight i will toast a new goat
  9. yes yes yes it is Rajeev here. I have heard that there will be much snow very very soon. I will come to America to do snowboard and cook donuts very soon
  10. yes, mtn of blue was very very good but many trails were closed to make the snow! And halo Mr Steezman you know that a good goat can be toasted and is very tasty
  11. yes yes tomorrow i will go to the mountain of blue there is much snow!!
  12. yes yes yes - your president has just made a visit to my country in mumbai. maybe he should snowboard too!!
  13. I do not see that Gulmarg was on this list - it is the only place to do snoboard and ski in India.
  14. yes yes yes hello hello i will be coming back to america very very soon!!
  15. yes i am now back in bangalore - next to mumbai to visit Ravi - snowboard in america is always very good!
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