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  1. I'm still wondering if they knew about Blue being run by a woman and if they didn't include her because the mountain had been sold?
  2. Kept waiting to see if they'd show Blue...
  3. It's a must ride! We take it a few times a season to get back to the doubles when the quad is down and the 6 is packed.
  4. Looks like they want to have school hill open for the weekend.
  5. QFT! Especially with the big influx of cashola.
  6. @GrilledSteezeSandwich can pick up some good stuff from the Allentown Farmer's Market.
  7. Yeah, nothing wrong with a thick, hefty piece, but it definitely has to have a good "crust" on it with some gooey, soft, deliciousness in the middle. Cooking the hell out of it is akin to a well-done steak.
  8. Let's hope so. Plus the warmer Friday temps should help as well.
  9. When we were out there, someone bit it at the top, yard-saled and sprinkled parts all the way down. He slid to the bottom and was then trying to walk back up to retrieve his stuff. He’s probably still walking up!
  10. Yeah they more you wear them, the better they form, especially wearing them spring skiing when everything really warms up.
  11. With all the dealings that I’ve had with Intuition liners, I’ve been told to ski in them a few times then have the liner heat molded.
  12. Also just remembered that having them done at a shop, they’ll have toe boxes that they can put on your feet to expand the liner in the toe area a little, if that’s an issue.
  13. I've read about people doing them in the oven at like 200-250', but I've not actually tried it. You can get them done at Blue, but of course you'll pay for it.
  14. Lehigh Valley Clays. Pretty cool place built around an old quarry. Lots of fun.
  15. Knock, knock... Who's there? Connie! Connie who? Connie Lingus
  16. From the looks of Vista cam, they blew up another pipe...
  17. Crystal clear at 4:00am. Unfortunately phone camera pics suck.
  18. Mind is the first to go!
  19. Yeah, I was just hoping for some stoke level help, nothing that would last.
  20. 28 here right now. Disappointed to only see a light blinking on Vista gun. They need to fix their valley cam.
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