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  1. Shorter, narrower and softer skis make it a lot easier to ski in the bumps, but learning the techniques will go a long way in being able to ski them regardless of the equipment. The biggest hurdle is looking down the bump line instead of at the bump immediately in front of you. Once you can get over the fear of not looking down, things start to click. Is it one of those Bumps for Boomers clinics? They'll probably work on the backsides (green line) first and move up to zipper depending on the abilities. You also probably have the luxury of natural bumps instead of man/machine made ones like we have back here. Have fun with it!
  2. I'm interested in how you make out in the bump clinic.
  3. Canopy done and grooming the ice...
  4. FYI... Blue is closed tomorrow, just so you know. There's a sign on the doors. Strange that there's nothing posted on social media though.
  5. Someone had a good idea to put it there. If it works out, it should be good for everyone. I wonder if they'll still have features on Come Around or just keep everything right there?
  6. Looks like they're putting a terrain park in up above the summit lodge in the old school area. Give the jibhonks their own carpet ride! https://fb.watch/g-13L7fzwy/
  7. They haven't been running that one yellow gun in the valley lately? This morning the poor thing's light isn't even blinking. ☹️
  8. indiggio

    How long?

    I have A kid, so I made him carry his own crap. 🤣
  9. indiggio

    How long?

    Perhaps the Bethlehem Ford guy because he's got money to burn, the others wouldn't be caught dead with one. I could see Nastar Glen pulling one around.
  10. indiggio

    How long?

    Will it be before we see someone dragging one of these through Blue's parking lot? Oi! https://trukii.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA4OybBhCzARIsAIcfn9mYBIlo5pGP7VzPL3aQZEViiceNVP-B0lNXRytnwGuwPzQLxNwYAH4aAnnIEALw_wcB
  11. Yeah, keeping snow off Lower Main where they still need to work makes sense.
  12. Why are they bothering with Burma? Why not just do the old Midway, Lower Main Street and damn the beginners?
  13. @AtomicSkier, @saltyant get up in the air and get some recon photos! You need to log more hours.
  14. Any sign of motor/bullwheel unit? Doesn't seem to be any from the pics.
  15. Also blowing top of Main and Burma.
  16. I just said the same thing in the Zee Lights thread.
  17. Looks like the sides of the bottom station came in the other day, but anyone see anything about the top part of the bottom station with the motor in it?
  18. Razor's while it's open...
  19. That or at least a low-level flyover with pics by one of the PASR pilots...
  20. Sounds like they're concentrating on the upper terminal first.
  21. Ash borer beetles are ravaging trees in our woods. I love spending the Fall outside cutting up downed trees and splitting it for fire pit to get back used to the cold for ski season.
  22. Did they fire up the guns?? (Probably frost, but looks nice for the stoke)
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