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  1. 02/27/2024 - Blackcomb/Whistler Day started out bluebird but wasn’t forecasted to end that way, so we planned on getting up to 7th Heaven as soon as possible and also take the Peak-to-Peak tram run. Since the run from Blackcomb back to Whistler is closed, we need to end the day in Whistler. Up Excalibur, Excelerator and Jersey Cream and high-speed lapped the Jersey Cream on perfectly groomed packed powder with a skiff of new on top. Bailed out of Jersey Cream as the lines started to lengthen down to the Crystal Ridge Express. Rider’s Revenge woods had some nice snow, so we lapped them for a while. Clouds were on the horizon so we took the P2P across and had lunch in the lodge. After lunch we waited for one of the glass bottom teams and took that back across. That tram is a feat of engineering. Took the 7th Heaven up and lapped in. Snow was mixed soft with some firm bumps beneath at the top. Found some better snow in the trees just above the lift base. Made our way down and up the Catskinner to catch another P2P back to Whistler. It was long about 3pm, so we high speed lapped the Emerald lift until 4 then made our way back to the ranch. Dinner was at The Mexican Corner. Not bad but nothing to write home mom about. Supposedly a dumping tomorrow.
  2. 02/26/2024 - Whistler Day started out with some flurries falling and much colder temps in the village which locked up all the melted from yesterday, but with some snow overnight we heard some avy bombs going off at the peak. Took the Fitzsimmons 8 out and the. the Garmonzo up higher, the snow was perfect packed powder with a few inches on top, glorious. However there were patches of ice lurking that were taking some down. Lapped the Emerald lift area a bit and made our way down to Harmony to try to get some goods up too but they announced avy work wasn’t done and didn’t have an open ETA. Bailed down to Garbanzo and the skies cleared so we went up to the peak. Plenty of good snow to be found ip here. A whiteout squall rolled in that sent ip to the lodge for some lunch. The place was still packed at 1:30pm. After lunch ran the Glacier bowl T-bar for some fun. Then it was back up to the peak and down to play around off the Harmony and Symphony lifts. Made one last run ip to the peak to do the Peak-to-creek run, but it was closed part way down. Dinner was at 21 Steps with the rest of the tour group. Nice place and good food.
  3. Pretty bad. Lots of the lower runs are barren. Riding with locals said it’s the worst they’ve seen it in like the last 15 years. They also have said this week is the best conditions Have been all season so far.
  4. 02/25/2024 - Blackcomb Ip early as usual so searched the are for breakfast shops and came across a fitting place, Moguls. Had bacon, egg, cheese wrap that they baked after rolling it up which was pretty good. Of course it was raining in the village and pretty hard too. We made our way up to the gondy center and took the Excalibur out. Only took a couple hundred feet and the rain had changed to snow. From the gondy it was up Excelerator into heavier snow and fog. Unfortunately with the wind that was also blowing up higher, 7th Heaven and above weren’t open. Rand down Buzz Cut in the few inches of powder which was fun, but was lipstick on a pig at the bottom. Back up Excelerator as the lines were beginning to lengthen. Took the Jersey Cream express into the eye of the storm. Over a ridge and the wind rocked you like a hurricane. Headed down Wishbone to Cruiser for a nice long run through pow to crust to beginning mush at the bottom. After lunch the fog started to clear but the winds hadn’t really subsided so we headed down to the Blackcomb gondy since there shouldn’t be any lines which there weren’t and we found out why midway up. The winds were picking up and pausing the gondy. At one point we sat for 20 mins as the winds felt like they were going to blow the car off the line! People said they’ve been coming to WB for 17 years and never saw the gondy stop for wind before. You know it’s bad when the lifites are taking vids of the cars flailing. Decided to call it and head back to the hot tub. Dinner was at The Old Spaghetti Factory in high was pretty reasonable for salad, pasta, bread and dessert. Recommended. Afterwords WB on Sundays puts on a Fire & Ice show w/ slope style athletes jumping through a hoop of fire and native Canadians dancing and playing music. Sorry not many pics as it was way cold and windy. View of Whistler while stuck on gondy… Ricing the wind… IMG_8757.mov Fog clearing out… Dinner… Fire & Ice show…
  5. 02/24/2024 - Travel Rick, son and myself left the house @ 2am headed for Newark to meet up with Slim, Gary, Gah skier George & Jr. for flight @ 6am headed for Toronto, then bro Vancouver. Uneventful flight and even stayed awake for all of Oppenheimer. Good flick. Since we’re actually on an Upper Bucks tour, we had to wait around a bit for the tour bus to arrive. Typical Pacific Northwest weather: rain and fog. Drove through downtown Vancouver because there’s no highway around it. Brilliant! Drive up to Whistler provided some amazing views of the Howe Sound, with mountains knitting straight up out of the water. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the bus for pics. After a grocery stop in Squamish, we resumed the ride into Whistler and checked into The Listel Hotel. Some pretty nice digs right next to town square. Dinner was some slices from Dat Tony’s which were delicious, the sauce was crazy good! Recommended for the food, no place to sit though. It didn’t matter since we were starving. Walked around the square a little and stocked up on essentials from the cannabis and liquor stores. Some light snow was falling and supposed to continue through the night. Leaving Newark… Vancouver airport… Vancouver… Squalmish… Witch of something imprint on the mountain… Whistler…
  6. How do you know they have more money than young folk? Maybe youngs should pay more since they have longer potential to make more money.
  7. They're already paying too much!
  8. Easy, youngs should get a break as incentive for parents to bring them to the mountain, as they're the ones that want chicken fingers, fries, waffles, lessons, adventure camps, etc. All the high-margin stuff us olds don't typically partake in.
  9. A lot of places still use the hand scanners for some reason. Every mountain that I went to on my NH tour did. Some even still used a wicket ticket!
  10. Won't be long, he's moving down to the Carolinas, giving up security and looking for a heavy machinery job soon or so he says.
  11. Skiing's definitely not the profit center, but the motivator to bring people to the mountain where they've got (most) people captive in terms of food and beverage sales, where the real margins can be made. Skiing is definitely a loss leader for the mountains, but tubing on the other hand...
  12. The summit VIP lot is paved, you could park up there to keep the dirt off your shoes.
  13. SP was handing out cookies in the OG6 line today! @saltyant can also be in charge of the cookies in addition to hit chocolate.
  14. It's far easier on the organizer to handle groups of 6 and they tend to just let them go ahead right away.
  15. If people aren't grouping up on their own in the VIP line, we actively "help" people group up just so the line moves along quicker.
  16. Oh man, riding up the quad first thing was like getting off a plane in Florida in the winter! The warmth smacked you right in the face. Going over NMDW, the grooming was impressive and rode that first thing. Wow! The two turns were a hoot and didn’t really see the mini booter halfway down until I was in mid air. Barney’s needed a bit of slipping to scrape off the crust to let the warmth turn them hero which it did after about an hour. Ended up lapping them until lunch. Everyone was complaining about how outta shape we all are from not skiing bumps all season. After lunch headed back out for a few more mashed potatoes runs. Right side of CS had some good snow and Lazy was thick and deep with it. Legs are pretty shot from today’s conditions.
  17. Last week the right side edge was almost non existent. Was skiing the edge with @MattEDGE and a rock got a hold of him and threw him down. Lots of rocks were mixed in with the sugar. Outta the box and into the rocks!
  18. Wonder what havoc this may cause? Sounds like not much, hopefully... https://www.powder.com/trending-news/jhmr-officially-sold?fbclid=IwAR2atVljqjvaDJUVf5tkR_IUK2HXte0OluglYgiDM82xox3JRXbdD6aq28Q
  19. Wow, the grooming was night/day improvement over yesterday’s disaster of an attempt at grooming. It only goes to prove that Blue’s groomers are actually capable of putting down some decent cord, if they want to (or may be allowed to). Ran the ridge on Coming Soon which was ROTD but the ridge has practically disappeared into nothing but the weeds. Not a whole lotta fun elsewhere and just lost interest in the same old situation. Parking lot beers were fun as usual and kudos to @enjoralas for some tasty jambalaya!
  20. Going down Razor's after it's been urea'd to death and ski patrol doesn't see a need to close it...
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