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  1. Not sure when I received the email but I did find my e-receipt and I purchased on Feb 24 2017. I think I bought it almost as soon as I saw it. The name of the pass on my receipt was “17-18 Season Pass, 6th Grade Season Pass” , maybe someone knows if they’re offering again if you ask for it by name.
  2. If your 11 yr old is entering 6th grade they hopefully they have a deal coming as good as last year . Last year they emailed me a deal for kids leaving the 4th&5th ski free program. $60 for full season pass at Blue. Great deal that we took advantage of (including the buddy pass)
  3. See if this is enough of a Score for you on the mx89's (I was tempted) https://forum.pugski.com/threads/fs-kastle-mx89-172cm-w-attack-13s.7416/
  4. PA Ski Dad

    boot question

    I should also add Wicks started their end of season sale last week, 40% off. (I'm happy with my Dalbellos from Salters, wife is happy with her boots from Wicks) . I'm not sure how much half price Vacuums are but If $400 doesn't scare you I bet you could buy just about anything on the wall at either store and have great fitting tweaked perfectly for your foot. And depending on what you pick you may even come out with footbeds too. I just mention those 2 stores as ones I'm familar with and had goot bootfitting experience
  5. PA Ski Dad

    boot question

    Salters is advertising 50% off Fischer vacuum boots in their end of season sale if interested. I've read pro's and con's on the boots , but wanted to mention since you talked about looking into "custom" . NOTE: you mention "custom" but i couldn't tell if you were really just referring to a bootfitter just tweaking a boot to adjust for your fit? If that's all you need , that should come free and still allow you to take advantage of their end of season prices. Adding custom footbeds will be extra and worth it for many (were worth it for me) but may not be necessary if you have never needed before.
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